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Granville Co. NC Index to Wills (FHL film 18,968)
      No will indexed for Matthew Garrott

Index to Kentucky Wills to 1850
      No Matthew Garrott or similar. No Garrott etc. bef. 1809, although many later. No Garrott in Barren Co. KY

Granville Co. NC Probate Records, originals at County Clerk's Office
      1749-1771 loose wills - no Isaac Duncan 1845 (FHL film 306,804)
      loose wills - no Isaac Duncan 1845 (FHL film 19,039)

Granville Co. NC Wills
      MAD: Abstract of will 10-443, 13 Feb. 1828, of Ambrose Harrison Duncan was published in "Granville Co. NC Abstract of Wills and Estate Records 1808-1833" Vol.II, by Zae Hargett Gwynn; FHL book 975.6535 S2g.
      MAD: Abstract of estate record 7-173 and 7-219, 1811, Estate of John Dunkin (Dunnkin), widow Cloe or Chloe Dunkin, was published in "Granville Co. NC Abstract of Wills and Estate Records 1808-1833" Vol.II, by Zae Hargett Gwynn; FHL book 975.6535 S2g. (MAD: See more in Orange Co. NC)
      15-108: 30 June 1841, will of Anderson J?. Duncan of Granville Co. NC, weak in body; to wife Elizabeth Duncan whole estate for life or widowhood; then equally divided between her and all my living children or the representatives of their body; to my son-in-law George H. Dixon $1; appoint brother-in-law William Slater exec.; if cannot sell enough personal estate, then he can sell a part or the whole of the land I bought of Daniel Dean for that purpose. Wit. Porteus Moore, Abraham Slaughter. Proved Aug. 1841. (FHL film 18,982)
      16-129 to 130, Will of Isaac Duncan of Granville Co., 5 Oct. 1840; to my wife Affa Dunkin during her natural life or widowhood and no longer, all my estate both real and personal for the comfortable support and maintenance of herself & family during her said life or widowhood. She may at her discretion during her life give off to any of the children such share of the estate as she may choose, not exceeding their rateable part thereof. At the death or marriage of my widow, the whole of my estate both real and personal be sold and the proceeds equally divided among my children, taking into account any advancements which my widow may make, and if any of my children should die before the final division leaving issue, the issue of such child to inherit the share of their ancestor and divide it equally. Appoint my wife Affa Dunkin my exec. /s/ Isaac Duncan. Wit. G.F?. Young, J.H. Young. Produced at Feb. Court 1845 by Affa Duncan, proven on oath of James H. Young, ordered recorded, Affa Duncan qualified as exec. (FHL film 18,983)
      20-54: 1 Dec. 1849, will of Rebecca (+) Duncan of Granville Co. NC; to Rebecca J. Tingen, Margarett A. Tingen and Isaac H. Tingen, children of Ambrose H. Tingen, all my estate, both real estate and personal, to be equally divided. Appoint Ambrose H. Tingen exec. Wit. Jelunn? Thorp, Benjamin P. Thorp. Proved Feb. 1856. Inventory incl. bed and bedstead and furniture, etc.; receipt of William Thorp for $100 recd? of Rebecca Duncan to loan out at interest for the benefit of Rebecca Duncan; doubtful debt one bond on Martin Slaughter for $1.57; filed Feb. 1856. (FHL film 18,987)
      23-102/3: 14 Jan. 1873, will of Elizabeth G. (X) Duncan of Granville Co. NC, of feeble health; to son George W. Duncan the bond with all the interest thereon and also my book case; to my daughter Polly Dixon 20 lbs of feathers out of the bed at my sons-in-laws H.S. Tingen; residue sold and equally divided among my children, viz, son G.W. Duncan 1/5, to daughter Mary E. Dixon 1/5, to daughter Joanna Evans 1/5, daughter Sarah P. Beaver 1/5, daughter Olinda D. Tingen 1/5; my children to settle my estate without law or hard thought among themselves; appoint son G.W. Duncan exec. Wit. Thos. J. Harner, Francis M. Meadowes. Proved 29 April 1873. (FHL film 18,990)
      23-173/4: 29 May 1875, will of Howell Duncan of Granville Co. NC; to brother in law L.M. Dixen and his wife my sister Nancy 140 acres adj. James M. Satterwhite, L.M. Dixon, & W.H. Boyd, and adj. my tract known as the Tippet tract, and adj. John Wright and the Goshen road, and adj. A. Aderite? &c; to sister Nancy Dixon all furniture, beds, &c and also my mosth? & chair & finger ring; to my nephew Charles W. Dixon my gun & pistol; to my sister Rebecca J. Duncan and her children the wife of James K. Duncan $600; to heirs of my brother John H. Duncan decd $1; residue sold and equally divided to all my brothers and sisters except heirs of my brother John H. Duncan decd; appoint friend George W. Watkin exec. Wit. Nathaniel B. Daniel, George B. Daniel. Proved 8 June 1875. (FHL film 18,990)
      23-233/4: 3 Aug. 1876, will of Charles H. (X) Duncan of Granville Co. NC, of feeble health; to wife Joanna Duncan for life all real and personal property to aid her in raising my children by my wife Joanna Duncan; if she dies before children of age, exec. to take charge of them; exec. to collect money due me from my brother Howell Duncan's estate and pay for my land and any balance for use & support of my wife and children; if land has to be sold for support then it should be cut off for the advantage of my wife and children; if my wife Joanna Duncan should marry, then she take what law allows her of the property, the balance equally divided among my children that are now born and those that may be born hereafter. Appoint David Duncan executor. Wit. W.W. Fuller, J.W. Beaver? Proved Sept. 13, 1876. Dissent? by widow Joanna T. (X) Duncan. (FHL film 18,990)
      24-59/63: 25 March 1887, will of Stanford H. Duncan of Tally Ho township, Granville Co. NC; decent burial suitable to the wishes of my children and friends; to wife my entire tract of land of 189 acres to her the said Frances Duncan for life; to said wife Frances Duncan all personal property for life, then divided as follows: To eldest daughter Emley E. Sherron wife of John E. Sherron the place where she now lives, it being the NE portion of my land known as lot #1 recently surveyed, adj. Haskins? dower line, Porteus Miniors? corner, Lot #2, Lot #4, containing 47-1/4 acres, for her life and then to her children if living or go back to her sisters and brother and their heirs. To second daughter Malind C. Caviness wife of L.N. Caviness the place where she now lives, it being the SE portion of my land known as lot #2 recently surveyed adj. lot #1 and Lot #3, Minion?s line, 47-1/4 acres for her life and then her children if any living or go back to her sisters and brother and their heirs. To my only son Louis S. Duncan the place where he now lives, being NW portion of my land, known as Lot #4 recently surveyed, adj. Stern's line and Haskin's corner, Lot #3, Lot #1, 47-1/4 acres, for life and then to his children if any and if none to go back to his sisters and their heirs. To my youngest daughter Sarah K. Duncan the place where I now live, being the SW portion known as Lot #3 as recently surveyed, adj. lot #4 and Lot #1 and Lot 2, Bullock's line, for life and then her children if any and if none to go back to her sisters and brother and their heirs. My youngest dau. "Sarah K. Duncan (single woman)" shall have all the furniture in my house that she bought with her own money. To Martha A. Wilkins $10. After death of my wife Frances Duncan, personal properby sold and equally divided to all of my children. Appoint my only son Louis S. Duncan exec. Wit. Jas. H. Webb, John H. Webb. Rec. 10 Dec. 1888. (FHL film 18,991)

Original Will of Ambrose Harrison Duncan (from Charles O. Duncan 3/1985; MAD's extract)
      Ambrose Harrison (X his mark) Duncan, of Granville Co. NC, 13 Feb. 1828. To my beloved wife Patsey Duncan during her natural life all my estate both real & personal, to be kept together for her support & maintainance, not knowing of any debts to be paid. After the death of my wife, my executors shall proceed to sell my whole estate for the family and to collect the money, out of which money I wish them to pay to each of my children the sum of $100 except my son John, for whom I have heretofore paid this sum as security which has not been repaid. I further will that they pay to my son Sterling H. Duncan the further sum of $150 in consideration of his care and attention to me & my family. After the above payments are made by my executors, if there should still remain a cirplus (sic) of money in their hands, that they distribute the same equally among all my children, and if the fund to be raised from the sale of my estate should prove insufficient, for the reduction to be in equal proportion from each legatee according to their respective amounts. Appoint my two sons Isaac & Charles and my friend David I Young my executors. Witness Solomon (+) G. Ascue. (note on bottom of page: Isaac & Charles Duncan qualified.)

Granville Co. NC Superior Court Documents (from Charles O. Duncan 3/1985; MAD's extract)
      August 14, 1888, report of Robt. W. Winston, to whom was referred the matter of ascertaining (1) if Martha Duncan was dead, and if so, (2) whether she left issue, and if she was dead and left no issue, (3) who are the lawful distributees of the money, to wit ($1   ) (MAD: $169.81 total later on pages) paid into the office of the Clerk of the Superior Court of Granville Co. on 16 Sept. 1885 by David Duncan, adm. of said Martha Duncan.
      1. That as such reference he examined all the older members of the family, descendants of Ambrose Duncan, father of the aforesaid Martha Duncan, and also many of the older citizens, in the neighborhood in which the said Martha Duncan lived and he finds that she died without leaving issue.
      2. That all of her brothers and sisters are now dead but the following left issue, according to the tables hereto annexed, which is correct, and those named thereon are the distributees ... and entitled to share according to their respective degrees of kinship shown by the tables.
      3. That he made diligent enquiry by correspondence with many parties for the heirs of Dicie Duncan, sister of said Martha, who moved to the southwest and married one (blank) Wilborn, but has been totally unable to find any trace of her and is convinced that she died many years ago, but whether she left issue he does not know and is satisfied that they will never be traced out.
      4. That he has expended much time and considerable labor in the search for the distributees ... and thinks $20 would be a reasonable allowance for his services.
      (separate list) Heirs at law of Martha Duncan:
      1. Heirs of John Duncan: John Duncan, Henry H. Duncan, James Duncan, 1/4 of 1/7 each; children of Giles Duncan decd: John Frances, Giles R., James L., Ione Walter Duncan illegitimate child of Ella, 1/4 of 1/4 of 1/7 each.
      2. Heirs of Isaac Duncan: Isaiah Duncan, Zach Duncan, James K. Duncan, 1/4 of 1/7 each; children of Ambrose Duncan: Charles, Catherine, Ambrose, 1/3 of 1/4 of 1/7 each.
      3. Heirs of Charles Duncan: David Duncan, Isaac Duncan, Rebecca wife of Jas. K. Duncan, Nancy wife of Marion Dixon, Simeon Duncan, 1/6 of 1/7 each; children of Charles Duncan Jr.: Charles, Lula, Anna wife of ---- Long, Jeannette, 1/4 of 1/6 of 1/7 each.
      5. (sic) Mary, wife of Talton Bows, heir of Mary Duncan, 1/7. (MAD: Mary Peake mar. Tarlton Bowles 6/12/1855)
      5. Heirs of Patsey wife of Martin Slaughter:
            Nancy wife of Sam Reagen, Thomas Slaughter, Stephen Slaughter, Susan Slaughter, Alice wife of Jas. Huey, Jemima Slaughter, 1/7 of 1/7 each;
            Heirs of Ellender Hicks & Henry Hicks:
                  Badger Hicks 1/3 of 1/7 of 1/7;
                  Heirs of Sam Hicks: Hubbard Hicks, Margaret Hicks, 1/2 of 1/3 of 1/7 of 1/7 each;
                  Children of John Hicks: John Thomas Hicks, Mack Henry Hicks, Wm. Luther Hicks, 1/3 of 1/3 of 1/7 of 1/7 each.
      6. Heirs of Annie, wife of Garrett Tingen: Ambrose Tingen, Martha widow of Moses Hicks, Elizabeth Tingen, Garrett Tingen, John Tingen, Zack Tingen, Ben Tingen, Joe Tingen, 1/9 of 1/7 each; children of William Tingen: Ben Franklin Tingen, William Tingen, Joseph Tingen, Zack Tingen, Ambrose Tingen, James Tingen, Sarah Tingen, Robt. Lee Tingen, Mittie wife of John Tingen of Ambrose, Henry, Charles, Ella, Dock, 1/13 of 1/9 of 1/7 each.
      7. Heirs of Susan wife of David Slaughter: Dicey Slaughter, Hawkins Slaughter, Nancy Slaughter, Ann Slaughter, Rebecca Slaughter, Althea Lewis wife of Ben Lewis, 1/7 of 1/7 each; children of Martha and William Hicks: Chas. Hicks, James Hicks, William Hicks, John Hicks, Susan Francis wife of Thos. Regean?, Martha Hicks, 1/7 of 1/7 of 1/7 each.
      (separate chart; dates written in finer ink)
Ambrose Harrison Duncan, b.    , d. 1824
      1. John, b. April 15, 1784
            1. John, b. June 7, 1814
            2. Henry, b. March 6, 1819
            3. James, b. March 3, 1822
            4. Giles, b. 1828
                  1. John Frances, b. 1856
                  2. Giles R., b. 1868
                  3. Jas. L., b. 1863 (?)
                  4. Ella, b. 1861
                        1. Infant illegitimate Inie? Walter Duncan.
      2. Isaac
            1. Isaiah
            2. Zack
            3. Jas. K. married Rebecca dau. of Chas. (1) Charles; (2) Catherine; (3) Ambrose
            4. Ambrose (dead)
      3. Charles, b. 1797
            1. Chas. (1) Chas.; (2) Lula; (3) Jeannette; (4) Anna married J.W. & Reg (??)
            2. David
            3. Isaac
            4. Rebecca married Jas. K. son of Isaac
            5. Nancy married Marion Dixon
            6. Simeon
      4. Sterling
      5. Patsy, b. 6/5 1805, d. 3/10 1870, married Martin Slaughter
            1. Nancy who married Sam. Reagen
            2. Thos.
            3. Stephen
            4. Susan
            5. Alice married Jim Huey
            6. Jemima
            7. Ellender married Henry Hicks
                  1. Badger
                  2. Sam. Isabella his widow; (1) Hubbard 8 years old; (2) Maynard 6 years old
                  3. John. (1) John Thomas Hicks; (2) Mack Henry Hicks; (3) William Luther Hicks
                  4. Martha dead without issue who married John Tingen
      6. Elizabeth married little Jack Duncan
      7. Rebecca dead
      8. Martha; David Duncan administrator
      9. Dicie who married ---- Wilborn
            (MAD: either Dicie or Mary below d. 1846)
      10. Mary never married. (1) Mary who married Felton(?) Bows
      11. Annie b. 1789 who married Garrett Tingen
            1. Ambrose
            2. William. (1) Ben Franklin; (2) Wm.; (3) Joseph; (4) Zack; (5) Ambrose; (6) Jas.; (7) Sarah; (8) Robt. Lee; (9) Mittie married John Tingen son of Ambrose; (10) Henry; (11) Chas.; (12) Ella; (13) Doc
            3. Martha married Moses Hicks
            4. Elizabeth
            5. Garrett
            6. John
                  Jacob, dead without issue (MAD: no number)
            7. Zack
            8. Ben
            9. Joe
      12. Susan, b. 1804, who married David Slaughter
            1. Dicey
            2. Hawkins
            3. Nancy
            4. Ann
            5. Rebecca
            6. Althea Lewis married Ben Wilson
            7. Martha married William Hicks. (1) Chas.; (2) James; (3) Wm.; (4) John; (5) Susan Frances married Thos. Regean; (6) Mary married Benjamin Duncan; (7) Martha.

Granville Co. NC Court Records (from Charles O. Duncan 3/1985)
      February Court, 1811: On petition of Chloe Duncan, widow of John Duncan decd, Southern Higgs Esq., Lewis Parham, Benjamin Hester & Frances Hester appointed to view the estate and allott to Chloe so much of the crop, stock & provisions belonging to said estate as they may deem necessary for the support of the petitioner and family for one year.
      February term, 1811. Petition of Chloe Duncan, widow of John Duncan who died intestate in or about January 1811 (who owned) land in Granville Co. on waters of Tabbs Creek adjoining lands of Robert Hamilton, Lewis Parham, Kimroa Parham, and others, 150 acres; petition to lay off her dower.
      Order by court to Sheriff to lay off the dower, 1st Monday of February 1811
      Order by court 1st Monday of August 1811 to summon a jury to lay off the dower in the lands.
      Account of the sales of estate of John Dunkin decd., sold at his late dwelling house 12 and 13 March 1811 by Patrick Hamilton, admr. Sales to Sangford Parrina, John Moore, Zackirias Higgs, Abner Hicks, Thomas Harris, Chloe Dunkin, Michael Ellis, John Kittsell, John Barnette, Evesley Parrish, Edward Bryants, Able Hewere?, William Hicks, John Ames, Joshua Hutchison, Frederick Parham, Joseph Rogers, Ivey Harris, John Monticen?, Jonathan Johnson, Jonathan Higgs, Thomas White, Reuben Inscare?, Thomas Thomason Senr, Joseph P. Davis, Willis Harris, George W. Harris, William Summerhill, Thomas Norman, Randolph Ramey, Rowland Bryant, Samuel Kittrell, Jessey Lock, James Cheetham, William Johnson, Thomas Ricks, Samuel Parham, Allen Ramsey, Lewis Parham.
      Return September 24, 1811, by jury who laid off the dower to Chloe Moore: land beg. at ... on Tabbs Creek. /s/ Wm. Hicks, Charles (X) Clark?, George (X) Hasel?, Benja. Hester?, Thomas K. Philly?, Oldham (X) Sanima?, Abner Hicks, Jasper Hicks, Rubin (X) Talley?, Chas. Davis, Thomas Rsak?, Lewis Parham, Samuel Hayes, Misael? Wood, Richd. Thompson, Thomas White, John Haye?.
      Note 12 March 1811: Pursuant to order ... we meet at the house of John Duncan deceasd. & ... view said estate & has allotted to said widow & family for their support for 1 year 300 lbs of bacon ... /s/ J?. Higgs, Lewis Parham, Benja. Hester, Francis Hester.
      Bond 4 Feb. 1813 of Henry (X) Dunkin of Johnson Co., Seamour Dunkin of Orange Co. and William Johnson of Granville Co. ... in case any debt or debts owing by John Duncan decd. shall be hereafter sued for ..., Henry Duncan shall refund and pay his salable? part ... out of the part or share of the personal estate of said deceased allotted & delivered to him. Wit. Robert C. Adams.
      Bond 6 March 1813 of Chloe (X) Dunkin, John Moore & (blank) of Granville Co. ... in case any debt oweing by John Dunkin deceased ... Chloe Dunkin shall refund & pay her salable part ... out of the part or share of the personal estate of said deceased allotted & delivered to her. Wit. Sal. S. Mitchel.
      Bond 7 May 1813 of John Duncan of (illeg.) county, Henry (X) Dunkin of Johnson Co. & Seamore Duncan of Orange Co. ... in case any debt oweing by John Dunkin deceased ... John Dunkin shall refund ... & pay his salable part ... out of the part or share of the personal estate of said deceased allotted & delivered to him. Wit. Jno. Duncan Jun. (MAD: pencilled note by CD on first page of documents: John Duncan Jr. of Wake Co.)


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