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CHURCHES and GRAVEYARDS in Dumfries and Galloway
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Ruthwell Village
This tiny village of Ruthwell has three claims to fame.
1. The church is the oldest building in the south of Scotland still in use as a Parish church.
2. The Runic Cross
Standing in its specially constructed apse inside the church, this cross is the finest example of a Celtic Christian monument to be found anywhere.
 It continues to attract the attention of scholars and tourists from all over the world.
3. The Savings Bank Movement, now world-wide, was started in 1810 by Rev. Henry Duncan, the local Minister.
The small cottage in the village where it all began is now a museum, which is managed by Lloyds TSB Scotland on behalf of  Lloyds TSB Group.
This excellent little museum is well worth a visit.
Henry Duncan and the Ruthwell Savings Bank
Born at Lochrutton Manse,  Henry Duncan had as a young man, started on a banking career in Liverpool where members of his family were merchant traders. When he became minister of Ruthwell, to help his parishioners he started a penny bank, a Savings Bank organised on strict business principles. The small accumulated savings of his parishioners were then deposited with the much larger trading banks and the interest was returned to the depositors accounts.   A reserve fund ensured that his depositors money was protected against losses.
From these very small beginnings at Ruthwell in 1810, grew the  world-wide Savings Bank movement.
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