Thomas Family Genealogy

Thomas Family

                     Generation One

1.  Christopher Thomas.
     Known children of Christopher Thomas include:
     2.          i. Tristram Thomas; b. circa 1633 at England; m. Ann.

                     Generation Two

2.  Tristram Thomas (Christopher1); b. circa 1633 at
England; m. Ann; d. May 1686.
     He and Ann immigrated in 1666 to Talbot Co., MD.
     Ann may have been Anne Coursey. She was living in 1701.
     Known children of Tristram Thomas and Ann were as follows:
                 i. Thomas Thomas; b. 1662 at England; d. 1706 at
                    Talbot Co., MD.
                ii. Christopher Thomas; b. circa 1664 at England; d;
               iii. Tristram Thomas; b. 1666 at England; m. Judith
                    Clayland, daughter of Rev. James Clayland and
                    Elizabeth Hemsley; 1st wife; m. Jane; 2nd wife,
                    2nd husband; d. Feb 1745/46.
                iv. Elizabeth Thomas; b. circa 1667/68 at Talbot Co.,
                    MD; m. John Madbury before May 1686.
     3.          v. Juliana Thomas; b. 15 Oct 1671 at Talbot Co., MD;
                    m. John King.
                vi. William Thomas.
               vii. Stephen Thomas; b. 15 Jan 1673 at Talbot Co., MD.
              viii. Ann Thomas; b. after 1677 at Talbot Co., MD; m.
                    Thomas Martin Jr., son of Thomas Martin and
                    Elizabeth Day, 11 Feb 1701; d. 1737.
                ix. Martha Thomas; b. 1680 at Talbot Co., MD; m. Col.
                    Thomas Smyth circa 1708; 2nd wife; d. 1739.

                     Generation Three

3.  Juliana Thomas (Tristram3, Christopher2, Tristram1); b. 15 Oct
1671 at Talbot Co., MD; m. John King, son of Mark King and Ann Smith.
     She and John King resided at Queen Anne's Co., MD. She left a
will on 18 Sep 1718; proved 26 Feb 1719.
     John King died in 1713. He left a will on 18 Jul 1713; proved 29
Sep 1713.

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