Gable Family of the South: Childhood Notebook


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    Carl Irwin Gable (b. 5 December 1898; d. 14 December 1980),
    Childhood notebook, 3" x 5" with maroon cover

    Carl Gable
    Jan. 23, -1913

    [p. 1]
    My name is Carl Gable[.] I was born Dec. 5 - 1898[.] I live at Eastabuchie Miss. My father's name is T. J. Gable[.] he was born 21st of april 1849 in south carolina in abberville district[.] his father was name John Gable[.] his mother's name was before she married Miss Elisha Ellen Ramsey[.]

    [p. 2]
    My grandpa had three half Bro. and 3 whole Bro. his Bro was named Fill Gable[.] They were 8 of the children. - Tom, Fill - Harmon, Molly, Carline, Margitte, Elisa, Elisebeth.

    my grandpa moved from sc. to Fla about the year 1854[.] he then moved to Ga, then to Ala, then back to s. c.

    [p. 3]
    My mother was born in Clarke County Miss. on the 1st of oct. 1857.

    her name was Lydia Alice Phillips[.] she has two Bro. living and two sisters[.]

    I have four brothers and 3 sisters[.] two sisters died and one bro. there names are Hugh, charlie, Billy Lessie Emma Pauline and

    [p. 4]
    a Bro dead that never lived but a few hours and was not named[.] Lessie married Mr. Jim Husband who died in 1906[.] she has 3 children charlie, Ralph, Hazel. two of my Bro. live at donner La. one is married and has 3 children, Jack + Eve + L. he married a Miss Lottie Porter of New Orleans.

    Uncle Fill Gable lives at

    [p. 5]
    Ruston La. he is a section foreman on the V. S. P.

    He has a son name cab Gable who is a train dispatcher[.] My Uncle Harmon lives at Leeds ala. with his sister (Molly Cobb) [Note: The parenthetical phrase may be a later addition.]

    [Submitted and transcribed by Carl I. Gable [Jr.], [email protected]]

    Last Updated 10-18-99