Index to the applications submitted for the Eastern Cherokee Roll of 1909
(Guion Miller Index) available in digital format on Http://www.NARA.gov
submitted by Laurel Baty [[email protected]]

These applications are very long so I will just give a little info about the applicant and if anyone would like copies let me know.

Batey, Robert S. Colo.--approved, Denver CO, father Wilburn Batey, mother Ellen Ellison, born Dec 5, 1884

Batie, Robert I. T.--rejected, Tahlequah OK--parents William Batie and Eliza Parris Beaty.

Batie, Wilburn I. T.--rejected, Talequah Okla, "Old settlers on both sides" listed as reason for rejection--born June 28, 1881, father, William Batie mother Eliza Parris

Battie, Elias I. T.--rejected, Braggs Oklahoma, father William Bottie, mother Eliza Parris, born Jan 28, 1884

Battie, Susan I. T.--approved, Ah-Ni-Wake Okla.--wife of Robert Beattie, daughter of Joshua Anderson and Nancy M. Adkisson.

Battie, William Gdn. I. T.--this is for Walter Foster whose mother was a daughter of William Battie and Eliza Battie. Walter was born in 1897.

Battie, Willie I. T.--rejected, born Tahlequah Dist Cher Nation Jan 16, 1885, parents William Battie and Eliza Parris Battie

Beatey, Jesse Tenn.--rejected, Fentress Co Tn, 56 years old, --mother Sallie Beaty, nee Cobb, father died about 1877, mother 1879, names of siblings, children maternal info, letters from John Allen Cobb, George W. Conatser--interesting!

Beatty, Alice B. R. Cal.--approved, Grass Valley CA, married to Francis Gibson Beatty (65 years old), she was born in Honey Creek Cherokee Nation in 1848 and was enrolled in 1851, father was John Rollin Ridge, her Indian name is Agnala, lots of information in this application

Beaty, Cull Tenn.--rejected, Mauson TN--faher James Beaty mother Catherine Hogue Beaty, all born Fentress County, grandparents Flem Beaty and Sallie Beaty (Cobb or Koker) their children--John, Balam, Jessie and Dave.

Beaty, David Tenn.--rejected, Boatland Tenn., father Flern Beaty, mother Suley Cubb, english name Stephens, names of brothers and sisters and maternal Aunts and uncles

Beaty, Fanie E. Tenn., Moodyville TN, father-James K. Beaty, Mother-Sarah Smith Beaty (died 1893), both born in Fentress Co TN, brother Manson Beaty

Beaty, James Tenn.--rejected, Manson TN--father Flem Beaty, mother Sallie Cobb, siblings listed (Ida Wright and Belle Robbins applications were next to his and I copied those too--his daughters), children listed--Cull Beaty, Belle Robbins, Ida Wright, Wayn Beaty, Bates Beaty, Electa Beaty

Beaty, Lou Ga.--rejected, Pendergrass GA, husbands name not listed has children Gus, Annie, Claud, John and Lee, father Riley Wilkerson mother Martha Pruit

Beaty, Nancy J. Tenn.--rejected, Little Crab TN, wife of David Beaty, claims through parents John and Elizabeth Conatser.

Beaty, Sarah A. Tenn.--rejected, Little Crab TN, married to Elam Beaty, father John Conatser, lots more information on Conatsers

A lot of these Beatys are L2--if anyone wants copies let me know. There is a fair amount of genealogy in the applications--most of it related to the maternal line.


Last update: November 25, 2003