Will of Hezekiah Ellis 1771/2

A Sweet thing, for whatever time, to revisit in dreams

The dear dead ones we have lost

Euripides c. 485-406 B.C.


Will of HEZEKIAH ELLIS - Dated 17 November 1771
Spotsylvania County, Virginia - Will Book "D" page 511

In the name of God Amen. I Hezekiah Ellis of the county of Spotsylvania, being Sick and Weak in body but in perfect mind and memory do make this my last will and testament in manner and form following my body I recommend to the earth and my Soul to almight God who gave it and as to what Worldly Estate it hath pleased God to Bless me with I Bequeath as follows:

I desire tht my just debts and Funeral Expenses be first paid and satisfied---

I lend to my loving wife Mildred Ellis during her Widowhood all my Estate Real and personal and if she the sd. Mildred Ellis my wife should Mary it is my desire that she shall then have one third part of my Estates and the remaining part to be Equally divided amongst my Children and their heirs forever and if the said Mildred Ellis my wife doth marry it is further my desire that at her death the one third part of the Estate lent her shall return and be Equally divided among my Children and their heirs forever---

I appoint my loving wife my Brother William Ellis and my friend James Lewis whole and sole Exer & exor of this my will and testament In Witness whereof I have hereunto Affixed my hand and Seal the seveth day of November One Thousand Seven hundred and Seventy-One.

Signed Sealed Published)

Hezekiah Ellis (Seal)

Declared to be the Testators )
last Will in presence of)
James Lewis
Robert Oneal

Know all men by these presents that we Mildred Ellis William Ellis James Lewis Benjamin Burbridge and Daniel Branham are held and firmly bound unto Joseph Brock William Smith Robt Chew and Charles Washington Gentlement Justices of the county court of Spotsylvania now in the sum of Four hundred pounds Current money of Virginia to them which payment will and truly to be made to the said Justices and their successors we bind ourselves and every of us our and every of our heirs Exor and admr jointly and severaly firmly by these presents Sealed with our Seals this 16 day of April 1772.

The Condition of this obligation is such that if the above bound Mildred Ellis, William Ellis James Lewis Exer of the last will and Testament of Hezekiah Ellis dec'd do make or cause to be made a true and perfect Inventory of all and singular the goods chattels and credits of the said Dec'd which have or shall come to the hands possession or knowledge of them the said Mildred Ellis Wm. Ellis and James Lewis or into the hands or possession of any other person or persons for them and the same so made do exhibit to or cause to be exhibited unto the county court of Spotsylvania at such time as they Shall be thereto required by the said court and the same goods chattels and credits of said Dec'd at the time death which at any time after Shall come to the hands or possession of the said Mildred Ellis, Wm. Ellis & James Lewis or into the hands or possession of any other person or persons for them do well and truly admr according to Law and further do make a just & true acct of Their Actings & doings therein when thereto required by the said court and also do will and truly pay and deliver all the legacies contained & specified in the sd. Testament as far as the sd. goods chattels & credits will thereunto Extend According to the value thereof and as the Law Charge them then this obligation to be void otherwise to remain in full force and virtue.

Signed and sealed)
in presence of

F. B. Johnston

Mildred (her X mark) Ellis (Seal)

Wm Ellis (Seal)

Js Lewis (Seal)

Daniel Branham (Seal)

Benj Burbridge  (Seal)


REF: The above document was copied from a Xerox copy of the original as found on the microfilm at the Archives in Richmond, Va.

Spotsylvania County, Virginia - Will Book "E" Page 401:

Inventory and appraisement of Estate of HEZEKIAH ELLIS Taken by Thomas Coleman, Robt O'Neal & James Lewis in 1779 -

1 Cow & Calf £12.10.0 Small Stear 25.. 3 Cows & Heifer 22£

12 Sheep 24# 1 Sow 11 Shoats #10..T??? Chairs

2 Chairs £7 2 Square Tables 25/ 2 Spinng Wheels ???

1 pr Cotton Cords £3 1 Gun ??? parcel of Old ???Books

1 Bed Bedstead Cord 2 Counterpains Rug 1 Sheet

1 D ???27.10.0 1 D Rug Sheet 1 Counter pain

5 Earthen Plates ??? 2 Bowles ??? Tin Coffee Pot

1 Jug Vinegar Cruet 10/ 3 Butter pots Jug ???

1 Pewter Bason ??? 3 Pewter dishes 9 plates ??? Basons spoons

2 Stone butter pots 12/2 Iron pots Hooks 1 Dutch oven

1 pr flat Irons 3? 1 Iron wedge 12/7 knives 6 forks

1 Negro Boy Ben

£ 79.10.0

£2  36.00.0




£20 47.10.0





15/ 2.17.0


£ 731.13.6


D Hezekiah Ellis Dec'd

To Ben Robinson third of sd Estate)
as his wife Dower. Viz... )
Chattle £128.7.7 Negro Ben 500£  )

To 2 Negroes Isham Venus in the )
possession of Mr Jn Ellis )
Guardian to the Children )

To Ben Robinson bond in the )
Possession of Mr John Ellis for )
the Remainder of y Chattles )

To Cash Ben Robinson for his )
wifes part of her money due)
from Eliz'th Ellis Estate)



?? Contra......
By Amt of appraisment)

By proportion of Wm &)
Elizabeth Ellis's Estate)

£ .......S D












£ 1153.09.3

£s 1885.02.9

Pursuant to an order of the Spotsylvania Court dated 18 th March 1779 We the Subscribers have appraised this and declared the sd Estate agreeable to the said order as appears by the above acct Given under our hands the ______ Day of ______ 1779

Thomas Colson
Robt Oneal
James Lewis  

Pursuant to an Order of Spotsylvania Court dated the ______ Day of ________ We the subscribers have alloted to Benjn Robinson one Third Of the Tract of Land the property of Hezekiah Ellis's Estate as his wifes dower Containing thirty Three acres discribed as follows Begn at a Maple on Lewis's River side S5 E52 to heap of Stones thence W100  to Red oak in other sons line then N27 W52 to Red oak -Hiccory S85 E48 to 2 Hiccorys a White oak thence N70 E24 to 2 Small Red oaks by the River down the same to the Begn. Given under our hands on ______ Day of ______

Thomas Colson
Robt Oneal
James Lewis

NOTE: The above document was copied from a Xerox copy of the original as found on the microfilm at the Archives in Richmond, Va. I have tried to use the same spelling, punctuation and capitalization to the best of my ability. If I could not read the word or amount I have used a "?" mark and if the date was not entered I have used a "____".

Margaret SHIPP Henley, 9 October 1993