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Formed 1777 from Washington
Greene formed 1786 from Washington, Oglethorpe, Wilkes
Elbert formed 1790 from Wilkes
Oglethorpe formed 1793 from Clarke, Greene, Wilkes
Warren formed 1793 from Columbia, Richmond, Wilkes
Lincoln formed 1796 from Wilkes
Taliaferro formed 1825 from Greene, Hancock, Oglethorpe, Warren, Wilkes


1820 Wilkes Co. GA Census
Pg. 164  Allen Duncan        500010    - 10020
           (MAD: to Pike Co. GA; see Tallapoosa Co. AL)
    167  Miles Duncan        210011    - 30111
    170  William Duncan      200010    - 30010
    188  John Duncan         001?010   - 40000 (males ? 000010)

1830-1860 Wilkes Co. GA Census
      No Duncan indexed

1870 Wilkes Co. GA Census
Pg.234, #178-189, MEANS?, John T. Sr. 36 GA MULATTO blacksmith $200-$225
                  Frances (f) 36 GA BLACK keeping house
                  Moses 10, William 9, John T. Jr. 7 GA BLACK
                  Catherine 7 GA BLACK at school
                  Jefferson D. 5 GA BLACK
                  DUNCAN, William 17 GA MULATTO (blank)
                  ANDERSON, Jacob 27 GA BLACK day laborer
Militia Dist. 165, P.O. Washington
Pg.253, #709-714, JORDAN, Wm. M. 61 GA (white) retd. physician $10,000-$7,500
                  Amelia T. 53 GA keeping house
                  DUNCAN, Wylie H. (m) 25 GA (white) farming
                  CALLAWAY, Morgan (m) 7 GA (white)
                  (MAD: ? 1860 Greenville Co. SC census with P.E. Duncan)


Wilkes Co. GA Marriages
      MAD: Did not look at marriages 1790-1832 (FHL film 184,825) or 1806-1832 (FHL film 163,532)
            William Duncan mar. Polly Moran (or Maran) 5 Sept. 1809, from other sources (MAD: ?? see William Duncan b."1793" d.1851-2 in Madison Co. GA, wife Mary b."1800", had land in Dooly later Pulaski Co. GA, named son Miles Duncan)
            John Duncan mar. Elizabeth Ogletree 27 Oct. 1811, from other sources
      Marriages 1836-1856 (FHL film 163,533)
            MAD: Index is by groom, surname; i.e., Duncan - Hill pg.4
            Pg.4, Perry E. Duncan to Mary A.T. Hill, lic. 20 Feb. 1834, married 25 Feb. 1834 by C. Harrison MG.
            Pg.51, John Duncan to Matilda Edge, 3 May 1836, married 5 May 1836 by Wilie Cherry JP.
      Marriages 1856-1867 - no Duncan
      Marriages 1867-1871 - no Duncan


Wilkes Co. GA Estate Papers (copy of papers from Al Ogletree 4/1984; these are apparently original documents on file at the county office instead of copies from the estate books)
      Return of John Ogletree, ...Ray and ... his wife ... 31 1800 (torn)
      Personally appeared before me John Ogletree, Chesley Ray and Nancy his wife late Nancy Duncan, Ex. of the last will and testament of Miles Duncan decd. and being duly sworn saith that they have paid all the debts due from the estate of said decd. that have come to their knowledge and the two last mentioned persons do hereby acknowledge to have (?..) the estate of said decd. agreeably to the last will & testament of said decd. and that this is the only return they are able to make is ..dicence to the proof of the Honbe. this Court of Ordinary of said County of Wilkes. ... 21 July 1800, /s/ John (F his mark) Ogletree, Chesley (R) Ray, Nancy (X) Ray.
      State of Georgia, Wilkes Co., You whose names are hereunder written or any three of you are hereby authorized and required to repair unto all such parts and places within the County aforesaid as you shall be directed unto you by John Ogletree and Ann Duncan Executor and executrix of Miles Duncan late of this county afsd. deceased ... (to appraise estate) ... (no names listed) 18 April 1791.
      Inventory (note on outside, recorded in Book D, page 76, the 1st May 1791) (MAD's extract) April 23, 1791. Inventory by Mch. Turner, Philemon Bird William Phillips, includes cattle, etc., "One tract of land lying on the waters of kettle Creek joining John Cargill & John Edwards Wilks Coty containing Sixty Acres".
      List of Receipts and Expenditures of the Estate of Miles Duncan decd. returned by John Ogletree, November 29, 1793; also Account against Nancy Wray (lots of corn, etc.), signed by Chesley (X) Wray and Nancy (X) Wray, November? 29, 1793.
      Bond of John Ogletree and Ann Duncan (both signed by mark) executor and executrix of last will and testament of Miles Duncan late of (Wilkes) County, 18 April 1791.
      Also receipts from people for payment of debts of estate.
      MAD: Will of Miles Duncan of Wilkes Co. dated Aug. 13, 1789; proved Apr. 18, 1791; to wife Ann my land on Kettle Creek, adj. John Cargile, Jno. Edwards, and David Duncan, and notes on James Ware of "Ogeechee Co." GA and all estate for her support and that of my children. Execs. John Ogletree, Ann Ogletree. Wit. David Duncan, Isaiah Phillips, Sarah Duncan. (from pg.2, "Early GA Wills & Settlements of Estates - Wilkes Co." by Sarah Quinn Smith; FHL book 975.8 S2s)
      MAD: Estate of John Ogletree included receipts of Wm. Duncan, 1824, Hope Ogletree, 1823, Samuel Ogletree, 1823, Allen Duncan 1824, Nathaniel and Chesley Ray for themselves and Chesley for Chesley, Jr., 1825, Jas. Ray, 1825, Samuel H. Ray 1823, of Francis and John G. Ogletree jointly 1823, of Seaborn C. Whatley in right of his wife, 1824, of Benj. S. Ogletree for himself and as gdn of Nancy Ogletree, 1822, and as atty for Jas. C. Ogletree 1824, of Miles Duncan 1824, of Abraham Rickerson for his wife Susanna 1823, Wm. Robertson, excr. (from Vol.II, pg.269, "Early Records of Georgia - Wilkes County" by Grace Gillam Davidson, 1932; FHL book 975.817 N2d and film 1,321,381 item 6)

Wilkes Co. GA General Index to Estates, 1780-1925, Court of Ordinary (FHL film 163,527)
      Duncan, John T., estate, Inv. & Appr. March 9, 1799, Inv. & Appr. Book 1794-98 pg.155 (MAD: Returns Book 1800-1801, pg.22, 27 Feb. 1800, returns include Betsy Duncan, admx. of John T. Duncan decd; from Vol.I, pg.104, "Early Records of Georgia - Wilkes County" by Grace Gillam Davidson, 1932; FHL book 975.817 N2d and film 1,321,381 item 6)
      Duncan, Tapley, sale, May 16, 1799; Inv. Book LL 1794-05 pg.14
      (no other Duncan)

Wilkes Co. GA (no source) (from index cards of Kit Smith 8/1983)
      John T. Duncan, decd., adm. of estate by Betsey Duncan, ext. 25 Feb. 1797; bond William Greene $500.

Wilkes Co. GA Heirs & Legatees estate book index 1777-1877; title on cover: Administrators', executors', and guardians returns. (FHL film 163,528)
      Heir & Legatee: Duncan, Tabitha, estate of Josiah Tuck, Will Book 1837-1877 pg.106, 1843; Mixed Rec. Book 1839-1868 pg.15.
            (MAD: will of Wylie Hill dated 2/13/1837, proved 7/20/1844, in Will Book II, pg.110-118, among other heirs, named children of Lodowick M. Hill that are married, including Tabitha M. Duncan; from pg.45, "Early GA Wills & Settlements of Estates - Wilkes Co." by Sarah Quinn Smith; FHL book 975.8 S2s)

Wilkes Co. GA Court of Ordinary, Mixed records of estates, 1839-1868 (FHL film 163,585)
      No index
      Pg.15, Josiah Tuck estate, executor appointed Nov. 1844.

Wilkes Co. GA Will Book 1837-1877 (FHL film 163,530 item 2)
      Pg.106: Wilkes Co. GA, Josiah (X) Tuck of afsd, 13 Oct. 1843; to my dau. Susannah McLaughlin, bed & furniture & cow & calf which she has received; to my dau. Sarah Kent, same which she has recd; to my dau. Nancy Colley same or the value thereof which she has recd; to my dau. Mary Huel same which she has recd; to my son Claborn Tuck same & a dark bay mare which he has recd; to my son Benjamin W. Tuck same and bright bay mare, the mare he has recd; to my granddau. Tabitha C. Huel, whom I have raised, bed & furniture & cow & calf; to my two youngest daus. Tabitha Tuck and Martha Tuck, my land and premises, plantation tools, stock, furniture; appoint son Benjamin W. Tuck and Luke Turner execs; revoke former wills; wit. Luke Turner, Richd. J. Barrett, Daniel M. Irvin; proved 2 Sept. 1844.
      Pg.365: Will of Benjamin W. Tuck, 12 March 1849; to my sister Tabitha Tuck all my lands, furniture, tools, stock, negro woman Mariah and her children; appoint Wm. G. Turner exec; revoke former wills; wit. F.G. Colery?, Wm. G. Turner, Luke Turner Jr.; proved April 3, 1865.
      MAD: no mention of Tabitha Duncan.

Wilkes Co. GA Court of Ordinary Minutes (FHL film 163,538)
      1799-1801: No Duncan
      1801-1812: No index

Wilkes Co. GA Court of Ordinary, Guardianship letters & bonds 1800-1938 (FHL film 163,573)
      1800-1801 - no Duncan
      Book KK, 1802-1822 - no Duncan
      Book LL, 1822-1827 - no Duncan


"Georgia's roster of the revolution, containing a list of the state's defenders; officers and men, soldiers and sailors..." by Lucian Lamar Knight, 1920 (FHL film 547,588 item 1)
      Pg.62-73: Certificates of Service in the American Revolution on File in Office of Secretary of State, State Capitol:
      Pg.69: Duncan, James. Certificate of Col. E. Clark, 25th December 1784, that he was a lieutenant in the Militia of Wilkes Co., and fled from the British enemy and took refuge in N.C. and served in the refugee service, and is entitled to a bounty of 400 acres. Granted 460.

GA Land Lotteries; Wilkes Co. GA
      Name, lottery year, militia district & county of residence, draw
      Duncan, Allen, 1805, of Wilkes Co., lottery #1044, two blank draws (married person)
      Dunkin, Allen, 1820, of Bryants Dist., Wilkes Co., drew lot #105 in Dist.7, Irwin Co. (MAD: later Worth Co.)
      Dunkin, William, 1820, of Ogletrees Dist., Wilkes Co., drew lot #195 in Dist.6, Gwinnett Co.
      Duncan, William, 1821, of Freemans Dist., Wilkes Co., drew lot #236 in Sec.4, Dooly Co. (MAD: later Pulaski Co.)

Index to People entitled to participate in land lotteries from the various GA counties, 1805-1806 (Surveyor General's office) (FHL film 519,001 item 2)
      This seems to be the original list which was printed in "1805 GA Land Lottery" by Virginia S. Wood, 1964, pg.98-99.
      Allen Duncan, #1044, married, res. Wilkes Co. GA, drew two blanks

Wilkes Co. GA Court of Ordinary; Land Grants (plats) Book A, 1787-1854 (FHL film 163,597)
      No Duncan

GA Surveyor General's records, headright surveys; index A-M, no dates (FHL film 465,015)
      Looked to ca 1852, Book AH, quit
      A-179: Miles Duncan, Wilkes Co., 600a, 1784
      G-127: Miles Duncan, Wilkes Co., 600a Kettle Creek, 1784
      G-135: Samuel Duncan, Wilkes Co., 250a Little River, 1785
      G-140: Henry Duncan, Wilkes Co., 200a Broad River, 1785
      K-126: Samuel Duncan, Wilkes Co., 200a Hardemans Creek, 1787
      Q-74: David Duncan, Wilkes Co., 400a, 1786

GA Land Grants
      H3-685: 12 October 1785, to Samuel Duncan, 250 acres in Wilkes Co. bounded E by Nathaniel Bullock's land, W by William F.lards? land, N by John Robinsetts land, S by vacant land. (FHL film 465,081)
      I3-465: 22 Feb. 1786, to Henry Duncan, 200 acres in Wilkes Co., bounded NE by John Ribines and vacant land, SE by vacant land, all other sides by surveyed land. (FHL film 465,081)
      N3-220: 26 April 1787, to Samuel Duncan, 200 acres in Wilkes Co., bounded E by James Hannah and Perry's land, other sides vacant. (FHL film 465,085)
      R3-129: 13 Jan. 1789, to David Duncan, 400 acres in Wilkes Co., bounded SE by Robertsons land, NE by Bennetts & Fletchers land, NW by Fletcher and Liverett, SW by Davidson and Tonsend (sic). (FHL film 465,089)

Wilkes Co. GA Deeds (Index V.1 1785-1821 on FHL film 163,600; Index V.2-3 1821-1903 on FHL film 163,601)
      C2-59: 1 May 1787, Samuel Duncan and wife Mary of Wilkes Co. GA to William Elder of same, £100, 250 acres on Kittle Creek joining Nathaniel Bullock, William Pollard, John Robinsil's, vacant. Wit. Harwood Goodwynn, William Horley. (FHL film 163,603)
      E2-75: 8 May 1789, Jesse Duncan of Pittsylvania Co. VA to Robert McRorie, £100, 2 negroes, boy named Dundee and a girl named Fanny. Wit. Polly Mounger, Nancey Mounger, Henry Mounger. (FHL film 163,603)
      E2-104: 5 May 1789, Robert (X) McCrory to Jesse Duncan of Pittsylvania Co. VA, £100, 530 acres on Little River adj. NW by George Reed, SE by Robert Leverett, William Brown, John White & vacant land, NE by James Davidson, orig. grant to McCrory 8 Apr. 1789; wit. Polly Mounger, Nancy Mounger, Henry Mounger. (FHL film 163,603)
      G2-48: (no day) May 1790, Nathan Barnett and wife Sucey to Henry Dunkan, both of Wilkes Co. GA, £100, 250 acres on forks of Doves Creek joining John Norris land, grant to Barnett Jan. 4. Wit. Thos. B. Scott. (FHL film 163,604) (MAD: wife given as "Lucy" Barnett in Vol.II, pg.72, of "Early Records of Georgia - Wilkes County" by Grace Gillam Davidson, 1932; FHL book 975.817 N2d and film 1,321,381 item 6)
      G2-498: 15 March 1792, John White and wife Rachel to John Cargile, £200, 400 acres on north side of Little River adj. land of Mr. Armour, John Cargile and Jesse Duncan, White Creek & Little River, granted White 2/22/1786. Wit. Robt. Duncan, Nathan Barnett, Nathan Barnett Jr. (from Vol.II, pg.104, "Early Records of Georgia - Wilkes County" by Grace Gillam Davidson, 1932; FHL book 975.817 N2d and film 1,321,381 item 6)
      H2-37: 26 July 1788, Samuel Gardner of GA to Jean (her) Duncan of SC, £60, 250 acres in Franklin Co. on Oconee River and Ceder Creek, bounded by surveyed land, vacant land, Gideon Cary's land, part of grant of 1370 acres to Gardner, surveyed 5 May 1786, granted 14 Feb. 1788, reg. Book PPP. Wit. J. George, JP. (FHL film 163,604)
      H2-259: 8 July 1789, David Duncan to Owen Flukes, both Wilkes Co. GA, £500, 120 acres on Kittle Creek, adj. lands of said Flukes, Whites and Leveretts, part of grant to David Duncan 13 Jan. 1789. Wit. Hugh Jones, Wm. Fletcher, Joseph Watson. (FHL film 163,604)
      I2-61: 30 March 1791, James Davidson and wife Jean (Jane) to John Cargile, all Wilkes Co. GA, £150, 300 acres on Little River waters in Wilkes Co., adj. SE by Jess Duncan, NE by John Townsan, NW by David Duncan, W by Owen Flisker & John Copland, granted to Davidson 12 April 1791. Wit. Jno. Coleman, Benjn. Baldwin, Robert (R) Leveritt. (from pg.241, "Wilkes Co. GA Deed Books A-VV, 1784-1806" by Michal Martin Farmer; FHL book 975.8172 R2fm)
      I2-129: 16 Feb. 1792, David Duncan to William Robertson, both of Wilkes Co. GA, £60, 80 acres bounded NW by Duncan land, NE by Gulum? (Culum?) land, NW by Robertson, SW by Townsend. Wit. Spencer Branham, JP. (FHL film 163,605)
      I2-137: 6 Feb. 1792, Alexander Gilispey of Greene Co. GA to David Duncan of Co. and State aforesaid, £200, 200 acres on Little River bounded by John White, John J. Townsend, vacant land, grant to Alexander Gilispey 15 March 1790. Wit. Samuel Wall, William Robertson, James Patrick. Reg. on oath of wit. 24 March 1792. (FHL film 163,605)
      M2-134: "March the 15th 1794. Then received of Francis Strother all demands that I or my brother Francis Duncan have or ever had against the said Francis Strother from the Beginning of the world to the present day. I say received of him by me." /s/ George Duncan, Heir at law. Teste: Wm. Evans JP, John Sudduth, John Graves. Reg. 14 July 1794. (FHL film 163,606) (MAD: See Culpeper Co. VA; sons of Joseph Duncan & Mary Browning)
      M2-232: 18 Dec. 1793, David Duncan to Reuben Bennett, both of Wilkes Co. GA, £100, 75 acres on Kettle Creek, part of land whereon said David Duncan now lives, corner Joseph White, Reuben Bennett, Jesse Evans, John Robertson. Wit. Lewis McLean, Winston Bennett, Daniel Duncan. Reg. on oath of Bennett & McLean 26 April 1794. (FHL film 163,606)
      P2-21: 25 Nov. 1796, David Duncan to John Robertson, both of Wilkes Co. GA, $1,000, 142 acres on Kettle Creek, part of 400 acre grant to David Duncan 13 Jan. 1789, on Whiles (Whites?) line. Wit. James Finley, John (x) Evans. Reg. on oath of Finley 6 March 1797. (FHL film 163,607)
      P2-124: 15 July 1796, David Duncan of Wilkes Co. GA to James Daniel of Oglethorpe Co. GA, £60, 120 acres on Little River, part of grant to Alexander Galispey. Wit. Jno. (x) Evans, Cunninggame Daniel. Reg. on oath of John Evans 16 July 1797. (FHL film 163,607; dates and names as written)
      P2-208: 24 Dec. 1796, Nathaniel Duncan to Nathan Barnett, both of Wilkes Co. GA, $300, 50 acres on Kettle Creek, part of grant to David Duncan and conveyed to Nathaniel Duncan by the said David Duncan. Wit. Mathew Duncan, Lewis McLean. Reg. on oath of McLean 3 Oct. 1797. (FHL film 163,607) (MAD: David Duncan was a purchaser at the estate sale of Nathan Barnett recorded 2 June 1798 on pg.133, Inv. & Appr. Book 1784-1798, from pg.103, Vol.I, "Early Records of Georgia - Wilkes County" Vol.I and II, by Grace Gillam Davidson, 1932; FHL book 975.817 N2d and film 1,321,381 item 6)
      U2-72: 29 Dec. 1801, Nathaniel Duncan and wife Jane of Greene Co. GA to John Wilson of Wilkes Co. GA, $788, 197 acres on Kettle Creek, corner John Robertson, Nathan Barnett, Elijah Evans, Owen Hukes and Cunningham Daniel. Wit. Jno. Cargile, William Evans, Even Rice JP. Ack. by Nathaniel Duncan 29 Dec. 1801. (FHL film 163,609)
      B3-226: 10 March 1815, Thomas W. (x) Kent to Allen Duncan, both of Wilkes Co. GA, $380, 157 acres in forks of Rocky Creek and water courses of Ogeeche River, adj. Joshua Bell, Daury Goyre and John Bryan. Wit. John Bryan, Nathan (x) Bryant (sic), Wm. James? JP. (FHL film 163,613)
      E3-9: 27 March 1817, Pleasant Lawson to William Duncan, $143, 47-1/4 acres on Little River, corner Robert Porter, James Findley, Thomas Pollard, Pleasant Lawson. Wit. David Lawson, Wm. Robertson JP. (FHL film 163,614)
      I3-191: 28 Oct. 1825, William Duncan to Richard Pollard, both of Wilkes Co. GA, $167.50, 50 acres on Little River, corner James Findley, Thos. Pollard. Wit. Thomas Pollard, William Murphey. (FHL film 163,616)
      L3-100: 16 Feb. 1831, Javus Brook of Wilkes Co. GA to P.E. Duncan of Granville [MAD: ?Greenville] Dist. SC, mortgage of negro girl. Wit. Wylie Kule? (Hile?), Ludwick M. Hile JP. (FHL film 163,617)
      No others through ca 1850


Wilkes Co. GA Tax Lists (FHL negative film 159,194)
      MAD: Sets of pages numbered in upper right corner of right-hand page; all pages numbered at bottom of each page near center binding.
1787: Capt. Heard's List (pg.36/71):
      Miles Dunkin, 180a, Greene Co., 1 negroe, 1 pole
            Capt. Black's Dist. (pg.100/199):
      Thos. Harbin 260a Wilkes Co., 4 negroes, 1 pole
      Archibald Briant, 1 pole
      Person Dunkin, 1 pole
      Jno. Collins, 130a Wilkes Co., 1 pole
            do, 200a Wilkes Co.
      Henry Dunkin, 100a Wilkes, 2 negroes
            do, 350a, do, 0 negroes, 1 pole
      (other names, then pg.200)
      Martin Deadwyler, 100a Wilkes Co., 1 pole
            do, 200a Wilkes
            do, 400a Wilkes
            do, 200a Fklin Co. (MAD: Franklin Co.)
            do, 275a Fklin Co.
      (one name top of pg.101/201)
      Jno. Dunkin, 0 poles

Wilkes Co. GA Tax List (FHL film 465,187 item 1)
1790: No Duncan found

Wilkes Co. GA Tax Lists (FHL negative film 159,194)
1792: no Duncan found
1793: no Duncan
1793-94: Capt. John Freeman's Compy:
      #74, Nathaniel Duncan, 1 pole, no land (pg.14)
            Capt. Wm. Hurley's Co.:
      #24, John Ogletree Senr, 1 pole, 7 blacks, 356a Wilkes Co. on Little River adj. Wm. Phillips (pg.35)
            do, 400a Greene, Richland (Crk?), adj. Amoure
            do, 950a Greene, onIndians River adj. Amoure & Woollin?
      #25, do for Miles Duncan decd, 0 white pole, 1 black, 60a Wilkes Co., Kettle Creek, adj. John Cargile
            Capt. Cainber? Bennett's Co.:
      #6, Daniel Duncan, 1 wp, 75a, Wilkes, (torn) adj. Capt. Bennett (pg.37)
      #7, David Duncan, 1 wp, 140a & 159a, Wilkes, (torn), adj. White & Watte?
      #41, Nath'l. Duncan, 1 pole, 2 blacks, 175a (torn) adj. Owen Flick? (pg.38)
            Capt. Cargill's Co.:
      #7, Nathl. Dunkin, 197a Kettle Creek adj. Owin Flukes, Wilkes Co., 1 wp, 3 slaves. (pg.27)
      #16, David Dunkin, 100a-128a, Little River, adj. Townsen, Wilkes Co., 1 pole (pg.28)
1801: Capt. Nathan Chaffins Dist.:
      Nathaniel Duncan, 5 slaves, 91a-91a, Wilkes Co., Kettle Creek adj. O. Flukes, granted Thos. Leaverett. (no page number found)
1805: Capt. Hendricks Dist. #11:
      Allen Dunken, 1 pole (pg.75)
1806: Capt. John Hendricks Dist. #12:
      Allen Dunkin, 1 wp (pg.72)
      John Dunkin, 1 wp (same page)
            Capt. Mathew Lyles Dist. #14:
      Miles Dunkin, 1 wp (page number not found)
1812: (some lists torn or pages missing)
            Capt. John E. Silles Dist. No. 11:
      Duncan, John, 1 pole (pg.66?)
            Capt. Joel P. Leverett's Dist. No.12:
      Duncan, William, 1 wp (pg.76?)
      Duncan, Miles, 1 wp

Wilkes Co. GA Tax Digests (FHL film 177,831)
      MAD: 18 districts each year, white poles not given but persons listed had tax due even though no slaves or land shown
1818: Dist.6, Capt. John H. Gresham:
      Duncan, John, 76-1/2a Wilkes Co. on Powoer Crk adj. D. S?aves, granted J. Langden
            Dist.7, Capt. Archabald Gresham:
      Duncan, Allen, 157a Wilkes Co. on Rocky Creek adj. S. Watson, granted J. Kelley
            Dist.18, Capt. Benjamin Wallice:
      Duncan, Miles, 76-1/2a Wilkes Co., Little River, adj. C. Davis, granted P. Gilum.
      Duncan, Willimon?, 47-3/4a Wilkes Co., Little River, adj. J. Findley
1819: Dist.2, Capt. John Bryant:
      Duncan, Allen, 157a Rocky Creek, adj. S. Watson, granted J. Kelley
            Dist.13, Capt. Edmond Ogletree:
      Duncan, Miles, no land
      Duncan, William, 47-3/4a Wilkes Co., Little River, adj. J. Findley
1820: Dist.1, Capt. John Bryant:
      Duncan, Allen, 157a Wilkes Co. on Rocky Creek adj. J. Bell, granted J. Kelley
            Dist.4, Capt. Thomas Freeman:
      Duncan, William, 47-3/4a Wilkes Co. on Little River adj. J?. Findley
      Duncan, Miles, no land
            Dist.9, Capt. William Mattox:
      Duncan, John, no land
1821: Dist.1, Capt. John Bryant:
      Duncan, Allen, 490a Apling Co., 7th (?Dist.), #460
            490a Irwin Co., 7th, #105
            157a Wilkes Co., Rocky Creek, adj. S. Watson, granted J. Kelly
            Dist.5, Thomas Freeman:
      Duncan, William, 1 slave, 47-3/4a Wilkes Co. on Little River adj. S. Findley, granted M. Turner
      Duncan, Miles, no land
            Dist.11, Capt. William Mattox:
      Duncan, John, no land
1822: Dist.1, Capt. Bryant:
      Duncan, Allen, 1 black, 490a Irwin Co., 7th, #105
            157a Wilkes Co. on Rocky Creek adj. J?. Watson, granted J. Kelly
            Dist.7, Capt. Freeman (no Miles Duncan found):
      Duncan, Wm., 250a Earley Co., 13th, #192
            202-1/2a Dooly Co., 4th, #136
1823: Dist.1, Capt. Bryant:
      Duncan, Allen, 1 slave, 490a Irwin Co., #105, 3rd
            157a Wilkes Co., Rocky Creek, adj. P?. Watson, granted J. Kelly
            Dist.15, Capt. Thehhards: (plainly written, but tops missing on the tall letters)
      Duncan, William, 250a Gwinnett Co., #195

Wilkes Co. GA Tax Digests (FHL film 177,832)
      MAD: 18 districts in 1825, 16 districts thereafter; white poles not given but persons listed had tax due even though no slaves or land shown. (no 1824 tax list)
1825: Dist.6, Capt. John P. Green's:
      Duncan, William, 250a Gwinnett Co., 6th (Dist.) #195
            Dist.8, Capt. John Hammack's:
      Duncan, Allen, 2 slaves, 157a Wilkes Co. on Rocky Creek adj. C. Nelms, granted L. Kelley (MAD: Taliaferro Co. formed 1825 partly from Wilkes Co.)
            490a Irwin Co., 7th (Dist.) #105
1826: No Duncan; 16 districts instead of 18.
1828-1833: No Duncan


Chatham Co. GA Deed (FHL film 183,621)
      1L-201: 5 April 1793, Edward Lloyd Esq., sheriff of Chatham Co., to George Haist of City of Savannah, merchant, per writ of fiere facias to sell lands of David Duncan late of Liberty Co., planter, decd, to satisfy judgment obtained by Leonard Cecil against said David Duncan for £4,086.6.10 and interest and costs, sold on 3rd Tuesday in July to highest bidder, George Haist, for £10, 400 acres in Wilkes Co. adj. Robertson, Bennet & Fletcher & Leverets, Davidsons & Towand's lands; wit. J. Coxe, J. Jordan. (MAD: Believe this in error, this was a different David Duncan)

Franklin Co. GA Deeds
      KKK-32/3: 12 March 1787, Jeremiah Kendall of Wilkes Co. GA to Benj. Green late of aforesaid co., £100, 600 acres in Franklin Co. on Neals Creek, the South Fork, adj. Christopher Clark, Thomas Scott, Thomas Gregg and Thomas Duncan. Wit. Sydnor Cosby, David Terrell, Wm. Brady. (from pg.76, "Deeds, Franklin Co. GA 1784-1826" by Martha Walters Acker; FHL book 975.8135 R2a)
      MMM-2: 3 Feb. 1802, John Davis of Wilks Co. GA to William Hitchcock of same, $300, 200 acres in Franklin Co. on Little Creek granted to Henry Duncan and conveyed by him to said Davis 19 Dec. 1796, adj. Christopher Clark. /s/ Jno. Davis. Wit. Holman Freeman, Wm. Mallory JP; rec. 30 June 1815. (from pg.328, "Deeds, Franklin Co. GA 1784-1826" by Martha Walters Acker; FHL book 975.8135 R2a)

Greene Co. GA Deed (FHL film 158,294)
      2-665: Greene Co. GA, 26 July 1801, Dempsey (X) Hood of state & co. afsd. to Nathaniel Duncan of Wilkes Co. state afsd., $1000, 133-1/4 acres on the Appalachia River adj. William Jenkins and William Phillips. Wit. Matthew Duncan, William Evans.

Oglethorpe Co. GA Deed Books A-B 1794-1798 (FHL film 158,673)
      A-220: 6 Nov. 1792, John Clark Esq. of Wilkes Co. GA, Sheriff, to Robert Duncan of same; that whereas a firi facias issued out of the Superior Court of Wilkes Co., to seize the lands of Jesse Duncan to pay a debt of £50.10.2, which Robert Duncan lately in the Superior Court recovered against him, as well as £3 costs, on 15 Sept. 1792; the Sheriff sold the property agreeable to law on 6 Nov. 1792, 530 acres in Wilkes Co. on Little River adj. NW? by George Read, SE by Robert Leverett and William Brown, SE by John Whit & vacant, and NE by James Davidson; wit. H. Monger? JP. (MAD: consideration not mentioned)
      A-320: 14 Feb. 1793, Robert Duncan of Wilkes Co. GA to John Cargile of same, £53.6.8, 255 acres on waters of Little River in Wilkes Co. as appears by plat, being part of a tract where the said Robert Duncan now lives, adj. SE by James Daniels, NE by said John Cargile, NW by John Copland and George Reed, and SW by said Robert Duncan, as appears by a plat; wit. Esihn? Lyman, Wm. Flatster?

Richmond Co. GA Administrator & Guardian Bonds, Divisions of Estates, etc., 1777-1830; original documents:
      Capt. Joseph Dunkin, late of Wilkes Co., dec'd.; Matthew Dunkin, Admr.; Martin Malone, Wm. Standford, Wm. Wright, appraisers; 2 Dec. 1782. List of debts due estate taken Dec. 12, 1782. Matthew Dunkin, Admr; Feb. 1778, 400 GA Dollars paid John Dooly for corn I never recd; March 19, 1778, Wm. Wheat 100 GA Dollars lent him; March 25, 1774, Accounts on Wm. Wms., John Garnett, 1775 note on Wm. Mangum, due Feb. 5, 1775; note on Chas. Burnet due Jan. 11, 1776; note on Robt. Carr due Nov. 15, 1774; an account on Col. Leonard Marbury. (from pg.83, Vol.II, "Historical Collections of the GA Chapters DAR" 1930, by Grace Gillam Davidson, FHC book 975.816 H252d; and pg.93, "GA Intestate Records" by Jeannette Holland Austin, 1986, FHL book 975.8 P28a) (MAD: see Washington Co. GA land grant; Putnam Co. GA will)

Taliaferro Co. GA Deed (FHL film 220,578)
      A-120: 18 Oct. 1825, Allen Duncan of Wilkes Co. GA to Clevers A. Nelms of same, $680, land in the fork of Rockey Creek, one of the watercourses of Ogeechee River in Wilkes Co. and adj. said Clevers A. Nelms, William Little, Soloman Watson and others, containing 157 acres, beg. corner on Amos Hadaway line, on Cedar Branch, being a part of a grant to James Kelley 15 Sept. 1792; wit. John Bryan, William Little JP.

Culpeper Co. VA Deed (FHL film 30,950)
      R-558: 4 Jan. 1794, Joseph (+) Duncan being father and heir at law of my son Francis Duncan deceased, Wilks County in the State of Georgia, as I am unable to undergo the fatigue of travelling to Georgia to settle decedents affairs, appoint my son George Duncan of Culpeper Co. attorney, sell all or part of his lands in the state of Georgia. Wit. James Jett.

Franklin Co. VA Deeds
      6-84: 16 Oct. 1810, Miles Duncan and Phebe Duncan of Wilkes Co. GA to Martin Magehee of Franklin Co. VA, for $120, 174 acres in Franklin Co. on waters of Grassy Fork of Snow Creek, corner on Allen Garrett's, George Spanglers and Nancy Spanglers lines, thence ... Wit. John Pinkard, David Simpson, James Simpson; ack. before Archd. Simpson J.P.; certification of Wilkes Co. GA clerk of court. (copy from Charles O. Duncan 9/1985)
      7-261: 4 May 1815, George Spangler, William Hockins, Miles Duncan & Phebe Duncan of Wilks Co. GA, to John Pinkard of Franklin Co. VA; for $20, all their right to one half tract of land in Franklin Co. on Grassy fork of Snow Creek formerly the property of George Spangler decd. which was allotted by the commissioners to the wife of said George Spangler decd. as her dower. All appeared in Wilkes Co. GA. (FHL film 31,499)
      7-262: 4 May 1815, George Spangler of Wilkes Co. GA to John Pinkard of Franklin Co. VA, for $250, land in Franklin Co. VA on Grassy Fork of Snow Creek containing 70 acres adj. Martin Meegee, John Pinkard. Wit. William Hawkins, Miles Duncan, Edward Gresham JP; appeared in Wilkes Co. GA. (FHL film 31,499)

Prince Edward Co. VA Deed (FHL film 33,226)
      7-302: 19 Nov. 1787, James (+) Dunkin appoint Micajah Williamson of Wilkes Co. GA to sell all the lands to which I am entitled under the laws of that county granting bounty of lands to soldiers in the service of the state, and give deed under the laws of GA. /s/ County of Prince Edward, State of VA. Wit. Fath? Cason, Richard Millinton Memley. Rec. 19 Nov. 1787.


"Augusta Chronicle" newspaper published Augusta, Richmond Co. GA (from index in "Personal Name Index 1786-1799" by Alice O. Walker, FHL book 975.864 B32w Vol.1, index from Georgie Cooper 1988; the indexes continue through 1830 in Vol.5)
      Indexed: Issue of August 21, 1790, pg.3, col.1, reference to Matthew Duncan in Aug. 1790 - no issue of 8/21/1790 found on film (FHL film 206,283)
      Indexed: Issue of Nov. 20, 1790, pg.1, col.3, reference to Edward Duncan on 11/20/1790 - name not found; a list of Richmond Co. (tax) defaulters.
      Issue of May 7, 1791, pg.3, col.3: Jan. term Wilkes Co. GA, Robert Duncan vs. Jesse Duncan, attachment; ordered deft. to appear and plead within a year and a day, otherwise judgement by default. /s/ Henry Mounger, A.C.S.C.C.W.
      Issue of Sept. 10, 1791, pg.3, col.2: Edward Duncan a defaulter on tax list of Columbia Co.
      Issue of March 24, 1792, pg.2, col.2: Matthew Duncan on Grand Jury of Columbia Co. for 1791.
      Issue of January 27, 1793, pg.3, col.1: Notice that George Reeds of Wilkes Co. GA, living on White's Creek, is a notorious noted (?)lar. Any person disputing the credibility of this by applying to me, I will make it appear. 17 Jan. 1793. /s/ Robert Duncan. (tight center margin)
      Indexed: Issue of July 11, 1793, pg.5, col.3, reference to John Duncan on that date - not found. (FHL film 206,284)
      Indexed: Issue of Dec. 31, 1796, pg.2, col.3, reference to James Duncan on that date - not found.
      Issue of Jan. 28, 1797, pg.2, col.4: Defaulters in Wilkes Co. for 1796 ... (cannot read first name, in center fold of binding; indexed Math. of Nathl. Duncan)      
      Indexed: Issue of Nov. 25, 1797, pg.3, col.4, reference to Nathaniel Duncan on that date - not found.
      Issue of Dec. 1, 1798, pg.3, col.4: Wilkes Co. GA, Notice: Matthew Duncan applied for letters of admin. on estate of John Tapley Duncan, late of this county, decd. 1st Dec. 1798. (FHL film 206,285)
      Issue of Jan. 19, 1799, pg.3, col.4: Wilkes Co. GA, Betsy Duncan applied for letters of admin. on estate of John Tapley Duncan. 19 Jan. 1799.
      Issue of April 13, 1799, pg.2, col.4: Notice of sale on 16 May next of personal property of John T. Duncan decd., - horses, cattle, household furniture, will be held at the plantation of Mrs. Mountgomery on Kettle Creek, to commence 12 o'clock. /s/ Bettey Duncan, Admin., Wilkes Co., March 30, 1799.

HISTORIES before 1923

1906 "Georgia : comprising sketches of counties, towns, events, institutions, and persons, arranged in cyclopedic form" or "Cyclopedia of Georgia" by Allen D. Candler and Clement A. Evans, Vol.1 (from Evelyn Sigler 1983 and Ray Duncan 1991; FHL book 975.8 A7c and films 1,000,160 and 896,883 item 1)
      Pg.634: George Washington Duncan, born in Greenville, Greenville Co. SC Feb. 22, 1852, son of Perry Emory Duncan, b. 1800 Greenville SC, and Mary Anne Hill, born 1814 in Wilkes Co. GA. The Duncan family is of staunch old Scottish stock, the great-grandfather of the subject having immigrated to America from the "land of hills and heather" and settled in VA, whence he later removed to SC. His son, the grandfather of George Washington Duncan, was a loyal soldier in the Continental line in the war of the Revolution, having taken part in [several] battles. (EDS: This is a desc. of Robert and Hannah Carr.)

1896 "Physicians and surgeons of America: a collection of biographical sketches of the regular medical profession" ed. and comp. by Irving A. Watson, pub. Concord, N.H.: Republican Press Association, 1896 (from Kathy Cawley 4/2009)
      Pg.793: DUNCAN, Burwell Alexander, Columbus, Miss., born March 24, 1835, at Greenville, S.C., is the son of Hon. Perry E. and Mary A. (Hill) Duncan, grandson of Robert Duncan, a Revolutionary soldier. He received a literary education at the Furman University, Greenville, S.C., commenced the study of medicine in 1855, in Wilkes county, Ga., under Drs. William M. Jordan, of Wilkes county, and Turpin and Jones, of Greenville, S.C.; attended two courses of lectures at the Medical College of the State of South Carolina, and was graduated in 1857. He located in the practice of medicine at West Point, Miss., in 1858, and in 1894 removed to Columbus, Miss. (MAD: 1860 Monroe Co. MS)
      Dr. Duncan is a member of the Pan-American Medical Congress, vice-president for Mississippi, 1893; of the Medical Association of the State of Mississippi; of the American Medical Association, has twice represented Mississippi on the nominating committee, and also on the committee appointed by that association to draft suitable resolutions in deference of railway surgeons; of the National Association of Railway Surgeons; of the American Public Health Association; a Royal Arch Mason; and a member of the Methodist church, South.
      Dr. Duncan served as surgeon of the Second Mississippi Regiment, Confederate States Army, 1562-'63; was chief health officer of the county of Clay, Miss., 1888-'92; elected president of the board of health, Columbus, Miss., 1896; has been surgeon of the Georgia Pacific Railway since 1892; and is medical examiner for several life insurance companies. He was the first surgeon in the United States to report, in 1888, upon "Rupture of Funis with Mother in Horizontal Position, with Normal Length of Cord," published in the Journal of the American Medical Association, April 1888. He is also the author of papers on "Tumors of the Abdomen Successfully Removed;" "Fracture of the Skull;" "Pistol Ball through the Left Lung;" "Tetanus Caused by Intestinal Irritation;" "Acute Rheumatism in Infants;" and "Incised Wound Involving the Stomach and Liver;" all recovered.
      Married, first, in 1858, Miss Celestia A., daughter of Gen. Elisha Strong, of Aberdeen, Miss., who died in 1890, leaving two children; Rev. Perry E. Duncan and Annie Strong Duncan. Dr. Duncan married, second, January 30, 1894, Mrs. Julia Watson Manning, a cousin of Judge Wheeler Peckham, Judge Rufus Peckham and of Judge Malborne Watson of New York state.

1880 "The History of Miami County, Ohio : containing a history of the county; its cities, towns, etc.; general and local statistics; portraits of early settlers and prominent men; history of the Northwest Territory; history of Ohio ...." by W.H. Beers (FHL book 977.148 H2 and film 962,534 item 1)
      Pg.818: Union Twp. William Duncan, ... born 1826; his father, Isaac Duncan, born SC in 1795; his early life was spent in TN, and he removed with his parents to OH when only 9 years of age; his father, Samuel Duncan, was born in Georgia in 1751, and upon his arrival in Miami Co. in 1804, entered 160a of land, where his grandson, our subject, now lives; on this land he reared his family and resided till his death, which occurred in 1832; on this land his sons Isaac and Jesse lived and reared their families; Isaac departed this life in 1847, aged 52 years, Jesse still later .... (MAD: See Newberry & Edgefield Co. SC, ? Wilkes Co. GA)

1914 "History of TX and Texans" by Frank W. Johnson, Vol.1-5 (SUTRO book F386 J66 1914; CA State Library, Sutro Branch)
      Vol.4, pg.1857: WILLIAM P. DUNCAN of Lamar Co.; born Talapoosa (sic) Co. AL 1869, son of Admiral Osborn (b. Talapoosa Co. AL) and Laura Ann (Powell) Duncan, (b. AL). Admiral Osborn Duncan was son of L. Bryant Duncan, b. 1820 GA, to Talapoosa Co. AL where d. 1904; married Narcissa Carnifax of Talapoosa Co. near Horse Shoe Bend where her parents settled. L. Bryant Duncan had six children: Allen, John, Admiral Osborn Duncan, Wainright R., Isa B. (mar. James Lindsay), Anna (mar. John R. Irvin). The great-grandfather Allen Duncan was one of four brothers, of SC planters: Miles T., Daniel, William P. and Allen; of Scotch ancestry, settled in New England, drifted south following the Revolutionary War. (see Tallapoosa Co. AL for more) (MAD: Allen Duncan in 1820 Wilkes Co. GA census, to Pike Co. GA; Little Bryant Duncan mar. Narcissa Cannifax 10/20/1842 Tallapoosa Co. AL)

1922 "Hills of Wilkes Co. GA" by Lodowick Johnson Hill (Memphis Public Library book 929.2H64h from Evelyn Sigler 12/1982; FHL book 929.273 H55hL and FHL film 1,036,631 item 3)
      Pg.139-140: Mary Ann Tabitha Hill, 1814-1868, mar. 25 Feb. 1834 Col. Perry Emory Duncan of Greenville SC, b. 26 May 1800, d. 16 July 1865 near Emory GA. Children:
      1. Burwell Alexander Duncan, MD, b. 26 Mar. 1835; d. July 1917 at Morehouse MO.
      2. Robert Perry Duncan, b. Feb. 18 1838; d. in the 90's NY City.
      3. Wylie Hill Duncan, b. Apr. 25, 1840.
      4. James Meriwether Duncan, b. June 3, 1842; d. Mar. 21 1873, Ark.
      5. William Thomas Duncan, b. Jan. 19, 1844; d. Dec. 20, 1854.
      6. Martha "Mattie", b. Mar. 7, 1846.
      7. Amelia Jordon Duncan, b. Aug. 6, 1848; d. Jan. 25, 1884.
      8. Edwin DuBose, b. Apr. 29, 1850; d. near West Point MS unm.
      9. George Washington Duncan, b. Feb. 22, 1852; d. 1911.
      10. Mary Millicent Duncan, b. Dec. 27, 1853; d. Aug. 1857.
      11. William Jordan, b. Oct. 23, 1856; d. Sept. 20, 1867.


The following books, and others, contain extracts of many early Wilkes Co. GA records:
      "Early Records of Georgia - Wilkes County" by Grace Gillam Davidson, 1932 (FHL book 975.817 N2d and film 1,321,381 item 6)
      "The Wilkes Co. (GA) Papers 1773-1833" by Robert Scott Davis, ca 1979 (FHL book 975.8172 N2d)
      "Early GA Wills & Settlements of Estates - Wilkes Co." by Sarah Quinn Smith (FHL book 975.8 S2s)


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