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Formed 1799 from Lincoln
Clay formed 1806 from Madison, Floyd, Knox
Whitley formed 1818 from Knox
Harlan formed 1819 from Knox
Laurel formed 1825 from Whitley, Clay, Knox, Rockcastle
Bell formed 1867 from Knox, Harlan


1810 Knox Co. KY Census
Pg. 65  Duncan, John         12101     - 30110
    66  Duncan, Laurance     00201     - 00001
    87  Duncan, John         10010     - 30010

1820 Knox Co. KY Census
Pg.304  Purcen Duncan        000010    - 20010

1830 Knox Co. KY Census
Pg.235  Pearson Duncan       0000,001  - 0002,01

1840 Knox Co. KY Census
Pg.317  Duncan, Pierson?     0100,0001 - 0000,001

1850 Knox Co. KY Census
Pg.376, #776, Pierson DUNCAN 64 NC laborer $2000
                  Winnyford (f) 55 VA

1860 Knox Co. KY Census
Barbourville Dist.
Pg.51, #335-335, Percen DUNCAN 76 NC farmer $2000-$200
                  Winiford 64 VA

1870 Knox Co. KY Census
Subdivision 95, P.O. Barbourville
Pg.446, #6-6, DUNKINS, Winnie (f) 70 VA farmer $700-$400 (alone)


Knox Co. KY Wills (FHL film 533,671; from deed index)
      C-383: 9 Aug. 1875 (?), will of Winaford (X) Duncan; to my grandson John G. Gray all land and personal property; if he should die leaving a widow, she should have no dower in the land. Gray not to sell the land, but the land to descend to his heirs. Appoint Greenberry Foley and Phillip Foley exec. Wit. A.R. Barton, Dennis Griffith. Produced in court 26 July 1875. (MAD: W. Gray mar. Elizabeth Duncan 5/18/1838)


Treasurer's Land Records of Green River Settlers (KY), 1796-1806; at KY State Land Office; arranged by date, certificate number listed (FHL film 174,986)
      Joseph Duncan, Dec. 21, 1803, Knox Co., 200a, #63, and 310a #53; pg.87
      Joseph Duncan assee, Aug. 24, 1804(5), 200a, Knox Co., #190; pg.101
      Joseph Duncan, Nov. 24, 1805, 200a Knox Co. KY

Knox Co. KY Deeds (grantee index on FHL film 532,657; grantor on FHL film 532,649 incl. wills)
      B-524: 25 Jan. 1817, John Dunkin and Polly (+) Dunkin to William Campbell, both Knox Co. KY, $600, (no acres), land on Indian Creek, a branch of Cumberland River, adj. George Engle's upper line, E. side of said creek now said Engle's plantation, incl. Calloway's improvement. Wit. Burton Litton, Rich. Browning. (FHL film 532,664) (MAD: John Duncan & Polly Laughlin, to Whitley Co. KY)
      C-456: 19 Jan. 1826, William M. Bledsoe of Clay Co. KY to Pearson Duncan of Knox Co. KY, for $166 paid and $200 in Commonwealth paper for which Duncan has given his notes, 100 acres adj. where the Still Haine branch empties into Bull Run, corner Joab Moors land, line between Bledsoe and Kincaid, top of ridge, agreed line between John and James Kincaid; no wit. (FHL film 532,664 item 2)
      C-476: 30 July 1826, William M. Bledsoe to Person Duncan, for $70, $20 of which is paid and $50 by note, 300 acres beg. top of ridge on E.side Bull Run in upper line of Duncan's other land, adj. Lewellens land, where Logans old mill stood on Bull Run, Elliott's line, Evins line, Duncan's former line; no wit. (FHL film 532,664 item 2)
      C-538: 30 May 1826, Ira Martin and wife Sarah to Pearson Duncan, both Knox Co. KY, $55, their interest as heirs of William Logan decd, 200 acres on Cumberland. (FHL film 532,664 item 2)
      C-539: 30 May 1828, Pearson Duncan and wife Winnafred to Ira Martin, $100, 300 acres on Bull Run in upper line of Duncan's other land. (FHL film 532,664 item 2)
      C-553: 22 Sept. 1828, Pearson (X) Duncan and wife Winnaford (X) to John Patton, both Knox Co., $35, the right Duncan purchased from Ira Martin and wife Sally as heirs of William Logan decd. (FHL film 532,664 item 2)
      D-82: 9 Aug. 1831, Pearson Duncan of Knox Co. for love and affection toward Malinda Foley and Betsy Foley, daus. of my wife Winny Duncan, 95 acres on north side of Cumberland River, part of land patented in name of Woods & Kincaid, where I now reside, deed to me from William M. Bledsoe is recorded; and farm animals; mention of debt to various people. (FHL film 532,665)
      D-116: 30 Aug. 1832, Malinda Foley and Betsy Foley to Pearson Duncan, $5, for his use and benefit, 95 acres, (land in D-82) and farm animals. (FHL film 532,665)
      D-161: 8 Oct. 1833, Pearson (+) Duncan and wife Winneford (+) to Joab Moore, both Knox Co., $300, 100 acres on Bull Run, adj. Morris upper corner, Bledsoe & Kincaid line, John and James Kincaid. (FHL film 532,665)
      D-247: 7 Dec. 1833, John G. Eve and wife America L. to Pearson Duncan, both Knox Co., $350, 200 acres known as "Samuel Place." (FHL film 532,665)
      E-129: 23 Dec. 1844, to Pierson Duncan of Knox Co. from William Hays of Whitley Co. KY, attorney for James B. Hays, Lohama Hays, Jeremiah Hays, Isaac Runion and wife Nancy late Hays, William Hays and Joshua Hays, attorneys for John Hays and Koziah his wife, and William and Joshua Hays on their own part, $94.68, (no acres) land on Lyncamp Creek. (FHL film 532,665)
      E-282: Will of Pearson Duncan of Knox Co. KY of advanced age; wishing before it is too late to have my worldly affairs arranged agreeably to my wishes so that no difficulty may arise hereafter; do sell to Malinda Brittain my daughter for love and affection and for the stipulation hereafter, all my real and personal estate of every description, that is, the tract of land upon which I live as well as all my other surveys of land adj. thereto which I own, as well as all of the lands owned, etc., by me in Knox Co. KY as well as my household and kitchen furniture, stock, cattle, all of my claims in action, consisting of notes accounts &c, free from the claim of said Pierson Duncan, his heirs & assigns and from all persons claiming through, by or under him in any and every possible manner, with the following conditions: The property aforesaid is subject to all my just debts now outstanding and to the support and maintenance of said Pierson Duncan and his wife Winney Duncan during their natural lives, and if the said Malinda (Duncan crossed out) Brittain provides proper support of said Pierson Duncan & Winney his wife during their natural lives in a manner suitable to their conditions in life, then immediate possession of all property is to be given to said Malinda Brittain forthwith; Pierson Duncan guarantees title. Dated 18 Dec. 1847; no wit.; ack. before James F. Ballinger clerk. (FHL film 532,665) (MAD: Malinda Foley mar. Parks D. Brittain 3/21/1837)
      15-151: Above will of Pearson Duncan (E-282) recorded 25 July 1907. (FHL film 534,122)


Washington Co. VA District Court Deed Book B, 1801-1840 (FHL film 34,376)
      B-21: 1 Dec. 1804, Joseph Gray and wife Mary of Washington Co. VA to Joseph Duncan of Knox Co. KY, $1,000, 400 acres corner Gray's pre-emption right, north side Indian Creek, a branch of Powell's River, crossing the KY road; and 500 acres corner Charles Lynch's land, crossing Indian Creek. Wit. Andrew Russell, Frederick Hamilton, D. Campbell, William Y. Conn, Abl. Laughlin. Commissioners appointed to go to Mary Gray and examine her for relinquishment of dower.

Lee Co. VA Deed (FHL film 33,427)
      2-326: 27 Nov. 1810, John Duncan and wife Polly of Knox Co. KY to William Robinson of Claiborne Co. TN, $600, 196 acres in Lee Co. being the same land said John Duncan recovered by decree of court 29 May 1807 from Arthur Campbell, south of the big road where Col. Robinson's line crosses the new state line, in Poor Valley, adj. Col. John Jones, Gibson's land.

Lawrence Co. IN Deed (FHL film 1,317,711)
      A-220: 12 Dec. 1823, John Duncan and wife Polly, Joseph Sullivan and his wife Narcissa of Whitley Co. KY and Vincent Wyatt and Jemima R. his wife of Knox Co. KY, to Adam Kern of Monroe Co. IN, for $333.60, land in Laurence Co. in Vincennes Dist., T5N R2W, the E 1/2 of SW 1/4 Sec. 23, containing 80 acres. /s/ John Duncan, Polly Duncan, Joseph Sullivan, Narcissa Sullivan, Vincent Wyatt, Jemima R. Wyatt late Jemima R. Duncan. Wit. John G. Crump, Samuel Cox. Release in Knox Co. KY by Jemima Wyatt; ack. in Whitley Co. KY by John Duncan & wife & by oaths of witnesses for Joseph Sullivan; release by Polly Duncan & Narcissa Sullivan 12 Dec. 1823 before Samuel Cox & John F. Sharp, JP's of Whitley Co. KY. Rec. Lawrence Co. IN 7 Oct. 1824. (MAD: Joseph Sullivan mar. Narcissee Duncan 8/2/1812 Knox Co. KY, John L/S. Duncan mar. Jemima R. Sullivan 7/1/1817 Knox Co. KY, Jemima R. (Sullivan) Duncan mar. Vincent (Winson) Wyatt 9/19/1819 Whitley Co. KY; to Morgan Co. MO per "MO State Gen. Assn. Journal" Vol.V 1985, pg.138; see the Sullivan-Wilson Bible Records on pg.138, "MO State Gen. Assn. Journal" Vol.5 #3, Summer 1985, from Dorothy Franks 4/1989)


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