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Philip LAMPSON and Polly TRACY -- Great great great Grandparents.

Their daughter Polly married Oscar LYONS, who are Jeff and Nate's Great great Grandparents.  More about the LYONS family.

Lampsons in Ohio and Kansas


One of my unanswered questions on this line is "who were Philip W. LAMPSON's parents?"

Starting with the 1880 Kansas census, I can track Philip and Polly back to 1840 in Athens County Ohio. Another researcher has their marriage date as 12 Dec 1831 in Athens County Ohio.

The 1880 Kansas census is the last one in which we find Philip and Polly LAMPSON. (Philip died in 1884, Polly in 1889.) Since 1880 was the first census that asked the birthplace of parents, I was hoping this information would provide a small clue about Philip's parents. I had a little trouble tracking them down. I looked through the Kansas counties and townships where I'd found them earlier, but to no avail. The 1880 soundex only lists families with children under 18. By this time all of Philip and Polly's children were grown. I found a copy of the new 1880 census CD, compiled by the Mormon Church, at my local library. My search found Philip and Polly enumerated with their daughter and her husband, Elisa and William PORTER in Union Center, Elk County, Kansas. Here is the entry I found for the William PORTER family:

Since this extract did not include the parents' birthplace, I pulled the microfilm copy of the census records and looked up the entry. Philip gave his birthplace as Ohio, the space for his Father's birthplace was blank (sigh!!!), his Mother's birthplace was Pennsylvania. Did the father die when Philip was young? Did the father leave the family? Was Philip born out of wedlock? Hmmmm.... More questions.

In the 1870 census I found Philip and Polly LAMPSON, in Eudora Township in Douglas County, Kansas. Philip was 56 years old, a farmer, and he was born in Ohio. Philip's wife Polly was 58 years old and born in New York. Next enumerated were William, age 23; Polly J., age 19; Edgar, age 17; and Nancy, age 15 -- all four were born in Ohio.

At this point I searched the Kansas 1860 census but did not find Philip and Polly. At the time I searched this census, the only other listing I had found for Philip and Polly was in 1870. Philip gave his birthplace as Ohio -- big state! How would I find him in Ohio?

I started searching the web for possible leads. The Ancestral File of the LDS (Mormon) Church is a collection of family histories sent in by other researchers. In the online file at Family Search I found information that included Philip LAMPSON and his family!. This family tree shows that Philip LAMPSON married Mary "Polly" TRACY 26 Dec 1831 in Athens County, Ohio. This same file shows Mary (Polly) was born 20 Oct 1811 in Palmyra, New York. It goes on to trace Polly's TRACY family back to the early 1700's in Connecticut. While I have not verified all of the information included in the Ancestral File, it did give me a clue as to where to look for additional information. I have since been in touch with the researcher who submitted this data.

One of the resources available for lookups on the Athens County Rootsweb website is the History of Athens Co., Ohio by Charles M. Walker @ 1869. The following is the only mention of the LAMPSON family in Athens County:

David and Daniel James and Philip W. Lampson, well known citizens, settled here in 1820. The James family still live in Bern. Mr. Lampson went to Kansas in 1864.
Based on this brief reference, we should be able to find Philip (or a LAMPSON family) in Athens county censuses between 1830 - 1860 and possibly 1820, depending on when Philip came to Athens county.

I found Philip W. LAMPSON and his family enumerated in the 1860 Athens county, Bern Twp., Ohio census. At this time Philip was 46 years old, his occupation was Farmer and shows he was born in Ohio. Polly's name is mistakenly shown as "Bly" on the census, age 48, born in New York. The following were enumerated with Philip and Polly: Susan P., age 21; Jonas T., age 17; Eliza A., age 15; William E., age 12; Polly J., age 9; Phillip E., age 7; and Nancy, age 5 -- all of them born in Ohio. The 1860 census lists all members of a household, but does not give the relationship of the other members to the head of household.

I scanned through a copy of the 1850 Athens county census, but the copy I had was so light that it was unreadable. The 1850 census is the first one that lists all members of a household. It does not give the relationship between the household members to the head of household, but gives a basis for building family units.

I have located Philip in the 1840 Athens County, Bern Township, Ohio census. He is listed as P. W. LAMPSON. The 1840 census does not list all individuals in the household; it only shows the number of persons in specified age ranges and is divided by male and female. The main heading of the columns reads: Free white persons including head of family. In the P. W. Lampson household was 1 male age 20-30 (this would be Philip); 2 females age 0-5 (probably Emma and Susanna), 2 females between 5 and 10 (probably Elizabeth and Esther), 1 female age 20-30 (Polly, the mother).

So far, this is the earliest record I have of Philip in Athens County.

Another source that was sent to me recently (Mar 2001), is a document entitled The Tracy-M'Cune Genealogical Record. Polly, wife of Philip, was a TRACY. This family record was compiled by Mrytie C. Magrath, granddaughter of Samuel and Almira TRACY McCUNE and dated: Camden, N. J., August 6, 1900. A submission written by Jonas Tracy LAMPSON reads:

Polly Tracy married Philip Lampson, and lived for many years on a farm between Utley and Broadwell [Ohio]. Her children were Elizabeth, who married Elijah James, and before they emigrated West she had one son, Charles.

The whole family and all the Lampson children went from Ohio to Kansas, hoping to better their condition in life on new farms. Elizabeth had two more children, Emma and Flora. Charles is still living at Endora, Kansas, and Esther married James Johnston; is now a widow, and lives at Blencoe, Iowa. They had six children; Phillip, Catherine, Susanna, Laura, James and Eliza. All are living - Catherine at Baldwin City, Kansas; Susanna in Nebraska, the rest in Iowa.

Emma married Lindsey Squires. They had six children. Emma died in 1895. Her oldest son, Edward, died soon after she did. The rest are all living in Johnson county, Kansas.

Susanna married Edward Stanton. They had two children, both of whom died young. Susanna died in 1870. I think her husband is dead now.

Next was Jonas Tracy Lampson (named for his grandfather). The most of what I recollect of him I had rather not tell. But doubtless you remember that in his boyhood days he lived on the sunny side of life, which doubtless had prolonged his life for him.

After he came out of the army he was sick, and after he had doctored one whole year, and getting no better, he went to a specialist, who gave him a thorough examination, telling him that he had consumption, and could not live more than six months, and advised him to shape his business affairs accordingly. He thanks the doctor for his advice, but with his constant cheerfulness told the doctor that he would fool him, and he did, and is still living, and if he keeps his present health, expects to live to celebrate his one hundredth anniversary.

He married Eliza J. Park. They had three children: Frank, Emma and Stella. Emma died at the age of two years. Frank married Edna Lois Grant. He lives here in Waseca.

Eliza Ann married William Porter. Three children: Charles, Edgar and Annie. All live at Joplin, Missouri. Ezra was married and died in 1886. Edgar married Minnie Miller. They had one son, Albert E., who now lives at Waseca. Polly married Oscar Lyons. Have five children. Have forgotten the younger girls' names. Polly was buried July 22, 1900.

Nancy married Charles Streeter. Had six children. Don't remember their names. Nancy lives at Topeka, Kansas.

I checked the resources available on the Douglas County Kansas GenWeb site and sent a request for a lookup from an extract of tombstones. Philip, his wife Polly and their son William were found in Hesper Cemetery in Eudora Township, Douglas County, Kansas.

One of the lookup volunteers for Douglas County went the extra mile and photographed the tombstones of Philip, Polly and William for me.
Tombstone Photos

Lampsons - Kansas to Wisconsin

The town of Lampson, Brooklyn Twp, Washburn County, Wisconsin was named after the LAMPSON family. According to the book "The Historical Collections of Washburn County and the Surrounding Indianhead Country", volume 2, Jonas T. LAMPSON and his son Frank L. came to the Washburn County, Wisconsin area in 1901 looking for land on which to build a store. Jonas and Frank began building in April 1902 and on May 9, 1902 the two Lampson families arrived in Wisconsin. The Historical Book goes on to say that Frank LAMPSON was born in 1870 at Labette Co., Kansas and died in 1962. He was a merchant, postmaster, railway ticket agent, lawyer (Chicago School of Law, 1913) admitted to Wisconsin Bar 1918; member of the firm of Fuller and Lampson in Cumberland, Barron Co., Wisconsin. At about this time the Lampsons sold their holdings in Washburn County and moved to Cumberland in Barron County, just to the south of Washburn County.

Using this information, I first located Jonas T. LAMPSON in the 1880 Labette County, Liberty Township census. I am in the process of locating Jonas and his son Frank in other censuses. Following is what I have found so far.

I found the LAMPSONS in the 1920 Wisconsin soundex (soundex code L512). Both Jonas and his son Frank were enumerated in Washburn County, Wisconsin, as separate households. Jonas is 77 years old at the time and his wife Eliza J. is 76; both show that they were born in Ohio.

Based on the information in the 1920 Wisconsin soundex for Frank L. LAMPSON, it appears they were in Minnesota for a time before coming to Wisconsin. Frank is listed as head of household, age 49, born in Kansas. His wife Edna Lois is age 44, born in Minnesota. The following children were listed on the soundex record:

Also listed on this soundex card was Frank's Mother-in-law, Marcella C. GRANT, age 68, born in Wisconsin.

In The Tracy-M'Cune Genealogical Record Jonas LAMPSON writes:

[Jonas] married Eliza J. Park. They had three children: Frank, Emma and Stella. Emma died at the age of two years. Frank married Edna Lois Grant. He lives here in Waseca.
I am guessing Jonas is referring to Waseca in Waseca County, Minnesota. I should be able to find Jonas and his son Frank in the 1900 Minnesota census.

The 1880 Kansas census shows Jonas T. LAMPSON living in Labette County, Liberty Twp. Jonas was 37 years old, he gave his birthplace as Ohio, his father's birthplace as Ohio, and his mother's birthplace as New York. Jonas' wife, Eliza Jane, age 37, was born in Ohio, and their son Frank L. was age 9 and was born in Kansas.

I have not found Jonas and his wife Eliza in an 1870 census as yet. I found their son Frank's birthdate in the online Social Security Death Index as 10 Aug 1870. He was supposedly born in Labette County, Kansas, so I should (in theory) be able to find them there.

A volunteer in Washburn County Wisconsin found birth records for three of Frank LAMPSON's children. This was before I located Frank in the 1920 Wisconsin soundex and saw that his two oldest children, Mildred and Helen, were born in Minnesota.

Since Frank L. LAMPSON's two daughters were born in Minnesota, Mildred about 1898 and Helen about 1902, I should be able to find him in the 1900 soundex for Minnesota.

Mention of Jonas and Eliza PARK LAMPSON's daughter, Stella, was also made in the History of Washburn County Wisconsin:

The first wedding at Lampson [Wisconsin] was the marriage of Stella M. Lampson to John Grant of Windom, Minnesota, on May 25, 1904.

So, now we have all these bits and pieces of information. How does it all fit together? Here is a Descendant Report for Philip and Polly TRACY LAMPSON.

References / Research

World Connect Family Files

Jeff and Nate's Family Files

1920 Census

1920 Wisconsin soundex for L512
vol 91, ed 233, sheet 4, line 48
white, age 77, born Ohio
Washburn county
---- (city), ---- (street), ---- (house #)
LAMPSON, Eliza J., wife, age 76, born Ohio

1920 Wisconsin soundex for L512
vol 91, ed 233, sheet 4, line 12
white, age 49, born Kansas
Washburn county
---- (city), ---- (street), ---- (house #)
LAMPSON, Edna Lois, wife, age 44, born Minnesota
LAMPSON, Mildred E., daughter, age 22, born Minnesota
LAMPSON, Helen M., daughter, age 18, born Minnesota
LAMPSON, Howard T., son, age 16, born Wisconsin
LAMPSON, Grant P., son, age 9, born Wisconsin
LAMPSON, Preston, son, age 6, born Wisconsin
GRANT, Marcella C., Mother-in-law, age 68, born Wisconsin

1880 Census

1880 United States Census (LDS CD Census Extract)
Census Place: Union Center, Elk, Kansas
Source: FHL Film 1254380 National Archives Film T9-0380 Page 356C

Name, Relation, Sex, Marr, Race, Age, Birthplace
William F. PORTER, Self, M, M, W, 40, OH
Elisa A. PORTER, Wife, F, M, W, 35, OH
Charles W. PORTER, Son, M, S, W, 13, KS
Virgil E. PORTER, Son, M, S, W, 11, KS
Annie M. PORTER, Dau, F, S, W, 5, KS
Francis L. PORTER, Son, M, S, W, 1, KS
Philip LAMPSON, FatherL, M, M, W, 66, OH
Polley LAMPSON, MotherL, F, M, W, 68, NY

The actual census record also gives the birthplace of parents. For Philip the column for Father's birthplace was blank, his Mother's birthplace is Pennsylvania.

1880 Soundex for Kansas - Soundex code L512

Vol. 9, ED 111, Sheet 18, line 18
White, Male, age 37, birthplace Ohio
Labette county, Liberty Twp.
LAMPSON Eliza Jane, wife, age 37, born Ohio
Frank L., son age 9, born Kansas

1880 Kansas Federal Census, Labette County, Liberty Township, page 18, ED 111
LAMPSON Jonis (sic), white, male, age 37, married, Farmer, born Ohio, father born Ohio, mother born New York
Eliza Jane, white, female, age 37, wife, married, Keeping house, born Ohio, parents born Scotland
Frank L., white, male, age 9, son, single, born Kansas, parents born Ohio

1870 Census

1870 Kansas Federal Census
Douglas County, Eudora Township, page 5, dwelling 33, family 33
8th day of July; Post Office: Willow Springs
LAMPSON Philip, age 56, male, white, Farmer, 2400, 1000, born Ohio (abt 1814)
Polly, age 58, female, white, Keeping house, born New York (abt 1812)
William, age 23, male, white, Farm laborer, 2400, 800, born Ohio (abt 1847)
Polly J., age 19, female, white, at home, born Ohio (about 1851)
Edgar, age 17, male, white, at home, born Ohio (abt 1853)
Nancy, age 15, female, white, at home, born Ohio (abt 1855)

1860 Census

1860 Ohio Federal Census
Athens County, Bern Township, dwelling 331, family 331
Post Office: Amesville; Date: 9 August
LAMPSON Phillip W., age 46, male, Farmer, 1200, 400, born Ohio (about 1814)
Bly (sic), age 48, female, born New York (about 1812)
Susan P., age 21, female, born Ohio (about 1839)
Jonas T., age 17, male, born Ohio (about 1843)
Eliza A., age 15, female, born Ohio (about 1845)
William E., age 12, male, born Ohio (about 1848)
Polly J., age 9, female, born Ohio (about 1851)
Phillip E., age 7, male, born Ohio (about 1853)
Nancy, age 5, female, born Ohio (about 1855)

1850 Census

I searched through the Athens County, Ohio 1850 census, but most of it was so light I was unable to read it.

1840 Census

1840 Ohio Census, Athens County, Bern Township
page 371
The 1840 census does not list all individuals in the household. It only shows the number of persons in certain age ranges and is divided by male and female. The heading of the columns reads: Free white persons including head of family. In the P. W. Lampson household was 1 male age 20-30; 2 females age 0-5, 2 females between 5 and 10, 1 female age 20-30.

Resources: Washburn County, Wisconsin -- WIGenWebProject
Douglas County, Kansas -- KSGenWeb
Labette County, Kansas -- KSGenWeb
Osage County, Kansas -- KSGenWeb
Cemetery Records Online Valley Brook Cemetery, Osage County, Kansas
There are several other LYONS buried at Valley Brook Cemetery, but I do not have their connection to Oscar and Polly as yet.

Kansas Censuses and Soundexes from the Philadelphia Branch of the National Archives

Kansas Censuses from the W. Dale Clark Library, Omaha, Nebraska

Wisconsin 1920 Soundex, LDS microfilm #1831330, Family History Center, 108th & Martha, Omaha, Nebraska

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