Peter Family

Generation One

1. Thomas1 Peter married Jean Dunlop, daughter of James Dunlop and Lilias Campbell, on 2 Jul 1722. He died on 9 Oct 1773.
He resided at Crossbasket, Lanarkshire, Scotland.
Jean Dunlop died in 1761.
Known children of Thomas1 Peter and Jean Dunlop were as follows:

Generation Two

2. Robert2 Peter (Thomas1) was born on 20 Jul 1726 at Crossbasket, Lanarkshire, Scotland. He married Elizabeth Scott, daughter of George Scott and Elizabeth Dick, on 27 Dec 1767. He died on 15 Nov 1806 at Georgetown, MD, at age 80.
He was a tobacco merchant and store keeper. He immigrated circa 1745 to Bladensburg, MD. He resided at High Street, Georgetown, MD. He was mayor in 1790 at Georgetown, MD. He left a will on 10 May 1802 at Montgomery Co., MD; codicals 18 Oct 1804, 22 May 1805, 19 Aug 1805 & 8 Nov 1806, proved 29 Nov 1806.
Elizabeth Scott was born on 23 Jul 1744. She died on 2 Nov 1821 at age 77.
Known children of Robert2 Peter and Elizabeth Scott were as follows:

Generation Three

3. David3 Peter (Robert2, Thomas1) was born on 27 Jul 1778. He married Sarah Johns, daughter of Col. Thomas Johns and Sarah Hollyday, on 17 Sep 1799; 1st husband. He died on 1 Dec 1812 at age 34.
He and Sarah Johns resided at Georgetown, DC. He left a will on 30 Nov 1812 at Montgomery Co., MD; proved 8 Dec 1812.
Sarah Johns was born on 1 Oct 1777. She married John Leonard; 2nd husband. She died on 7 Oct 1823 at age 46.
Known children of David3 Peter and Sarah Johns were as follows:

Generation Four

4. Jane Johns4 Peter (David3, Robert2, Thomas1) was born on 30 Nov 1800 at Georgetown, DC. She married James Bradshaw Beverley, son of Hon. Robert Beverley and Jane Tayloe, on 6 May 1819 at 'Peter Grove', Georgetown, DC. She died in Feb 1863 at 'Ivon', Loudoun Co., VA, at age 62.
She resided in 1860 at Alexandria, Alexandria Co., VA.
James Bradshaw Beverley was born in 1797 at 'Blandfield', Essex Co., VA. He died on 15 Jun 1853 at 'Selma', Loudoun Co., VA. He was buried at Church of Our Savior Cemetery, Georgetown, Fauquier Co., VA. He was a farmer.

Additional Generations

5. Sarah Jane5 Beverley (Jane4 Peter, David3, Robert2, Thomas1) married Edward Carter Turner.
11. Eliza Randolph6 Turner (Sarah5 Beverley, Jane4 Peter, David3, Robert2, Thomas1) married Jaquelin Ambler Marshall III.
25. Charles Turner7 Marshall (Eliza6 Turner, Sarah5 Beverley, Jane4 Peter, David3, Robert2, Thomas1) married Julia McIlvaine Spencer.
50. Julian McIlvaine8 Marshall (Charles7, Eliza6 Turner, Sarah5 Beverley, Jane4 Peter, David3, Robert2, Thomas1) married Henrietta Armitt Harrison.
55. John Randolph9 Marshall (Julian8, Charles7, Eliza6 Turner, Sarah5 Beverley, Jane4 Peter, David3, Robert2, Thomas1) married Deborah Lynn Reilly.

Pedigree Base - Marshall
11 - Eliza Randolph Turner
  2 - Robert Peter

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