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Formed 1836 from Old Mexican Municipality, est. 1718
Comal formed 1846 from Bexar, Gonzales, Travis
Guadalupe formed 1846 from Bexar, Gonzales
Gillespie formed 1848 from Bexar, Travis
Medina, Webb formed 1848 from Bexar
El Paso, Kinney, Presidio, Uvalde formed 1850 from Bexar
Karnes formed 1854 from Bexar
Atascosa, Kerr, Llano, McCulloch, San Saba formed 1856 from Bexar
Bandera formed 1856 from Uvalde, Bexar
Callahan formed 1858 from Bexar, Travis, Bosque
Concho, Edwards, Kimble, Menard, Wilbarger formed 1858 from Bexar
Dimmit formed 1858 from Uvalde, Bexar, Maverick, Webb
Frio formed 1858 from Atascosa, Bexar, Uvalde
Knox formed 1858 from Young, Bexar
McMullen formed 1858 from Bexar, Live Oak, Atascosa
Runnels, Taylor formed 1858 from Bexar, Travis
Jones formed 1858-61 from Bexar, Bosque
LaSalle formed 1858-80 from Bexar, Webb
Wilson formed 1860 from Bexar, Karnes
Tom Green formed 1874 from Bexar
Andrews, Crockett formed 1875 from Bexar
Armstrong, Bailey, Borden, Brisco, Carson, Castro, Cochran, Dallam, Deaf Smith, Dickens, Fisher, Floyd, Gaines, Garza, Gray, Hale, King, Lamb, Lipscomb, Lynn, Martin, Mitchell, Moore, Motley, Ochiltree, Oldham, Parmer, Potter, Randall, Roberts, Scurry, Sherman, Stonewall, Terry, Yoakum formed 1876 from Bexar
Crosby, Hutchinson formed 1876 from Bexar District
Childress, Collingsworth formed 1876 from Bexar, Youngland District
Hall, Hansford, Hartley, Hemphill, Hockley, Howard, Kent, Nolan, Swisher, Wheeler formed 1876 from Bexar, Young
Lubbock formed 1876 from Bexar, Crosby
Dawson formed 1876-58 from Bexar


1850 Bexar Co. TX Census (also from Lucille Mehrkam 1983)
San Antonio
Pg.209, #119, Charles B. CASE 28 NY, Yard Master & Q. Master $350
                  Patrick O. DONNELL 44 IRE laborer
                  Ashbell SHIPLEWELLS 32 MA laborer
                  Peter WEBEL 27 GER laborer
                  John KLINGER 30 GER laborer
                  James H. DUNCAN 23 GA laborer
                  Phillip CONDON 40 IRE laborer
                  William FLECK 38 SCT carpenter
                  G.T. ABERNATHY 43 MO wheelwright $300
                  John P. CHRIST 36 GER capt.
                  John F. 5 GER
                  Michael McDERMOTT 27 IRE wagoner
                  Wm. B. TAYLOR 21 KY wagoner
                  (MAD: James H. Duncan in 1860 Calhoun Co. TX census)

1860 Bexar Co. TX Census
San Antonio, Ward 1
Pg.345, #11-11, P.F. DUNCAN? 37 KY lawyer
Pg.478, #2242-2156, Ponudiose? NAVARRA (m) 42 TX laborer
                  Jesnsa? (f) 35 TX
                  Juan (m) 25 TX
                  Francis M. DUNCAN (m) 22 TN farmer

1870 Bexar Co. TX Census
Fort Choncho P.O.
Pg.343, -- #75, many men, all soldiers
                  DUNCAN, Samuel 24 IRE Private Co.E, 4th Cavalry, parents of foreign birth


Bexar Co. TX Marriage Records, Index; to Vol.H, 1883 (SLC 6/2009)
   Males, D (FHL film 1,020,132)
      Duncan, Wm. A. to Betsey Stokes, D2-535, #2562 (Vol.D2, 1857)
      Next is Book N, #15689, after 1885, not copied
   Females, D (FHL film 1,020,139)
      Duncan, Philis to Frank Brown, D2-497, #2487 (Vol.D2, 1857)
      Duncan, Bettie to George Suckles, E-103, #3024 (Vol.E, 1866)
      Duncan, Katherine to Augustine F. Hewitt, G-447, #6722 (Vol.G, 1879)
      Next is Book M, #13560, after 1885, not copied


Bexar Co. TX Probate Records; General Index (probate) 1837-1874 (FHL film 1,019,351; SLC 6/2009)
      No Duncan


Bexar Co. TX Deed Indexes (SLC 6/2009)
   Direct index, Vol.D-G 1837-1890; date is date filed (FHL film 1,019,373 item 2)
      21-143: Duncan, B. & wife et al to F.P. Hord, deed, 11/21/1882 (pg.570)
      32-563 and 565: Duncan, Blanton et al (& Georgette) to F.P. Hord
      24-354: Duncan, Georgette & K.B. (Kate B.) to Frank P. Hord, 11/21/1882 (pg.573 & 575)
      I1-547: Duncan, J., assignee to J. Timon N. Menger, tax deed, Oct. 24, 1850 (pg.574)
      21-143: Duncan, M.T. & B. to F.P. Hord, deed, 11/21/1882 (pg.576)
      23-327: Duncan, Mary T. to Kate B. & G. Duncan, 5/10/1882
      (1884 not copied)
      N1-434: Duncan, Thomas to Mrs. Mary Reed, 10/31/1855 (pg.578)
      O1-300: Duncan, Thomas to Alexander Daguerre, 7/17/1856
      36-221 and 43-218: Dunkin, Thos. V. to ..., 1886 (not copied)
   Reverse index (FHL film 1,019,376 item 2)
      S3-445: Duncan, Benj. from Wm. Bosher, mtg., 4/14/1865 (pg.849)
      16-222, 18-222, 23-322, 23-327: Duncan, Blanton from W.F. Walker, contract, 2/3/1881
      (1888 not copied)
      23-322: Duncan, Georgette's Tr. et al from W.F. Walker, 5/10/1882 (pg.852)
      23-327: Duncan, Georgette's Tr. et al from Mary T. Duncan and Tr., 5/10/1882 (pg.852)
      S3-270: Duncan, John H. from Robert Caile, mtg, 11/12/1861 (pg.853)
      U1-313: Duncan, J.H. from Phil Stockton, Power atty, 11/8/1867 (pg.853)
      25-94: Duncan, Jas. C. from Jacob Waldschmidt, deed, 10/6/1882
      (1884 not copied)
      22-566: Duncan, Kate B. et al from Mary T. Duncan & Tr., deed in trust, 5/10/1882 (pg.855)
      23-322: Duncan, Kate B. et al from W.F. Walker, tax deed in trust, 5/10/1882
      L2-592: Duncan, Thomas from James R. Sweet, deed, 6/16/1854 (pg.857)
      22-616: Dunkin, Thos. from Michael & M.A. Kaufmann, deed, 6/17/1882 (pg.??)
      22-617: Dunkin, Thos. from Romanus Groos, deed, 6/17/1882
      (1884 not copied)

Bexar Co. TX Deeds (SLC 6/2009)
      L2-592: 16 June 1854, James R. Sweet of Bexar Co. TX for $600 to Capt. Thomas Duncan of Bexar Co. TX, tract on eastern side of San Antonio River in City of San Antonio and that part known as Alamo City, being 3 town lots #7, 8 and 9 in Block 5. (FHL film 1,020,096)
      N1-434: 30 Oct. 1855, Thomas Duncan of Bexar Co. TX for $100 to Mrs. Mary Reed of Adams Co. MS, lot in City of San Antonio, being 5 varas of ground fronting on Martin Street, to San Antonio River out of Lot 7 in Block 5 (more not copied) (FHL film 1,020,097)
      21-143: 13 Dec. 1882, Blanton Duncan of Bexar Co. TX and Mary T. Duncan his wife of Jefferson Co. KY, for $3,100, to T.P. Hord of Bexar Co. TX, tract on the Lion Creek about 10 miles from the City of San Antonio, being the upper or NW 1/2 of Survey 72 originally granted to Elizabeth Plunkett for one league and labor of land, the said NW half thereof hereby conveyed being the same described and set apart to W.F. Walker in a deed of partition between him and H.B. Adams and E.D.L. Wicker (Wickes?) dated Aug. 4, 1877, recorded Vol.7 pg.304-5. /s/ Blanton Duncan, trustee of Mary T. Duncan, and Mary T. Duncan. 13 Nov. 1882, Blanton Duncan appeared in Bexar Co. TX; 18 Nov. 1882, Mrs. Mary T. Duncan wife of Blanton Duncan appeared Jefferson Co. KY. (FHL film 1,020,118)
      23-327: 8 May 1882, for $2,500 received from estate of Garnett Duncan decd, Blanton Duncan, trustee of Mary T. Duncan, at present residing in City of San Antonio, Bexar Co. TX, conveys to Blanton Duncan, trustee for Kate B. and Georgette Duncan, under the will of said Garnett Duncan, of Louisville, KY, a note of W.F. Walker for $1,000 of date 3 Feb. 1881 to the order of Blanton Duncan trustee of Mary T. Duncan, and also the note of W.F. Walker to Mary F. Stahl for $1500, of date Aug. 15, 1879, secured by deed of trust of same date from W.F. Walker "upon the upper or NW half" of the Elizabeth Plunkett league and labor in Bexar Co. TX, and also all the rights granted by said W.F. Walker to Blanton Duncan trustee under Walker's contract of sale of Feb. 3, 1881, for purchase of said tract of land in Bexar Co. on or before 16 Aug. 1881 by said trustee and under which said contract suit is now pending, in case No.829 in Bexar County Court for the enforcement of said trustee's rights and for possession of said tract of land. Ack. Bexar Co. TX by both Mary T. Duncan and Blanton Duncan, 8 May 1882. (FHL film 1,020,119; MAD: Louisville, Jefferson Co. KY)

HISTORIES before 1923

1889 "Biographical Souvenier of State of TX" by F. Battey (FHL book 976.4 D3bs; also from Lucille Mehrkam, Lenox Baker, Evelyn Sigler; sketches alphabetical, good index)
      Pg.268-71: Hon. John M. Duncan, prominent attorney of TX, born TN Feb. 7, 1851. His father, Franklin Duncan, born 1828 in TN, an ironmaker, in war with Mexico, and some years after its close moved from TN to MO for a year, then to TX with a capitalist named Browder with whom he established first iron smelting works in TX about 18 miles from Jefferson; later established several foundries throughout eastern TX, died Aug. 1887. His wife was Caroline McAnnelly, born Giles Co. TN in 1830. (MAD: William Franklin Duncan married in Lawrence Co. TN) John M. Duncan is survivor of twins, the first children born to his parents, the other, a brother, dying in infancy. He was reared a brick mason, then studied law, when he began reading under Judge C. Stallcup in 1872 ... In 1877 Mr. Duncan was elected county attorney of Gregg Co., then elected State Senator from district comprised of Gregg, Upshur, Smith & Camp counties; in 1884 to Tyler, and elected judge of Smith Co. In 1876 Mr. Duncan married Miss Allie B., a dau. of Edwin R. Davis.
      (MAD: An article in "The Handbook of Texas" ed. by Walter Prescott Webb and others, 1952-1976 (from Lucille Mehrkam 10/1984; FHL book 976.4 A5ht) has further details on John Martin Duncan, including the information that he also mar. Eddie Louise House in 1890, and died in San Antonio [Bexar Co.] on 4/21/1917.)

"The Handbook of Texas" ed. by Walter Prescott Webb and others, 1952-1976 (from Lucille Mehrkam 10/1984; FHL book 976.4 A5ht; Internet reference from Barbara West 2/2001)
      The articles in this book are available on the Internet at the following website:

"Reminiscences of the Boys in Grey 1861-1865" (Texas) by Mamie Yeary, 1912 (FHL film 1,000,598 item 1; pgs.202-4; alphabetic order by surname)
      Forward: In offering to the public these "Confederate Reminiscences" my only apology is to place in permanent form, and in the very words of the participants, as far as practicable, the personal experiences of the "men behind the guns," the "boys in the line," ... Many interesting papers, too lengthy for the scope of this work, have been abridged to contain the most important parts. ... While editing the data so kindly sent me, I have entered fully into each skirmish, battle, march and campaign. ...
      John F. Duncan, San Saba [San Saba Co.], TX; born June 15, 1839, near Columbus [Marion Co.], MS. Enlisted in the Confederate Army in August, 1861, at San Antonio [Bexar Co.], TX, as private in Co. A, 4th TX Cavalry, Sibley's Brigade, W.P. Hardeman first Captain and Riley first Colonel. Was never changed, wounded, captured nor promoted. Was in the battles of Valverde, NM, Feb. 21, 1862. Returned to TX in May of the same year; called back to camp in Nov. Was in the battle of Galveston in 1862, and at Franklin, LA, where Col. Riley was killed. Here I took sick and was furloughed. Never did any more service.


"New York Times," New York, New York, 6 Jun 1882 (from Kathy D. Cawley 10/2006)
      MARRIED. HEWIT-DUNCAN.- On the 3d [June 1882] inst., at San Antonio, Texas, by Rev. Father Johnson, LIEUT. AUGUSTINE F. HEWIT, U.S. Army, to MISS KATHERINE B., daughter of COL. BRANTON DUNCAN, of San Antonio. (MAD: San Antonio, Bexar Co. TX)

Some early Duncans in Bexar Co. TX:
      David Duncan, 1837-1840, had 3rd class land grant in Bexar Co., immigrated to TX between 10/1/1837 and 1/1/1840 (pg.102, "Abstract of Titled and Patented Lands Compiled From the Records of the General Land Office of the State of Texas" published in Austin in 1860, and indexed by Paul Campbell; published in Vol.3#2 "Texas Heritage Quarterly," from Lucille Mehrkam 2/1984 and CA State Library, Sutro Branch, book F385 T48). One David Duncan arrived in TX 8/1/1839, had class 3 Unconditional Certificate for 640 acres in Sabine Co. TX issued 30 Dec. 1839 (from Vol.1, "1840 Citizens of TX, Land Grants" by Gifford White, FHL book 976.4 R2wge and fiche 6,100,364; from Lucille Mehrkam 1984). One David Duncan was original grantee on third class Certificate #779 for 640 acres, patent #779 to Jacob De Cordova on 25 Feb. 1848, recorded Vol.3, Abstract #192, Old Abstract #211. (from "Anderson Co. TX Original Grantee - Patentee Land Titles" by Frances D. Ingmire, FHL booklet 976.4 A1 #137; and Houston, TX, library book 976.42 i52, from Lucille Mehrkam 3/1984)
      John H. Duncan, 1855, on tax list (Vol.2 #4, "Texas Heritage Quarterly" from Lucille Mehrkam 2/1984)


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