CHURCHES and GRAVEYARDS in Dumfries and Galloway
Explanatory Notes
There are many old churches and graveyards to be found throughout Dumfries and Galloway.   Some very old graveyards like Kirkbride, Kirkmabreck and St Conal's are
'hidden' in the hills and a longish hike across open country is required to gain access. 
Other locations, like St. Mary's, 
St. Michael's 
(old and new), 
Click to visit Kirkmabreck
Holy Cross, Dumfries High, Calside and Troqueer are all located within the town boundaries of Dumfries. 
Access to these graveyards is very easy and would fit into one day of walking.  A much better option would be to allow an additional day and include visits to Dumfries churches like St. Michael's and Greyfriar's. 
Click to visit St. Michaels I have visited all of the graveyards listed here but had access only to a small number of the churches. 
As you will see from viewing these photos, image quality is often affected by the vagaries of the 
weather. Some locations require to be re-visited. 
Please understand that I make no claims as to the comprehensiveness of this tour.  Most of my earlier photo surveys were intended only as an overview of the graveyard. My later surveys, using higher resolution cameras, include more close-ups of memorial stones. 
You might just be lucky and find an ancestor on some of the more easily read memorials.
This web site tour offers you the chance to view over 6 thousand digital photographs taken in 65 graveyards throughout Dumfries and Galloway.   Many of the graveyards have been surveyed and their memorial inscriptions recorded. A large number of these records are now available in booklet form at very reasonable prices from Dumfries and Galloway Family History Society.  See their web site at for details of their mail order service.

Visitors to the Family History Research Centre in Dumfries town and to the many references departments of Dumfries and Galloway Library, Archives and Information Service will be given free access to copies of these records.

This website is now available as a CD ROM and copies can be bought through the DGFHS mail order service already referred to above. The CD is NOT offered as an alternatives or replacement for these paper-based records and should be viewed only as an additional source.

The photographic record I have produced clearly shows how many of the graveyard monuments have deteriorated to a state where their inscriptions can no longer be read.  The paper record of these MIs is all that remains to tell the researcher the genealogical story of the monument.

Finally, I waive my copyright on the use of my images for family historians producing not-for-profit histories of their family.  All I ask is that at least one reference to the source be made in the acknowledgement section of their publication.

D & G Family History Society welcome enquiries regarding what they have published and what is available for sale.

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