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Formed 1835 from Greene
Dallas formed 1841 from Polk
Hickory formed 1845 from Benton, Polk


1840 Polk Co. MO Census
First Div.
Pg.147  Thomas Duncan      1020,01  -  0002,01
            (MAD: ??? 1850 Bates Co. MO census)

1850 Polk Co. MO Census
      No Duncan indexed

1860 Polk Co. MO Census
Benton Twp.
Pg.67, #455-451, Ellener RAY (f) 37 TN (blank) $800-$500
                  Alford DUNKIN 9 IL
                  (Toni Anderson info 3/2005: Ellener RAY was also known as Charlotte Elender, the widow of Alfred Duncan b.1823 KY on the 1850 St.Clair Co. IL census; she married second James Ray in Dallas Co. MO in 1857, divorced the same year, married third David D. Barclay March 26, 1863, Polk Co. MO, died 1904 Dallas Co. MO.)

1870 Polk Co. MO Census
Benton Twp.
Pg.11, #141-141, DUNCAN, Alfred G. 19 IL farmer $1200-$400
                  Minerva 17 MO keeping house (not mar/in/year)
                  COY, Francis M. (m) 36 IL farmer $800-$392
                  Victoria 29 TN keeping house
                  William A. 10 MO at home
                  Sarah E. 6, Mary T. 2 MO
                  (MAD: Alfred G. Duncan mar. Manerva Jones 2/15/1870 Dallas Co. MO; Victoria Duncan mar. Francis M. Coy 6/15/1856; she and Alfred G. Duncan were children of Alfred Duncan of 1850 St. Clair Co. IL census)
Pg.15, #195-195, DUNCAN, William 40 TN farmer $1800-$260
                  Mary 37 TN keeping house
                  Nancy J. 15, Delilah 10 TN at home
                  Elizabeth 7, Clementine 4 TN
                  Martha 8/12 TN (month of birth not given)
                  (MAD: 1860 Bradley Co. TN census)
Jackson Twp.
Pg.43, #111-111, DUNCAN, Wm. 22 IL (white) farmer $0-$0
                  Lucy 25 KY keeping house
                  (no children)
Looney Twp.
Pg.91, #233-233, MITCHELL, Joseph 37 TN farmer $1500-$500
                  Elizabeth 35 AL keeping house
                  DUNCAN, Peter 56 NC (white) farmer $0-$275
                  Caty 59 NC keeping house
                  John 31 VA farmer
                  (MAD: 1860 Carroll Co. VA census; Peter Duncan, 9/13/1813 - 2/28/1885; one Nina Catherine Duncan 8/23/1810 - 8/23/1887, bur. Morrisville Cemetery; from Mrs. Keith Wilcox to Neva Fisk to MAD 1985, and from pg.54 "Cemetery Records, Polk Co. MO" pub. 1979, by Polk Co. Historical Society, FHL book 977.877 V3c and fiche 6,088,278; from June Davis 1995)

1880 Polk Co. MO Soundex (#167 and #125 soundex also from Denzil Mauldin 4/1984; pg. from 1880 index on CD)
Vol.27, ED.116, Sheet 16, Line 47:
Benton Twp.
Pg.291D, #125-132, William DUNCAN 51 TN TN TN
                  May 46 TN TN TN
                  Nancy J. 24, Clementine 14 TN TN TN
                  Martha 10 TN TN TN, daus.
                  Delila E. LANGSTON 20 dau TN TN TN
                  William A. 10/12 g-son July MO IL TN
#167-176, Patrick LANGSTON 44 NC NC NC
                  Adelia 40 IN TN VA (wife)

1880 Polk Co. MO Census (HeritageQuest image 3/2007)
Benton Twp., pg.16, S.D.4, E.D.116
Pg.291D, #118-125, DUNCAN, George, head, w/m age 30 mar. farmer TN TN TN
    Emma, w/f age 28, wife, mar., keeping house MO TN TN
    William, w/m age 6, son, single, at home MO TN MO
    James, w/m age 9/12, b.Sept., son, (blank) MO TN MO
#119-126, DUNCAN, Thos. G?., w/m age 56 mar. farmer TN TN MO? (faint)
    Susan, w/f age 49, wife, mar., keeping house TN TN TN
    Isaac B., w/m 17 son single works on farm TN TN TN
    Nancy, w/f age 13 dau. single at home TN TN TN
    Rhoda, w/f age 13 dau. single at home TN TN TN
#125-132, DUNCAN, Wm., w/m age 51 mar. farmer TN TN TN
    May, w/f age 46 wife mar. keeping house TN TN TN
    Nancy J., w/f 24 dau. single at home TN TN TN
    Clementine, w/f 14 dau. single at home TN TN TN
(bottom of page, next page is household 134-142)
Benton Twp., pg.20, S.D.4, E.D.116
Pg.293D, #125-132, DUNCAN, Martha, w/f age 10 dau. single at home TN TN TN
    LANGSTON, Delila E., w/f age 20 dau. mar. at home TN TN TN
    Wm. A., w/m 10/12 b.July grd-son single MO IL TN

1900 Polk Co. MO Census (partial; HeritageQuest 3/2007)
Greene Twp., S.D.147, E.D.124, sheet 17
Pg.52A (sheet 17), #327-327, WILKINSON, E?.M., head, w/m, Oct. 1860, age 39, mar. 15y, MO SC MO farmer owns farm, can read/write
    Harriet, wife, w/f, ?Nov? 1855, age 44, m.15y, 1 child, 0 living, MO TN KY
    Charles B., father, w/m July 1815, age 84, Wd., SC VA VA farm laborer
    DUNCAN, John, g-son, w/m, June 1882, age 18, single, MO MO MO farm laborer
    WILKINSON, Sarah, sister, w/f, Oct. 1849, age 50, single, MO SC MO
Pg.54B (sheet 19), #369-369, DUNCAN, George, head, w/m Nov. 1852, age 47, mar. 7y, (blank) (blank) (blank) farmer can read/write, owns farm
    Ella, wife, w/f, July 1861, age 38, mar. 7y, 5 ch, 5 living MO TN TN
    Alpha R., son, w/m, June 1894, age 5, single, MO (blank) MO
    KEITHLEY, Jessie, s-son, w/m May 1882, age 18, single, MO MO MO day laborer
    Dora, s-dau., w/f, Oct. 1884, age 15, single, MO MO MO at school
      (MAD: ? 1880 Bates Co. MO census)
Pg.54B, #371-371, McKINNEY, Joseph, head w/m June 1871 age 29 mar. 4y, MO PA MO day laborer can read/write
    Mary, wife, w/f Apr. 1880 age 20 mar. 4y, 2 ch, 1 living, TN (blank) TN farmer can read/write rents farm
    Lester, son, w/m, Feb. 1899? 4/12? single MO MO MO
    DUNCAN, Frank, bro-in-law, w/m Feb. 1887 age 13 single MO MO MO day laborer can read/write
Bolivar, S.D.6, E.D.133, sheet 19; Maupin
Pg.206B, #388-396, DUNCAN, Marion L?, head w/m Apr.1861 age 38 mar.15y, MO TN TN section hand RR, rents home
    Emily O., wife w/f May 1853 age 47 mar.15y, 6 ch, 3 living, TN TN TN
    George H., son w/m, Sept.1885, age 14, single, MO TN TN
    Claud? G., son w/m, Aug.1891, age 8, single, MO TN TN
    Bessie M?, dau. w/f ?? 1893, age 7, single, MO TN TN
    ARMSTRONG, William? boarder (too dark to read), NY NY NY (blank occupation)


Polk Co. MO Index to Marriage records, Vols.1-4, 1836-1920 (FHL film 944,884; SLC 9/2007)
      (FHL film 944,885 items 1 and 2, Books A-B, 1836-1874, for date & other remarks)
      Duncan, Pleasant M. to Sarahann Coy, A-424, 29 June 1856
      Duncan, Joel K. to Emily Shaw, B-512, 10 Oct. 1872
      Duncan, Victoria to Francis M. Coy, A-424, 15 June 1856
      Duncan, Lenah Ann to Thomas Box, B-348, 14 March 1869 (MAD: Sarah Ann from other records)
      (FHL film 944,886, Books C-F, 1874-1890, for date & other remarks)
      Dunkin, John to Sarah E. McKnight, D-3, 25 Feb. 1875 at residence of William M. McKnight
      Duncan, Delila to C.B. Langston, D-34, 26 Sept. 1878
      Duncan, Susan to Peter Brooks, D-39, 31 Aug. 1878
      Duncan, John to Emma Williams, E-208, Dec. 18, 1883; he of Anomisville?, P.C., she or Orleans, P.C., over 18
      Duncan, F.M. (groom) to Obed Herrell, E-290; he of Humansville, Obedience Herrell of Humansville, mar. 6 Nov. 1884.
      Duncan, Isaac B. to Gelina Erwin, F-44, both of Halfway, mar. 5 Nov. 1885.
      Duncan, Nancy to David E. Hooper, E-260, both of Halfway, she by consent of mother Susan J. Duncan, he by consent of father Wm. Hooper, mar. 27 July 1884.
      Duncan, Rhoda to Mathew Samples, E-19?, both of Halfway, mar. 30 Nov. 1884.
      Duncan, F.C. to Charles E. Hart, F-298; Mr. Charles Hart of Goodson, under 21, to Miss T.C. Duncan of Halfway, over 18, consent by John B. Hart, mar. 3 Oct. 1888.
      (FHL film 944,887, Books G-H, 1890-1897, for date & other remarks)
      Duncan, George W. to Mrs. Ella Keesley of Rondo, G-272, 25 June 1893.
      Duncan, Martha C. to Nathan R. Gregg, F-445; Mr. Nathan R. Gregg of Halfway, under 21, to Miss Martha C. Duncan of Halfway, over 18, by consent of Iva W. Gregg, father of Nathan R. Gregg, mar. 23 Feb. 1890.
      Dungan, Perry of Pleasant Hope to Ida Hoerl? of same, H-52, mar. 28 Nov. 1895.
      Doncan, Miss Maud of Weshart, to Joe Mackey of Maresville, H-25, mar. 18 Sept. 1875
      (FHL film 944,888, Books I-J, 1897-1906, for date & other remarks)
      Duncan, Mrs. Julina of Violet to Terry T. Williams of Violet, I-233, mar. 9 July 1899.
      Duncan, Miss Emma to Arthur M. Burney, I-391, both of Morrisville, mar. 6 Dec. 1900.

Polk Co. MO Marriage Records, Vol.G (FHL film 944,887; SLC 9/2007)
      Pg.272, bottom half of page: Marriage License, Polk Co. Missouri, George W. Duncan of Polk, County of Polk, State of Mo., who is over age of 21, and Mrs. Ella Keesley, of Rondo, County of Polk, State of Mo., who is over the age of 18, 20 June 1893, C.S. McKinney, Recorder. State of Missouri, County of Polk, Return, by James Ingles, Justice of the Peace, at her mother's residence in said county on the 25 June 1893, united in Marriage the above persons, /s/ James Ingles. Filed for record 14 July 1893, /s/ C.S. McKinney.


Polk Co. MO Probate Court, Will Records 1839-1929, Vol.A-C (FHL film 944,903; SLC 9/2007)
      Vol.A, 1839-1887 - no Duncan
      Vol.B, 1887-1907 - no Duncan
      Vol.C, 1907-1929 - no Duncan

Polk Co. MO Record Book, Recorder of Deeds; Will Records 1843-1917, Vol.A-C (FHL film 944,882; SLC 9/2007)
      Vol.A, 1834-1888 - no Duncan
      Vol.B, 1888-1902 - no Duncan

Polk Co. MO Index to Probate records, Vol.1, 1835- (FHL film 944,898 item 1; SLC 9/2007)
      No Duncan


Some early Duncans in Polk Co. MO:
      Pleasant M. Duncan, 29 June 1856, mar. Sarah Ann Coy.
      Sarah Ann Duncan, 14 March 1869, mar. Thomas Box. (Toni Anderson info 3/2005: Sarah Ann Coy, widow of Pleasant M. Duncan)


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