Forks of Elkhorn Church

excerpts from

Forks of Elkhorn Church

by Ermina Jett Darnell

Another family was that of William R. Thompson (1776-1860), who ......taught with Louis Marshall at Buck Pond.  His wife was Margaret McCulloch, and their son, Dr. Robert J., m Barbara Wilson, W 1833, and was the father of: 1, William, m Virginia Campbell (dau of Alexander Campbell, leader of the great Church movement, and his wife, Selina H. Bakewell); 2, Dr. Benjamin Wilson m Fannie Goodwin...1868; 3, Rebecca; 4, Dr. Robert J. Jr., m Maxey Ayres, and went to Missouri; 5, Katherine, m J. Tilford Brown; 6, Enna; 7, Oakley, m Jennie Fogg. They lived on the Frankfort-Versailles pike east of the old Steele's Ferry road, and were parents of Mrs. Oakley Brown, of the Louisville Pike, and others.

Dr. Robert Thompson, Sr., and his son, Dr. B. W. Thompson, lived in the Duckers neighborhood.

Thomson-Anthony, 1789     Nathaniel, dis 1807

             Ann, 1           Betsy, r 1818

Mary, 1,                   

Anthony Thomson, Sr. (______ -1794) was the son of Robert and Susanna Thomson, of New Kent County, Virginia, and the grandson of Robert and Judith Thomson. He came from Louisa County, Virginia, with his family in 1784, and lived first the Lafayette Crutcher place on the Frankfort-Versailles road, and later at "Thomson's Manor," (also called "Thomson's Castle"  and "Thomson's Fort'), a large stone house which he built on a high point opposite the Henton residence.

His wife was Ann Bibb (dau of Henry and Eleanor Fleming Bibb, of King William County, Virginia), and their children were: 1, Robert, remained in Virginia: 2, Judith, m. Thomas Bell (s Thomas and Elizabeth Ware Bell), of Woodford, and they went to Ohio County, where they had: a, Thomson; b, John; c, Samuel; d, Thomas; e, Robert; f, Jefferson; 3, Eleanor (1759-1810), m David Thomson (s Waddy and Elizabeth Anderson Thompson), who was a Baptist minister in Virginia, and they lived at the Alex Wright farm (afterward "Hereford"). Their children were: a, Anthony (b 1782), m Sarah Thomas; b, Anderson; c, Waddy, m Cynthia Thomas, of Greenup, and their children were: William; David; Nancy; Parthenia; and Robert Thomas, who m Mildred Henton, W 1840, and lived near Duckers on the farm now owned by B. M. Hieatt, where they had: Mary Eliza, m Thomas Lewis, of Shelby; Lucy; Ella, m Virgil Lewis; Thomas, m Mary Quarles (dau Dr. Archibald and Mary F. Quarles), and they were the parents of Quarles Thompson, of Duckers, and Mrs. Mervin Parrent, of Frankfort; Cynthia, m S. J. Gibson; William; Elizabeth, m Thomas Shaw, and they were the parents of Mrs. Clarence Burke, of Versailles; John; Parthenia; James, m Martha Scott and they were the parents of Scott and Robert Thompson, of Frankfort; Lewis.

d, Elizabeth Blanton; e, Louisa, m Joel Thomasson; f, Mary Shipp; g, Ann Bibb, m Robert Adams, W 1817, and had David Thomson and Virginia; h, William, m Eliza Peters; i, David, m Eliza Beatty, 1827, and they had Judge Robert Alexander, m Lavinia Wingate, F 1851, and was the grandfather of Mrs. Henrietta Callis and Miss Lucy Thomson, of Frankfort.  4, Susanna Vaughan; 5, Anthony, Jr., m first Ann Pemberton, F 1797, and they had: a, Richard P.; b, Anthony; c, Ann Bibb, m Francis R. Black, W 1826; d, Margaret, m Thomas Berryman; e, Mary, m _______McDonald.  Anthony, Jr., m second, Katherine Mason, their children were: f, Katherine, m William Hines; g, Henry Bibb.

6, Nathaniel, m Frances Major, 1795.  They lived at "Thomson's Manor" and had: a, Elizabeth Hicklin; b, Ann Dillon; c, Martha Crutcher; d, John; e, Maria, m Maurice English; f, Zoraida E. Crutcher; g, Henry; h, Paulina V., m G. W. Thomson; h, Mary Louise Crutcher.  7, Mary m Samuel Waddy, of Shelby; 8, Henry; 9, Elizabeth; 10, Sarah.

One Anthony Thompson m Sarah Williams (dau William), 1828; William Thompson m Peggy Hambleton, 1789; Roger Tomson m Easter Robinson, F 1800.

Mrs. Ann Rodes Thomson, widow of William Thomson, of Louisa County, Virginia, came to Scott with her children, among whom were Eunice Smith and Gen. David Thomson, who m Betsy Suggett, and had a large family, including Mildred Elvira Major, Melita Ann Smith, and Marion Wallace Gunnell.  In 1833 General Thomson and several members of his family went to Pettis County, Missouri, where the city of Sedalia was named for one of his granddaughters.


If you know what some of the abbreviations mean, e.g., F 1800, please let me know.  Thank you.