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Galt Family History

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The Galt Surname

The Galt surname is Scotch in origin. According to the Hall of Names Database, the surname Galt originated in the former county of Perthshire in Scotland. The Galts are also listed as a sept (or branch) of the Clan Macdonald of the Isles on the Scotclans site. This clan was loctaed in the Hebrides. To futher confuse the issue, the 1851 census apparently lists Galts only in Atrim and Ayrshire Counties. Obviuosly, there is more to this story somewhere.

For much more information on the Macdonald Clan, check out this site.

The Family History

Family legend has it that the first Galt in our line to emigrate to Trinidad was a cobbler from Scotland. He had several children, one of which was our ancestor, Algernon Eustace Galt. Uncle Algy, as many knew him, was an overseer on a large sugar plantation. Algy married Myra Vincent and had four sons. The Galt boys were well known in Port of Spain during their youth, and all four of them attended Queens Royal College for their secondary education. Desmond Galt, my grandfather, was active in training horses with his stepfather, Henry Hart. Desmond, Margery, and all of their daughters eventually emigrated to the United States.

The Family Today

Although many of the Galts emigrated to the United States, there is a strong Galt presence on the island to this day.

Research Goals

It is my goal to identify all of Algernon's parents and siblings, and eventually trace the family back into Scotland.