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Hardeman Co. TN County Court Minute Book, Vol.2, 1827-1829 (FHL film 989,289; no Vol.1)
      Pg.8: 7 Jan. 1828, present ... Wm. L. Duncan.
      Pg.9: 7 Jan. 1828, William Duncan produced 4 wolf scalps judged over 4 months old, ordered he have a certificate.
      Pg.15: 7 Jan. 1828, ordered John Rossan?, Thomas L. Duncan, Barney Chambers, Obadiah Townsend, Mark (Hank?) Lea and Simeon Rossen appoint jury of view to commence at Lundeys in the Simpson Ferry Road and view to the county line by way of Crosslands forge.
      Pg.17: 7 Jan. 1828, Wm. L. Duncan on road jury, route from Michial Reor? (Ror?) to county line in a direction for Purdy by way of Lionel.
      Pg.21/2: 8 Jan. 1828, ordered that ... Wm. B. Duncon ... be fined the sum of $25 each for their non-attendance as jurors.
      Pg.22: 8 Jan. 1828, following magistrates to take lists of taxable property and poles for the present year ... Com. W. Duncan in Capt. Duncan.
      Pg.29: 8 Jan. 1828, ordered that ... Samuel Duncon ... road jury ... Brownsville road from Wm. Dotson's house to county line.
      Pg.30: 8 Jan. 1828, following to serve as jurors next court ... William B. Duncan.
      Pg.54: 9 Jan. 1828, case of State vs. Garner Duncan, A&B, nolo prosequi entered.
      Pg.61: 11 Jan. 1828, transfer of occupant claim from Samuel Duncan to James Murray exhibited in court; execution acknowledged by said Duncan; ordered same be so certified.
      Pg.74: 7 April 1828, Thomas L. Duncan, Wm. L. Duncan, Robert Box, John Box (& others) on jury to mark road from Green Michial Road by way of Lionel to county line crossing Hatchee River at the first place toward Purdy.
      Pg.80: 7 April 1828, W.L. Duncan and John Ripon? appointed commissioners to settle with administrators of the estate of David Tedford decd. and make report.
      Pg.87: 7 April 1828, named to attend next term Circuit Court on 4 Monday in May as jurors ... William L. Duncan.
      Pg.87: 7 April 1828, jurors 1st Monday July next ... William Duncan.
      Pg.89: 8 April 1828, Frances Tedford who was appointed yesterday guardian to her children gave bond of $2500 with William L. Duncan, E.L. (sic) Duncan and Aaren? Blackwood as her securities.
      Pg.123: 9 April 1828, Court adj. to tomorrow morning 9 o'clock ... /s/ Wm. L. Duncan.
      Pg.127: 10 April 1828, State vs. William B. Duncan, scire facias. ... came ... on part of State and defendant in proper person and move court to set aside judgement entered against him, having filed his affidavit setting out grounds on which he applied, whereupon it is considered by the court that the forfeiture be set aside on this Scifa and that the county pay the costs &c.
      Pg.149: 11 April 1828, Wm. Poston vs. Michael Read, debt. Justices ... William L. Duncan (heard the case).
      Pg.151: 11 April 1828, Anderson Sheppard vs. Robert Hays, Appeal #56 ... Wm. B. Duncan on jury.
      Pg.152: 11 April 1828, David Webb vs. Wm. L. Duncan, appeal #57. Came the parties ... jury (including Wm. B. Duncan) ... find in favor of plaintiff and assess his damages to $5.49; the plaintiff to recover of the defendant the damages in form aforesaid assessed, to be levied of goods and chattels of John Duncan deceased which have or may come to his hands as administrator if so much there left; and if not so much left then of those goods and chattels to be levied of the goods of W.L. Duncan.
      Pg.153: 11 April 1828, Stephen Rossell vs. John Moore, #53, debt ... Wm. B. Duncan on jury.
      Pg.153/4: 11 April 1828, George Briscoe vs. James Hubbard, #58 appeal ... Wm. B. Duncan on jury.
      Pg.164: 12 April 1828, Wm. L. Duncan vs. M. Hays, Hycharent?; defendent did not appear; therefore considered that judgement final be given in the sum of $118, the sum in the plaintiff's declaration ...
      Pg.169: 7 July 1828, ... elect the following constables ... Elihu G. Duncan in Capt. Roses Company, ... who severally gave their bonds and were certified according to law.
      Pg.174: 7 July 1828, William B. Duncan on road jury from Duncan landing on Hatchee near the mouth of Hickory Creek to intersect the road from Bolivar to Brownsville near Martain Taylors.
      Pg.177: 7 July 1828, Isaac Ricks to oversee the clearing out and keep in repair that part of the Brownsville Road from north bank of Clear Creek to north bank of Hickory Creek and have all the hands that worked under Wm. G. Dotson, commencing N. Clear Creek, running with this line dividing the 5th and 6th range, then with Hatchee to the mouth of Hickory Creek, then with said creek to Saml. Duncans, then on direct line ... (indexed as Sarah Duncan).
      Pg.177: 7 July 1828, William Duncan a juror to attend next term of court.
      Pg.184/5: 8 July 1828, copy of jury summons issued to ... William Duncan ... juror 1st Monday in July ... of whom following selected as grand jury ... William B. Duncan.
      Pg.186: 8 July 1828, Deed of conveyance from William B. Duncan to Isham Smith for 50 acres produced and acknowledged by said Duncan.
      Pg.189: 8 July 1828, Andrew Taylor vs. Michael McKennie, Appeal #2; jury included Thomas Duncan.
      Pg.259: 6 Oct. 1828, present ... Wm. L. Duncan.
      Pg.268: 6 Oct. 1828, ordered that Daniel Cutbirth and Joseph L. Rosson be appointed commissioners to settle with the administrators of estate of John Duncan decd. and report to next court.
      Pg.270: 6 Oct. 1828, W.L. Duncan on road jury to mark out a road from Michial Reed by Lionel to the county line in a direction for Purdy? crossing Hatchee at the best point.
      Pg.274: 6 Oct. 1828, Henry W. Duncan to oversee and keep in repair the road leading from Duncans landing on Hatchee to intersect the road from Bolivar to Brownsville and that all hands living within one mile of said road to work thereon to open said road.
      Pg.276: 6 Oct. 1828, following persons be summoned as jurors next circuit court ... Thomas L. Duncan.
      Pg.278/9: 7 Oct. 1828, return of summons from earlier court on William Duncan to serve as juror ... William Duncan one of those selected to serve as juror.
      Pg.282: Wm. Duncan indexed, not found.
      Pg.338: 11 Oct. 1828, John Foster vs. John Thompson, motion; John Thompson, constable, had not been complying with the law in paying over the money returned by the following executions, to wit, ... one (execution) on William S. London for (blank) dollars issued by William L. Duncan Esq. a justice of the peace for said county ...
      Pg.342: 5 Jan. 1829, present ... William L. Duncan, justices.
      Pg.347/8: 5 Jan. 1829, elected Jaron D. Gan? constable in Capt. Claytons company for next two years who gave bond with Robert Robyan?, Joseph Hickner and Thomas L. Duncan as his securities, and was qualified accordingly.
      Pg.368: 6 Jan. 1829, ordered that county trustee pay costs of following suits decided in county court when executions have been returned but not satisfied ... State vs. ... Thomas L. Duncan, 5.67 clerk, 5.00 sol., 1.75 shff, 2.00 witness; do. (same)
      Pg.373: 7 Jan. 1829, William Lytle vs. Thomas Simmons; jury included William Duncan.
      Pg.375: 7 Jan. 1829, William Duncan on another jury.
      Pg.379: 7 Jan. 1829, John Litle vs. Thomas Laines ... Wm. Duncan on jury.
      Pg.380: 7 Jan. 1829, Wm. Duncan on another jury.
      Pg.403: 6 April 1829, William L. Duncan (& others) Esquires, justices, present.
      Pg.406: 6 April 1829, an occupant claim with the transfer thereon from William Duncan to Robert Thompson was exhibited in open court and proven by oath of Wm. L. Duncan a subscribing witness thereto.
      Pg.409: 6 April 1829, election of constable in Capt. Boyls Company; Isaac Simpson elected; qualified and gave bond with William Simpson and Wm. L. Duncan as his security.
      Pg.417: 6 April 1829, David Lane to oversee the keeping in repair that part of the Etanaula? Road that lies between his house and Clear Creek and that he have James Mitchell, Robert Mitchell and John E.D. Lawer's? hands, Samuel Duncan and the hands of Joseph Taylor Jr.? to work under his directions.
      Pg.420: 6 April 1829, following persons summoned as jurors on 6th May ... Wm. L. Duncan.

Hardeman Co. TN County Court Minutes, May 1855 to Jan. 1858 (FHL film 989,292)
      (MAD: No index; following refers to Deed R-217)
      June 5, 1855, case of admr. of Reddick Dishough, Isaac Cummings; petition to sell land; heirs Lewis Dishough, Isaac R. Dishough, Reddick Dishough, V.S. Grissom (Gipsom?) and wife Christina, T.F. Anderson and wife Mary, Mary Jane Dishough widow of Leonidas Dishough, Margaret Ann and Brashley Todd Dishough minor heirs of Leonidas Dishough decd by guardian Andrew J. Campbell; 200 acres in R.3, Sec. 3, 10th Dist. struck off to Pitser Miller to be sold.

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