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Last revised September 18, 2003

Formed 1651 from Northumberland, York
Middlesex formed 1673 from Lancaster
See also Essex (Old Rappahannock) Co. VA


1820-1840 Lancaster Co. VA census
      No Duncan indexed

1850 Lancaster Co. VA Census
Pg.290, #241, Cyrus CHILTON 73 VA farmer $1500
                  Martha 25, Braxton (m) 18 VA
                  Amelia DUNCAN 6 VA pauper
                  Susan BEARD/REANE? 13 VA
Pg.290, #242, George S? LEE 64 VA teacher
                  Mary A. 54 MD
                  Mary C. 12 VA
                  Margaret DUNCAN 4 VA

1860 Lancaster Co. VA Census
Litwalton P.O.
Pg.664, #429-429, Jesse GEORGE 64 VA farmer $3000-$530
                  Judith 60 VA
                  Margaret DUNKIN 16 VA
                  John ROBERTS 15 VA

1870 Lancaster Co. VA Census
White Chapel Twp.
Pg.199, #79-79, BALL, J.K. Sr. (m) 46 VA (white) farmer $8000-$1200
                  F.A. (f) 43 VA at home
                  J.K. Jr. (m) 14 VA at home
                  Julia A. 6 VA at home
                  GASKINS, Mary 30 VA BLACK cook
                  GASKINS, Martha 9 VA BLACK at home
                  John 4 VA BLACK at home
                  Malinda 65 VA BLACK at home
                  DUNKIN?, Raleigh 15 VA BLACK laborer on farm
                  MARDEN, Moses 14 VA BLACK laborer on farm
                  Robt. 12 VA BLACK laborer on farm
                  FARMSTEROY?, Rick ?. 20 VA BLACK laborer on farm
                  CLAUSON, Fred 20 VA MULATTO laborer on farm


Lancaster Co. VA Marriage register 1715-1852 (FHL film 32,129)
      No Duncan; Dungan not copied
      Supposed to be a David Duncan to Nancy Branham Demeritt, July 21, 1793


Lancaster Co. VA Deed Index 1750-1900 (FHL film 32,182)
      No Duncan until after 1860; no Duncomb to 1820's

Lancaster Co. VA Index to Deeds to 1750; & Deeds (from Charles Gordon 1983 with permission to share with others)
      Deed Book 7 (1687-1700), Oct. --, 1700, Robert Donnum records for his son Rich. Donnum one heifer, etc., and for Mary Donnum, a heifer, etc.
      Nothing else


Lancaster Co. VA Deeds, Wills, Settlements of Estates, etc. (FHL film 32,130)
   Book 1, 1654-1702:
      1-65: Will of Thomas Duncombe of Piankatank ... (dark edge) of Lancaster Co., 9 Sept. 1659: all to wife Mary Duncombe and making and constituting her the sd. Mary my sole Exr. (no mention of coat of arms). Wit. Robt. Smith, Samuel Heron. Prob. 30 Nov. 1659.
   Book 4, 1666-1682: (originals very dark and difficult to read)
      4-340 (two documents): 30? Oct. 1678, Arthur Nuttwell now in the county of Lancaster Co. VA appoint friend William Duncan of said county my ... attorney to ... receive any property belonging or appertaining to me ... ?? within the lands formerly of ... (to sell his land?). Wit ???.
      4-340: 12 Nov. 1679, William Parker of Lancaster Co. appoint friend William Duncan of said county attorney ...

Lancaster Co. VA General index to wills 1669-1950 (FHL film 32,181)
      Have 2-65 Duncombe; No Duncan

Lancaster Co. VA Fiduciary Accounts; inventory, sales, etc. (index 1750-1912 on FHL film 32,183)
      38-376 to 377: 23 Feb. 1849, Appraisal of estate of Jesse Duncan by James R. Sanders, C.N. Lawson, Geo. G. Lee; admin. A.M. Sanders. Estate included oyster tongs, several "baskets & contents", a dozen hens, 5 ducks, 2 hogs, dishes, etc.; total $35.57. Returned 18 June 1849. Sales of Perishable Property to G.G. Hammond, P.C. George, A.M. Sanders, James R. Sanders. Sales included one bed to Holland Wood, one bed stand to A.M. Sanders, bed to C.N. Lawson, quilt to Henry Word, etc. Returned 18 June 1849. (FHL film 32,163)
      38-410: Settlement of estate of Jesse Duncan (no date), included payments of rent $18 for house and lot, store account $8.19, coffin $3.50, etc., total $39.07; $3.69-1/2 paid out more than taken in; paid 23 Feb. 1849 to 1 Nov. 1849. (FHL film 32,163)

Lancaster Co. VA General index to records 1652-1844 (FHL film 32,139)
      No Duncan

Lancaster Co. VA Estate & Property Settlements 1841-1885; land causes (FHL film 32,187)
      No Duncan

Lancaster Co. VA County Court Order Books
   1841-1848 - no Duncan (FHL film 32,175)
   1848-1854 (FHL film 32,176)
      Pg.27: 19 Feb. 1849, On motion of Anthony M. Saunders who made oath as the law directs and together with security and bond, certificate granted said Saunders for obtaining letters of administration on the estate of Jesse Duncan decd. Appraisers to be James R. Saunders, Charles N. Lawson, Mordecai Lawson and George S. Lee.
      Pg.44: 18 June 1849, Inventory of Jesse Duncan received and ordered recorded; account of sales ordered recorded.
      Pg.51: 20 Aug. 1849, Comr. Simmonds to settle with Anthony M. Sanders, admin. of Jesse Duncan decd.
      Pg.70: 17 Dec. 1849, estate of Jesse Duncan settled.


Lancaster Co. VA Index to Orders to 1750 (from Charles Gordon 1983 with permission to share with others)
      Nothing else

Lancaster Co. VA Chancery Court Order Book 1831-60 (FHL film 32,186 item 2)
      No Duncan


Talbot Co. MD Deeds (FHL film 14,522)
      3-282(3): 5 Jan. 1678, John Duncombe now of Talbott Co. MD but late of VA, planter, to William Combes of same county & province, merchant, and Elizabeth his wife, daughter and heir of Edward Foe, late of same county, Gent., decd; that said Edward Foe in his will among other bequests devised to Thomas Duncombe late of same county, sithenod? also deceased one of the sons of Mary late wife of the said Edward by Thomas Duncombe decd, being the former husband and brother of the said John and his heirs a certene plantation & lands thereto belonging lying on or near a certene Creek called Islands Creek in said county, and the said Thomas Duncombe died a minor and under age of one & twenty years without issue of his body lawfully begotten and being not capable in gomt.? of law either by deed or his last will & testament to make any firme sale, conveyance or disposition of the lands, but by means of such, his death without such issue, the same legally came onto & passed? in him the said John Duncombe as crole? & heir in collatorall lyne of the said Thomas the son; Now this indenture witnesseth that the sd. John Duncombe as well for & in consideration of the said William Combes has by articles of agreement of equal date, made between the said William Combes of the one part and him the said John Duncombe of the other part, ... for the maintenance of said John for his life and for 1 sh. sterling paid to said John by said William, and likewise for love and affection John has; John leases to William Combes and Elizabeth his said wife for their lives and the life of the longest liver of them, ... after the death of the survivor of them the said William & Elizabeth, or the heirs of their body begotten or to be begotten and in default of said heirs begotten between them, and in case of default of such heirs, then to their heirs or assigns for evermore; and (?to and for? none other also? on behoofe no joebsen?) and said John Duncombe for him and his heirs execs. or admins. doth covent. & miss? & grant to & with the said William Combes & Elizabeth his wife & either of them ... that the said John is the right heir at law of the said Thomas the son as before described, and if? (ye?) he the said John has not already nor has his heirs or assigns (warrants) shall or will for ?? to come into ?? cause ... or consent or to any let deed thing? or ?? whereby the fource & effect of this ... according to the terms? and true meaning hereof is onaro? or shall or may be defeated, ... in any manner, but if said John Duncombe, his heirs & assigns (John will uphold his part of the bargain.) /s/ John Duncombe; wit. Wm. Crosser, Joshua Atkins, William (X) Abanner?. (MAD: believe Edward Foe should be Roe, but the first letter really doesn't look like an "R"; see Lancaster Co. VA)

Rappahannock Co. VA County Orders (VA Archives) (from Charles Gordon 1983 with permission to share with others)
      I, Cuthbert Potter of Lancaster Co., appoint Sam'l Griffin of Rappahannock Co., power of attorney ask he receive ... from estate of Roger Overton ... (signed) Sept. 15, 1668, in presence of John Duncome, Tho. Wharton. Recorded Feb. 1669. (CJG: see rec. I sent, Richard Duncome transp. by Cuthbert Potter)


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