Umstead/Umstat Family Genealogy

Umstead/Umstat Family

                      Generation One

1.  Nicholas Umstat; d. 4 Oct 1682.

     Known children of Nicholas Umstat include:
     2.          i. Hans Peter Umstat, m. Barbara.

                      Generation Two

2.  Hans Peter Umstat (Nicholas1); m. Barbara.
     He and Barbara immigrated on 12 Oct 1685 to Philadelphia, PA; on
ship 'Francis and Dorothy.'

     Barbara died on 12 Aug 1702.
     Known children of Hans Peter Umstat and Barbara were as follows:
     3.          i. Eve Umstat, m. Heinrich Pannebecker.
     4.         ii. John Umstat, m. Mary.
               iii. Anna Margaretta Umstat; d. 10 Feb 1696.

                     Generation Three

3.  Eve Umstat (Hans2, Nicholas1); m. Heinrich Pannebecker 1699 at
Germantown, PA.
     She immigrated in 1685 to Philadelphia, PA; on ship 'Francis and

     Heinrich Pannebecker was born circa 21 Mar 1674. He resided at
Germantown, PA. He resided in 1702 at Van Bibber Twp., PA. He died on
4 Apr 1754.

4.  John Umstat (Hans2, Nicholas1); m. Mary.

     Mary was born in 1673.
     Known children of John Umstat and Mary were as follows:
     5.          i. Jacob Umstadt, b. circa 31 Dec 1708; m. Ann Adams.
                ii. John Umstat; m. Deborah; d. Nov 1759.
               iii. Peter Umstat.
                iv. Henry Umstat; m. Gertrude Custer; d. 1788.
                 v. Herman Umstat; m. Margaret; 1st wife; m. Abigail
                    Adams; 2nd wife; d. 1768.
                    He left a will on 16 Jan 1767 at Philadelphia Co.,
                    PA; proved 9 May 1768.
                vi. Elizabeth Umstat; m. Henry Hoover 1748 at
                    Limerick, PA.
               vii. Margaret Umstat; m. Leonard Van Fassen.

                     Generation Four

5.  Jacob Umstadt (John3Umstat, Hans2, Nicholas1); b. circa 31 Dec
1708; m. Ann Adams, daughter of Richard Addams and Gertien Op den
Graeff, before 1736; d. 31 Jan 1785; bur. at Mennonite Cemetery,
Skippack, PA; bur. at Lower Skippack Mennonite Churchyard, PA.
     He resided at Skippack/Perkiomen Twp., Philadelphia Co., PA.

     Ann Adams was born between 1712 and 1716. She died in 1796. She
was buried at Skippack, PA.
     Known children of Jacob Umstadt and Ann Adams were as follows:
     6.          i. Hannah Umstead, m. Jacob Pannebecker.
                ii. Jacob Umstead; m. Nancy Ann Tyson; d. after 14 Apr
               iii. Richard Umstat; b. 22 Aug 1743; m. Magdelena
                    Tyson; d. Oct 1816 at age 73; bur. at Lower
                    Skippack Mennonite Churchyard, PA.

                     Generation Five

6.  Hannah Umstead (Jacob4Umstadt, John3Umstat, Hans2, Nicholas1); m.
Jacob Pannebecker, son of Jacob Pannebaker and Margaret Tyson; d.
after 17 Sep 1816.

     Jacob Pannebecker was born in 1752. He died circa 1812.

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