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                  Karl Streich
             Otto Karl Strike
            |    |     Frederick Hohnke
            |    |Henrietta Hohnke
            |         |Augusta 
        Robert Karl Strike
       |    |          Thomas Russell|the elder
       |    |     Thomas W. Russell
       |    |    |    |     James McNally
       |    |    |    |Jane McNally McNelley  
       |    |    |         |Mary 
       |    |Emily Russell
       |         |     William Hartley
       |         |Ellen Hartley
       |              |Ann 
   Robert Charles Kramp
       |Mary Margaret Gailliot
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* I practice "safe" genealogy at this site. Therefore, no persons are included who are under 20 years of age (birth date more recent that Jan 1984), or whose birth date is not known- and hence, age could not be determined. No vital statistics are given for living persons. For more information, you should go to other sources at this site, for example, the Obituaries. These pedigree charts were created from a much larger and more extensively referenced database in my hands. For specifics, please email me: bobkramp(at) . Substitute @ for (at).

Through the years while this web site has been on the Internet, I have met several fellow genealogists, friends, and family, who have contributed to this genealogy. I am not a collector of GEDCOMs, but have enjoyed receiving descendency charts, Family Group Sheets, and original documents from which I have incorporated data into this database- usually one unique person or event at a time. From about 5000 persons in my basic database, I have filtered out several hundreds of individuals for security reasons, and have pruned off other braches because I didn't want to steal someone else's "thunder" in presenting our family's genealogy. However, some duplication is unavoidable. I have provided remote links to web sites of others who have duplicate individuals or families at their web sites.

I would particularly like to acknowledge the contributions of Lyn Eckberg Beroth, Rudolf Kerbitz, Carole Stempfley, Terry Iaria Morgan, Samuel Shugar, Andy Alexis and Larry McCutcheon.

I would also like to give a big thanks to: Bill Albright, Theresa Barraclough, Beverly Boggess, Jeremy Bopp, Eleanore Grove, Louise Hastings, Kathryn Hesaltine, Rhonda Lewis, Donald Moreau, Thomas Naylor, Jen Oliphant, Thomas Powell, Doug Ross, Michelle Skurzynski, Douglas Srock, Nancy Storck, Thomas Naylor, and Benjamin R. Williams.

Finally, I would like to acknowledge the late Alice Wagner for all of her wonderful stories and family albums she shared with me.

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