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First THOMAS direct line
Second THOMAS direct line
Adolph THOMAS, Grandfather
Ferdinand Johann THOMAS, Gr grandfather
Johann Franz Wilhelm, THOMAS, 2nd gr grandfather
Johann/Andreas Wilhelm THOMAS, 3rd gr grandfather
Johann Jacob THOMAS, 4th gr grandfather
Maria Magdalena THOMAS SCHNECK, 2nd gr grandmother
Andreas THOMAS, 3rd gr grandfather

Adolph George THOMASMy Grandfather, Adolph George THOMAS, came to the United States at the age of two with his parents, Ferdinand and Agnes nee SCHNECK, an older brother Herman, and Agnes' widowed mother, Maria Magdalena THOMAS SCHNECK.  Adolph was born on 21 July 1892 in Louisenthal, Prussia, which is now Borzyslawiec / Borzysławiec, Poland, close to the present day Szczecin. They arrived at the Port of New York on the ship H. H. Meier on 12 May 1893, and settled in Norfolk, Madison County, Nebraska. They later came to the St. Mary's community, near Humphrey, Platte County, Nebraska.  (More about Maria Magdalena SCHNECK's THOMAS family.)
Map showing Louisenthal - use your BACK button to return
Ship manifest showing the THOMAS family

Adolph married Julia Mary ZACH on 15 February 1916 in St. Mary of the Angels Church, St. Mary's, Nebraska. Julia was a daughter of Ignatz and Anna Mary BRAUN ZACH. She was born 19 April 1891 in the St. Mary's community, Platte County, Nebraska. Adolph and Julia spent most of their married life in and around Albion, Boone County, Nebraska. They were the parents of 10 children. Adolph died 16 February 1980 in York, Nebraska; Julia died 17 November 1967 in Albion, Boone County, Nebraska.

Adolph George THOMAS
b. 21 Jul 1892
Louisenthal, Prussia
d. 16 Feb 1980
York, York County,
bur. Albion, Boone County,
Ferdinand Johanna THOMAS
Agnes Anna Magdlena SCHNECK
15 Feb 1916
St. Mary of the Angels,
St. Mary's, Platte Co.,
Julia Mary ZACH
b. 19 Apr 1891
St. Mary's, Platte County,
d. 17 Nov 1967
Albion, Boone County,
bur. Albion, Boone County
Ignatz ZACH
Anna Mary BRAUN

Children of Adolph and Julia ZACH THOMAS
Family of Adolph and Julia ZACH THOMAS
Back: Eileen, Dorothy, Kathryn, Alice, Leonard, Donald, Henry, Wilfred
Front: Virginia, Julia, Adolph, Gerhard
Leonard Ignatz b. 13 May 1917
Albion, Boone County, Nebraska
d. 13 Nov 2004
Washburn, Mclean County, North Dakota

  b. d.
Leonard THOMAS

Henry Ferdinand
b. 13 Jul 1918
Albion, Boone County, Nebraska
d.  29 Oct 2007
Rural Hankinson, Richland County, North Dakota
Buried Calvary Cemetery, Hankinson, North Dakota
  m. 10 Jun 1946, St. Philip's Church, Hankinson, North Dakota
Lorraine Betty WIRTZ
  b.5 Apr 1927
Hankinson, Richland County, North Dakota
d. 14 Jun 1989
Hankinson, Richland County, North Dakota
Lorraine Betty WIRTZ THOMASUncle Hank 4 Dec 2006 Hankinson, ND

Wilfred Martin b. 18 Dec 1919
Albion, Boone County, Nebraska
d. 14 Nov 2000
Riverside, Riverside County, California
  m. 28 Jan 1945, March Air Force Base, California
  b. 29 Aug 1925

d. 10 Apr 2003
Riverside, Riverside County, California

Both are buried at Riverside National Cemetery, Riverside, California
Wilfred Martin THOMASWilfred and Una Lee THOMAS

Dorothy Margaret b. 2 Jul 1921
Albion, Boone County, Nebraska
d. 3 Jan 2005
Omaha, Douglas County, Nebraska
Buried St. John's Cemetery, Bellevue, Sarpy, Nebraska
  b. d.
Dorothy Margaret THOMASDorothy Margaret THOMAS

Gerhard Henry
b. 30 Mar 1923
Albion, Boone County, Nebraska
d. 6 Mar 1995
Phoenix, Maricopa, Arizona
  m. 3 Jun 1945, St. Mary's Cathedral, Grand Island, Nebraska
Maggie Ruth FLEMING
  b. 29 Jul 1919
Odessa, Missouri
d. 11 Jan 1997
Phoenix, Maricopa, Arizona
Gerhard (Jerry ) THOMASGerhard THOMAS and Ruth FLEMINGGerhard (Jerry) THOMAS Family

Living b.  

Kathryn Mary b. 17 May 1926
Bradish, Boone County, Nebraska
d. 9 Dec 2002
Norfolk, Madison County, Nebraska
  m. 26 Feb 1945, Hot Springs, Arkansas
Darwin Raymond THOMS
  b. 15 Oct 1915
Loretto, Boone County, Nebraska
d. 5 Sep 2003
Norfolk, Madison County, Nebraska

Both are buried in Doniphan, Nebraska

Alice Ann b. 18 May 1928
Bradish, Boone County, Nebraska
d. 8 Nov 2005
Kearney, Buffalo County, Nebraska
  m. 10 Nov 1949, Columbus, Platte County, Nebraska
Glen Milton WISEMAN
  b. 29 Apr 1920
Kearney, Buffalo County, Nebraska
d. 1 Jun 1991
York, York County, Nebraska

Eileen Walburga
b.  28 Nov 1929
Bradish, Boone County, Nebraska
 d.  5 Mar 2006
Richardson, Texas



Virginia Mary b. 8 Jan 1932
Albion, Boone County, Nebraska
d. 12 Apr 1989
Norfolk, Madison County, Nebraska
  m. 11 Apr 1958, Albion, Boone County, Nebraska
William Harlan GALITZ
  b. 16 Oct 1932 d. 30 Jan 1997
Virginia THOMASVirginia THOMAS

Great Grandparents
Ferdinand Johann THOMAS and Agnes Anna Magdlena nee SCHNECK

My great grandfather Ferdinand Johann THOMAS was a son of Johann Franz Wilhelm THOMAS (Frank) and Henriette Wilhelmine Caroline nee KÖHLER (Wilhelmina), born 19 Mar 1867 in Prussia, died 25 Sep 1954 in Platte County, Nebraska. On 21 Nov 1891 in Louisenthal, Prussia, he married Agnes Anna Magdalena SCHNECK. Agnes Anna Magdalena was a daughter of Carl  Friedrich Wilhelm SCHNECK and Maria Magdalena nee THOMAS.  She was born 8 Nov 1872, and died 9 Dec 1932 in Platte County, Nebraska. Ferdinand and Agnes immigrated to the United States with their two sons, Herman and Adolph, and Agnes' mother Maria Magdalena SCHNECK. They arrived in New York around 12 May 1893 on the ship H. H. Meier.
Map showing Louisenthal - use your BACK button to return

Ferdinand's father Frank THOMAS immigrated to the United States with his daughter Augusta and her husband Joseph PETERMANN.  The 1910 U.S. census for Sheboygan, Sheboygan County, Wisconsin, indicated that Frank, Augusta and Joseph immigrated in 1903.  Frank was born 21 Nov 1839 in Louisenthal, Prussia, and died 22 Dec 1915 in the St. Mary's Community, near Humphrey, Platte County, Nebraska. Frank is buried in the St. Mary's Cemetery.

Agnes' mother, Maria Magdalena THOMAS SCHNECK, was born 15 Aug 1841 in Louisenthal, Prussia.  She was a daughter of Andreas THOMAS and Anna Maria HASE / HAASE.  She died 20 Nov 1901 in Norfolk, Madison County, Nebraska and is buried in Prospect Cemetery, Norfolk, Madison County, Nebraska.  Her maiden name was THOMAS, but I have not connected her family line to this THOMAS family.  (More about Maria Magdalena THOMAS SCHNECK)

Ferdinand and Agnes SCHNECK THOMAS Family
Ferdinand and Agnes SCHNECK THOMAS Family
Back: Rose, Rudolph, Veronica, Margaret, Erna, Adolph, Helmuth, Herman, Raymond
Front: Martha, Ferdinand, Hildagard (standing), Fridolin (sitting), Agnes, Joseph

Ferdinand Johann THOMAS
b. 19 Mar 1867
d. 25 Sep 1954
bur. Holy Family Cemetery,
Platte County
Johann Franz Wilhelm THOMAS
Henriette Wilhelmine Caroline KÖHLER
21 Nov 1891
Louisenthal, Prussia
Agnes Anna Magdalena SCHNECK
b. 8 Nov 1872
d. 9 Dec 1932
bur. Holy Family Cemetery,
Platte County
Carl Friedrich Wilhelm SCNHECK
Maria Magdalena THOMAS

Children of Ferdinand and Agnes SCHNECK THOMAS:

Herman Charles August, b 17 Jan 1890, Louisenthal, Prussia; d 8 Jun 1966, Newman Grove, Nebraska
married 25 Dec 1912, Kansas City, Kansas
Elsie Etna KING, b 5 Dec 1892, Pierce, Nebraska; d 16 Nov 1967, Newman Grove, Nebraska

Adolph George, b 21 Jul 1892, Louisenthal, Prussia; d 16 Feb 1980, York, Nebraska
married 15 Feb 1916, St. Mary's, Nebraska
Julia Mary ZACH, b 19 Apr 1891, St. Mary's, Nebraska; d 17 Nov 1967, Albion, Nebraska

Hellmuth Paul, b 13 Jul 1893, Norfolk, Nebraska; d 15 Sep 1946, buried Rosholt, South Dakota
married 13 Feb 1917, Humphrey, Nebraska
Elizabeth Mary BROCKHAUS, b 13 Nov 1892, Humphrey, Nebraska; d 11 Oct 1982

Frank, b 29 Dec 1895, Norfolk, Nebraska; d Aug 1896, buried Battle Creek, Nebraska

Raymond Frank, b 18 Mar 1897, Norfolk, Nebraska; d 10 Oct 1981, Michigan
married 31 May 1949, Canada
Gertrude Mae BOCK SWEINER, b 17 Dec 1897; preceded her husband in death

Raymond and Gertrude had no children of their own.  According to the THOMAS History, Gertrude had one child from a previous marriage.

I found the following entries about Gertrude at and an online Social Security Death Index

Immigration, Detroit Border Crossings and Passenger and Crew Lists, 1905-1957, 1949, T,
Detroit, Michigan, 21 November 1949
Born Waterloo, Ontario Canada, December 1897
Nearest relative in [Canada] David Bock, Brampton, Ontario Canada
Destination Husb. Raymond Thomas, 12810 Pin?? St., Wyandotte, Mich.

The birth date on this entry in the online Social Security Death Index matches what I have for Gertrude:
GERTRUDE THOMAS, born 17 Dec 1897,  died Jul 1975, last residence 48195 (Southgate, Wayne, MI), last benefit (none specified), SSN 367-32-8213, issued Michigan

Michigan Deaths, 1971-1996,
Gertrude M Thomas, 17 Dec 1997 (sic should be 1897), 14 Jul 1975, Female, Southgate, Wayne, Michigan

Ernesta Magdalena, b 18 Mar 1899, Norfolk, Nebraska; d 28 Dec 1986, Columbus, Nebraka
married 11 Nov 1919, Humphrey, Nebraska
William Andrew STEINER, b 17 Feb 1893, Creston, Nebraska; d 6 Nov 1966, Columbus, Nebraska

Margaret Agnes, b 7 Nov 1901, Lindsay, Nebraska; d 21 Jan 1976, Schuyler, Nebraska
married 11 Jan 1922, Humphrey, Nebraska
Rudolph Daniel STEINER, b 24 Oct 1896, Creston, Nebraska; d 20 Apr 1967, Clarkson, Nebraska

Rudolph Bruno THOMAS, b 28 Jan 1904, Norfolk, Nebraska; d 2 Dec 1963, Huron, South Dakota
married 20 Dec 1928, Wheaton, Minnesota; divorced 1953
Lauretta May MATTESON, b 4 Apr 1909, Sisseton, South Dakota; d, 26 Dec 1997, Washington (State)

Veronica Mary THOMAS, b 2 Dec 1905, St. Mary's (near Humphrey), Nebraska; d 7 Nov 1975
married 1 Sep 1937, Columbus, Nebraska
Henry John KUHLEN, b 26 Apr 1900, Nebraska; d 25 Dec 1971

Mary, b 1906, St. Mary's (near Humphrey), Nebraska; d 1906

Rose Erma, b 24 Oct 1907, Norfolk, Nebraska; d 20 May 1997
married (1) 21 Jan 1931, Lindsay, Nebraska
Raymond Floyd KOCH, b 25 Mar 1907, Creston, Nebraska; d 1936
married (2) 9 Jul 1941, Columbus, Nebraska
Frederick Alois HOFFMANN, b 5 May 1910, Pierce, Nebraska; d 12 Sep 1980, Omaha, Nebraska

Martha Mary, b 27 Sept 1909, St. Mary's (near Huphrey), Nebraska; d 24 Apr 2005, Columbus, Nebraska
married 27 Jul 1933, Columbus, Nebraska
Everett Roy JONES, b 16 Jan 1908, Platte Center, Nebraska; d 22 Jun 1990, Columbus, Nebraska

Joseph Henry, b 22 Oct 1910, St. Mary's (near Humphrey), Nebraska; d 7 Dec 1985, Fremont, Nebraska
married 7 Nov 1939, Pierce, Nebraska
Eleanor Anna ZACH, b 18 Feb 1913, Pierce, Nebraska; d 13 Mar 2001

Hildegard Adala (Hilda), b 22 Jun 1912, St. Mary's (near Humphrey), Nebraska; d 16 Apr 2005, Michigan
married 1 May 1937, Elkpoint, South Dakota
Paul Francis FRANKS, b 26 Dec 1912, Duluth, Minnesota; d 1 Feb 1980, Riverview, Michigan

Fridolin John (Fritz), b 15 May 1915, Humphrey, Nebraska; d 3 Jun 1973
married (1) 22 May 1936, Columbus, Nebraska
Rosella KUMPF
married (2) 31 Mar 1946, Norfolk, Nebraska
Margaret Louise KRUMWIEDE, b 14 Mar 1920, Bancroft, Nebraska; d 25 Jan 2005, Nebraska

Frances Mary, b 28 Jan 1917, Creston, Nebraska; d 6 Feb 1918, Creston, Nebraska

Great Great Grandparents
Johann Franz Wilhelm THOMAS and Henriette Wilhelmine Caroline nee KÖHLER

My great great grandfather Johann Franz Wilhelm (Frank) THOMAS was born 21 November 1839 in Louisenthal, Prussia. Johann Franz Wilhelm THOMASHe was a son of Johann Wilhelm THOMAS and Maria Carolina nee SENFT. On 14 October 1858 Johann Franz Wilhelm THOMAS married Henriette Wilhelmine Caroline (Wilhelmina) KÖHLER / KOHLER, a daughter of Johann KÖHLER / KOHLER. Based on her age at the time of her marriage, Wilhelmina was born about 1840. Frank THOMAS immigrated to the United States with his daughter Augusta and her husband Joseph PETERMANN. According to the 1910 census for Sheboygan County, Wisconsin, Frank immigrated in 1903.  I located Franz, Augusta and Jozef listed on the S. S. Pretoria passenger list.  The Pretoria sailed from Hamburg, Germany, on 29 May 1903, arriving at the Port of New York on 11 Jun 1903.  They gave their last place of residence as Züllchow / Zullchow, Germany, now Żelechowa / Zelechowa, Poland, which is located on the northeast edge of today's Szczecin, Poland.  Their final destination was Norfolk, Nebraska; their passage was paid for by son and brother-in-law.  They were going to join son and brother-in-law, Ferdinand Thomas of Norfolk, Nebraska.
Map showing Louisenthal and Züllchow - use your BACK button to return

Wilhelmina died in Prussia, prior to Frank immigrating to the U.S.  Frank died of pneumonia on 22 Dec 1915 in the St. Mary's community just a few miles south of Humphrey, Platte County, Nebraska  He was buried in the St. Mary of the Angels Cemetery.  My mother wrote in her genealogy notes that the family could not afford to buy a grave marker, so Frank's son Ferdinand outlined the grave with a band of concrete.  The initials F.T. were etched on one edge.

Gravesite of Frank THOMAS Gravesite of Frank THOMAS

According to The THOMAS Family History, written by two of my mother's first cousins, Frank and Wilhelmina had 18 children:

Frank and Wilhelmina had 18 children, some of whom settled in Sheboygan, Wisconsin. The names of their children are Wilhelm, Bernard, Albert, Herman, August, Robert, Ferdinand (our grandfather, born March 19, 1867, the place is unknown, maybe near at Louisenthal), Frank, Joseph, Emma, Alvina, and Augusta. Six children died in infancy or at birth.

I have a copy of a letter written in German that Augusta PETERMANN wrote to her brother Ferdinand on the occasion of Ferdinand's birthday.  The letter was dated 19 March 1939 and was written from Lincoln, Nebraska.  In the letter she writes about three of the brothers who are still in Germany.  From a translation of the letter:

Have you heard anything from Germany from Robert, Wilhelm and Joseph. I wish to write them but do not have the address.

Hitler invaded Poland in September 1939.  After WW II this area that included the village of Louisenthal, the town of Züllchow, and the city of Stettin, that once was part of Prussia, were given to Poland.  The German speaking people of the area had to relocate to other areas within the borders of Germany.  I currently do not know if there is a way to find where the THOMAS brothers Robert, Wilhelm and Joseph relocated.

I have information on the following children:

Great Great Great Grandparents
Johann / Andreas Wilhelm THOMAS and Maria Carolina SENFT

My 3rd great grandfather Johann / Andreas Wilhelm THOMAS was born the 6th or the 16th of February 1816 in Hoppenwalde, Prussia (now Hoppenwalde, Germany).  He was a son of Johann Jacob THOMAS and Johanna Regina GÜNTHER / GUNTHER.  Johann Wilhelm THOMAS, a 19-year-old from Hoppenwalde, married Maria Christine SENFT, 22-year-old daughter of Valentin SENFT of Louisenthal, on 9 August 1835 in Louisenthal, Prussia.  Hoppenwalde and Louisenthal were both part of the parish of Sankt Johannes parish in Stettin, Germany (now Szczecin, Poland).  Johann Wilhelm THOMAS died on 23 March 1882 in Louisenthal, Prussia, at the age of 66 years 1 month 7 days.

The only record that names Wilhelm as Andreas Wilhelm instead of Johann Wilhelm is his birth/baptism record.  Even though there is this discrepancy, I believe the birth record is his.  Information from the Archive's photocopy of his death record gives his date of birth as 16 Februar 1816, his place of birth as Hoppenwalde, and names his parents as Jacob Thomas and Regina geborene Günther.  In the LDS microfilm birth/baptism records is an Andreas Wilhelm Thomas born on 6 February 1816 in Hoppenwalde to Johann Jacob Thomas and Johanna Regina nee Günther.

I have found birth/baptism records for 13 children born to Johann Wilhelm and Maria Carolina.

4th Great Grandparents
Johann Jacob THOMAS and Johanna Regina GÜNTHER / GUNTHER

My 4th great grandfather was Johann Jacob THOMAS.  At the time of his death on 14 April 1823 in Hoppenwalde, Prussia, he was 42 years old, so he was born about 1781.  Johann Jacob THOMAS and Johanna Regina GÜNTHER / GUNTHER, a daughter of  a soldier GÜNTHER of Anklam, were married in Hoppenwalde, Prussia, in 1811.  Johanna Regina was born about 9 February 1784; she was 57 years, 9 months and 2 days old at the time of her death on 11 November 1841.

Five children were born to Johann Jacob and Johanna Regina:

END of First THOMAS Direct Line

Great Great Grandparents
Maria Magdalena nee THOMAS and Carl Friedrich Wilhelm SCHNECK

As I noted above, my grandfather was Adolph George THOMAS.  Sisters, Agnes and Anna nee SCHNECKAdolph's mother was Agnes Anna Magdalena nee SCHNECK.  Agnes' mother, my great great grandmother, was Maria Magdalena nee THOMAS.  I am descended from two separate THOMAS lines.  Both families were part of the Sankt Johannes parish in Stettin, Prussia.  More about my SCHNECK Family

Maria Magdalena THOMAS was born 15 August 1841 in Louisenthal, Prussia (now Borzysławiec, Poland).  Maria Magdalena's parents were Andreas THOMAS and Anna Maria HASE / HAASE.  She married Carl Friedrich Wilhelm SCHNECK.  They were probably married in Louisenthal, Prussia, but proof still needs to be found. Carl and Maria Magdalena were the parents of two known daughters:
Since there was an eight year difference in Anna and Agnes' ages, one could speculate there were probably more children born to Carl and Maria Magdalena.  As of now, I have not found a source for the birth or baptism records for this time period.  (The LDS microfilm covers 1809 through 1861; the civil records at the archive in Szczecin cover 1874 through 1901, with a few gaps here and there.  So far I have no records for the years between 1861 and 1874.)

Maria Magdalena's husband Carl died 29 December 1884 in Louisenthal, Prussia.  In 1893 she accompanied her daughter Agnes and family when they immigrated to the United States.  In the 1900 U.S. census for Nebraska Maria Magdalena was enumerated (as Helen) with her daughter Anna and son-in-law Frank DOLLERSCHELL in Norfolk, Madison County, Nebraska.  A year later, on 20 November 1901, Maria Magdalena died in Norfolk at the age of 60.  For many decades her gravesite went unmarked.  When two of my mother's first cousins began work on The Thomas Family History in 1989, no one knew where Maria Magdalena was buried.  In 1997 Jerry Thomas, another first cousin of my mother's, located Maria Magdalena's burial place in Prospect Hill Cemetery, Norfolk, Nebraska.  Jerry placed a tombstone on her grave that had been unmarked for close to 96 years.

Maria Magdalena THOMAS SCHNECK

3rd Great Grandparents
Andreas THOMAS and Anna Maria nee Hase / Haase

The birth and the marriage information for my 3rd great grandparents, Andreas THOMAS and Anna Maria nee HASE / HAASE has yet to be found.  The microfilmed records for Sankt Johannes parish begin in 1809.  The earliest record I have found so far for this family is the birth/baptism record of a daughter born in January of 1822 in Louisenthal, Prussia.  I searched the marriage records for Louisenthal back to 1809, but found no record.  I also looked through the records of the other villages of this parish to see if Andreas and Anna Maria were married elsewhere in the parish, but I did not find a marriage record for them.

Anna Maria HASE / HAASE died at the age of 52 years on 22 September 1853 in Louisenthal, Prussia.  Her calculated year of birth would be 1801.  The death records end with the year 1857; I found no death record for Andreas between 1853 and 1857.

As I was looking through the parish marriage records, I noticed a marriage between Johann Peter THOMAS, age 26 years and Maria HASE, age 20, daughter of Wilhem HASE of Blumenthal on 11 March 1821.  Maria's calculated date of birth would be 1801, the same as my Anna Maria HASE THOMAS.  I did not find any children born to Johann Peter THOMAS and Maria HASE in the Louisenthal or Blumenthal records.  There is no way to know, but I wonder if they could possibly be my 3rd great grandparents.

Andreas and Anna Maria were the parents of at least 11 children:

Currently this is as far as I can trace my THOMAS lines.  The microfilmed baptism records for Sankt Johannes parish in  Stettin, Prussia, cover the years 1809 - 1861.  The Archive records in Szczecin, Poland, cover the years 1874-1901.  My cousin Paweł Bandur lives in Szczecin, Poland.   In one of his historical books about Pomerania he found an article telling about the colonization of the area that includes the villages of the Sankt Johannes parish.  According to a map in Paweł's book, Viereck was found in 1747, Hoppenwalde in 1748, and Louisenthal not until 1809, which is when the records begin.  I wonder if there are other records available prior to 1809 for Viereck and Hoppenwalde.

Sources / Resources

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