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Formed 1846 from Houston


1850 Anderson Co. TX Census (also from Lucille Mehrkam 10/1983)
Pg.21, #136-136, Wm. McNUTT 23 AL (blank) $0
                  Magara (f) 31 VA
                  Mary J.E. 1 Anderson TX
                  David S. SMITH 10 AR
                  Geo. H. 7, Arabella 5 TN
                  Mary DUNCAN 75 VA
                  Susan 15 TN
                  (MAD: one Mary Duncan was admin. of estate of T.L. Duncan, with 5 slaves, in 1840 Shelby Co. TX, arrived 9/1837, had Conditional Certificate #2 for 1280 acres, and unconditional certificate in Shelby Co. TX issued Dec. 1839; from Vol.1, "1840 Citizens of TX, Land Grants" by Gifford White; from Lucille Mehrkam 10/1984)

1860 Anderson Co. TX Census (and from Lucille Mehrkam 1984)
Beat #3, P.O. Palestine
Pg.25, #144-142, L. NORVELL (f) 41 TN farmer $700-$1200
                  James DUNCAN 21 TX (blank) $0-$0
                  Geo. 18, Alexander 16 TX
                  David 14, Lacy (m) 12 TX
                  (MAD: 1850 McNairy Co. TN census; 1870 Kaufman Co. TX census)

1870 Anderson Co. TX Census
P.O. Palestine
Pg.58, #858-840, HOGUE, James 63 AL carpenter $400-$225
                  DUNCAN, Nancy 34 AL keeping house
                  HOGUE, George 13 TX at school
Pg.84, #1239-1220, DUNCAN, J.W. (m) 45 TN blacksmith $300-$700
                  Mary E. 35 AL keeping house $1000-$350
                  Lucinda 22 TN at home
                  Manerva 17 TN at school
                  Martin 19 TN farmer
                  Wm. T. 15 TN at school
                  Thiodosia (f) 7 TX at home
                  Mary H. 5 TX at home
                  HENDERSON, Robt. 15 TX at school
                  Talbort (m) 12 TX at home
                  Jefferson 9, Thomas B. 3 TX at home
                  (MAD: John Wiley Duncan; 1860 Upshur Co. TX census; J.W. Duncan mar. M.E. Henderson 4/27/1870)
Pg.106, #1543-1524, DUNCAN, James 27 TN (white) works in lumber mill $0-$0, mar. in June
                  Pla.? (Ida?) C. (f) 18 AR keeping house, mar. in June
                  (MAD: James M. Duncan mar. Ida Galyan 6/9/1869)


Anderson Co. TX Probate Record Index (FHL film 986,705)
   Part 1, 1846-1878:
      Pg.38: Duncan, Geo. H. decd; #51: July 1848, petition of Jasa? McKinzie, admr.; July 31, 1848, bond of same; Aug. 19, 1848, Lucy McKenzie admr. inventory; Sept. 25, 1848, ??? to set apart to widow; Apr. 29, 1850, letters of admr. to Lavinia Duncan; Aug? 1850, Rengmeria?? of Jasa McKenza; Sept.? 1850 Pet. of Lavina Duncan as admr; Sept. 29, 1850, bond of Lavina Duncan. (MAD: from info of Debra Dawson 5/1999, this was George Holman Duncan, wife Lavina McKenzie related to the Alexander S. McKenzie family of McNairy Co. TN; to Nacogdoches Co. TX ca 1833; in records of Wise Co. TX ... had a brother Jacob, also an early TX settler who died 1836)
   Part 2, 1846-1899: (probate files not filmed)
      Duncan, H.W., #179, A-26,27,37,43,47,123,145,262; admr. A.E. McCracken
      Duncan, Geo. H., #202; probate file D
      Duncan, Jno. F., #207, admr. Jno.; probate file D
      no others; no Thomas L.


Henderson Co. TX Deeds
      P-235: 7 Sept. 1870, C.M. Bachelor of Smith Co. TX, being surviving wife of N.M. Bachelor decd but divorced before his decease, for $60 for the use of myself and my infant dau. Ella Bachelor heir at law of said N.M. Bachelor decd by [to] H.A. Bachelor, R.J. Bachelor, R.M. Bachelor, M.F. Duncan wife of George J. Duncan, W.W. Bachelor, J.L. Bachelor, and Georgia A. Bachelor, all Henderson Co. TX and heirs at law of N.M. Bachelor decd, sell to H.A. Bachelor (etc.) all my right and right of my infant dau. to 237-1/2 acres, the W. part of 470-1/4 acre grant to Samuel B. Herbo assignee of Isaac Clendennen, in Henderson and Anderson Cos. on waters of Trinity River near Wild Cat Bluff on N.side of Wild Cat Creek, being land conveyed by Richard M. THompson and wife to W.C. Wathun and by Wathun to J.W. Smith and by Smith to N.M. Bachelor and patented to Isaac Clendennen; ack. 7 Sept. 1870, rec. 21 Oct. 1870. (FHL film 1,481,028; indexed C.M. & E. Bachelor to M.T. Duncan)
      U-223: 26 Oct. 1872, H.A. Bachelor of Ellis Co. TX, R.J. Bachelor of Navarro Co. TX, R.M. Bachelor, M.F. Duncan wife of George J. Dungan (sic), W.W. Bachelor, J.F. Bachelor, and Georgia A. Bachelor, all the last 6 named of Henderson Co. TX, all being legal heirs of N.M. Bachelor, for $600, to James David Jaggen of Henderson Co. TX, 237-1/4 acres, being W part of 470-1/4 acre grant to Samuel B. Herbro assignee of Isaac Clendimen, in "Henderson and Henderson" Counties on waters of Trinity River near Wild Cat Bluff on N. side Wild Cat Creek, conveyed by J.W. Smith to N.M. Bachelor and patented or contained in a patent to Isaac Clendimen by assignee. /s/ H.A. Bachelor (ack. in Ellis Co.), W.W. Bachelor (ack. in Ellis Co.), R.J. Bachelor (ack. in Freestone Co.), R.M. Bachelor (ack. in Henderson Co.), J.A. Bachelor (ack. in Henderson Co., G.A. Bachelor (ack. in Henderson Co.), M.F. (X) Duncan (ack. in Henderson Co.). Ack. 31 Oct. 1872, rec. 22 Dec. 1879. (FHL film 1,481,284)


Index to TX Confederate Pension Records (from Lucille Mehrkam 10/1983)
      Application, Name, County, Book
      11785, Duncan, J.F., Anderson, 1
      19506, Duncan, Mary, Anderson, 2

HISTORIES before 1923

1889 "Biographical souvenir of the state of Texas : containing biographical sketches of the representative public and many early settled families" by F. Battey (FHL book 976.4 D3bs and films 547,587 and 599,230 and 1,000,596 item 2; and from Lucille Mehrkam and Evelyn Sigler 1984; sketches alphabetical, good index)
      Part of Preface: "No pains have been spared to make the facts to be found within these covers accurate. With but few exceptions the material has been gathered from those most immediately interested and then submitted in type-written form for correction and revision."
      Pg.264-5: John W. Duncan, born Hickman Co. TN, March 11, 1825, son of John and Nancy (Myatt) Duncan, grandson of David Duncan, and great-grandson of William Duncan, of pure Scotch descent on both paternal and maternal sides. John Duncan, father of John W., was a machinist, a colonel in State militia of TN, and died in 1867 at age 74 years. His wife, Nancy (Myatt) Duncan, died 1840 at 40 years of age. John W. Duncan was reared and educated in TN, came to TX Dec. 1859, located first Marion Co., then in 1860 to Upshur Co., 3 years later to Anderson Co., 7 years later to Fannin Co. In 1863 enlisted in Conf. army, Co. H, 18th TX Inf., trans-MS department, and served as capt. of Co. H. two years. Blacksmith by trade, became farmer after war. Served as Justice of Peace in Lawrence Co. TN as well as constable. In 1885 appointed postmaster at Bonham, TX. Jan. 26, 1843, at early age of 18, (John W.) Duncan married Miss Mary A. McAnally, dau. of Dr. Martin McAnally; 5 children: Evaline, Minerva, Martin G., Wylie N., and Charles L. He a Mason. (MAD: John W. Duncan mar. Mary A. McAnnally 1/26/1843 Lawrence Co. TN)


Some early Duncans in Anderson Co. TX:
      G.B. Duncan, 1846, on tax list in Anderson Co. ("Republic of Texas: Poll Lists for 1846" by Marion Day Mullins, 1974, FHL book 976.4 R4m; from Lucille Mehrkam 2/1984)
      Jane Duncan, 13 Dec. 1846, mar. Thomas J. Sowell
      Nancy Duncan, 18 May 1847, mar. Thomas Benz
      David Duncan, bef. 1848, was original grantee on third class Certificate #779 for 640 acres, patent #779 to Jacob De Cordova on 25 Feb. 1848, recorded Vol.3, Abstract #192, Old Abstract #211. (from "Anderson Co. TX Original Grantee - Patentee Land Titles" by Frances D. Ingmire, FHL booklet 976.4 A1 #137; and Houston, TX, library book 976.42 i52, from Lucille Mehrkam 3/1984) One David Duncan arrived in TX 8/1/1839, had class 3 Unconditional Certificate for 640 acres in Sabine Co. TX issued 30 Dec. 1839 (from Vol.1, "1840 Citizens of TX, Land Grants" by Gifford White, FHL book 976.4 R2wge and fiche 6,100,364; from Lucille Mehrkam 1984). One David Duncan had a 3rd Class grant for land in Bexar Co. listed on pg.102 of "Abstract of Titled and Patented Lands Compiled From the Records of the General Land Office of the State of Texas" published in Austin in 1860, and indexed by Paul Campbell (published in Vol.3#2 "Texas Heritage Quarterly," from Lucille Mehrkam 2/1984 and CA State Library, Sutro Branch, book F385 T48)
      Daniel W. Duncan, 1 July 1856, mar. Nancy I. Hogue
      James M. Duncan, 9 June 1869, mar. Ida Galyan
      J.W. Duncan, 27 April 1870, mar. M.E. Henderson
      Thos. L. Duncan, (?) 1 July 1874, heirs had patent #471 recorded in Vol.8, for 1280 acres, second class Certificate #448, Abstract #234. (from "Anderson Co. TX Original Grantee - Patentee Land Titles" by Frances D. Ingmire, FHL booklet 976.4 A1 #137; and Houston, TX, library book 976.42 i52, from Lucille Mehrkam 3/1984) (MAD: listed as 71-1-1874, but perhaps should be 1 July 1847 ?)


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