Streich, Hohnke, Kramp, Russell, Hartley families
by Robert Kramp, grandson of Otto Streich and Emily Russell
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Robert Kramp, nee R. Strike Fig. 1. My father, Robert Carl Kramp, born Robert Karl Strike
My father's paternal ancestors the STREICH and HOHNKE and adopted KRAMP families were from the former Prussian Empire (provinces of Pommern, Posen, and Westpreussen); and his maternal ancestors the RUSSELL and HARTLEY families came from Durham County, England. ALL of these families came to Clearfield County, Pennsylvania, in early 1880's to mine coal. 
NOTE: This site defines my father's branch. For my mother's branch (Gailliot, Dumoulin, Austel, Gutgsell), please visit her site at
Bob and tour guide at Lady Victoria Mine, Scotland Fig 2. Bob Kramp, your host for this web site,  presents a lump of coal from the Moshannon vein of Clearfield County, Pennsylvania, to the tour guide at Lady Victoria Coal Mine located just south of Edinburgh, Scotland.  This image symbolically closes a circle that began with my paternal great grandfather, Thomas W. Russell, who was born into a coal mining family in 1847, near Glasgow, Scotland.  A year later, he emigrated with his parents to Durham County, in northern England; lived there for the next 30 years; and married into the Hartley family.  Then, in 1881 Thomas brought his wife and family, including his year old daughter who became my paternal grandmother, to the coal fields of Clearfield Co, Pennsylvania.  And now, 150 years later, in July, 1996, I returned to the British Isles to retrace the footsteps of my Russell and Hartley ancestors.  View my journal of the trip.
People, Places and Events around Houtzdale, PA. 
small image of Houtzdale miners Fig 3. Coal miners, Houtzdale, Clearfield Co, PA. Click on image to see enlargement.
Alice's Whiteside classroom, 1934 Fig. 4. Aunt Alice Wagner's classroom at Whiteside, 1934. Click on image to see enlargement. Also included: Alice's H.S. graduation class from Moshannon Twp, 1927.
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List of every surname and person in this genealogical database (2399 individuals, 791 marriages) on Jan 2004 Opens to an ancestor chart (map) for my Father's branch. Use your browser's "search" feature to see if your surname of interest is in List of Surnames. Acknowledgements. Statement for "safe" genealogy
Abstracts of each major family A summary paragraph for each of my main family lines- often used in queries that I post around the internet.
Background to the Streich, Hohnke, Kramp and Wagner families History of my ancestors from former Kingdom of Prussa- in Posen and Pomerania (Hinter pommern). Includes images.
Background to RUSSELL and HARTLEY families Historical sketch of these families from the British Isles. Includes images.
Photo Albums Index of albums containing images of my ancestors
Obituaries and Death Notices Opens to alphabetized list.
Our War Veterans List of those who served (under construction)
My Pedigree (Ahnentafel) in Stone My Pedigree in tombstones images. Including a text version to represent those ancestors with no memorials.
 Journal of Thomas Russell, the younger, 1877 Transcription of old journal, 1878-1881, from Durham Co; index of every name, 6 images.
My own journal of a trip to British Isles, July 1996 A photo journal. Are you researching Russell families in Durham Co and Lanarkshire? Check this out.  (In progress)
The Russell Clan Family associations for Russell surname.
Missing Persons Julius Streich, David Russell, et al. 
Remote Links Sites on the Internet which are specifically associated with my paternal genealogy. Includes web sites of other family members.
Web rings I have joined Expanding my contacts among fellow genealogists and family historians.

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