Vol V File 4: The Genealogy of Genevieve Simmons James

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Vol V File 4: The Genealogy of Genevieve Simmons James

4. Taylor Line

Ref: Mormon Church Ancestral File Records.

5. Pendleton Line

Ref: "Genealogies of Virginia Families", Vol. IV., pp. 646-654.

Ref: "Some Prominent Virginia Families," Vol II-IV, Chapter X., pp. 224-231.

Ref: Harleian, 1552, folios 241 and 246, "Visitation of Norfolk, 1613.", Harleian Society, Vol. 32, page 219.

The following is taken from "Some Prominent Virginia Families," Vol II-IV, Chapter X., pp. 224:

"Three miles from Manchester, in co. Lancashire, England, is the town of Pendleton, known as a portion of Salfordborough. Over the door of one of the inns swings the arms of the Pendleton family, exactly like those brought to the America by the emigrant, Philip Pendleton. Some little distance off is the manor house, occupied still by a family of Pendletons, and around the old church are the tombs of the departed Pendletons. Here we pause, feeling ourselves aliens in our father's house. Under that roof truss are the records that would carry us back along the line of English history until we found the ancestor whose bravery in the Crusades, won him the right to place upon his shield the silver pilgrim's shells, which form a distinctive feature of the coat-of-arms. The family evidently belonged to English gentry, a purer and prouder distinction oftentimes than many of the titles which have changed hands and family names many times as they come down the avenue of ages."

From "Virginia Families," we find the following:

"The name of Pendleton seems to have been originally Pen-Hulton, meaning "top of the hill;" then Pen-Elton and finally Pendleton. The anme id from two Gaelic words, pendle and dun, meaning summit (or top) and hill, respectively. In Lancashire the name appears as early as 1246 when Siward de Penelton, deceased, was mentioned. The same year in the Assize Rolls of Lancashire, mention was made of Thomas de Parva Pendleton, who was surety for Adam. Rochard and Roger de Penelton, sons of Matilda de Penelton, who was probably the widow of Siweard de Penelton. In 1332 Adam de Penelton paid taxes there. The town of Pendleton was a portion of Salfordborough. Judge Edmund Pendleton of Virginia, in his Family Chronology of 1792 stated that "About the year 1674 Nathaniel Pendleton, a Minister, and Philip Pendleton, a school master, sons of Henry Pendleton of the City of Norwich, co. Norfolk, in England, came thence to Virginia in America......In 1469 Thomas Pendleton was living in Lancashire, in which county he held lands; at the same time were two brothers, William and Robert Pendleton, who were probably his sons. Another member of the family was the Rev. Henry Pendleton (1521-1557), who may have been a brother of George Pendleton, Sr., who lived in the town of Pendleton during the reign of King Henry VII. (1485-1509). Thomas Pendleton, who died in 1534, was a nephew of the Rev. Henry Pendleton; he had five sons: George, Edward, etc......George Pendleton, Esq., Sr., of the town of Pendleton, was living in the reign of King Henry VIII. (1509-1547)."

The first name upon the Virginia record is that of George Pendleton, Esquire, of the town of Pendleton, Lancashire, England.

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