19 M. Sybil

19 Maria Sybil Unknown 1809 -

This page was begun 3 November 2002 -- rak.

Maria Sibilla is named as Johann Adam Dahlinger's wife in Pleve's Dahlinger Family Chart where it says she was born in 1809.  It would seem that his information is taken from the 1857 Rosenberg census although she is not mentioned in the translated Dahlinger portions of that census which he sold to me.  There is no indication as to her origins.

According to the 1857 census, J. Adam came to Rosenberg from Galka.  According to the Dahlinger Family Chart the move was made in 1852.  After reading through both the Galka First Settlers' List and the 1798 census for Galka, I have found that Sybil may be something of a Galka name.  

There is an Anna Sebella listed as the 22-year-old daughter of Friedrich HELMER and his first wife. A. Sebella is in 1798 living in the Johannes FISCHER household.  He was age 20 from Kraft and had just married the 38-year-old widow Eva Margaretha (KAISER) who had been Friedrich HELMER's second wife.  Friedrich and his first wife are listed in the Galka First Settlers' List at #19 as GELWER?, Friedrich, 25, luth, farmer from Tarttila, wife Eva 27, children: Konrad 2.5 and Margaretha 1.5, who arrived in Galka on 1 July 1765.  "Our" Sybil could be named in part for Frederich and Eva HELMER's daughter Anna Sebella ... M. Sybil might even be the daughter of A. Sybil ... stranger things have happened!


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