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    Conveyance from Estate of William Gable, dated 8 December 1856

    Recorded 5 January 1857 at Deed Book C2, pp. 629-30 (Roll #C953),
    Anderson County, SC, records

    H. Hammond
    To Ordy
    David Hall

    Registered, recorded and Certified for the
    State of South Carolina
    Anderson District

    This Indenture made this Eight day of December in the year of our Lord One Thousand Eight Hundred and Fifty-Six between Herbert Hammond, Esquire Ordinary of the District aforesaid and David Hall of the same State and District whereas a Writ of Law moved to divide or sell a certain tract of land hereinafter described of the Estate of William Gable issued from the Court of Ordinary of the said District and upon the return thereof of the Judge of the said Court did [illeg.] cite that the said land could not be divided without injury to parties interest and did order the same to be sold by the Sheriff of the District aforesaid on a credit of Twelve Months with Interest.

    Whereupon the Sheriff aforesaid did advertise the said Land for sale on the first day in November 1856 and wherein the Sheriff aforesaid did on the said day aforesaid expose to sale at Public Outcry on the credit aforesaid the said Land where David Hall was the last and highest bidder to whom the said Land was struck off for the sum Seven Hundred and Forty Dollars.

    Now this indenture witnesseth that in consideration of Seven Hundred and Forty Dollars to me paid the receipt whereof is acknowledged. I have grant, bargained, sold and release and by these presents do grant, bargain, sell and release unto the said David Hall and his heirs forever all that tract of land situated in Anderson District on waters of Wilson's Creek bounded by Nathan McAllister, Manning Belchin and others and containing One Hundred and Thirty Seven acres more or less with the appurtenances thereto belonging and all the Estate right title interest claims and demand which William Gable deceased at the time of his death had in or to the same. To have and to hold all the said tract of land together with all and singular the premises. Improvements and appurtenances to the said David Hall and his heirs and assigns forever.

    In witness whereof I the said Herbert Hammond as Ordinary aforesaid have hereunto set my hand and Seal the day and year above mentioned.

    Herbert Hammond (SL)

    Signed, Sealed and delivered in the presence of
    Charles A. Webb
    A. O. Norris

    State of South Carolina
    Anderson District

    Personally appeared Charles A. Webb and made oath that he did see H. Hammond, Ordinary of Anderson District, Sign, Seal and as his act deliver the within Deed for the use and purposes within mentioned and that A. O. Norris was within himself a subscribing witness to the same.

    Charles A. Webb

    Sworn to and subscribed this 8th day of January 1856
    Elijah Webb
    A.K. & Ex Off. MAD

    Registered, recorded the 5th January 1857, Elijah Webb, Clerk

    [Transcribed and submitted by Nora (Gable) Essman, [email protected]]

    Last Updated 11-11-99