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Last revised September 17, 2003

Formed 1793 from Clarke, Green, Wilkes
Greene formed 1786 from Washington, Oglethorpe, Wilkes
Madison formed 1811 from Clarke, Elbert, Franklin, Jackson, Oglethorpe
Taliaferro formed 1825 from Greene, Hancock, Oglethorpe, Warren, Wilkes


1820-1870 Oglethorpe Co. GA Census
      No Duncan indexed


Oglethorpe Co. GA Marriage Index, 1793-1830 (FHL film 158,729)
      No Duncan


GA Land Lotteries; Oglethorpe Co. GA
      Name, lottery year, militia district & county of residence, draw
      Duncan, James, 1805, of Oglethorpe Co., lottery #749, one blank draw (unmarried or single person)
      Duncan, John, 1805, of Oglethorpe Co., lottery #747, one blank draw (unmarried or single person)
      Duncan, Robert, 1805, of Oglethorpe Co., lottery #746, two blank draws (married person)
      Duncan, Thomas, 1805, of Oglethorpe Co., lottery #748, one blank draw (unmarried or single person)

GA Surveyor General's records, headright surveys; index A-M, no dates (FHL film 465,015)
      Looked to ca 1852, Book AH, quit
      DD-542: William Duncan, Oglethorpe Co., 50a, 1799

GA Land Grants (FHL film 465,113)
      D5-71: 12 Feb. 1801, to William Duncan, 50 acres in Oglethorpe Co., bounded NE by William Lanceford, E by Coplain, SW by Orgain and Paton.

Oglethorpe Co. GA Deeds
      MAD: No deeds to or from William Duncan who was taxed on land adj. Ignatius Few in 1801, which in 1805 was taxed to William Payton
      A-2: 4 March 1794, Joseph Huntington to Matthew Duncan for £50, cows, food, farm animals, furniture, etc. (does not say mortgage); wit. Tapley Duncan, reg. 29 March 1794 on oath of Tapley Duncan. (FHL film 158,673)
      A-3: 4 March 1794, Joseph Huntington to Matthew Duncan for £30, white horse and bay horse, farm equipment and tools; wit. Tapley Duncan, reg. on oath of Tapley Duncan. (FHL film 158,673)
      A-220: 6 Nov. 1792, John Clark Esq. of Wilkes Co. GA, Sheriff, to Robert Duncan of same; that whereas a firi facias issued out of the Superior Court of Wilkes Co., to seize the lands of Jesse Duncan to pay a debt of £50.10.2, which Robert Duncan lately in the Superior Court recovered against him, as well as £3 costs, on 15 Sept. 1792; the Sheriff sold the property agreeable to law on 6 Nov. 1792, 530 acres in Wilkes Co. on Little River adj. NW? by George Read, SE by Robert Leverett and William Brown, SE by John Whit & vacant, and NE by James Davidson; wit. H. Monger? JP. (MAD: consideration not mentioned) (FHL film 158,673)
      A-229: 21 Sept. 1795, Jeremiah Dukin and wife Mary of Oglethorpe Co. to Harrison Musgrove of same, $514.25 GA money, 200 acres on a branch of Little River bounded NW by Benjamin Cathings land, granted to Rodo Whit [sic] 9 Dec. 1784; /s/ Jeremiah (X) Dukin, Mary (X) Dukin; wit. Rich. "Bariley," Jane (X) Dukin; proved by Richard Bailey same day before Saml. Thornton JP. (FHL film 158,673; also Vol.7 pg.427 "Some GA County Records" by Rev. Silas Emmett Lucas Jr., FHL book 975.8 N2L)
      A-320: 14 Feb. 1793, Robert Duncan of Wilkes Co. GA to John Cargile of same, £53.6.8, 255 acres on waters of Little River in Wilkes Co. as appears by plat, being part of a tract where the said Robert Duncan now lives, adj. SE by James Daniels, NE by said John Cargile, NW by John Copland and George Reed, and SW by said Robert Duncan, as appears by a plat; wit. Esihn? Lyman, Wm. Flatster? (FHL film 158,673)
      Deed Book B - no index in deed book (FHL film 158,673)
      D-102: Wilkes Co. GA, 6 May 1793, Robert Duncan of Wilkes Co. GA to John Andrews of Co. afsd, for £7.14, 33 acres on Whites creek, adj. White's corner, land of John Balley, Robert Duncan and said John Andrews in county afsd; wit. William McElroy, Wm. Strother. (FHL film 158,674; no recording date, deeds above and below were dated 1801)
      D-497: 24 Aug. 1801, Robert Duncan of Oglethorpe Co. GA to John Bailey of same, $1000, 200 acres on White's Creek bounded S. by John Andrews, W. by Sam'l Cochran, N. by Jesse Bolls, E. by John Cargil & James Daniel, grant to Robert McCray Aug. 1784. Wit. Ben Baldwin, Nancy Baldwin. (FHL film 158,674) (MAD: See Wilkes Co. GA deed to Jesse Duncan from Robert McCory 1789)
      Deed D-497 is only deed indexed until 1900's; Deeds A-2, A-3, A-220, and A-320 not indexed in grantor or grantee indexes.
      Payton, Peyton, etc. grantees start 1900's (MAD: 1805, William Payton taxed on 50a granted William Duncan; no William Duncan grantor deed found)


Oglethorpe Co. GA Court of Ordinary Minutes (FHL film 158,734)
      1800-1806 - no index
      1801-1806 - no index
      1806-1810 - no index
      1806-1812 - no index
      1812-1822 - no index

Oglethorpe Co. GA Ordinary Court Record 1799-1821 (FHL film 158,797)
      "Names of deceased persons" - no Duncan

Oglethorpe Co. GA Inferior Court Minutes
      1794-1802 - no index (FHL film 158,740)
      1794-1801 - no index (FHL film 158,740)
      1809-1811 - no Duncan (FHL film 158,740)
      1810-1820 - no Duncan (FHL film 158,741)

Oglethorpe Co. GA Superior Court Minutes
      1794-1799 - no index (FHL film 158,706)
      1794-1812 - no index (FHL film 158,707)
      1809-1812 - no index (FHL film 158,708)

Oglethorpe Co. GA Superior Court Records
      1800-1803 - no index (FHL film 158,804)
      1803-1807 - no Duncan (FHL film 158,805)
      1809-1810 - no Duncan (FHL film 158,805)
      1812-1816 - no Duncan (FHL film 158,806)
      1815-1819 - no Duncan (FHL film 158,807)


Oglethorpe Co. GA Bonds (FHL film 158,746)
      1799-1807 - no Duncan
      1804-1807 - no Duncan
      1812-1820 - no index

Oglethorpe Co. GA Inventories & Appraisements
      Book A, 1793 - no Duncan (FHL film 158,774)
      Book B, 1796-1806 - no Duncan (FHL film 158,774)
      Book G, 1802-1810 - no Duncan (FHL film 158,775)
      Book H, 1802-1811 - no Duncan (FHL film 158,775)
      Book I, 1803-1811 - no Duncan (FHL film 158,775)
      Book J, 1804-1807 - no Duncan (FHL film 158,775)
      Book K, 1805-1808 - no Duncan (FHL film 158,775)
      Book L, 1806-1810 - no Duncan (FHL film 158,775)
      Book M, 1808-1829 - no Duncan (FHL film 158,776)
      1811-1830 - no index (FHL film 158,777)
      1818-1829 - no Duncan (FHL film 158,778)
      1820-1826 - no Duncan (FHL film 158,780)

Oglethorpe Co. GA Annual Returns on Estates, 1798-1814 (FHL film 158,756)
      No Duncan

Oglethorpe Co. GA Register of Estates 1799-1821 (FHL film 488,187)
      No Duncan

Oglethorpe Co. GA Will, Vol.A, 1793-1807
      A-127/130: Jesse Boles (Bowles) of Oglethorpe Co., 5 Nov. 1802, weak in body; wife Permelia Bowls for life, land where I live and negroes, other property; then when they arrive at 21, to sons Benjamin, Henry, and John, and daus. Polly and Permelia; children to be schooled; execs. wife and friend John Bailey; wit. John Person(?), Rebekah (X) Duncan, Thomas Duncan; rec. 30 June 1803. (from Vol.2, pg.156, "Some GA County Records" by Rev. Silas Emmett Lucas Jr.; FHL book 975.8 N2L, from Evelyn Sigler 3/1984)

Oglethorpe Co. GA Inferior Court Citations (FHL film 488,188)
      Book A, 1799? to 1823, Letters of Admin. - no index

Oglethorpe Co. GA Loose Estate Papers, in possession of GA Department of Archives and History (FHL film 1,893,257, Dossey to ---)
      Robert Dunkin, 1806. On front cover: Admin. Bond for Aguilia Burroughs, recorded in Book B, folio 49, Jan. 29, 1806; /s/ M.R. Clk. Document: bond of Aguilia Burroughs, Jno. Ride? (Kide?), and John Fleming for $2,000; 21 Jan. 1806; Aguilia Burroughs to administer the estate of Robt. Dunkin late of this county decd, to make inventory; /s/ A. Burroughs, J.J. Kidd, Jn. Fleming.
      Thomas M. Duncan, Dec. 1947 - not copied.


Oglethorpe Co. GA Tax Digests
      Year, whose District, name, county where land located, acres, waterway, to whom granted, neighbors or Lot #, free males (alternate heading: "single pole"), Negroes, practitioners of law and judges, stock in trade, town lots and buildings, 4-wheeled carriages, 2-wheeled carriages, covering? horses, tax
1795-1803, 1805 (FHL film 177,698)
1795: Capt. Cargle's Dist.:
      Jesse Boles, 98a and 98a adj. John Copeland (see 1802 will)
      Robt. Dunkin, 200a adj. John Bailey, 1 wp, 0 slaves
1796: Capt. Mucleroy's Dist. (pg.2)
      Robert Duncan, 200a Oglethorpe Co. adj. Copeland
1797: McElroy's Dist.:
      #70, Jesse Bowles, 88a & 88a, L (waterway), adj. Mary Bennet, granted John Copeland; 5 slaves?
      #87, Robert Duncan, 1 wp, 1 slave
      #88, William Duncan, 1 wp
1798: McElroy's Dist. (partial pages)
      #77, William Duncan, O.C. (Oglethorpe Co.), 1 wp (most of list torn and missing)
1799: Capt. William Matthews' Dist., pg.30:
      #97 "D.Join" Francis Dunken decd, F.C. (county), 964a, B.C.C. (watercourse), unknown to whom granted and to whom adj.
      do, do, do (county), 360a, Lem C. (watercourse), unknown, unk.
      do, do, Ju Co. (county), 400a, O.C.W. (watercourse), unk, unk.
      Capt. William McElroy's Dist., pg.43:
      #22 Jesse Bowles, 100a and 96a L.C., granted Mary Bennett, adj. John Copeland, 1 slave
      no Duncan
1800: William Matthews Dist. pg.16
      #98, for heirs of F. Duncan, O.C. (county), 487a, unk, unk, unk
      do, O.C., 360a, L.C., unk, unk
      do, J.C., 400a, O.C., unk, unk
      Capt. Joseph Waters Dist. pg.45:
      Robt. Duncan, unknown property, 0 wp
1801: Capt. John Hardman's Dist., pg.13
      John Moore ... & for Francis Duncan decd, F.C. (county), 470a, B.C., unk., adj. Few
      do, F.C. (county), 350a, L.C., unk., adj. MacCrakken
      William McElroy's Dist. No.26:
      #48, Valentine Payton, O.C., 50a, K.C., granted William Duncan, adj. John Williams
      #90, William Duncan, J.C., 150a, O.C.R., granted self, adj. Ignatius Few
      #91, Robert Duncan, O.C., 200a, L.C., granted Robert McCrory, adj. John Bailey
1802: Capt. Griffiths Dist., pg.13
      #77, John Moore ...
      #78, & for Francis Dunkan decd, F.C., 954a B.R., granted unk., adj. Jacob Strictland
      Capt. Jones Dist., pg.26:
      #89, John Duncan, O.C., 1 wp ("single pole")
      #90, Thomas Duncan, O.C., 1 wp
      #97, Thomas Duncan & for Robert Duncan, O.C., 100a-100a, L.R. (watercourse), granted self, adj. John Bailey; 1 slave, 0 wp
1803: Capt. David Griffith's Dist., pg.27
      #80, John Moore Ser. ...
      #81, & for Francis Duncan decd, F.C., 475a B.R., unk., unk.
1805: Capt. Jones Dist. pg.40:
      #75, Robert Duncan, G.C., 200a L.R., granted Robert McCrory, adj. John Bailey
      #80, William Payton, O.C., 50a K.C., granted Wm. Duncan, adj. Matt. Organ
      #86, John Duncan, O.C., 1 wp
      #87, & for Thomas Duncan, O.C., 1 wp
      Capt. James Mattersons Dist., pg.29:
      #88, John Moore Senr ...
      & for Francis Duncan decd, F.C., 935a, "Bl.C.", unk., unk.
      #39, William Payton O.C., 50a, K.C., granted William Duncan, adj. Mathew Organ
      Capt. Moses Stallionses Dist., pg.41:
      #50, John Duncan, O.C. (blank)
      #51, & for Robert Duncan, O.C., 200a, L.R., granted McCrory, adj. John Bailey.
1806-1811, 1815 (FHL film 177,699)
1806: Capt. Stallions Dist., pg.40:
      #41, William Payton, O.C., 50a, Kn.C., granted William Duncan, adj. Matthew Payton? (Pigeon? or Pryon?)
      Capt. John Beasley's Dist., pg.3:
      #104, John Moore, ... N.C., 490a granted self, unk.
      no Duncan
1807: - no Duncan
1808: Capt. Elias Beall's Dist. pg.2
      #38, William Payton, O.C., 50a name of William Dunken, adj. William Lanceford
      #39, & for Craven Payton, 100a L.R., name of Enoch Stringfellow adj. John Copeland.
1809 - not looked at, quit


Elbert Co. GA Deed
      K-17: Bill of sale, 3 June 1806, Robert Middleton, sheriff, to Jacob Odom, both of Elbert Co. GA, Writ of fira facias issued from Superior Court of Oglethorpe Co. GA, Calton Dunkin against Levi D. Smith. Execution levied on a negro woman named Nelley, property of Levi D. Smith. 5 July 1803, exposed to public sale & sold to Jacob Odom for $300, the highest bidder. Wit. S. Brewer, William Woods, Walter Nunnerlee, J.I.C. Regd. 3 June 1806. (from pg.4, "Elbert Co. GA Deed Books K-R, 1806-1819" by Michal Martin Farmer; FHL book 975.8163 R28f) (MAD: cannot identify Calton Duncan)


GA Confederate Soldiers Pensions; Index - Dobson, W.P. to Ellington, Allen J. (FHL film 1,493,057)
      MAD: The Pension records themselves are alphabetic within the county. The index is small 3x5 cards preprinted with "Name:" and "Service:" and "Res.:" and "Remarks"; also looked at any Dunan and Dunk.. names listed; cards include witnesses for other confederate soldiers.
      Information in FHL Catalog: Confederate soldiers received pensions for military service beginning in 1879; law changed 1891 to include widows; cards in this record for the witnesses of these soldiers & widows attesting to service of each soldier; alphabetical by name of pensioner, included on card are notations concerning county of residence, unit designation, and husband's name in the case of widow cards.
      C.C. Duncan, Co.A, 2nd GA, application in Banks Co. GA
      C.C. Duncan, Co.A, 2nd GA, application by Mrs. M.A. Duncan, widow, of Jackson Co. GA
      C.C. Duncan, Co.A, 2nd GA, application by Mrs. M.A. Duncan, widow, Oglethorpe Co. GA
      Mrs. M.A. Duncan, widow of C.C. Duncan, Co.A, 2nd GA, trfd from Jackson Co., appl. in Oglethorpe Co. GA
      Charles C. Duncan, Co.A, 2nd GA, witness for John M. Ariail, Jackson Co. GA


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