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Aherns in Massachusetts Census 1850
Somerville High School Yearbook 1934
Aherns in Cambridge, Mass. 1859
Biography and Genealogy of Western Mass.
Aherns in Tewksbury State Almshouse 1860-1896
Ahern Deaths in Tewksbury State Almshouse 1854-1905 New 9/6
Aherns in Boston Street Directories
Aherns in Massachusetts Census 1860
Aherns in Massachusetts Probate Records
Civil War Records of Aherns from Massachusetts
Town Clerk's Records of Arlington, Massachusetts

Aherns in Massachusetts in 1850

The following Aherns were recorded in the 1850 U. S. Census for Massachusetts.

1850 Federal Census for Massachusetts
? [female] O'Hern5 mo.
Mass.Suffolk4th ward, Boston19
? [female] O'Herring1
? [female] O'Herring3
Abby O'Hearne18
IrelandBerkshireGreat Barrington168
Abigail O'Herin6
LouisianaMiddlesex8th ward, Boston148
Albina O'Hern18
Ann Aharn17
Anna O'Hern3
Mass.Suffolk10th ward, Boston445
Bridget Ahearn22
Bridget Ahern23
Bridget O'Herin40
IrelandMiddlesex8th ward, Boston148
Bridget O'Hern8
Mass.Suffolk10th ward, Boston445
Catherine Ahern17
Catherine Ahern25
IrelandSuffolk10th ward, Boston365
Catherine O'Hern30
IrelandSuffolk4th ward, Boston19
Catherine O'Hern34
IrelandSuffolk10th ward, Boston445
Catherine O'Hern7
Catherine O'Herron3
Mass.Suffolk2nd ward, Boston207
Cornelius Aharan22BootmakerIrelandNorfolkRandolph176
Cornelius Aharn27BootmakerIrelandMiddlesexHopkinton413
Corney O'Hearne8
Daniel Ahern37SlaterIrelandSuffolk10th ward, Boston441
David Aharan23BootmakerIrelandNorfolkRandolph176
David O'Hern28LaborerIrelandEssex3rd ward, Salem172
Eliza O'Herron1
Mass.Suffolk2nd ward, Boston207
Ellen A'Hearn5
Ellen Aharn24
Ellen Ahern6
Ellen O'Hearn70
Ellen O'Hearn9
Ellen O'Hern25
IrelandSuffolk5th ward, Boston320
Ellen O'Hern5
Honora O'Hern23
Honora A'Hearn38
Honora O'Hern3
J? O'Herron26
James A'Hearn35LaborerIrelandEssexLawrence170
James Ahern40MasonIrelandNorfolkRoxbury203
James Aheron3 mo.
James O'Hern13
Mass.Suffolk10th ward, Boston445
James O'Herron42LaborerIrelandSuffolk2nd ward, Boston207
Jane? O'Herron43
IrelandSuffolk2nd ward, Boston207
Janet Ahern1
Jeremiah A'Hearn1
Jeremiah O'Herne30
Joannah O'Hern3
Mass.Essex3rd ward, Salem172
Johanna O'Hearne32
John Aharn30BootmakerIrelandMiddlesexHopkinton416
John O'Hern20LaborerIrelandBerkshireStockbridge85
John O'Herrin25LaborerIrelandSuffolk4th ward, Boston117
John O'Herrin30LaborerIrelandMiddlesexCharlestown26
John O'Herring6
John O'Herron13
IrelandSuffolk2nd ward, Boston207
John O'Herron27LaborerIrelandHampdenMonson90
Julia O'Herrin20
IrelandSuffolk4th ward, Boston117
Margaret Ahern30
Margaret O'Hearn13
IrelandSuffolk4th ward, Boston193
Margaret O'Hearn21
Margaret O'Hern19
Margaret O'Hern26
IrelandEssex3rd ward, Salem172
Mary A. K. Ahern26
IrelandEssex1st ward, Salem21
Mary Ahern18
IrelandSuffolk10th ward, Boston367
Mary Ahern20
IrelandSuffolk5th ward, Boston304
Mary Ahern21
Mary Ahern25
Mary Ahern40
Mary Ahern4
Mass.Suffolk10th ward, Boston441
Mary G. O'Herring35
Mary O'Hern15
Mary O'Hern1
Mass.Essex3rd ward, Salem172
Mary O'Hern46
Mary O'Herron11
IrelandSuffolk2nd ward, Boston207
Maurice O'Hearn24LaborerIrelandEssexDanvers45
Michael O'Hearn11
Michael O'Hern48FarmerIrelandBerkshireStockbridge85
Michael O'Herron1
Michael O'Herron35LaborerIrelandHampdenMonson89
Morris O'Hern35LaborerIrelandSuffolk5th ward, Boston234
Nancy Ahern39
IrelandSuffolk10th ward, Boston441
Patrick Ahearn40
Patrick O'Haran38LaborerIrelandSuffolk2nd ward, Boston190
Patrick O'Hearn21Foundry?IrelandEssexLawrence183
Patrick O'Hearn37LaborerIrelandEssexLynnfield187
Patrick O'Hern33LaborerMass.EssexDanvers45
Patrick O'Hern33LaborerMass.EssexDanvers45
Patrick O'Hern49LaborerIrelandSuffolk10th ward, Boston445
Peris O'Harrin8
orphanWorcester3rd ward, Worcester170
Richard Aharn25BootmakerIrelandMiddlesexHopkinton416
Stephen Ahern3
Thomas O'Hearn36LaborerIrelandEssexLynnfield187
Thomas O'Hern35LaborerIrelandSuffolk4th ward, Boston19
Timothy O'Hearn12
William Ahern25FarrierIrelandEssex1st ward, Salem21
William Ahern4
William Aherne41LaborerIrelandSuffolk10th ward, Boston437
William O'Hearn30LaborerIrelandSuffolk12th ward, Boston359
William O'Herring40FarmerIrelandBerkshirePittsfield277

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Aherns in Somerville High School Yearbook - 1934

Charles Ahern, 202 School St.
John Ahern, 62 Curtis St.
See photo.

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Aherns in Cambridge, Mass. 1859 City Directory

The following is taken from Cambridge, Massachusetts 1859 City Directory.
Ahern, John, laborer, [house] Harvard [near] Hancock
Hearn, Maurice A., laborer [house] Harvard [near] Main
O'Haran, Maurice, laborer, [house] Dublin
O'Hearn, Dennis, laborer, [house] rear Dublin [near] the railroad
O'Hearn, Maurice, laborer, [house] Harvard [near] Main, [Lower Port]

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Biography and Genealogy of Western Mass.

The following is taken from "Biography and Genealogy of Western Massachusetts, 1639-1925".

THOMAS FARRELL AHEARN—As the head of the prominent undertaking firm in Northampton with which three generations of his family have now been associated, Mr. Ahearn continues these policies established by the concern at the outset of adopting distinctively modern methods in the exacting usages of his profession, and of meeting the requirements of neighborhood and community in all matters that pertain to thoroughness and excellence in the direction of funerals. With this aim in view, Mr. Ahearn has brought to his aid the practical results of his training in schools and general experience, and his plant is equipped with every convenience for the methodical work of the undertaker of today. Of a family known for industry and for able workmanship in their various callings, he is a representative of three generations of the branch of his name who have resided in the western part of the State.

(I) James Ahearn, grandfather of Mr. Ahearn and the son of Maurice and Honora Ahearn, was born in Keleagh, County Cork, Ireland, October 2, 1810, and died October 17, 1899, in Sunderland, Massachusetts, where he first settled when he came to the United States in 1852. He then resided at Mount Toby on the Shepherd estate, where he was engaged in preparing lumber. He later removed to the Plumtrees section of Sunderland, where he was a farmer to the time of his death. He married Joanna Barry, who was born December 5, 1815, in Ballyquirk, County Cork, Ireland, and died in Sunderland, Massachusetts, daughter of Patrick and Margaret Barry. Their children: Maurice; Patrick, of whom further; Thomas; Margaret; James; Honora; Catherine; John; William Robert.

(II) Patrick Ahearn, son of James and Joanna (Barry) Ahearn, was born October 14, 1844, in Ballyquirk, County Cork, Ireland, and died December 18, 1922, in Northampton. He came to the United States at an early date. Mr. Ahearn made an effort to enter the service in the Civil War, and he enlisted for that service, but on account of his age he was rejected. He went to Northampton to live during the period of the war, and he was in the employ of Silas M. Smith and Company in the furniture and undertaking business, so continuing for twenty-six years, after which he operated in the livery business for a time. In s890, he bought out a furniture business, and in company with his son, Thomas F., under the firm name of P. Ahearn and Son, he conducted the furniture and undertaking business to the time of his death. He married Elizabeth Farrell, who was born January 29, 1843, in Ireland, and died February 18, 1913, daughter of Thomas and Elizabeth (Bird) Farrell. Their children: Elizabeth G., who died in June, 1892; Thomas Farrell, of whom further; James S.; Charles, who was drowned in 1886; Julia M., who married James A. Gibbons; John Bird, of Providence, Rhode Island; Anna, deceased, who married William Kiley; Henry, who resides in Holyoke.

(III) Thomas Farrell Ahearn, son of Patrick and Elizabeth (Farrell) Ahearn, was born April 3, 1870, in Northampton, where he attended the public schools. He was then employed in a grocery for a short time, and later in a clothing store. In 1892, Mr. Ahearn attended the Oriental School of Embalming, in Boston, where he graduated and received his diploma, becoming associated with his father in the funeral directing and the furniture business. They later disposed of their furniture department, but under the name of P. Ahearn and Son continued as undertakers until the death of Patrick Ahearn, in 1922; and at that time Mr. Ahearn took his son, Robert J. into partnership with him, and since then the firm name has been the P. Ahearn Company. Mr. Ahearn's fraternal affiliations are with the Ancient Order of Hibernians; at fourteen years of age he was a member of the Father Mathew Temperance Society; his endeavors are constructive in a marked degree.

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Aherns in Tewksbury State Almshouse 1860-1896

The following Aherns were indexed from inmate case histories of the Tewksbury State Almshouse for the period covering October 1860 through January 1896 compiled from microfilm available at the Center for Lowell History. These case histories may contain such information as the inmate's age, birthplace, information on parents or other family members, date of arrival in this country, places they have resided, occupation and reason for admittance.

Aherns in Tewksbury State Almshouse 1860-1896
Ann O'Hearn191282April 1862 - July 1864
Anna O'Hearn32805101869
Bridget Ahearn277225October 1866 - February 1867
Bridget O'Hearn68353381883
Bridget O'Hern82060481888
Bryan Ahern65415361882
Catherine Ahern103614711895
Catherine Ahern51251261877
Catherine O'Hearn183502April 1862 - July 1864
Coleman O'Hearn62440341881
Cornelius O'Hearn282866February - July 1867
Daniel Ahearn52615271877
Daniel O'Hearn101995691894
Daniel O'Herne34097111870
David Ahearn A.68755391883
David Ahearn50590251877
David Ahern51199261877
David O'Hearn47948241875
David O'Hearn50590251876
David O'Hearn54189281877
Elizabeth Ahern51250261877
Elizabeth Ahern51253261877
Ellen O'Hern35022121870
Garrett O'Hearn46004221875
Hannah O'Hern55219291878
Henry Ahearn96475621893
James Ahearn191722April 1862 - July 1864
James Ahern81841481888
James O'Hearn100044661894
James O'Hearn101603681894
James O'Hearn103023701895
James O'Hearn253944January - September 1866
James O'Hearn57264311879
James O'Hearn75408431885
James O'Hearn79018461886
James O'Hearn84275501889
James O'Hearn96483621893
Jeremiah A'Hearn257854January - September 1866
Jeremiah Ahern73592421884
Jerry Ahearn102009691894
Jerry O'Hearn102009691894
John Ahearn103398711895
John Ahearn71881411884
John Ahearn80393471887
John Ahearn89186551890
John Ahearn90381561891
John Ahearn94674601892
John Ahearn99569661894
John Ahern3101081868
John Ahern73751421884
John O'Hearn32765101869
John O'Hearn36731141871
John O'Hearn38620151872
John O'Hearn46213221875
John O'Hearn62575351881
John O'Hearn62680351881
John O'Hearn95537611893
John O'Hearn96962631893
Maggie O'Hearn64388361882
Margaret Ahern76570441885
Mary Ahern81048471887
Mary O'Hearn3115491868
Mary O'Hearn66480371882
Mary O'Hearn99746661894
Mary O'Herne33978111869
Matthew O'Hern35024121870
Michael Ahearn J.104343721895
Michael Ahearn90544561891
Michael O'Hearn273935October 1866 - February 1867
Michael O'Hearn34112111870
Michael O'Hearn48047241875
Michael O'Hearn62681351881
Michael O'Hern35023121870
Michael O'Hern59536321880
Mollie Ahearn103212701895
Mollie Ahearn95380611893
Nellie Ahearn70954401884
Nellie O'Hearn90027561891
Patrick A'Hearn272985October 1866 - February 1867
Patrick Ahearn70229391883
Patrick Ahern98991651894
Patrick O'Hearn54135281877
Patrick O'Hearn58800321879
Patrick O'Hearn65627371882
Patrick O'Hearn66795371883
Patrick O'Hearn71612411884
Patrick O'Hearn72102411884
Patrick O'Hearne36413131871
Patrick O'Herne87829541890
Peter O'Hearn103151701895
Philip Ahern51252261877
Thomas Ahern48157241876
Thomas Ahern56758301879
Thomas O'Hearn51358261877
Thomas O'Hearn84989511889
Thomas Ohern90182561891
Timothy O'Hearn102600701895
Timothy O'Hearn81916481888
Timothy O'Hearn86862521889
Timothy O'Hearn89205551890
Timothy O'Hearn99183651894
William Ahearn271635October 1866 - February 1867
William Ahern103615711895
William Ahern94576601892
William O'Hearn63871351881
William O'Hearn90765571891
William O'Hern209672April 1862 - July 1864
William O'Herne34062111869
Willie O'Hearn64389361882

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Ahern Deaths in Tewksbury State Almshouse 1854-1905

The following Aherns were indexed from Tewksbury State Hospital Cemetery Records. The vital records will only report patients who died at the hospital, and do not always record where the patients are buried. The content of the death records vary each year. You may contact Massachusetts State Archives in Boston to obtain copies of all death records in this database.
Ahern Deaths in Tewksbury State Almshouse 1854-1905
Garrett O'Hearn9/4/1875Widower57 y. DiarrhoeaBlacksmithIrelandJohn & Ellen
James Ahearn6/3/1902Married45 y. HemiplegiaSalesmanMainePatrick & MaryBuried Tewksbury
James O'Hearn1/21/1889 Widower42 y. Heart DiseaseLaborerIrelandWilliam & Nancy
Jeremiah Ahern7/31/1866Single22 y. PhthisisIreland   
John O'Hearn12/18/1875Single46 y. PhthisisLaborerIrelandJames & Margaret
John Ahearn12/9/1903Single29 y. Malignant EndocarditisMachinistRhode IslandMichael & BridgetParents born Boston, MA & NY. Bur. Pawtucket, RI
John O'Hearn9/30/1895Single56 y. Chronic DiarrhoeaLaborerIrelandWilliam & EllenBuried Cambridge
John O'Hearn4/11/1863Widower38 y. Phthisis Ireland  
John O'Hearne7/16/1871 1 m. Debility Bridgewater, MA

John O'Hern12/25/1881Married45 y. Senile Dementia IrelandUnknown
John A. Ahern8/9/1900Married37 y. PhthisisGroomCTMaurice & AnnBuried Tewksbury
Margaret Ahearn6/5/1859 40 y.Phthisis Ireland  
Margaret Ahern4/29/1886Single60 y. Phthisis 

Margaret O'Hearn9/17/1871Unknown60 y. DiarrhoeaDomesticIreland

Martin O'Hearn9/28/1874Married90 y. Typhoid FeverLaborerIrelandPatrick & Johanna
Michael O'Hearn6/3/1880Married53 y. PhthisisLaborerIrelandMichael & Mary
Nora Ahearn4/11/1905Widow66 y. Chronic Interstitial NephritisHousekeeperIrelandLot & Bridget (McDonough) SheehanHusband William, bur. Stoughton
Patrick Ahearn7/25/1859 53 y. PhthisisLaborerIreland  
Patrick O'Hearn10/2/1901Single46 y. PhthisisSteamfitterIrelandPatrick & ElizabethBuried Tewksbury
Patrick O'Herne1/24/1891Single70 y. Heart DiseaseLaborerIrelandThomas & Mary
Robert Ahearn7/18/1902Single40 y. PhthisisLaborerIrelandJames & NellieBuried Lawrence

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Aherns in Boston Street Directories

The following Aherns were recorded from Boston street directories available at the Massachusetts State Archives, various Libraries and from online Boston city directories at the Tufts University Digital Library. If you find someone of interest at an address, do a search for other occurences of that address.

Alls. - Allston
B E - Boston Elevated [Railway]
bkpr - bookeeper
Br., B'line - Brookline
Chsn. - Charlestown
Comm. av, - Commonwealth ave.
Cor. - corner
do. - ditto [same]
Dor., Dorch. - Dorchester
E. B. - East Boston
Exp. - Express
F. H. mkt - Fanuel Hall Market
H. P. - Hyde Park
L. M. - Dorchester Lower Mills
Mat. - Mattapan
Mkt. - Market
n. - near
opr. - operator
pl. - place
P. O. - post office
Readv. - Readville (West Roxbury)
rem. - removed
rm. - room
Rox. - Roxbury
S. B. - South Boston
schl. - school
Somv. - Somerville
sta - station
ter. - terrace
W. - West
wd. - ward
Winth. - Winthrop
Aherns in Boston Street Directories for 1861, 1882, 1900, 1905, 1925
A'Hearn, Clarence J.clerk126 North stahouse25 Parkman Dor1925
A'Hearn, C. Josephclerk
res13 Bruce Dor1925
A'Hearn, Gertrude A.teacherPhilip Sheridan school EB
A'Hearn, Harold B.clerk31 St James av rm 336
A'Hearn, John J.supt
A'Hearn, Leonard W.student
A'Hearn, Mauriceclerk247 Southres107 Dresser S B1925
A'Hern, Daniel student5 Courtbds56 Poplar1882
A'Hern, Edward H.ticket sellerMusic Hall
A'Hern, Edward J.clerk
bds83 Oak1882
A'Hern, Maggie T.Miss
bds264 Everett, E. B.1882
Ahearn, A. Gertrudewid. of John H.
house195 E Cottage Dor1925
Ahearn, Alfredlaborer
house59 Marion E B1925
Ahearn, Andrewpressman135 Washingtonbds41 Somerset1900
Ahearn, Andrewteamster
house494 Main Chsn1905
Ahearn, Andrew P.tailor
house25 Whitney Rox1905
Ahearn, Andrew P.salesman62 Summerhouse22 Smith Rox1925
Ahearn, Ann, Mrs.grocer211 Dhouse209 D1900
Ahearn, Anniewid. of Thomas
house216 W Ninth S B1925
Ahearn, Annie L. Mrs.

house111 Elm, Chsn.1900
Ahearn, Annie L.wid. of Andrew
house18 Cliff Rox1925
Ahearn, Bartholomew

rms153 Harrison av.1900
Ahearn, Bartholomewlaborer
bds105 W Fourth S B1900
Ahearn, Bartholomew J.fish176 Atlantic av.house44 Falcon, E. B.1900
salesman at Winthrop1905
treas, John Nagle CoAdm bld Boston Fish pier222 Pleasant, Winth.1925
Ahearn, Bridgetwid. of John
house12 Adams, Chsn.1900
Ahearn, C. G.Inst Tech
bds156 Calumet Rox1905
Ahearn, Catherineopr
house82 Arlington av Chsn1925
Ahearn, Catharine E.Mrs., clerk744 Washresat Winthrop1925
Ahearn, Charlesclerk48 Canalbds12 Adams, Chsn.1900
Ahearn, Charles F.clerk97 Summer

Ahearn, Clara M.wid. of Daniel
house3 Jewell pl Rox1905
Ahearn, Cornelius

bds27 Havre E B1905
Ahearn, Corneliusbookbinder
bds421 E. Third1900
Ahearn, Corneliushorseshoer
house115 A S B1905
Ahearn, Corneliushostler4 Mt. Vernon av.

Ahearn, Corneliushostler
house116 Myrtle1905
Ahearn, Corneliusteamster
house31 Bow1882
Ahearn, Corneliussalesman37 Highhouseat Revere1925
Ahearn, Corneliusclerk
res86 Emerson S B1925
Ahearn, Cornelius A.pianomover162 Boylstonres86 Emerson S B1925
Ahearn, Cornelius E.clerk113 Federalbdsat Somerville1900
Ahearn, Cornelius Mrs.

house65 Baxter1882
Ahearn, Danielpacker215 Devonshirebds204 Harrison av.1900
Ahearn, Danielpensioner
house3 Jewell pl.1900
Ahearn, Daniellaborer
house57 Whitney Rox1905
Ahearn, Danielplasterer
house10 Holmes Br1905
Ahearn, Danielclerk
res7 Marbury ter J P1925
Ahearn, Danielconductor
house110 Murdock Br1925
Ahearn, Daniellaborer
house4 Gore Rox1925
Ahearn, Daniel F.plumber709 A Boylstonbds101 Day Rox1905
Ahearn, Daniel J.clerk40 Londonhouse242 Bennington1900
Ahearn, Daniel J.clerk
house182 Bennington E B1905
Ahearn, Daniel J.courier
house209 D1900
Ahearn, Daniel J.carpenter
house357 Princeton E B1925
Ahearn, Daniel mgr700 Beaconhouse7 Marbury ter J P1925
Ahearn, Davidlaborer
bds79 Dustin1900
Ahearn, Davidlaborer
house77 Dustin Br1905
Ahearn, Davidlaborer
house17 Fellows1900
Ahearn, Davidhostler79 Northamptonhouse17 Fellows1905
Ahearn, Davidporter60 Unionhouseat Woburn1900
Ahearn, Davidclerk374 Mass avrms221 W Springfield1905
Ahearn, Davidsalesman730 Commonwealth avhouseat B'line1925
Ahearn, Dennis B.laborer
house30 Cross Chsn1925
Ahearn, Dennis J.cornice maker
house34 Princeton, Chsn.1900
4 Jackson Chsn1905
Ahearn, Dennis J.teamster
bds45 Parkman, Dor.1900
Ahearn, Dennis J.driver43 Franklinbds1086 Dor. av Dor1905
Ahearn, Edgar M.

house40 Pope E B1925
Ahearn, Edmund F.teamster
bds418 E Third S B1905
Ahearn, Edward J.messenger97 Archhouse32 East Springfield1900
Ahearn, Edward L.messenger28 Court sq.rms1A Prospect, Chsn.1900
Ahearn, Edward P.platform sorterAm Ry Ex South stahouse46 Mall Rox1925
Ahearn, Elizawidow
house62 Castle1882
Ahearn, Elizabeth, Mrs.

house9A Elm Chsn1925
Ahearn, Elizabeth C.dressmaker
bds31 Sumner Dor1905
Ahearn, Ellen

house20 Ballou pl Dor1905
Ahearn, Ellenwid. of Michael
house684 E Sixth S B1905
Ahearn, Ellen M.dressmaker
house8 St. Paul1900
19 Maywood Rox1905
Ahearn, Eugenelaborer
bds1 Allen ct.1900
Ahearn, Eugenelaborer
bds3 Harrison, Dor.1900
Ahearn, Eugenelaborer
house74 Everdean Dor1905
Ahearn, F. E.
413 State Househouseat Somv1925
Ahearn, Francis J.clerk
bds418 E Third S B1905
Ahearn, Frankhostler
rms25 Cambria1905
Ahearn, Franklaborer
bds43 Newland1900
Ahearn, Frank sorterAm Ry Ex South staresat Medford1925
Ahearn, Frederic E.sales mgr68 Essex rm 19houseat Wollaston1925
Ahearn, Georgelaborer
house115 Cabot Rox1925
Ahearn, Georgetea
res7 Marbury ter J P1925
Ahearn, George J.blacksmith123 Lamartine J P.house56 Chestnut av J P.1905
Ahearn, George T.linemanN E T & T Cores357 Princeton E B1925
Ahearn, Hannahwid. of Dennis
house69 Parkman, Dor.1900
Ahearn, Helenwid. of John J.
res1421 Columbus av Rox1925
Ahearn, Henrydriver372 Boylston

Ahearn, Herbertlaborer
house30 W Broadway S B1905
Ahearn, Honorawid. of Dennis
house1086 Dorchster av Dor1905
Ahearn, Honorawid. of William
house74 Fulda1900
Ahearn, Hubert J.tinsmith
res19 Hawthorne Readv1925
Ahearn, J.painter
house40 Parkman1900
Ahearn, J. Frankforeman
house14 Hulbert Rox1925
Ahearn, Jacobbaker5 Edgeworthhousedo.1900
Ahearn, Jamesharnessmaker
bds29 Bow1882
Ahearn, James

bds276 E. Cottage1900
Ahearn, Jamescigarmaker
house33 Middle1900
Ahearn, Jameslaborer
bds11 Joiner1900
Ahearn, Jamesmason
house9 Lincoln, Chsn.1900
Ahearn, Jamesteamster
house20 A Hudson1905
Ahearn, Jamescompositor3 Winthrop sqres532 E Third S B1925
Ahearn, Jamesengineer
res4 Newland1925
Ahearn, Jamesmetalworker
house85 Green1925
Ahearn, Jamesporter111 Devonshirehouse418 Sumner E B1925
Ahearn, James A.
205 Lincolnhouse42 Morrison av Smv1925
Ahearn, James E.policestation 9 Roxhouse31 Sumner Dor1905
Ahearn, James F.mason
house14 Lincoln Chsn1905
Ahearn, James J.boilermaker
house60 Chelsea, E.B.1900
Ahearn, James J.boilermakerE B ferryhouse214 Havre E B1905
Ahearn, James J.engineerE B ferryhouse184 Webster, E. B.1900
27 Havre E B1905
Ahearn, James J.teamster
house138 Hudson1900
Ahearn, James J.teamster
house911 Harrison av.1900
Ahearn, James J.janitor
bds274 E Cottage Dor1905
Ahearn, James J.carpenter458 Broadwayhouse11 Harbor View Dor1925
Ahearn, James P.laborer
bds39 Middle S B1905
Ahearn, Jeremiahlaborer
house23 Chestnut av J P1925
Ahearn, Jeremiah J.laborer
bds71 Lawrence Chsn1905
Ahearn, Johnfreight handler
bds93 Hudson1900
Ahearn, Johnhostler
house6 Lime1900
Ahearn, Johnlaborer
bds105 W. Fourth1900
Ahearn, Johnlaborer
bds64 Silver1900
Ahearn, Johnlaborer
bds65 I1900
Ahearn, Johnlaborer
house2 Hamblen1900
Ahearn, Johnlaborer
house539 E. Third1900
Ahearn, Johnlaborer
house7 Edgerly pl.1900
Ahearn, Johnlaborer
rms13 Edgerly pl.1900
Ahearn, Johnlaborer
house522 E Third S B1905
Ahearn, Johnlaborer
rms77 Tyler1905
Ahearn, Johnsteam fitter
rms200 W Brookline1905
Ahearn, Johnswitchman
house4 First, Chsn.1900
Ahearn, Johnswitchman
house42 Austin Chsn1905
Ahearn, Johntailor
house211 Gold1900
Ahearn, Johntailor305 Meridian E Bhouse31 Oak1925
Ahearn, Johnteamster
house7 Marbury ter J P1925
Ahearn, Johngrocer28 Charles Dorhousedo 1925
Ahearn, Johnporter
res30 Cortes1925
Ahearn, John E.teamster
house770 Shawmut av.1900
Ahearn, John E.ins40 Broad 9th flres38 Montgomery1925
Ahearn, John F.police station 14, Brhouse18 Foster, Br.1900
lieut police29 Pemberton sq257 Foster1925
Ahearn, John F.clerk26 Causewayhouse7 Lawrence, Chsn.1900
Ahearn, John F.firemanpump station Dorhouse94 Dresser S B1905
Ahearn, John F.J. F. Ahearn & Co
shoe findings
127 Purchasehouseat Brockton1925
Ahearn, John H.bookkeeper2 Oxfordbdsat Somerville1905
Ahearn, John J.

bds74 Everdean Dor1905
Ahearn, John J.collector
house12 Tileston1900
Ahearn, John J.foremanW 1st, cor Dorchester SBhouse3 Covington, SB1900
34 Covington, SB1905
Ahearn, John J.laborer
bds39 Middle S B1905
Ahearn, John J.painter
rms330 Tremont1900
Ahearn, John J.painter
bds435 E Third S B1905
Ahearn, John J.teamster
bds421 E. Third1900
Ahearn, John J.teamster
house493 E Third S B1905
Ahearn, John J.conductorBoston Elevateddied July 20 19241925
Ahearn, John J.laborer
house15 Alden pl J P1925
Ahearn, John J.elevatorman14 Fultonhouse467 E Third S B1925
Ahearn, John J.messenger205 Lincolnres467 E Third S B1925
Ahearn, John J., jrhelper
res467 E Third S B1925
Ahearn, John M.driver
rms45 Thorndike1905
Ahearn, John P.freight handler
house35 Decatur, Chsn.1900
Ahearn, John P.clerk
house575 Washington Br1905
Ahearn, John P.asst mgrCopley Plaza Hotelhouse211 Audubon rd1925
Ahearn, John T.printer
house145 Pleasant Dor1925
Ahearn, John W.machinist
bds6 Atlantic S B1905
Ahearn, John W.gen foremanReadv car shopshouse19 Hawthorne Readv1925
Ahearn, John W.washer477 Harrison avhouse95 Sydney Dor1925
Ahearn, Josephcarpenter
bds28 Burke1900
Ahearn, Josephclerk93 Summerbdsat Somerville1900
Ahearn, Josephhatter
house42 Woodcliff1900
Ahearn, Josephhatter
house304 Norfolk av Dor1905
Ahearn, Josephchauffeur
res71 Elm Chsn1925
Ahearn, Josephengineer99 W Dedhamres18 Cochituate E B1925
Ahearn, Josephlaborer
house10 Smith Rox1905
Ahearn, Joseph F.painter
house174 Ward Rox1925
Ahearn, Joseph M.clerk93 Summerbdsat Somerville1905
Ahearn, Joseph sorterAm Ry Ex South stahouseat Camb1925
Ahearn, Joseph P.teamster
bds421 E. Third1900
418 E Third E B1905
Ahearn, Joseph P. Hill's Terminal, Newburyport & Amesbury Exp.
488 Commercial
house85 School Chsn1925
Ahearn, Joseph
res38 Kempton Rox1925
Ahearn, Lawrencecoachman
house38 Lawrence1900
Ahearn, Leo P.clerkReadv car shopsres19 Hawthorne Readv1925
Ahearn, Leonard W.public accountant367 Boylston rm 407res13 Bruce1925
Ahearn, Mabel, Mrs

house23 E Concord1925
Ahearn, Margaretwid. of Michael
house242 Bennington, E B1900
Ahearn, Margaret M.laundry1A Milfordres6 Union pk1925
Ahearn, Margaret Mrs.

house9 Hancock1905
Ahearn, Martinbaker853 Albanyhousedo.1900
Ahearn, Martin T.foremanAm Ry Ex North stahouseat Arlington1925
Ahearn, Martin T. way bill clerkAm Ry Ex North staresat W Somv1925
Ahearn, Marywid. of Cornelius
house421 E. Third1900
Ahearn, Marywid. of Cornelius
house418 E Third S B1905
Ahearn, Marywid. of Cornelius
house86 Emerson S B1925
Ahearn, Marywid. of John
house426 W. Fourth1900
Ahearn, Marywid. of John
house6 Atlantic S B1905
Ahearn, Marywid. of Maurice J.
house3 Chaucer E B1925
Ahearn, Marywidow
house240 E. Ninth1900
Ahearn, Marywidow
house8 East Street Place1861
Ahearn, Mary A.ladies' dress caps43 West, rm. 4house8 St. Paul1900
19 Maywood Rox1905
Ahearn, Mary A.

house11 Harbor View Dor1925
Ahearn, Mary A.teacherMichelangelo schoolres89 Union Park st1925
Ahearn, Mary A.wid. of Daniel F.
house107 Dresser S B1925
Ahearn, Mary L.variety3 Bainbridge Chsnbds12 Seminary do1905
Ahearn, Mauricebaker
house28 Nashua1900
Ahearn, Mauricelaborer
house367 West First1882
Ahearn, Mauricetailor23 Main

Ahearn, Mauricefiremanpumping station Dorbds94 Dresser S B1905
Ahearn, Mauricelaborer
house354 Chelsea E B1905
Ahearn, Mauricelaborer
house312 Paris E B1905
Ahearn, Maurice J.bookbinder
rem. to New York City1900
Ahearn, Michaelbartender
rms1 Allen ct.1900
Ahearn, Michaellaborer
bds60 Chelsea, Chsn.1900
Ahearn, Michaellaborer
house14 Shelby1900
Ahearn, Michaellaborer
house23 Auburn, ward 81882
Ahearn, Michaellaborer
house314 Federal1882
Ahearn, Michaellaborer
house508 E. Ninth1900
Ahearn, Michaellaborer
houser. 21 Hudson, Chsn.1882
Ahearn, Michaelmarble polisher
rms30 Billerica1882
Ahearn, Michaelnickel plater
house595 Bennington E B1905
Ahearn, Michaelporter320 Congresshouse103 W. Fourth1900
Ahearn, Michaelrubber worker
house40 Phillips, Rox.1900
Ahearn, Michaelsalesman
rms535 Columbus av1905
Ahearn, Michaelstone mason
bds877 Albany1900
Ahearn, Michael

res70 St Andrew rd EB1925
Ahearn, Michael C.carpenter
house98 Meridian1900
Ahearn, Michael H.grocerGreen Hill, Dor.house3 Harrison, do.1900
Ahearn, Michael H.cutter63 Summerhouse266 W B'way SB1905
Ahearn, Michael J.bartender
bds23 Auburn, wd. 81882
Ahearn, Michael J.custodian
house19 Blanche Dor1905
Ahearn, Michael W.

house173 Everett, Alls.1900
Ahearn, Patricklaborer
bds185 W. Fifth1900
Ahearn, Patricklaborer
bds19 Winchester1900
Ahearn, Patricklaborer
house610 E. Third1900
Ahearn, Patricklaborer
house8 Holbrook1900
Ahearn, Patricklaborer
house39 Middle S B1905
Ahearn, Patricklaborer
house546 Albany1905
Ahearn, Patricklaborer
bds556 Albany1905
Ahearn, PatrickporterAm Ex Co North stationbdsat E Cambridge1905
car sorterres1925
Ahearn, Patricklaborer
house27 Litchfield Br1925
Ahearn, Patrickmachinist
res24 Upton1925
Ahearn, Patrickstableman
rms25 Cambria1905
Ahearn, PatrickwheelmanB&A freight 57 Kneelandresat Camb1925
Ahearn, Patrick F.clerk53 State rm 35bds224 Commercial1905
Ahearn, Patrick F.

rem to N Y city1925
Ahearn, Piercelaborer
bds508 E. Ninth1900
carpenter684 E Sixth S B1905
res45 Parkman Dor1925
Ahearn, S. operator109 Statebds44 Belmont Chsn1905
Ahearn, Stephenteamster
bds402 West Second1882
Ahearn, Theresa B.

house198 W Seventh S B1925
Ahearn, Thomaslaborer
house419 West Second1882
Ahearn, Thomasplasterer
house334 West Second1882
Ahearn, Thomasboxmaker180 Purchasebds141 Hudson1900
Ahearn, Thomasbricklayer
house35 Leon1900
Ahearn, Thomashostler
house70 Hunneman1900
Ahearn, Thomashostler
house84 Emerson S B1905
Ahearn, Thomasteamster
house9 Arlington av Chsn1905
Ahearn, Thomas

res11 Rollins1925
Ahearn, Thomas mover
house71 Elm Chsn1925
Ahearn, Thomas F.molder
house16 Winter H P1925
Ahearn, Thomas J.chauffeur56 Hudsonhouseat Somv1925
Ahearn, Thomas J.clerk450 Washres9A Elm Chsn1925
Ahearn, Thomas W.teamster
bds555 E Fourth S B1905
Ahearn, Timothylaborer
house556 Albany1900
Ahearn, Timothy S.porter
bds6 Jackson, Chsn.1900
95 Blackstonehouse12 Jackson Chsn1905
Ahearn, Williamcanmaker
rms190 Sumner, E. B.1900
Ahearn, Williamcarpenter
house1 Norwich1900
Ahearn, Williamforeman
house35 Decatur, Chsn.1900
Ahearn, Williammoulder
bds877 Albany1900
Ahearn, Williamteamster
house89 Everett Alls1905
Ahearn, Williamteamster
house214 Lincoln Alls1925
Ahearn, William F.clerk78 W Springfieldbds556 Albany1905
Ahearn, William J.policestation 3house393 Charles1900
Ahearn, William J.clerk
house44 Green, Chsn.1900
Ahearn, William J.chauffeur
res9A Elm Chsn1925
Ahearn, William L.chauffeur
house44A Joy1925
Ahearn, William L.clerk
res145 Pleasant Dor1925
Ahearn, William M.special police
house153 W B'way S B1925
Ahearn, William R.chauffeur
house21 Hano Alls1925
Ahearn, William T.teamster
houserear 421 E. Sixth1900
Ahearn, William T.teamster
house555 E Fourth S B1905
Ahearn, William T.clerk479 E Seventh S Bhouse11 Sanger do1925
Ahearne, William J.salesman12 West rm 518houseat Lynn1925
Aherin, Edwardcarpenter
house63 East Windsor1882
Aherin, Edwardcarpenter1539 Columbus av Rox

Aherin, Edwardcarpenter1481 Columbus av.house16 Elmore1900
Aherin, Elizabeth, Mrs.

Aherin, Elizabeth C.

Aherin, James E.policestation 3house
div 2res44 Sawyer av Dor1925
Aherin, James E.carpenter
bds63 East Windsor1882
Aherin, John H. student33 School, rm. 7house
Aherin, William P.carpenter
died Jan. 3, 1900

Ahern, Albertshoeworker
res375 Centre J P1925
Ahern, Alfredlaborer
bds31 Border E B1905
Ahern, Alfred J.polisher
res375 Centre J P1925
Ahern, Alfred M.clerk602 Dudley Dorres620 do 1925
Ahern, Andrew P.

res1569B Tremont Rox1925
Ahern, Angelawid. of Daniel
house278 Webster, E. B.1900
279 Webster E B1905
Ahern, Angela M.milliner
house8 Norton Dor1925
Ahern, Annwid. of Timothy
house877 Albany Rox1905
Ahern, Annietelegrapher109 Clintonbdsat Som'ville1905
Ahern, Anthony trav
res142 Princeton E B1925
Ahern, Arthurmgr yard office214 W First S Bhouseat Auburndale1925
Ahern, Arthur installer
res30 Union Chsn1925
Ahern, Belle

house276 Gold S B1925
Ahern, Bridgetwidow
house65 Mt. Hope1900
62 Mt Hope Ros1905
Ahern, Bridget

house45 Emerald1925
Ahern, Bridget M.wid. of William C.
house418 Sumner E B1925
Ahern, Bridget T.widow
res80 Bayswater E B1925
Ahern, Carolinewid. of Morris
house368 Harrison av1905
Ahern, Caroline M.wid. of Maurice J.
house8 Inwood Dor1925
Ahern, Catherinewid. of John
house44 Belmont Chsn1925
Ahern, Catherine, Mrs.

house105 Norfolk av Rox1925
Ahern, Catherine M.

house30 Temple1905
Ahern, Charlescarpenter24 Beachhouse98 Meridien1900
Ahern, Charlesteamster
bds2 Hamblen Chsn1905
Ahern, Charlesshoeworker
res375 Centre J P1925
Ahern, Charles F.clerk211 Tremontbds103 H S B1905
Ahern, Charles F.clerk408 Atlantic av rm 213houseat Arlington1925
Ahern, Clifford C.painter
house22 Circuit Rox1925
Ahern, Corneliusprinter117 Franklinhouse190 Bolton1882
Ahern, Cornelius E.clerk113 Federalbdsat Somerville1905
Ahern, Cornelius G.clerk
res156 Calumet Rox1925
Ahern, Cornelius J.laborerSouth Postal stares77 Clifton Rox1925
Ahern, Cornelius M.clerk
bds37 Middle S B1905
Ahern, D. G.clerk69 Tremonthouseat Waverley1925
Ahern, DanielStimson & Ahern540 Washington

Ahern, Daniel

house164 I1882
Ahern, Daniel

house44 Hudson1882
Ahern, Danielgrocer64 Ahouse18 Athens1861
Ahern, Daniellaborer
house218 Commercial1882
Ahern, Daniellaborer
house224 Commercial1900
Ahern, Daniellaborer
house6 Bartlett1861
Ahern, Daniellaborer
house8 Edgerly pl.1900
Ahern, Danielporter250 Commercialhouse4 Everett1882
Ahern, Danielshoemaker
house100 Kneeland1861
Ahern, Daniellaborer
house22 Winchester1925
Ahern, Daniel E.cashier242 Washingtonhouseat Winthrop1900
14 Austin Chsn1925
Ahern, Daniel F.clerk79 South Marketbdsat Arlington1900
treasLord & Spencer Inc
21 F H mkt North side
Ahern, Daniel F.teamster
bds94 Dresser1900
Ahern, Daniel F.teamster
house88 Dresser S B1905
Ahern, Daniel F.telegrapher455 South stationhouseat Braintree1905
Ahern, Daniel F.plumber709 A Boylstonbds101 Day Rox1905
Ahern, Daniel F.asst trainmasterBoston Div NY,NH&H
455 South sta
house14 Alleyn ter Quincy1925
Ahern, Daniel F.F E51 Oak sq Brhouse28 Evergreen Rox1925
Ahern, Daniel G.

rem to Belmont1925
Ahern, Daniel J.brush manufacturer44 Hemlockhousedo.1900
129 Dudley av Ros1905
Ahern, Daniel J.clerk46 school, rm. 1bdsat Somerville1900
Ahern, Daniel J.clerk20 Causeway

Ahern, Daniel J.real estate4034 Wash Roshouse129 Dudley av do1925
Ahern, Daniel J.teamster
res107 Dresser S B1925
Ahern, Daniel T.porter
res418 Sumner E B1925
Ahern, Daniel W.

house70 Chandler1882
Ahern, Daniel W.packer65 Franklinbds497 East Eighth1882
Ahern, Daniel W.packer51 Federalbds58 Tyler1905
Ahern, Davidlaborer
houserear 372 North1861
Ahern, Davidlongshoreman
house3 Powers court1882
Ahern, Davidporter62 Long wharfhouse5 Tileston1882
Ahern, Davidporter
house220 Sumner, E. B.1900
Ahern, Davidleather worker
bds62 Mt Hope Ros1905
Ahern, Davidclerk16 Blackstone Marketres434 Mass av1925
Ahern, Davidlongshoreman
house6 Benson Br1925
Ahern, David B.brakeman
house236 Mkt. house 1 Br1925
Ahern, David E.clerk
res1309 Comm. av Alls1925
Ahern, Dennisbartender224 W. Broadwayhouse124 Dorchester av.1882
Ahern, Dennisbarber41 Warren Roxhouseat Arlington1905
Ahern, Dennis J.cornicemaker
house4 Jackson Chsn1905
Ahern, Dennis J.sheet metal worker14 Polk Chsnhouse94 Green do1925
Ahern, Edmund J.salesman
house1615 Comm. av Br1925
Ahern, Edwardelectrotyper
house67 Roseclair1900
Ahern, Edwardmoulder
bds73 C1882
Ahern, Edwardelevator opr30 Winterres623 Fourth S B1925
Ahern, Edward J.clerk
house32 E. Springfield1900
Ahern, Edward L.messenger28 Court sqhouse68 Topliff Dor1905
Ahern, Edward L.visitor5 City Hallres28 Justin rd Br1925
Ahern, Edward P.printer117 Franklinbdsat Waverly1900
Ahern, Edward S.electrotyper
house67 Roseclair Dor1905
Ahern, Edward W.clerkfreight auditor's office
Old Fitchburg station
houseat Somerville1905
Ahern, Elizabethwid. of Timothy
house114 W. Eighth1900
Ahern, Elizabethwid. of Michael
house162 Hillside Rox1925
Ahern, Ellenwid. of William
house19 Lark, S. B.1900
Ahern, Ellenwidow
house119 Purchase1861
Ahern, Eugeneclerkfreighthouse, 6 Congresshouse74 Everdean Dor1925
Ahern, Everettclerk53 State rm 25houseat Arlington1925
Ahern, Fanniewidow
houserear 165 South1861
Ahern, Francis H.salesman
house24 Taft Dor1925
Ahern, Francis J.painter
res140 Princeton E B1925
Ahern, Frank

house64 West Fifth1882
Ahern, FrankporterN. Y. & B. Despatch,
South Station

Ahern, Frankporter
bds332 E Eighth S B1905
Ahern, Franktailor
house158 H.1882
35 Bainbridge, Rox.1900
21 Bromfield rm 4101905
Ahern, Frank D.salesman110 High rm 21houseat Camb1925
Ahern, Frank E.clerkN Y & B Despatch Ex
South station
rms43 Newland1905
Ahern, Frank Rweigher
res162 Hillside Rox1925
Ahern, Fred J.real estate
res129 Dudley av Ros1925
Ahern, Georgeblacksmith
bds4 Pontiac Rox1905
Ahern, George

res1569B Tremont Rox1925
Ahern, George
res24 Taft Dor1925
Ahern, George F.chauffeur60 Canalhouseat Medford1925
Ahern, George F.sub carrierP Oresat Stoneham1925
Ahern, George P.clerk
rms24 Derne1882
Ahern, Hannahwid. of Cornelius
house156 Calumet1900
Ahern, Hannahwid. of John P.
house6 Princeton Chsn1925
Ahern, Harry installer
house23 Leyland Dor1925
Ahern, Hazel Q.steno18 Tremont rm 601house11 Queensberry1925
Ahern, Henry A.clerk, freight aud deptOld Fitchburg stahouseat Lynn1925
Ahern, Hugh F.salesman
house215 Princeton E B1925
Ahern, J.driver4 Williams ctbds84 Emerson S B1905
Ahern, James

house83 Leverett1905
Ahern, Jamescarpenter
house67 Lenox1900
Ahern, Jamescigarmaker118 Southhouse45 Middle S B1905
Ahern, Jameslaborer
bds90 B S B1905
Ahern, Jameslaborer
bds86 Tremont Chsn1905
Ahern, Jamesroofer
house82 Hyde Park av.1900
Ahern, Jamesroofer22 Hyde Park av J P.house135 do1905
Ahern, Jamesshoemaker
house164 I1882
Ahern, Jamesshoemaker
bds77 Fuller, Dor1900
25 Winter rm 4051905
Ahern, Jameswaiter
bds22 Washington place1861
Ahern, Jameswaiter
rms29 Union pk1905
Ahern, Jameschauffeur51 Sleeperresat Somv1925
Ahern, Jamesfreight handler543 Commercialres59 Warren Chsn1925
Ahern, Jameslongshoreman

died Nov 11 19241925
Ahern, Jamesplumber709A Boylstonhouse4114 Wash Ros1925
Ahern, James F.mason
house26 Eden Chsn1925
Ahern, James H.coremaker
bds156 Calumet, Rox1900
Ahern, James H.machinist
house70 Savin Hill av.1900
79 Savin Hill av Dor1905
Ahern, James H.teamster
house100 Kneeland1925
Ahern, James J.roofer
bds82 Hyde Park av.1900
Ahern, James J.boilermaker
res330 Saratoga E B1925
Ahern, James J.clerk

620 Dudley Dor1925
Ahern, James J.real estate27 State rm 75house1080 Adams Dor1925
Ahern, James J.starterB Eres418 Sumner E B1925
Ahern, James J.teamster
house911 Harrison av1905
Ahern, James J. jrclerk149 Tremont 9th flhouseat Quincy1925
Ahern, James P.engraver
res88 Wash Chsn1925
Ahern, James W.tinsmith
bds45 Middle S B1905
Ahern, Jennie M.wid. Edward S., bkpr8 Island Roxres6 Brinsley Dor1925
Ahern, Jeremiahfireman
house39 Dix1900
Ahern, Jeremiahlaborer
bds183 W Fourth S B1905
Ahern, Jeremiahlaborer
house81 Decatur Chsn1925
Ahern, Jeremiahteamster
house34 Dix Dor1905
Ahern, Jeremiah J.cable splicer
house41 Savin Hill av Dor1925
Ahern, Jereruah F.blacksmith
house37 Taft Dor1925
Ahern, John
navy yard Chsnrms8 Washington do1905
Ahern, JohnT. Ahern & Sons100 Hampdenbds114 West Eighth1882
Ahern, Johnblacksmith
house38 Swan1882
Ahern, Johnclerk152 Canalhouseat Woburn1905
Ahern, Johnlaborer
bds45 Woodward1882
Ahern, Johnlaborer
house22 Hamilton1861
Ahern, Johnlaborer
house25 North Charles1861
Ahern, Johnlaborer
house271 West Fourth1882
Ahern, Johnlaborer
house419 W. Second1900
Ahern, Johnlaborer
house407 W Second S B1905
Ahern, Johnlaborer
house47 Walnut, Chsn.1882
Ahern, Johnlaborer
house2 Hamblen Chsn1905
Ahern, Johnporter26 Washington Sq.bdsdo.1861
Ahern, Johnsteam fitter
bds3 Powers court1882
Ahern, Johnteamster
house24 B1882
Ahern, Johnteamster
house24 Salutation1882
Ahern, Johnteamster
house103 Shawmut av1905
Ahern, Johnvarnisher
house12 Fay1882
Ahern, Johnhelper
res105 W B'way S B1925
Ahern, Johnlaborer
house594 E Second S B1925
Ahern, Johndied July 20 1924

235 Highland Rox1925
Ahern, John jrcoremaker
res594 E Second S B1925
Ahern, John A.policesta 13 J Phouse135 Minden Rox1925
Ahern, John F.
pump. station, Dor.bds94 Dresser1900

Ahern, John F.plumber709 A Boylstonbds101 Day Rox1905
Ahern, John F.clerk548½ Medford Chsnhouse8 Lawrence do1905
Ahern, John F.clerk34 Howard Roxhouseat Norfolk Downs1925
Ahern, John F.clerk426 Washhouse30 Union Chsn1925
Ahern, John F.physician1632 Dorchester av Dorhousedo 1925
Ahern, John F.plumber709A Boylstonhouse28 Evergreen Rox1925
Ahern, John F.salesman99 Chauncy rm 205houseat Medford1925
Ahern, John F. steamfitter's helper
house65 Whitney Rox1925
Ahern, John F.sub carrierP Ohouseat Newton1925
Ahern, John G.laborer
house301½ W B'way SB1925
Ahern, John J.T. Ahern & Sons102 Hampdenhouse112 W. Eighth1900
Ahern, John J.asst. foreman
bds156 Calumet1900
Ahern, John J.bookbinder197 Devonshirehouseat Atlantic1905
Ahern, John J.clerk83 Cornhillbds21 Salutation1900
house14 Michigan av Dor1905
Ahern, John J.collector
house6 Salutation1905
Ahern, John J.foremanHuntington av cor Exeterbds156 Calumet Rox1905
Ahern, John J.harness cleaner
house6 Lime1900
Ahern, John J.stamper50 Archhouseat Cambridge1900
Ahern, John J.treasurer33 Cornhillhouseat Natick1900
Ahern, John J.

house71 Jamaica J P1925
Ahern, John J.

house33 Neponset av Dor1925
Ahern, John J.asst dist suptPullman Co 214 South stahouse22 Hobson Br1925
Ahern, John J.blacksmith
house8A Dunlow Rox1925
Ahern, John J.carpenter
res589 E Fourth S B1925
Ahern, John J.chauffeur
res214 W Fourth S B1925
Ahern, John J.chief clerk604 City Hall annexhouse6 Salutation1925
Ahern, John J.laborer
house9 Anderson1925
Ahern, John J.Met police525 Western av Brhouseat Camb1925
Ahern, John J.painter
res341 Shawmut av1925
Ahern, John J.porter
house2 Woodville pk Rox1925
Ahern, John J.real estate & ins. agent64 Fifth, East Cambridge

Ahern, John J.salesman150 Congresshouse42 Dix Dor1925
Ahern, John J.salesman753 Boylstonres422 Pleasant Melrose1925
Ahern, John J.student
res43 Moulton Chsn1925
Ahern, John J.tailor
house360 W Second S B1905
Ahern, John J.waiter
res74 Everdean Rox1925
Ahern, John J.T Ahern's Sons102 Hampden Roxhouse33 Neponset av Dor1905
Ahern, John L.policestation 7, E Bhouse49 W. Eagle1900
871 Saratoga, E B1905
Ahern, John M.driver
bds125 Eustis1900
Ahern, John operator38 Broadbds66 A S B1905
Ahern, John M.operatorfire alarm BFD, 60 Bristolhouse14 Rosemont NW Dor1925
Ahern, John P.laborer
bds103 H S B1905
Ahern, John W.laborer
house95 Sydney Dor1925
Ahern, Joseph A.dentist520 Beaconres101 Day Rox1925
Ahern, Joseph B.electrician39 Boylstonres418 Sumner E B1925
Ahern, Joseph washer
house1569B Tremont Rox1925
Ahern, Joseph F.clerk300 Summerres35 Glendale Dor1925
Ahern, Joseph P.clerk
house179 N S B1925
Ahern, Joseph P.truckman
res85 School Chsn1925
Ahern, Joseph T.clerkmailing div P Ohouse24 Taft Dor1925
Ahern, Katherine M.

house30 Temple1905
Ahern, Lawrenceasst janitorSymphony Hallhouse71 Northfield1905
Ahern, Lawrencepainter

324 Athens S B1925
Ahern, Leo D.salesman
res101 Day Rox1925
Ahern, Leonardchauffeur166 Blackstoneres440 Mass av1925
Ahern, Marcellawid. of William
house37 Middle S B1905
Ahern, Margaretwidow
house165 W. Sixth1900
Ahern, Margaret

house86 Thetford av Dor1925
Ahern, Margaretwid. of William H.
house375 Centre J P1925
Ahern, Margaret, Mrs.

house9 Hancock1900
Ahern, Margaret, Mrs.

house12 Smith Rox1925
Ahern, Margaret J.milliner172 Hanoverhouse279 Webster, E. B.1900
Ahern, Martinbaker
bds877 Albany Rox1905
Ahern, Marywidow
house179 Bolton1882
Ahern, Marywidow
house22 Washington place1861
Ahern, Marywidow
house41 Utica1882
Ahern, Mary

house36 Clarence Rox1925
Ahern, Marywid. of Michael
house66 A S B1905
Ahern, Marywid. of Michael
house35 Glendale Dor1925
Ahern, Marywid. of Thomas
house100 Kneeland1925
Ahern, Mary, Miss

house70 Chandler1882
Ahern, Mary, Mrs.

house41 Curve1925
Ahern, Mary E.

res8 Norton Dor1925
Ahern, Mary J.saleswoman69 Hanoverbds22 Bulfinch1882
Ahern, Mary J.wid. of James
house330 Saratoga E B1925
Ahern, Mary L.

house1 Bartlett Chsn1925
Ahern, Mauricelaborer
house1 Bolton1882
Ahern, Mauricelaborer
house19 Clark1882
Ahern, Mauricelaborer
house23 South Russell1861
Ahern, Mauricelaborer
house56 Poplar1882
Ahern, Mauricelaborer
houseKemble n. Gerard1882
Ahern, Mauricelaborerpump. station, Dor.house94 Dresser1900

98 Dresser S B1905
Ahern, Mauricetailor
house53 Albany1861
67 Albany1882
Ahern, Mauricechauffeur29 Sleeperhouse6 Bromley Rox1925
Ahern, Mauricegasfitter
res324 Athens S B1925
Ahern, Maurice J.clerk
house117 Union Park st.1900
Ahern, Maurice J.clerk117 Court Houseres8 Inwood Dor1925
Ahern, Maurice J.stone cutter
bds94 Dresser, S B1900
Ahern, Maurice J.telegrapher31 Statebds179 W. Third1900
Ahern, Maurice operator109 Statebds557 E Sixth S B1905
Ahern, Maurice opr
res96 G S B1925
Ahern, Maurice N.clerk
bds67 Albany1882
Ahern, Maurice P.laborer
house70 Sullivan Chsn1925
Ahern, Michael

house35 Bainbridge, Rox.1900
Ahern, Michaelbookbinder
rms15 Parkman1882
Ahern, Michaelcarpenter
house31 W. Fifth1900
Ahern, Michaelhorseshoer
house27 Newman1900
Ahern, Michaellaborer
house28 Brighton1861
Ahern, Michaellaborer
houseSecond, n. Dorch.1861
Ahern, Michaellaborer
house20 Charter1882
Ahern, Michaellaborer
house35 Ontario1882
Ahern, Michaellaborer
bds19 Winchester1900
Ahern, Michaellaborer
house7 Everett pl. E. B.1900
Ahern, Michaellaborer
house164 Everett E B1905
Ahern, Michaellaborer
house289 Chelsea E B1905
Ahern, Michaellaborer
house105 W Fourth S B1905
Ahern, Michaelplumber
house42 Fayette1882
Ahern, Michaelplumber709A Boylstonhouse101 Day, Rox1900
Ahern, Michaeltelegrapher
bds82 Hudson1882
Ahern, Michael

res1917 Wash1925
Ahern, Michaelfireman
house42 Austin Chsn1925
Ahern, Michaellaborer
house71 Compton1925
Ahern, Michaellaborer
res36 Mystic Chsn1925
Ahern, Michaellongshoreman
house158 Putnam E B1925
Ahern, Michaelmachinist
res191 Warren av1925
Ahern, Michael A.plater7½ Appletonhouse595 Bennington E B1905
Ahern, Michael A.salesman116 Bedford rm 601res162 Hillside Rox1925
Ahern, Michael F.leather sorter
house35 Bainbridge Rox1905
Ahern, Michael H.cutter137 Washres11 Common1925
Ahern, Michael J.clerk214 Atlantic av.house1 Allen ct.1900
managerrms9 Concord sq1905
Ahern, Michael J.stonelayer
house877 Albany Rox1905
Ahern, Michael J.teacher761 Harrison av

Ahern, Michael J.caretaker621 Columbia rd Dorhouse20 Treadway rd do1925
Ahern, Michael J.molder
house15 Dickens Dor1925
Ahern, Michael J.shipper93 Archhouse446 E Third S B1925
Ahern, Michael P.porterNY&B Despatch Express
South station
bds10 Edgerly pl1905
Ahern, Michael P.rubberworker
house3 Sharon ct E B1925
Ahern, Michael S.teamster
house75 Old Harbor1900
Ahern, Michael S.teamster
house61 Gates S B1905
Ahern, Michael W.clerk9 Statebds5 Tileston1882
Ahern, Michael W.clerkcollector's office City Hallbds822 Huntington av1905
tellerhouse1309 Comm. av Alls1925
Ahern, Michael W.journalist
house173 Everett, Alls.1900
Ahern, Nelliewid. of Maurice
house4 Noanet1925
Ahern, Norawid. of Timothy
house115 St Alphonsus Rox1925
Ahern, Nora T.milliner975 Bennington E Bres70 St Andrew rd do1925
Ahern, Oliver D.painter
house15 Woodville Rox1925
Ahern, Owenboatmaker
res330 Saratoga E B1925
Ahern, P. Georgesalesman3 Dock sq.bds24 Derne1882
Ahern, Patrickclerk370 Commercialbds3 Powers ct.1882
Ahern, Patrickclerk59 Portland

houserear 8 W Second SB1905
Ahern, Patrickclerk
houserear 860 E Second SB1905
Ahern, Patrickcook
bds104 W. Cedar1900
Ahern, Patrickcook
bds42 Garden1905
Ahern, Patrickcutter328 Washingtonhouseat Everett1900
Ahern, Patricklaborer
house48 Moulton Chsn1905
Ahern, Patrickpacker
bds164 I1882
Ahern, Patricksaloon133 Leveretthousedo.1882
Ahern, Patrickshipper93 Pearl st.bds341 W. Third1900
Ahern, Patricktailor
house3 Milton place1861
Ahern, Patrickwatchman
house155 W. Second1900
Ahern, Patrickchef
house43 Olney Dor1925
Ahern, Patrick & Cogroceries & provisions344 Commercialhouseat Everett1905
Ahern, Patrick F.clerk22 Exchange pl.bds224 Commercial1900

Ahern, Patrick G.Smith & Ahern, hats3 Dock sq.

houseat E Somerville1905
Ahern, Patrick J.packer
house101 Maverick1900
Ahern, Patrick J.porter128 Summerbds10 Edgerly pl1905
Ahern, Patrick M.T. Ahern & Sons102 Hampden Rox.house8 Edison Green1900
223 Hamilton Dor1905
Ahern, Patrick M.clerkP Ohouse917 E B'way S B1925
Ahern, Patrick M.guardNat Shawmut Bankhouse223 Hamilton Dor1925
Ahern, Peterlaborer
house9 Gray, Chsn.1882
Ahern, Petercarpenter
res19 Prospect Chsn1925
Ahern, Richardcarpenter
bds12 Montello Dor1905
Ahern, Richardclerk
res301½ W B'way SB1925
Ahern, Richard A.inspector296 Statehouseat North Cambridge1900
Custom House1905
Ahern, Richard F.conductor
house52 Dustin Br1925
Ahern, Robert M.salesman281 Summerhouseat Philadelphia Pa1925
Ahern, Samuel J.motormanB Ehouse12 Atlantic S B1925
Ahern, SarahattendantBowdoin schoolhouse26 Myrtle1925
wid. of Cornelius
Ahern, Sylvester P.shipper75 Pittshouse37 Mt-Vernon Chsn1925
Ahern, T.waiter
bds6 Federal court1861
Ahern, T. & SonsJohn J. and Patrick M.
building movers
102 Hampden
and 24 Warren Rox

Ahern, Thomasbricklayer
house117 Cabot Rox1905
Ahern, Thomashostler
bds7 Shawmut place1882
Ahern, Thomaslaborer
house11 Oxford place1882
Ahern, Thomaslaborer
house111 West Third1882
Ahern, Thomaslaborer
house507 East Eighth1882
Ahern, Thomaslaborer
bds271 Sumner, E. B.1900
Ahern, Thomaslaborer
house42 Bartlett, Rox.1900
Ahern, Thomaslaborer
house595 E. Fourth1900
Ahern, Thomaslaborer
house103 H S B1905
Ahern, Thomaslaborer
house139 Rutherford Chsn1905
Ahern, Thomaslaborer
house82 A S B1905
Ahern, Thomaslaborer
bds18 Brigham E B1905
Ahern, Thomasshoemaker87 Southhouse11 Oneida1882
Ahern, Thomasshoemaker
house4 Jewell pl., Rox1900
Ahern, Thomastailor
bds29 Harrison av.1882
Ahern, Thomaswaiter
bds104 W. Cedar1900
Ahern, Thomaswaiter
house61 Stanwood Rox1905
Ahern, Thomas
Navy Yard Chsnres10 Adams do1925
Ahern, Thomas A.produce
house303 Norfolk av.1900
Ahern, Thomas A.grocer771 Dorchester av Dorhousedo1905
Ahern, Thomas A.laborer
house11 Savoy1925
Ahern, Thomas F.carpenter
bds82 Hyde Park av.1900
Ahern, Thomas F.roofer
bds135 Hyde Park av JP1905
Ahern, Thomas J.teamster
bds82A, S B1905
Ahern, Thomas J.clerk
house51 Wash Chsn1925
Ahern, Thomas J.opr
house32 Locust Dor1925
Ahern, Thomas opr109 Statebds557 E Sixth S B1905
Ahern, Thomas W.bartender64 Pittsrms76 Friend1882
Ahern, Thomas W.teamster
rms16 Austin, Chsn.1900
Ahern, Timothybell boy
rms104 W. Cedar1900
Ahern, Timothyclerk
house34 Dix Dor1905
Ahern, Timothygrocer99 Smith, Rox.house115 St. Alphonsus,
Ahern, Timothylaborer
house42 Garden1905
Ahern, Timothypolisher
house99 Smith1882
Ahern, Timothypressman
house82 Hudson1882
Ahern, Timothytailor
house241 Federal1861
Ahern, Timothyteamster
bds103 Shawmut av1905
Ahern, Timothy & SonJohn, building movers100 Hampdenhouse114 West Eighth1882
Ahern, Timothy, jr.

bds104 W. Cedar1900
Ahern, Timothy, jr.

bds42 Garden1905
Ahern, Timothy F.clerk29 Pemberton sq rm 21bds33 Neponset av Dor1905
1 Beacon 8th flhouse1925
Ahern, Timothy repairerB F D, 70 Bristolhouse231 Barry Dor1925
Ahern, Timothy J. chief delivery clerkUnion wharfhouseat Waverley1925
Ahern, Timothy J.clerkEastern Line, India wharfhouseat Belmont1925
Ahern, Timothy J.conductorB Ehouse71 Draper Dor1925
Ahern, Timothy J.student
house115 St. Alphonsus,
lawyer1140 Columbus av
rm 17 Rox
lawyer, special justice
Rox. Municipal court
390 Riverway1925
Ahern, Timothy J.lineman
house166 I S B1925
Ahern, Timothy opr
house564 E Seventh S B1925
Ahern, Timothy S.clerk95 Blackstonebds12 Jackson Chsn1905
Ahern, Timothy S.clerk
house43 Moulton Chsn1925
Ahern, W. G.

house202 Townsend Rox1905
Ahern, Walter C.ins142 Berkeley 5th flhouse68 Parkton rd J P1925
Ahern, Walter D.marker
res917 E B'way S B1925
Ahern, William
Navy Yardrms15 Parkman1882
Ahern, William

bds104 W. Cedar1900
Ahern, William

rms24 Warrenton1905
Ahern, Williamapothecary289 W. Broadwaybds497 Broadway1900
Ahern, Williambartender
house15 Chapman, Chsn.1882
Ahern, Williamcarpenter
house311 D1882
Ahern, Williamcarpenter
house557 E Sixth S B1905
Ahern, Williamclerk
house11 Sanger S B1925
Ahern, Williamcoachman
rms313 Lamartine1900
Ahern, Williamcoat clerkHotel Essexbds42 Garden1905
Ahern, WilliamconductorB. E. R.bds156 Calumet1900
Ahern, Williamfreight handler
bds171 W Third S B1905
Ahern, Williamlaborer
house922 Dorchester av.1900
Ahern, Williamlaborer
bds156 Main Chsn1905
Ahern, Williamlaborer
bds3 Powers court1882
Ahern, Williamlaborer
house188 Marginal1882
Ahern, Williamlaborer
house37 Way1882
Ahern, Williamlaborer
houseCanterbury n Bourne1882
Ahern, Williampeddler
house11 Tabor1882
Ahern, Williamsteam fitter90 Friendhouseat Chelsea1882
Ahern, Williamplumber19 Maldenhouse108 Lawn Rox1905
Ahern, Williamporter
res43 Olney Dor1925
Ahern, Williamstation masterDudley St terminal Rox

special officerhouse156 Calumet1925
Ahern, Williamrubberworker
house281 Eustis Rox1925
Ahern, Williamwaiter
bds22 Washington place1861
Ahern, William ?.clerk, gen. freight17 North Stationbdsat Somerville1900
Ahern, William C.foremanLeyland S. S. Co., E. B.house418 Sumner, E. B.1900
Ahern, William F.longshoreman
res330 Saratoga E B1925
Ahern, William F.v. p., Shaughnessy
& Ahern, Co
107 Friend rm 27houseat E Camb1925
Ahern, William G.confectioners' supplies40 Court rm 1227house1504 Comm. av Br1925
Ahern, William H.carrierBack Bay P Ores418 Sumner E B1925
Ahern, William J.
navy yardhouse34 Summer Chsn1905
Ahern, William J.clerkstation A, P Obds103 H S B1905
Ahern, William J.clerkdelivery div P Ohouse475 E Fifth S B1925
Ahern, William J.helper

rem to Camb1925
Ahern, William J.laborer
bds31 Border E B1905
Ahern, William J.longshoreman
house46 Lexington Chsn1925
Ahern, William J.machinist
bds595 E. Fourth1900
Ahern, William J.machinist
house623 E Fourth S B1925
Ahern, William J.policestation 3house393 Charles1900
div 2140 Princeton E B1925
Ahern, William J.plumber709 A Boylstonres101 Day Rox1925
Ahern, William J.salesman63 Southhouse165 W. Sixth1900
Ahern, William J.salesman76 Lincolnhouse229 Centre Dor1905
Ahern, William J.vice pres, Leviseur
Haroth & Co Inc
157 Southhouseat Newtonville1925
Ahern, William L.clerk67 Milkres145 Pleasant Dor1925
Ahern, William T.teamster
res31 G S B1925
Aherne, Nicholas N.agent
house6 Warrenton1905
O'Hearn, Alicewidow
house153 Cambridge1861
O'Hearn, Ambrose T.watchmanN E Trust Cohouse10 Fairbanks Br1925
O'Hearn, AndrewdriverM.R.R.houserear 1 Byron ct.1882
O'Hearn, Annwidow
house597 Harrison av.1882
O'Hearn, Annwid. of Michael
house45 Curve1900
O'Hearn, Anna A.wid. of Michael

died April 3 19251925
O'Hearn, Annie B.wid. of Joseph
house105 Union Park st1925
O'Hearn, Anthonyclerk
bds66 Tremont, Br.1900
O'Hearn, Anthonydriver
house64 Tremont Br1905
O'Hearn, Arthur J.salesman
bds50 Middle S B1905
O'Hearn, Bridget, Mrs.

house83 Cambridge, Chsn.1900
O'Hearn, Bridget, Mrs.grocerHamblen Chsnhouse87 Arlington av do1905
O'Hearn, C. John
40 Summerhouseat Hyde Park1882
O'Hearn, Catherinewidow
house14 Pearl place1861
O'Hearn, Catherinewidow
house64 East Orange1861
O'Hearn, Catherinewidow
house21 Columbia1882
O'Hearn, Catharinewid. of John
house68 Henley Chsn1905
O'Hearn, Catherine

res126 Melville av Dor1925
O'Hearn, Charles A.bookkeeperN E Trust Coresat Camb1925
O'Hearn, Charles W.coppersmith
bds11 Albion1882
O'Hearn, Colemanlaborer
house255 Athens1882
O'Hearn, Corneliushorse shoer
house35 Seneca1900
O'Hearn, Corneliushorse shoer
house115 A S B1905
O'Hearn, Corneliusprinter
houserear 218 Hanover1882
O'Hearn, Danielclerk
house1001 Harrison av.1882
O'Hearn, Danieljunk
bds330 Harrison av.1882
O'Hearn, Daniellaborer
house21 Unity1900
O'Hearn, Daniellaborer
house1 Melrose1905
O'Hearn, Daniellongshoreman
house1 Powers ct.1882
O'Hearn, David

bds7 Smith-st pl Rox1905
O'Hearn, Davidclerk
bds22 Monument sq Chsn1905
O'Hearn, David E.asst foremanReadv car shopshouse135 Brown av Ros1925
O'Hearn, Dennisclerk224 W. Broadwayhouse124 Dorchester av.1882
O'Hearn, Edmund F. ins broker40 Broad 7th flresat B'line1925
O'Hearn, Edwardbookkeeper69 Bedfordbdsat Brockton1900
O'Hearn, Edward W.P. O'Hearn's Sons1468 Dorchester av Dorres126 Melville av do1925
O'Hearn, Elizabethwidow
house1 East-street place1882
O'Hearn, Elizabethwid. of James
house56 Greenwich pl, Dor1900
O'Hearn, Ellenwid. of Richard
house13 Maverick1900
O'Hearn, Ellenwidow
house11 Parnell1882
O'Hearn, Ellenwidow
house78 West Fourth1882
O'Hearn, Ellenwidow
house5 Caldwell, Chsn1900
O'Hearn, Ellen T.wid. of John T.
house18 Holiday Dor1925
O'Hearn, Eugene sec and treasO'Hearn-Hill Co Inc
120 Worcester
house180 Columbus av1925
O'Hearn, Francis A.inspector18 Oliver 8th flhouseat Arlington1925
O'Hearn, Francis P.clerk
res18 Holiday Dor1925
O'Hearn, Frankboilermaker
house93 W Eighth S B1925
O'Hearn, Frankjanitor259 Washhouse23 Revere1925
O'Hearn, Frank A.clerkD cor Danbyres668 E Eighth S B1925
O'Hearn, Frank J.gen mgr823 Boylstonres34 Fenway1925
O'Hearn, George L.laborer
res105 Union Park st1925
O'Hearn, Gertrude A.teacher
res13 Bruce Dor1925
O'Hearn, Grace H.electrolysis
149 Tremont rm 823
79 Milk rm 601
house208 Allston Br1925
O'Hearn, Helen Mrspacker
house28 Sumner E B1925
O'Hearn, Henry J.sub carrierP Ohouseat Somv1925
O'Hearn-Hill Co IncWorcester St Garage, 120 Worcester1925
O'Hearn, J. Edwardclerk91 Essexbdsat Brockton1905
O'Hearn, J. J.clerk135 Washingtonhouseat Cambridge1900
O'Hearn, Jamescarpenter
house77 Lenox1882
O'Hearn, Jameslaborer
bds13 Minot1882
O'Hearn, Jameslaborer
bds34 Athens1882
O'Hearn, Jameslaborer
house437 Commercial1882
O'Hearn, Jameslaborer
house64 Empire Alls1905
O'Hearn, Jamesmason
houseGreenwich pl. H.S.1882
O'Hearn, James, 2dpainter
bdsGreenwich pl. H.S.1882
O'Hearn, Jamespainter
bds9 Ashland place1882
O'Hearn, Jamespeddler
house597 Harrison av.1882
O'Hearn, James A.chauffeur39 Boylstonres107 Pleasant Dor1925
O'Hearn, James A.shipper1715 Hyde Park av Readvres820 River Mat1925
O'Hearn, James J.clerkregistry div P Ohouseat Camb1925
O'Hearn, James
house96 Sumner E B1925
O'Hearn, James M.clerk558 E. Third, S Bhouse616 E. Broadway1900
163 Emerson S B1905
O'Hearn, James M.clerk
house12 Stockton Dor1925
O'Hearn, James M.painter1652 Washingtonhouse28 Ingleside1900
O'Hearn, Jeremiahlaborer233 Statehouse567 E. Second1882
O'Hearn, Jeremiahlaborer
house71 A1882
O'Hearn, Jeremiahlaborer
house8 Faxon1882
O'Hearn, JohannaMiss
houserear 378 North1882
O'Hearn, Johnblacksmith
house299 E. Ninth1900
O'Hearn, Johnblacksmith
house12 Pacific S B1905
O'Hearn, Johncalker
house371 Summer, E. B.1882
O'Hearn, Johncalker
house439 Hanover1882
O'Hearn, Johncarpet factory
house44 Phillips, Rox.1882
O'Hearn, Johncutter
rms214 Harrison av.1882
O'Hearn, Johnelectrician200 Summerhouse68 Henley1900
O'Hearn, Johnfinisher116 Tremonthouseat Medford1900
O'Hearn, Johnhelper
bds31 Wapping1882
O'Hearn, Johnlaborer
bds11 Parnell1882
O'Hearn, Johnlaborer
bds167 Bolton1882
O'Hearn, Johnlaborer
bdsGreenwich pl, H.S.1882
O'Hearn, Johnlaborer
house12 Emerson1882
O'Hearn, Johnlaborer
house13 Silver1882
O'Hearn, Johnlaborer
house9 Powers court1882
O'Hearn, Johnlaborer
houseGeorge, Chsn.1882
O'Hearn, Johnlaborer
house18 Troy1882
O'Hearn, Johnlaborer
house6 Jackson1900
O'Hearn, Johnlaborer
house12 Jackson Chsn1905
O'Hearn, Johnporter
rms190 Harrison av.1882
O'Hearn, Johnsalesman
bdsRiver, n. Norfolk, Mat.1882
O'Hearn, Johnstableman
houseLexington av. Br.1882
O'Hearn, Johnblacksmith
house12 Pacific S B1925
O'Hearn, Johnmusic dealer1159 Washington Dorres28 Charles do1925
O'Hearn, John A.asst treas16 Courtres18 Holiday Dor1925
O'Hearn, John F.clerk553 South Stationbds83 Paris, E. B.1900
O'Hearn, John J.laborer
house103 Hudson1882
O'Hearn, John J.laborer
bdsrear 601 E. Second1900
O'Hearn, John J.laborer
bds54 I S B1905
O'Hearn, John J.carpenter
house27 Loring S B1925
O'Hearn, John P. P. O'Hearn's Sons1468 Dorchester av Dorres126 Melville av do1925
O'Hearn, John S.clerk
bds83 Paris, E. B.1900
O'Hearn, John T.policestation 11, Dorhouse18 Holiday, Dor1900
O'Hearn, John T.wood peddler
bds266 W. Broadway1900
O'Hearn, Josephagent40 Alvordhouseat Somerville1900
O'Hearn, Josephboilermaker
bds6 Charter1882
O'Hearn, Josephplumber73 Essexhouse58 Union Park st.1900
O'Hearn, Joseph F.plumber73 Essexhouse58 Union Park st1905
O'Hearn, Joseph P.plumber134 Bowdoin Dorres18 Holiday do1925
O'Hearn, Juliawid. of Timothy
house496 River, Mat.1900
449 River Mat1905
O'Hearn, Julia E.Mrs.
house605 E. Fourth1900
O'Hearn, Katherine E.pharmacist
res11 Copley Rox1925
O'Hearn, Katherine E.wid. of John
house11 Copley Rox1925
O'Hearn, MargaretMrs.
houserear 12 Wash Dor1905
O'Hearn, Mary, Mrs.

house15 Vicksburg1882
O'Hearn, Mary, Mrs.

house6 rear 601 E. 2nd1900
O'Hearn, Marywid. of Thomas
house820 River Mat1925
O'Hearn, Mary A.widow
house24 Cherry1900
O'Hearn, Mary A.wid. of John
house67 Compton1925
O'Hearn, Mary E.Mrs.
house53 Old Harbor S B1925
O'Hearn, Mary E.wid. of Patrick mgr218 Adams Dor rm 1house126 Melville av do1925
O'Hearn, Mary M.teacherPauline Agassez Shaw
school Dor
res11 Copley Rox1925
O'Hearn, Matthewlaborer
bds180 Marion1882
O'Hearn, Mauricelaborer
house27 Gorey, Chsn.1882
O'Hearn, Mauricelaborer
house27 Wapping1882
O'Hearn, Mauricelaborer
house3 Fruit-street1882
O'Hearn, Michaelbookbinder162 Wash.house20 Genesee1882
O'Hearn, Michaelgrocer1001 Harrison av.housedo.1882
O'Hearn, Michaellaborer
bdsrear 601 E. Second1900
O'Hearn, Michaelnickel plater
house10 Loring1900
O'Hearn, Michaelshoemaker
house8 Munroe pl. wd. 121882
O'Hearn, Michaelclothing cutter
res11 Common1925
O'Hearn, Michael H.cutter
bds266 W. B'way, SB1900
O'Hearn, Michael H.cutter
rms237 W B'way SB1905
O'Hearn, Patrickbuilder1152 Washington, L. M.house14 Arcadia, Dor.1900
1464 Dorchester av Dor1905
O'Hearn, Patrickcooper
bds470 Medford, Chsn.1882
O'Hearn, Patricklaborer
house68 Moulton Chsn1905
O'Hearn, Patricklamplighter
house341 W. Third, SB1882
O'Hearn, Patrickshipper190 Highhouseat Rockland1905
O'Hearn, Patrick Est.builders218 Adams Dor rm 1

O'Hearn, Patrick J.kindling wood
house266 W. Broadway1882
O'Hearn, Patrick J.wood
house45 Gates1900
O'Hearn, Patrick J.wood
house50 Middle S B1905
O'Hearn, Patrick T.clerk
bds341 W. Third, SB1900
O'Hearn, Patrick W.miller
house12 Reed's ct.1900
O'Hearn, Philip J.foreman
house2 Miller pk Rox1925
O'Hearn, Rebeccawidow
house11 Albion1882
O'Hearn, Richard A.carpenter
bds12 Montello Dor1905
O'Hearn, Richard A.painter
res18 Holiday Dor1925
O'Hearn, Richard H.laborer
house125 C1900
O'Hearn, Thomashostler13 E. Concord

O'Hearn, Thomaslaborer
bds11 Parnell1882
O'Hearn, Thomaslaborer
house4 Chessman pl.1900
O'Hearn, Thomaslather
bds1001 Harrison av.1882
O'Hearn, Thomasmariner
bds8 Liverpool1900
O'Hearn, Thomasplasterer
bds189 Dorchester1900
O'Hearn, Thomasplasterer
bds309 W Broadway SB1905
O'Hearn, Thomasteamster
house45 Alger1900
O'Hearn, Thomasteamster
house5 Nawn1900
O'Hearn, Thomas F.

bds341 W. Third1900
O'Hearn, Thomas F.lamplighter
house652 E Third S B1905
O'Hearn, Thomas P.plasterer
house295 W. Second1900
O'Hearn, Thomas P.plasterer
house216 W Sixth S B1905
O'Hearn, Timothylaborer
houserear 10 West Fifth1882
O'Hearn, Timothylaborer
houseRiver, n. Norfolk, Mat.1882
O'Hearn, Walter J.clerk67 Milkhouse51 Ridgewood Dor1925
O'Hearn, Williambookkeeper118 Sudburyhouseat Brookline1882
O'Hearn, Williamcarpenter
house583 E. Fourth, SB1900
O'Hearn, Williamhostler13 E. Concord

O'Hearn, Williamlaborer
house49 Albany1882
O'Hearn, Williamteamster
house281 Federal1882
O'Hearn, Williamteamster
house5 Caldwell1900
O'Hearn, William F.

house107 Pleasant Dor1925
O'Hearn, William F.clerk130 Eliothouse20 Sherman, Rox.1900
O'Hearn, William F.liquors130 Eliothouse125 Brook av Dor1905
O'Hearn, William H.clerk, OC Trust Co52 Temple plhouse429 Brookline av Rox1925
O'Hearn, William J.planer
bds68 Bahlwin, Chsn.1882
O'Hearn, William J.plumber
res18 Holiday Dor1925
O'Hearn, William J.teamster
house31 Border E B1905
O'Hearn, William J.teamster
house149 Marion E B1925
O'Hearn, William J. jr

house139 Bunker Hill Chsn1925
O'Hearn, William J. W.student
res11 Copley Rox1925
O'Hearn, William R.salesman128 Tremonthouseat Medford1925
O'Hearn's, P. SonsEdward W. and John P., contractors, 1468 Dorchester av Dor1925
O'Heran, James M.painter1562 Washingtonhouse28 Ingleside, Rox1900

O'Hern, Anthony

house89 Cottage E B1905
O'Hern, C. John
145 Southhouseat Hyde Park1900
O'Hern, Catherinewidow
house14 Billerica1861
O'Hern, Corneliuslaborer
house12 Fabin1861
O'Hern, Daniellaborer
house122 Utica1861
O'Hern, Daniellaborer
house77 Suffolk1861
O'Hern, Edwardlaborer
house42 Vine1861
O'Hern, Edward P.Colonel, O. D. dept U. S. A., First Corp Areahouse1619 Com'lth av Br1925
O'Hern, Hannahwidow
house21 Oneida1882
O'Hern, Jamescalker
bds28 Warrenton1882
O'Hern, Jameslaborer
house7 Greenough av.1861
O'Hern, James, Mrs.

house1 Napier1861
O'Hern, James A.salesman78 Chauncyhouseat Taunton1900
O'Hern, Johngrocer112 Essexhousedo.1861
O'Hern, Johnlaborer
house151 Broad1861
O'Hern, Johnlaborer
house28 Washington sq.1861
O'Hern, Johnlaborer
house4 Friend st. court1861
O'Hern, Johnlaborer
houseSecond, n. Dorch.1861
O'Hern, Johntailor
house8 Pearl place1861
O'Hern, Joseph F.salesman40 Alford Chsnhouseat Somerville1905
O'Hern, LizzieattendantLunatic Hospital

O'Hern, Margaretwidow
house2 Crystal palace1861
O'Hern, Martinlaborer
house46 Broadway1861
O'Hern, Marywidow
house1 Third1861
O'Hern, Mauricecoachman
house52 South1861
O'Hern, Mauricelaborer
house21 Fleet1861
O'Hern, Mauricelaborer
house9 Blossom1861
O'Hern, Michaellaborer
house28 Brighton1861
O'Hern, Michaellaborer
houseF, near First1861
O'Hern, Michaellaborer
houseSecond, near I1861
O'Hern, Michaellaborer
O'Hern, Michaellaborer
house13 Vicksburg1882
O'Hern, Patricklaborer
houseFirst, n. Dorch.1861
O'Hern, Patricklaborer
houseSecond, n. Dorch.1861
O'Hern, Patricktailor
house239 Federal1861
O'Hern, Rebeccawidow
house276 Gold1900
O'Hern, Timothylaborer
house3 Troy1861
O'Hern, Timothylaborer
house360 North1861
O'Hern, Timothylaborer
house4 Bartlett1861
O'Hern, Williamcarver
house32 Nashua1861
O'Hern, Williamlaborer
house10 Belmont1861
O'Hern, Williamlaborer
houseBolton, n. Dorch.1861
O'Heron, Charlesoperator55 North Stationbdsat Malden1900
O'Heron, Charlesdied June 29 1924

O'Herron, James F.
104 Kingstonhouse19 Myrtle1905

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Aherns in Massachusetts in 1860

The following Aherns were recorded in the Massachusetts 1860 Census.

1860 Federal Census for Massachusetts
Ahern, AnnBerkshireMount Washington341
Ahern, AnnMiddlesex1st ward, Lowell018
Hearn, AnnSuffolk6th ward, [Beacon Hill] Boston734
Ohearn, AnnSuffolk8th ward, Boston621
Ohern, BartholomewMiddlesexCharlestown156
Ohern, BridgetEssexNorth Andover057
Hearn, BridgetNorfolkRandolph143
Ohern, BridgetSuffolk3rd ward, [West End] Boston307
Ohern, CateEssexNorth Andover020
Ohern, CateEssexNorth Andover2
Ahern, CatherineBerkshireEgremont324
Ahern, CatharineEssex3rd ward, Lawrence181
Ahern, CatharineMiddlesexCharlestown074
Ohern, CatherineSuffolk3rd ward, [West End] Boston032
Ohearn, CatherineSuffolk7th ward, [Fort Hill] Boston249
Ohearn, CatherineSuffolk7th ward, [Fort Hill] Boston360
Ohearn, CatherineSuffolk8th ward, Boston399
Ohearn, CorneliusSuffolk8th ward, Boston583
Ahearn, CatharineSuffolk8th ward, Boston624
Ahern, CatharineSuffolk10th ward, [South Cove] Boston458
Ohern, ColemanSuffolk12th ward, [South Boston] Boston374
Ahern, CorneliusSuffolk12th ward, [South Boston] Boston375
Ahern, DanielEssex5th ward, Lawrence404
Ohern, DanielSuffolk1st ward, [North End] Boston337
Ahearn, DanielSuffolk8th ward, Boston665
Oharan, DanielSuffolk11th ward, [South End] Boston976
Ohern, DanielSuffolk12th ward, [South Boston] Boston402
Ohern, DanielSuffolk12th ward, [South Boston] Boston445
Ohearn, DavidEssex6th ward, Salem216
Hearn, DennisMiddlesexWest Cambridge787
Hearn, Dennis (Jr.)MiddlesexWest Cambridge787
Ahern, DennisNorfolkQuincy123
Ohearn, DennisSuffolk8th ward, Boston540
Ohearn, DennisSuffolk8th ward, Boston583
Ohern, DennisSuffolk12th ward, [South Boston] Boston120
Ohern, DennisSuffolk12th ward, [South Boston] Boston136
Ohern, EdwardBerkshireAdams325
Ohearn, EdwardBerkshireStockbridge566
Ohern, EdwardMiddlesexWatertown478
Ahern, ElishaEssex3rd ward, Lawrence188
Ohearn, ElizaSuffolk7th ward, [Fort Hill] Boston106
Ohearn, ElizabethBerkshireWest Stockbridge549
Ahern, ElizabethWorcesterMilford009
Hearn, Ella E.MiddlesexNorth Reading025
Ahern, EllenEssex4th ward, Lawrence281
Ahern, EllenEssex4th ward, Lawrence360
O'Hearn, EllenMiddlesexCharlestown117
Ohern, EllenMiddlesexNewton790
Hearn, EllenMiddlesexWest Cambridge831
Ohern, EllenSuffolk1st ward, [North End] Boston329
Ahearn, EllenSuffolk2nd ward, [East Boston] Boston797
Ohern, EllenSuffolk5th ward, Boston416
Ahearn, EllenSuffolk8th ward, Boston558
Ohearn, EllenSuffolk11th ward, [South End] Boston798
Ohearn, EllenSuffolk12th ward, [South Boston] Boston577
Hearn, ElvinaSuffolk7th ward, [Fort Hill] Boston189
Ahern, FlorenceEssex3rd ward, Lawrence183
Ahern, FlorenceSuffolk10th ward, [South Cove] Boston471
Hearn, Francis BerkshireWilliamstown457
Hearn, FrancisSuffolk2nd ward, [East Boston] Boston907
Ohern, FrancisSuffolk12th ward, [South Boston] Boston111
Ahern, Garrett NorfolkBraintree248
Hearn, HaleSuffolk7th ward, [Fort Hill] Boston190
Ahern, HannahEssex3rd ward, Lawrence241
Ahern, HannahEssex4th ward, Lawrence294
Ohern, HannahHampdenChicopee1084
Ohern, HannorahHampdenChicopee1084
Ohearn, HannahSuffolk7th ward, [Fort Hill] Boston244
Ohearn, HonoraBerkshireLee621
Ohern, HonoraSuffolk12th ward, [South Boston] Boston112
Hearn, J.WorcesterFitchburg850
Hearn, JamesBerkshireWest Stockbridge549
Ahern, JamesEssex1st ward, Lawrence065
Oharran, JamesMiddlesexBelmont431
Ohern, JamesSuffolk1st ward, [North End] Boston292
Ohern, JamesSuffolk12th ward, [South Boston] Boston343
Ahern, JamesWorcesterMilford168
Hearn, James A.Worcester2nd ward, Worcester124
Hearn, JaneBristol1st ward, New Bedford57
Oharran, JaneSuffolk12th ward, [South Boston] Boston029
Ohearn, JeremiahSuffolk7th ward, [Fort Hill] Boston135
Hearn, JohannaHampdenMonson882
Ohern, JoannahSuffolk1st ward, [North End] Boston367
Ohern, JohannaSuffolk8th ward, Boston389
Ahern, JohnBerkshireAdams305
Ohearn, JohnBristolEaston681
Ohern, JohnHampdenMonson865
Ahern, JohnEssex4th ward, Lawrence310
Ohern, JohnMiddlesexCharlestown378
Ohearn, JohnMiddlesexCharlestown613
Hearn, JohnMiddlesexWest Cambridge831
Hearn, John C.MiddlesexWest Cambridge789
Ohearn, JohnNorfolkBrookline815
Ahearn, JohnPlymouthAbington421
Ohern, JohnSuffolk1st ward, [North End] Boston258
Ohearn, JohnSuffolk2nd ward, [East Boston] Boston733
Ohearn, JohnSuffolk2nd ward, [East Boston] Boston913
Ohearn, JohnSuffolk7th ward, [Fort Hill] Boston018
Ohearn, JohnSuffolk7th ward, [Fort Hill] Boston243
Ohearn, JohnSuffolk7th ward, [Fort Hill] Boston329
Ohearn, JohnSuffolk7th ward, [Fort Hill] Boston349
Ohearn, JohnSuffolk8th ward, Boston573
Ahearn, JohnSuffolk8th ward, Boston562
Ohern, JohnSuffolk12th ward, [South Boston] Boston405
Ohern, JohnSuffolk12th ward, [South Boston] Boston623
Ohearn, JohnSuffolkChelsea City708
Ohearn, John, Jr.SuffolkChelsea City708
Ahearn, JohnWorcesterHarvard415
Ahern, JohnWorcesterMilford169
Hearn, JohnWorcester4th ward, Worcester337
Hearn, MargaretBristol1st ward, New Bedford57
Ahearn, JuliaMiddlesexShirley008
Ohern, LawrenceSuffolk1st ward, [North End] Boston401
Ohearn, MannieSuffolk7th ward, [Fort Hill] Boston004
Ahern, MargaretEssex3rd ward, Lawrence188
Ohern, MargaretNorfolkQuincy108
Ohern, MargaretNorfolkQuincy18
Ohern, MargaretSuffolk1st ward, [North End] Boston358
Ahearn, MargaretSuffolk2nd ward, [East Boston] Boston864
Ahern, MargaretSuffolk3rd ward, [West End] Boston024
Ohern, MargaretSuffolk10th ward, [South Cove] Boston239
Ahern, MargaretSuffolk10th ward, [South Cove] Boston496
Ohern, MargaretSuffolk12th ward, [South Boston] Boston089
Ohern, MargaretSuffolk12th ward, [South Boston] Boston447
Ahern, MargaretSuffolk12th ward, [South Boston] Boston545
Ohearn, MariaMiddlesex2nd ward, Lowell228
Ahearn, MarthaMiddlesexCharlestown618
Ohearn, MartinMiddlesexWaltham610
Ahearn, MartinNorfolkDorchester224
Ohern, MartinSuffolk12th ward, [South Boston] Boston343
Ahern, Mary A.BerkshireAdams306
Ohern, MaryBerkshireAdams342
Ohearn, MaryBerkshireStockbridge567
Ohern, MaryEssexAndover194
Ahern, MaryEssex4th ward, Lawrence323
Ahern, MaryEssex4th ward, Lawrence347
Ohern, MaryHampdenChicopee1075
Ohern, MaryHampdenChicopee1084
Ohearn, MaryMiddlesexCharlestown300
Ahern, MaryMiddlesex1st ward, Lowell018
Ahern, MaryMiddlesex2nd ward, Lowell293
Ohern, MarySuffolk1st ward, [North End] Boston401
Ohearn, MarySuffolk7th ward, [Fort Hill] Boston286
Ohern, MarySuffolk8th ward, Boston417
Ohearn, MarySuffolk8th ward, Boston463
Ahearn, MarySuffolk8th ward, Boston561
Ahern, MarySuffolk10th ward, [South Cove] Boston459
Ohern, MarySuffolk12th ward, [South Boston] Boston362
Ohern, MarySuffolk12th ward, [South Boston] Boston398
Ohern, MarySuffolk12th ward, [South Boston] Boston399
Ohearn, MarySuffolkChelsea City776
Ohern, MathewBerkshireAdams368
Ahearn, MatyMiddlesexMelrose338
Ahern, MauriceSuffolk10th ward, [South Cove] Boston436
Ohearn, MichaelBerkshireStockbridge566
Ahern, MichaelEssex2nd ward, Lawrence151
Ohearn, MichaelEssex4th ward, Salem324
Ahern, MichaelEssexSouth Danvers126
Ohearn, MichaelNorfolkBrookline729
Ahern, MichaelNorfolkDedham442
Hearn, MichaelNorfolkRandolph141
O'Hearn, MichaelNorfolkRandolph142
Ohearn, MichaelSuffolk5th ward, Boston589
Hearn, MichealSuffolk10th ward, [South Cove] Boston338
Ohern, MichaelSuffolk12th ward, [South Boston] Boston112
Ohern, MichaelSuffolk12th ward, [South Boston] Boston144
Ohern, MichaelSuffolk12th ward, [South Boston] Boston151
Ahern, MichaelSuffolk12th ward, [South Boston] Boston534
Ahern, MichaelWorcesterMilford191
Ohern, MorrisSuffolk12th ward, [South Boston] Boston403
Ahern, MorrisWorcesterSpencer789
Ohearn, P. J.Suffolk7th ward, [Fort Hill] Boston142
Hearn, PatrickBristolMansfield729
Ohearn, PatBristolTaunton53
Ohern, PatrickEssexAndover193
Ahern, PatrickEssex4th ward, Lawrence275
Ohern, PatrickEssexSouth Danvers120
Hearn, PatrickMiddlesexWest Cambridge831
Ahern, PatrickNorfolkBraintree246
Ahearn, PatrickPlymouthAbington471
Ohern, PatrickSuffolk12th ward, [South Boston] Boston144
Hearn, PierceWorcesterMillbury584
Ohearn, PierreWorcester4th ward, Worcester386
Ahern, ThomasBerkshireEgremont317
Hearn, ThomasEssexSwampscott1163
Ohern, ThomasNorfolk2nd ward, Roxbury83
Ohern, ThomasNorfolk2nd ward, Roxbury830
Ohearn, ThomasSuffolk2nd ward, [East Boston] Boston910
Ahern, TimothyNorfolkMilton194
Ohern, TimothySuffolk1st ward, [North End] Boston338
Ohern, TimothySuffolk1st ward, [North End] Boston349
Ahern, WilliamBerkshireMount Washington341
Ohearn, WilliamBristolEaston682
Ohearn, WilliamBristol1st ward, Fall River49
Ohern, WilliamMiddlesexWatertown508
Ohearn, WilliamSuffolk7th ward, [Fort Hill] Boston283
Ohearn, WilliamSuffolk7th ward, [Fort Hill] Boston287
Ohearn, WilliamSuffolk7th ward, [Fort Hill] Boston310
Ohern, WilliamSuffolk12th ward, [South Boston] Boston154

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Aherns in Massachusetts Probate Records

The following list of Aherns has been extracted from microfilm indexes at the Massachusetts State Archives and bound indexes at the Boston Public Library and the Middlesex Registry of Probate in Cambridge. Suffolk County is mainly comprised of the City of Boston. For indexing purposes, all spelling variants have been grouped under the heading of Ahern or O'Hearn. You need to see the actual record to be sure of the spelling.
Probate Records of Aherns in Massachusetts
O'Hearn, Abby C.1860Suffolk
Ahern, Adeline V.1907Suffolk
Ahern, Agnes1922Suffolk
Adoption, etc.204292
Ahern, Agnes1952MiddlesexArlingtonGuardian (Ins.)308364
Ahern, Agnes M.1955MiddlesexSomervilleAdministration327485
O'Hearn, Alice1909Suffolk
Ahern, Alice A.1895Suffolk
O'Hearn, Alice E.1909Suffolk
O'Hearn, Alice E.1917Suffolk
O'Hearn, Alice E.1921Suffolk
Guardianship, n.c.198472
O'Hearn, Alice M.1935MiddlesexCambridgeOrder re Support206631
O'Hearn, Alice M.1940MiddlesexCambridgeSeparate Support206631
Ahern, Almada J.1910MiddlesexNatickSeparate Support84484
Ahern, Almeda J.1918Suffolk
Separate Support185215
Ahern, Anastasia1919MiddlesexWoburnGuardian120859
Ahern, Andrew L.1947MiddlesexWatertownAdministration274720
Ahern, Angela1911Suffolk
O'Hearn, Angela1916Suffolk
Separate Support173193
O'Hearn, Angela W.
vs. J. Edward
1916PlymouthBrocktonSeparate Support24082
O'Hearn, Ann1888MiddlesexLowellAdministration24187
Ahern, Anna J.1946MiddlesexLowellWill269634
Ahern, Anna J.1950MiddlesexSomervilleAdministration293602
Ahern, Anne1873Suffolk
Ahern, Annie1898Suffolk
Ahearn, Annie1900PlymouthPlymouthAdministration10979
Ahern, Annie1901MiddlesexLowellWill56613
Ahern, Annie1908Suffolk
O'Hearn, Annie1909Suffolk
Ahern, Annie1914MiddlesexFraminghamAdministration100632
Ahern, Annie1917BristolNorth AttleboroAdministration40237
Ahern, Annie A.1940MiddlesexArlingtonWill233831
Ahearn, Annie E.1900FranklinSunderlandAdministration13228
Ahern, Annie E.
vs. John J.
O'Hearn, Annie M.1908BristolTauntonGuardianship26488
Ahern, Annie M.1916Suffolk
O'Hearn, Annie T.1913MiddlesexLowellSeparate Support95201
O'Hearn, Annie T.1919MiddlesexLowellPartition121881
Ahern, Annie V.1935MiddlesexWoburnWill205806
Ahern, Arthur D.1906Suffolk
Ahern, Barbara1923MiddlesexSomervilleCustody142319
Ahern, Barbara A.1958MiddlesexLowellSeparate Support348105
Ahern, Barbara J.1953MiddlesexSomervilleGuardian314791
O'Hearn, Bartholomew1900BristolTauntonAdministration16261
Ahern, Beatrice M.1945MiddlesexSomervilleSeparate Support264352
Ahern, Bessie1918Suffolk
Ahern, Bezie L.1955MiddlesexCambridgeWill330518
Ahern, Bridget1877Suffolk
Ahearn, Bridget1897PlymouthBrocktonAdministration9516
Ahern, Bridget1904MiddlesexLexingtonAdministration64972
Ahern, Bridget1913Suffolk
O'Hearn, Bridget1913MiddlesexLowellAdministration95405
Ahern, Bridget1917MiddlesexArlingtonAdministration112100
O'Hearn, Bridget1917Suffolk
Ahern, Bridget1923MiddlesexMarlboroughWill141197
Ahern, Bridget1942MiddlesexLexingtonUnclaimed Deposit244700
Ahearn, Bridget C.1938PlymouthEast BridgewaterWill49324
Ahern, Bridget M.1940MiddlesexNewtonAdministration232054
Ahern, Bridget T.1956MiddlesexCambridgeAdministration337606
Ahern, Catherine1857MiddlesexCambridgeAdministration26248
Ahern, Catherine1884Suffolk
O'Hearn, Catherine1895BristolTauntonProbate11236
Ahern, Catherine1909Suffolk
O'Hearn, Catherine1909Suffolk
Ahern, Catherine1911Suffolk
Ahern, Catherine1917Suffolk
Ahern, Catherine1919Suffolk
O'Hearn, Catherine1923BristolTauntonConservator50811
Ahern, Catherine1937MiddlesexSomervilleAdministration214353
Ahern, Catherine1950MiddlesexMedfordWill295261
Ahern, Catherine1952MiddlesexCambridgeConservator309716
Ahern, Catherine1955MiddlesexCambridgeAdministration331883
Ahearn, Catherine
vs. Patrick
1894PlymouthBridgewaterSeparate Support7023
Ahern, Catherine A.1921Suffolk
Ahern, Catherine E.1917Suffolk
Ahern, Catherine F.1918Suffolk
Ahern, Catherine L.1928MiddlesexCambridgeOrder re Support169572
Ahern, Catherine T.1914MiddlesexCambridgeAdministration101084
Ahern, Catherine V.1922MiddlesexEverettGuardian137541
Ahern, Charles1867MiddlesexNatickGuardianship26249
Ahern, Charles1879MiddlesexLowellAdministration90
Ahern, Charles B.1913MiddlesexStonehamAdministration96595
Ahern, Charles E.1910MiddlesexNatickSeparate Support84484
Ahern, Charles E.1918Suffolk
Separate Support185215
Ahern, Charles F.1936MiddlesexSomervilleGuardian209447
Ahern, Charlotte G.1958MiddlesexSomervilleAdministration348396
Ahern, Clara M.1914Suffolk
Guardianship, n.c.166601
O'Hearn, Cornelius1899MiddlesexLowellWill49320
Ahern, Cornelius1901Suffolk
Ahern, Cornelius1904Suffolk
O'Hearn, Cornelius1923MiddlesexLowellAdministration140032
Aherne, Cornelius1930PlymouthAbingtonWill39830
Ahern, Cornelius E.1920Suffolk
Ahern, Cornelius E.1954MiddlesexSomervilleAdministration325863
Aherne, Cornelius Francis1920PlymouthAbingtonWill28383
Ahern, Daniel1867MiddlesexNatickGuardianship26249
Ahern, Daniel1875Suffolk
Ahern, Daniel1880Suffolk
Ahern, Daniel1881Suffolk
O'Hearn, Daniel1884Suffolk
Ahern, Daniel1901Suffolk
Ahern, Daniel1910Suffolk
Ahern, Daniel1911Suffolk
Ahern, Daniel1917MiddlesexBeechmont Upton,
O'Hearn, Daniel1922Suffolk
Ahern, Daniel1930MiddlesexSomervilleAdministration177766
Ahern, Daniel1950MiddlesexNatickAdministration296272
Ahern, Daniel1956MiddlesexSomervilleAdministration337633
O'Hearn, Daniel A.1912MiddlesexLowellAdministration92575
Ahern, Daniel F.1938MiddlesexArlingtonWill221251
Ahern, Daniel J.1900Suffolk
Ahern, Daniel J.1915MiddlesexBostonLeave to Marry
Without Delay
Ahern, Daniel J.1916Suffolk
Ahern, Daniel J.1922Suffolk
Ahern, Daniel J.1930MiddlesexCambridgeOrder re Support181026
Ahern, Daniel J.1930MiddlesexWatertownOrder re Support181026
Ahern, Daniel J.1935MiddlesexCambridgeOrder re Support205060
Ahern, Daniel J.1945MiddlesexCambridgeAdministration264761
Ahern, Daniel P.1932MiddlesexSomervilleGuardian (Insane)190139
Ahern, Daniel W.1936MiddlesexSomervilleAdministration208761
Ahern, David1876WorcesterWebsterAdministration513
Ahern, David1903Suffolk
Ahern, David1903Suffolk
Ahern, David E.1918MiddlesexNatickAdministration115094
Ahern, David H.1919MiddlesexWoburnGuardian120859
Ahern, David H.1922MiddlesexWoburnAdministration136016
Ahern, David J.1922Suffolk
Ahern, Delia1912Suffolk
O'Hearn, Delia1920MiddlesexCambridgeConservator129208
O'Hearn, Delia1934MiddlesexCambridgeAdministration199712
Ahern, Delia M.1958MiddlesexEverettWill347396
Ahern, Dennis1867Suffolk
Ahern, Dennis1884Suffolk
Ahern, Dennis1903MiddlesexBelmontGuardianship61675
Ahearn, Dennis F.1899PlymouthRocklandAdministration10595
Ahern, Dennis G.1898MiddlesexCambridgeWill47570
Ahern, Dennis J.1940MiddlesexCambridgeAdministration236007
Ahern, Donald T.1947MiddlesexReadingAdoption274634
Ahern, Dorothy1943MiddlesexFraminghamGuardian251025
Ahern, Edmond1922Suffolk
Ahern, Edward1901MiddlesexBelmontAdministration56112
O'Hearn, Edward1920BristolFall RiverAdministration45962
Ahern, Edward1931MiddlesexArlingtonAdministration184167
Ahern, Edward J.1901Suffolk
Ahern, Edward J.1913MiddlesexWoburnGuardian97337
Ahern, Edward J.1957MiddlesexFraminghamWill346958
O'Hearn, Edward L.1948MiddlesexMedfordWill284269
O'Hearn, Edward L., Jr.1948MiddlesexMedfordGuardian282938
Ahern, Edward P.1898Suffolk
Ahern, Edward P.1922MiddlesexEverettGuardian137541
Ahern, Edward R.1945MiddlesexSomervilleConservator265991
Ahern, Edward S.1906Suffolk
Ahern, Edward W.1945MiddlesexCambridgeSeparate Support264352
Ahern, Edward W.1948MiddlesexCambridgeAdministration284124
Ahern, Eileen R.1922MiddlesexEverettGuardian137541
Ahern, Elaine F.1950MiddlesexLowellGuardian299192
Ahern, Eleanor1936MiddlesexSomervilleGuardian209447
O'Hearn, Eliza. J.1920BristolFall RiverPartition48269
Ahern, Elizabeth1881Suffolk
O'Hearn, Elizabeth1907BristolTauntonAdministration24334
O'Hearn, Elizabeth1913PlymouthRocklandAdministration21167
Ahern, Elizabeth1917MiddlesexArlingtonAdministration112100
Ahern, Elizabeth1918Suffolk
Separate Support182086
Ahern, Elizabeth1918Suffolk
Ahern, Elizabeth A.1922MiddlesexQuincyOrder re Support139058
Ahern, Elizabeth C.1929MiddlesexCambridgeAdministration174567
Ahern, Elizabeth F.1934MiddlesexMedfordOrder re Pers. Liberty198248
Ahern, Elizabeth G.1906MiddlesexSomervilleAdministration71417
Ahern, Elizabeth M.1915MiddlesexBostonAdoption105545
Ahern, Ella1919Suffolk
Ahern, Ella1919Suffolk
Ahern, Ella B.1936MiddlesexMarlboroughWill207604
Ahern, Ella M. B.1935MiddlesexMarlboroughWill207604
Ahern, Ellen1867Suffolk
O'Hern, Ellen1869MiddlesexCharlestownAdministration38601
Ahern, Ellen1880Suffolk
O'Hearn, Ellen1880Suffolk
O'Hearn, Ellen1897BristolFall RiverAdministration13279
Ahern, Ellen1890Suffolk
O'Hearn, Ellen1891MiddlesexLowellAdministration29882
Ahearn, Ellen1896PlymouthWhitmanWill8414
Ahern, Ellen1902MiddlesexCambridgeAdministration58569
Ahern, Ellen1905Suffolk
Ahern, Ellen1910MiddlesexBelmontWill86554
Ahern, Ellen1915MiddlesexSomervilleAdministration102917
O'Hearn, Ellen1920Suffolk
O'Hearn, Ellen A.1922Suffolk
O'Hearn, Ellen C.1915MiddlesexLowellAdministration105946
O'Hearn, Ellen E.1948MiddlesexEverettWill286986
A'Hearn, Ellen J.1914PlymouthBrocktonWill22629
Ahern, Ellen L.1949MiddlesexSomervilleAdministration287734
Ahern, Ellen M.1891Suffolk
Separate Support88196
Ahern, Ellen M.1913Suffolk
Ahern, Ellen M.1937MiddlesexCambridgeAdministration214280
O'Hearn, Ellen T.1907MiddlesexLowellWill76073
O'Hearn, Elmer F.1929MiddlesexNewtonChange of Name172032
Ahern, Emily G.1939MiddlesexArlingtonAdministration227452
Ahern, Eugene1898MiddlesexCambridgeAdministration48608
Ahern, Eugene1909MiddlesexCambridgeLeave to Marry82532
Ahern, Eugene1939PlymouthEast BridgewaterAdministration50490
Ahern, Eugene1948MiddlesexCambridgeAdministration280932
Ahern, Eugene J.1896Suffolk
Ahern, Everett1942MiddlesexArlingtonUnclaimed Deposit244700
Ahern, Florence M.1937MiddlesexMedfordGuardian215580
Ahearne, Frances1905PlymouthKingstonGuardianship14602
Ahern, Frances M.1942MiddlesexSomervilleAdoption242658
O'Hearn, Francis J.1920BristolFall RiverGuardianship45980
Ahern, Francis R.1943MiddlesexLowellLiving Apart & Custody253177
Ahern, Frank T.1952MiddlesexArlingtonAdministration310246
Ahern, Frederick1951MiddlesexCambridgeAdministration300077
Ahern, Geneva B.1897Suffolk
Ahern, George1957MiddlesexTewksburyAdministration345151
Ahern, George E.1948MiddlesexArlingtonAdministration281206
Ahern, George T.1943MiddlesexBelmontAdministration252857
Ahern, Gertrude C.1953MiddlesexStonehamWill316163
Ahern, Gertrude M.1938MiddlesexArlingtonGuardian224033
Ahern, Hannah1891Suffolk
Ahern, Hannah1893Suffolk
Ahern, Hannah1896MiddlesexSomervilleSeparate Support42984
Ahern, Hannah1920Suffolk
Ahern, Hannah1922Suffolk
Ahern, Hannah1923MiddlesexCambridgeAdministration144397
Ahern, Hannah1927MiddlesexNatickAdministration161694
Ahern, Hannah1943MiddlesexLowellWill249717
Ahern, Hannah A.1912Suffolk
Ahern, Hanora1893MiddlesexNatickAdministration34270
Ahern, Hanora1893Suffolk
Ahern, Harriet D.1945MiddlesexNewtonWill262581
Ahern, Harry J.1934MiddlesexBostonOrder re Pers. Liberty198248
Ahern, Helen1903Suffolk
O'Hearn, Helen1909Suffolk
Ahern, Helen1953MiddlesexWatertownWill319730
Ahern, Helen1959MiddlesexEverettEquity353818
O'Hearn, Helen C.1919Suffolk
O'Hearn, Helen J.1913MiddlesexLowellGuardian98167
Ahern, Helena V.1904MiddlesexCambridgeAdoption, etc.63913
O'Hearn, Honora1876WorcesterSpencerAdministration44265
O'Herron, Honorah1883Suffolk
Ahern, Honora1883Suffolk
O'Hearn, Honora E.1946MiddlesexCambridgeAdministration269005
Ahern, Hugh1958MiddlesexChelmsfordWill352495
Ahern, J. Albert1910MiddlesexMarlboroughAdministration87185
O'Hearn, J. Edward1916Suffolk
Separate Support173193
O'Hearn, J. Edward
vs. Angela W.
1916PlymouthBrocktonSeparate Support24082
Ahern, James (laborer)1873EssexLawrence

Ahern, James1884Suffolk
Ahern, James1908Suffolk
Ahern, James1911Suffolk
O'Hearn, James1913BristolFall RiverAdministration33553
Ahern, James1920PlymouthPembrokeAdministration28695
Ahern, James A.1910MiddlesexMarlboroughAdministration87185
Ahern, James A.1952MiddlesexChelmsfordAdministration311197
Ahern, James F.1918PlymouthRocklandAdministration26792
Ahern, James H.1913MiddlesexWoburnGuardian96339
Ahern, James Henry1897BristolTauntonAdoption13547
Ahern, James L.1918Suffolk
O'Hearn, James M.1918Suffolk
O'Hearn, James T.1913MiddlesexLowellSeparate Support95201
O'Hearn, James T.1946MiddlesexNewtonAdministration272740
O'Hearn, James W.1921MiddlesexLos Angeles, CAPartition133209
Ahern, Jane1897MiddlesexCambridgeWill44975
Ahern, Jane1899Suffolk
O'Hearn, Jane E.1945MiddlesexLowellAdministration266756
Ahern, Jane F.1958MiddlesexNatickWill352495
Ahern, Jeanne M.1942MiddlesexSomervilleGuardian246897
O'Hearn, Jennie1893MiddlesexWalthamAdministration36133
O'Hearn, Jennie E.1893MiddlesexLowellGuardianship8278
O'Hearn, Jeremiah1894Suffolk
Ahern, Jeremiah1903Suffolk
O'Hearn, Jeremiah J.1921MiddlesexSomervillePartition133209
Ahern, Jessie L.1934MiddlesexMedfordWill199530
Ahern, Joanna1912Suffolk
O'Hearn, Joanna M.1938MiddlesexFraminghamAdministration220449
Ahern, Johanna1902MiddlesexCambridgeAdministration59438
Ahern, Johanna1908Suffolk
Ahern, Joanna M.1938MiddlesexFraminghamAdministration220449
Ahern, Johannah1904Suffolk
Ahern, Johanna F.1934MiddlesexStonehamWill201208
Ahern, Johanna M.1938MiddlesexFraminghamAdministration220449
Ahern, John
BristolWill - Book 99, page 534
O'Hearn, John1865Suffolk
Ahern, John1867Suffolk
O'Hearn, John1869Suffolk
O'Herron, John1870Suffolk
Ahern, John1871Suffolk
O'Hearn, John1876Suffolk
Ahern, John (laborer)1876EssexSalisbury

O'Hearn, John1877MiddlesexStonehamWill8277
O'Hearn, John1880Suffolk
Ahern, John1880Suffolk
O'Hearn, John1884MiddlesexLowellGuardianship16711
Ahern, John1884Suffolk
Ahearn, John1885PlymouthRocklandWill1976
O'Hearn, John1886Suffolk
Ahern, John1888MiddlesexBelmontWill25046
Ahern, John1888Suffolk
Ahern, John1889MiddlesexNewtonAdministration25507
O'Hearn, John1891MiddlesexLowellWill30008
Ahearn, John1892PlymouthRocklandWill5915
Ahearn, John1896PlymouthKingstonAdministration8654
Ahern, John1902MiddlesexMarlboroughGuardianship58048
Ahern, John1902Suffolk
O'Hearn, John1903Suffolk
Ahern, John1906MiddlesexSomervilleAdministration70688
Ahern, John1907MiddlesexWakefieldAdministration75434
Ahern, John1908Suffolk
O'Hearn, John1915Suffolk
Ahern, John1918MiddlesexFraminghamWill118317
O'Hearn, John1918MiddlesexLowellAdministration117566
Ahern, John1918Suffolk
Ahern, John1921MiddlesexWoburnAdministration133183
O'Hearn, John1921Middlesex
Ahern, John1922MiddlesexNatickAdministration138675
Ahern, John1924MiddlesexNatickUnclaimed Deposit92021
Ahern, John1925MiddlesexNewtonAdministration152309
Ahern, John1930MiddlesexMaldenWill178762
O'Hearn, John1941MiddlesexCambridgeAdministration237310
Ahern, John A.1915Suffolk
Ahern, John D.1924MiddlesexCambridgeAdministration147905
O'Hearn, John E.1920BristolFall RiverGuardianship45980
Ahern, John F.1910Suffolk
Ahern, John F.1922MiddlesexEverettGuardian137541
Ahearn, John F.1929PlymouthBrocktonAdministration38831
Ahern, John H.1918Suffolk
O'Hearn, John H.1948MiddlesexMedfordGuardian282938
Ahern, John H.1953MiddlesexMedfordAdministration317327
Ahern, John J.1893Suffolk
Ahern, John J.
vs. Annie E.
Ahern, John J.1919MiddlesexWoburnGuardian120859
Ahern, John J.1921MiddlesexCambridgeWill132790
O'Hearn, John J.1922Suffolk
Separate Support205746
Ahern, John J.1938MiddlesexArlingtonAdministration224471
Ahern, John J.1940MiddlesexWoburnAdministration231744
O'Hearn, John J.1943MiddlesexMedfordAdministration249326
Ahern, John J.1946MiddlesexNatickAdministration267236
Ahern, John K.1943MiddlesexFraminghamGuardian251025
Ahern, John L.1921Suffolk
Ahern, John M.1936MiddlesexSomervilleConservator212675
Ahern, John M.1949MiddlesexWalthamWill293726
Ahern, John P.1932MiddlesexArlingtonWill1888237
Ahern, John P.1942MiddlesexSomervilleGuardian246741
Ahern, John P.1946MiddlesexFraminghamAdministration268855
Ahern, John P.1949MiddlesexSomervilleSeparate Support288723
Ahern, John R.1936MiddlesexSomervilleGuardian209447
Ahern, John R.1949MiddlesexSomervilleAdministration287735
O'Hearn, John T.1922Suffolk
Ahern, John V.1958MiddlesexLowellSeparate Support348105
Ahern, Joseph1914MiddlesexSomervilleAdministration100664
Ahern, Joseph1950MiddlesexMelroseAdministration297474
Ahern, Joseph1958MiddlesexEverettEquity353818
O'Hearn, Joseph F.1917Suffolk
Ahern, Joseph F.1928MiddlesexCambridgeOrder re Support169572
Ahern, Joseph F.1928MiddlesexFraminghamAdministration165465
Ahern, Joseph F.1946MiddlesexArlingtonAdministration268890
Ahern, Joseph W.1946MiddlesexArlingtonAdministration268890
Ahern, Joseph W., Jr.1939MiddlesexArlingtonGuardian227472
O'Hearn, Josephine1908MiddlesexCambridgeGuardianship79641
O'Hearn, Josephine1921Middlesex
Ahern, Josephine B.1911Suffolk
O'Hearn, Josephine F.1922MiddlesexCambridgeAdministration135219
Ahern, Josephine G.1916Suffolk
O'Hearn, Josephine G.1949MiddlesexLowellAdministration291340
O'Hearn, Julia1893Suffolk
Separate Support92251
Ahern, Julia1900Suffolk
Ahern, Julia A.1900Suffolk
O'Hearn, Julia E.1904Suffolk
O'Hearn, Julia E.1921Suffolk
Adoption, etc.199220
Ahern, Kate M.1893MiddlesexMedfordAdministration34108
O'Hearn, Katherine1899Suffolk
Ahern, Katherine A.1921Suffolk
Ahern, Katharine M.1953MiddlesexWatertownWill315500
Ahern, Kathleen C.1910MiddlesexLowellAdministration85781
Ahern, Katie1909Suffolk
O'Hearn, Katie F.1879MiddlesexLowellGuardianship8278
Ahern, Katie R.1885Suffolk
Ahern, Kenneth N.1945MiddlesexMelroseAdoption262909
Ahern, Laura A.1892MiddlesexSomervilleWill33723
O'Hearn, Lawrence A.1949MiddlesexCambridgeSeparate Support289965
Ahern, Lena J.1942MiddlesexArlingtonAdministration248001
Ahern, Lena P.1895MiddlesexSomervilleAdoption39974
O'Hearn, Leo E.1919Suffolk
O'Hearn, Leonard B.1929MiddlesexNewtonChange of Name172033
Ahern, Lizzie G.1906MiddlesexSomervilleAdministration71417
O'Hearn, Louisa A.1928PlymouthBrocktonGuardianship37180
O'Hearn, Louisa A.1936PlymouthMiddleboroughAdministration46573
Ahern, Maggie1934MiddlesexSomervilleAdministration199491
Ahern, Margaret1872Suffolk
Ahern, Margaret
(w. of Timothy)

O'Hearn, Margaret1874Suffolk
O'Hearn, Margaret1874Suffolk
Ahearn, Margaret1883PlymouthBrocktonAdministration1132
Ahern, Margaret1888Suffolk
Ahern, Margaret1890Suffolk
Ahearn, Margaret1892PlymouthRocklandAdministration6117
O'Hearn, Margaret1898Suffolk
O'Hearn, Margaret1901MiddlesexNatickAdministration56798
Ahern, Margaret1907Suffolk
Ahern, Margaret1911Suffolk
Ahern, Margaret1911Suffolk
Ahern, Margaret1912Suffolk
Ahern, Margaret1913Suffolk
Ahern, Margaret1934MiddlesexSomervilleAdministration199491
Ahern, Margaret1941MiddlesexSomervilleWill237905
Ahern, Margaret1942MiddlesexCambridgeUnclaimed Deposit244703
Ahern, Margaret1949MiddlesexSomervilleWill292659
Ahern, Margaret1950MiddlesexSomervilleWill292659
Ahern, Margaret A.1918MiddlesexCambridgeAdministration116562
Ahern, Margaret A.1941MiddlesexSomervilleWill237905
O'Hearn, Margaret C.1919BristolTauntonAdministration42508
Ahern, Margaret F.1894Suffolk
O'Hearn, Margaret I.1909Suffolk
Ahern, Margaret J.1911Suffolk
Ahern, Margaret J.1930MiddlesexMedfordWill181551
Ahern, Margaret M.1905MiddlesexWinchesterWill68801
Ahern, Margaret M.1931MiddlesexMarlboroughWill184420
Ahern, Margaret S.1918BristolNew BedfordProbate41833
Ahern, Marguerite T.1915MiddlesexCambridgeLeave to Marry
Without Delay
Ahern, Marguerite T.1943MiddlesexArlingtonSeparate Support254021
Ahern, Marion P.1950MiddlesexSomervilleGuardian314791
Ahern, Marjorie1897Suffolk
O'Hearn, Martin1892MiddlesexLowellWill31564
Ahern, Martin R.1959MiddlesexNewtonDesertion358121
Ahern, Mary1867MiddlesexNatickAdministration26250
Ahern, Mary1867Suffolk
O'Hearn, Mary1881Suffolk
Ahern, Mary1883Suffolk
Ahern, Mary1884MiddlesexCambridgeAdministration16871
O'Hearn, Mary1886BristolFall RiverProbate3972
Ahern, Mary1888Suffolk
Ahern, Mary1895BristolTauntonAdministration11366
Ahern, Mary1895MiddlesexNatickAdministration40265
Ahern, Mary1896MiddlesexCambridgeAdministration43218
O'Hearn, Mary1896MiddlesexCambridgeAdministration43255
O'Hearn, Mary1900Suffolk
O'Hearn, Mary1902MiddlesexStonehamAdministration60094
Ahern, Mary1904Suffolk
Ahern, Mary1907Suffolk
Ahern, Mary1909MiddlesexSomervilleGuardianship82858
Ahern, Mary1909Suffolk
Ahern, Mary1911MiddlesexArlingtonAdministration89437
Ahern, Mary1913Suffolk
O'Hearn, Mary1924BristolTauntonProbate51878
Ahearn, Mary1924PlymouthBrocktonWill33507
O'Hearn, Mary
vs. Joseph F.
1924BristolFall RiverSeparate Support52604
Ahern, Mary1936MiddlesexSomervilleGuardian209447
Ahern, Mary1940MiddlesexCambridgeWill232968
Ahern, Mary1942MiddlesexMedfordWill220230
Ahern, Mary, Trustee
for Frances Ahern
1942MiddlesexArlingtonUnclaimed Deposit244700
Ahern, Mary, Trustee
for John J. Ahern
1942MiddlesexArlingtonUnclaimed Deposit244700
Ahern, Mary, Trustee
for Lawrence Ahern
1942MiddlesexArlingtonUnclaimed Deposit244700
Ahern, Mary A.1901MiddlesexSomervilleWill56086
O'Hearn, Mary A.1902BristolWestportGuardianship18532
Ahern, Mary A.1908Suffolk
O'Hearn, Mary A.1910Bristol
Ahern, Mary A.1911MiddlesexArlingtonAdministration89437
Ahern, Mary A.1918MiddlesexWoburnWill119824
O'Hearn, Mary A.1929MiddlesexWatertownAdministration174498
Ahearn, Mary A.1934PlymouthHanoverAdministration44573
Ahern, Mary A.
Trustee for Mary Ahern
1942MiddlesexArlingtonUnclaimed Deposit244700
Ahern, Mary B., Mrs.1912MiddlesexArlingtonUnclaimed Deposit91699
O'Hearn, Mary E.1879MiddlesexLowellGuardianship8278
O'Hearn, Mary E.1884MiddlesexWoburnGuardianship17016
Ahern, Mary E.1888MiddlesexLowellGuardianship23566
Ahern, Mary E.1911Suffolk
Ahern, Mary E.1911Suffolk
Ahern, Mary E.1913Suffolk
Ahern, Mary E.1932MiddlesexSomervilleOrder re Support189899
Ahern, Mary E.1934MiddlesexNatickWill201024
Ahern, Mary E.1935MiddlesexCambridgeOrder re Support205060
Ahern, Mary E.1943MiddlesexArlingtonWill253909
O'Hearn, Mary F.1916MiddlesexMaldenAdministration107861
Ahern, Mary G.1919MiddlesexWoburnGuardian120859
O'Hearn, Mary I.1949MiddlesexLowellAdministration292477
Ahern, Mary J.1902Suffolk
Ahern, Mary J.1908Suffolk
Ahern, Mary J.1913MiddlesexWoburnGuardian97337
O'Hearn, Mary J.1919MiddlesexCambridgeAdministration123463
Ahern, Mary J.1925MiddlesexCambridgeWill152310
Ahern, Mary J.1951MiddlesexSomervilleAdministration314171
Ahern, Mary K.1898Suffolk
O'Hearn, Mary L.1919Suffolk
Ahern, Mary M.1914Suffolk
Ahern, Mary R.1906Suffolk
O'Hearn, Mary R.1922Suffolk
Separate Support205746
Ahern, Mary R.1959MiddlesexNewtonDesertion358121
Ahern, Mary S.1938MiddlesexMedfordWill220230
Ahern, Mary V.1911Suffolk
Ahern, Maud1885MiddlesexNewtonGuardianship19369
Ahern, Maurice1872MiddlesexMarlboroughAdministration91
Ahern, Maurice1877MiddlesexFraminghamWill92
Ahern, Maurice1885MiddlesexNewtonGuardianship19369
Ahern, Maurice1886Suffolk
O'Hearn, Maurice1886PlymouthScituateAdministration2510
Ahern, Maurice1902MiddlesexCambridgeAdministration58570
Ahern, Maurice1909Suffolk
Ahern, Maurice1916MiddlesexCambridgeAdministration109228
Ahern, Maurice1929MiddlesexNewtonReceiver173040
Ahern, Maurice A.1894Suffolk
Guard. Spend.95477
Ahern, Maurice J.1921MiddlesexCambridgeWill133619
Ahern, Maurice P.1909Suffolk
Ahern, Maurice W.1945MiddlesexArlingtonAdministration264150
Ahern, Michael1908Suffolk
Ahearn, Michael1934PlymouthEast BridgewaterConservator44749
Ahearn, Michael1935PlymouthEast BridgewaterAdministration45059
O'Hearn, Michael E.1921MiddlesexCambridgePartition133209
Ahern, Michael H.1874WorcesterMilfordAdministration514
Ahern, Michael J.1898Suffolk
Ahern, Michael J.1913Suffolk
Ahern, Michael J.1917Suffolk
Ahern, Michael J.1925MiddlesexFraminghamAdministration152573
Ahern, Michael J.1943MiddlesexFraminghamAdministration251058
Ahern, Michael W.1936MiddlesexNewtonAdministration210649
O'Hern, Morris1859MiddlesexWest CambridgeAdministration38602
Ahern, Morris1867Suffolk
Ahern, Morris J.1927MiddlesexCambridgeWill160577
O'Hearn, Nellie1914Suffolk
O'Hearn, Nellie A.1921Middlesex
Ahern, Nellie B.1910Suffolk
O'Hearn, Nellie G.1922BristolFall RiverPartition48269
Ahern, Nora1919Suffolk
O'Hearn, Nora1924MiddlesexNatickUnclaimed Deposit92021
Ahern, Nora1930MiddlesexWatertownOrder re Support181026
Ahern, Nora G.1931MiddlesexArlingtonAdministration184052
Ahern, Nora V.1951MiddlesexSomervilleAdministration314171
Ahern, Norah1930MiddlesexWatertownOrder re Support181026
Ahern, Norma M.1945MiddlesexMelroseAdoption262810
O'Hearn, Owen1897BristolTauntonAdministration13645
Ahern, Patrick1867Suffolk
O'Hearn, Patrick1879WorcesterMilfordWill44266
Ahern, Patrick1882Suffolk
Ahern, Patrick1894BristolTauntonAdministration9974
Ahern, Patrick
vs. Catherine
1894PlymouthBridgewaterSeparate Support7023
Ahern, Patrick1896MiddlesexSomervilleSeparate Support42984
Ahern, Patrick1900MiddlesexSomervilleAdministration53436
Ahearn, Patrick1900PlymouthPlymouthWill11140
O'Hearn, Patrick1914Suffolk
Ahern, Patrick1915MiddlesexArlingtonWill106150
O'Hearn, Patrick1918PlymouthRocklandWill26226
Ahern, Patrick1918Suffolk
Separate Support182086
O'Hearn, Patrick1922Suffolk
Ahern, Patrick1924MiddlesexEverettWill148910
O'Hearn, Patrick1929MiddlesexLowellWill176346
Ahern, Patrick1936MiddlesexCambridgeAdministration212124
Ahern, Patrick D.1919Suffolk
Ahern, Patrick F.1912PlymouthAbingtonAdministration20782
Ahern, Patrick F.1943MiddlesexSomervilleWill250945
Ahern, Patrick G.1891Suffolk
Separate Support88196
Ahern, Patrick G.1919MiddlesexSomervilleWill122261
Ahern, Patrick J.1913MiddlesexArlingtonWill96374
Ahern, Patrick J.1916Suffolk
O'Hearn, Patrick J.1917Suffolk
Ahern, Patrick J.1924MiddlesexNatickUnclaimed Deposit92021
Ahern, Patrick J.1929MiddlesexWatertownAdministration172637
O'Hearn, Patrick T.1914Suffolk
Ahern, Paul W.1939MiddlesexArlingtonGuardian227472
O'Hearn, Pauline E.1919Suffolk
O'Hearn, Perez1865WorcesterUptonChange of Name44267
Ahern, Peter F.1958MiddlesexMedfordEquity353818
Ahern, Philip D.1938MiddlesexArlingtonGuardian223956
O'Hearn, Philip J.1915MiddlesexLowellAdministration103926
O'Hearn, Philip J.1921Suffolk
O'Hearn, Phyllis1932MiddlesexLowellAdoption192280
Ahern, Phyliss A.1942MiddlesexSomervilleGuardian246897
Ahern, Ralph1903MiddlesexBelmontGuardianship61675
Ahern, Raymond T.1937MiddlesexSomervilleAdministration218668
Ahern, Regina M.1938MiddlesexArlingtonGuardian224033
O'Hearn, Richard1864Suffolk
O'Hearn, Richard1865WorcesterUptonChange of Name44268
Ahern, Richard1875MiddlesexHopkintonAdministration93
O'Hearn, Richard1884BristolMansfieldAdministration1766
O'Hearn, Richard1896Suffolk
Ahern, Richard A.1928MiddlesexCambridgeWill170617
Ahern, Richard E.1937MiddlesexNewtonAdministration215904
O'Hearn, Richard H.1907Suffolk
Ahern, Richard J.1914BristolAttleboroGuardianship34023
O'Hearn, Robert1888BristolFall RiverGuardianship4820
Ahern, Robert E.1953MiddlesexSomervilleGuardian314791
Ahern, Robert F.1942MiddlesexSomervilleGuardian246897
Ahern, Rose T.1920MiddlesexCambridgeAdministration125661
Ahearn, Rose W.1917FranklinDeerfieldWill18704
Ahern, Ruth1903Suffolk
Ahern, Ruth F.1949MiddlesexSomervilleSeparate Support288723
Ahern, Samuel J.1957MiddlesexCambridgeStatement vol. adm.344247
Ahern, Sarah1882Suffolk
Ahern, Sarah1898BristolFall RiverProbate14364
O'Hearn, Sarah A.1914MiddlesexLowellWill101656
Ahern, Sheila1940MiddlesexNewtonAdoption233762
Ahern, Simon1859MiddlesexNewtonAdministration26251
Ahern, Terrance1942MiddlesexSomervilleUnclaimed Deposit244732
O'Hern, Thomas1864MiddlesexNatickAdministration38603
Ahern, Thomas1888MiddlesexLowellAdministration23565
Ahern, Thomas1888MiddlesexLowellGuardianship23566
O'Hearn, Thomas1893Suffolk
Separate Support92251
Ahearn, Thomas1902FranklinSunderlandWill13639
Ahern, Thomas1914MiddlesexMarlboroughAdministration99195
Ahern, Thomas1932MiddlesexDungourney, CorkPartition190855
Ahern, Thomas E.1918MiddlesexCambridgeLeave to Marry
Without Delay
O'Hearn, Thomas E.1941MiddlesexCambridgeGuardian (Insane)241235
Ahern, Thomas F.1932MiddlesexSomervilleOrder re Support189899
Ahern, Thomas F.1951MiddlesexFraminghamAdministration305619
Ahern, Thomas J.1911Suffolk
Ahern, Thomas J.1925MiddlesexEverettAdministration150621
Ahern, Thomas J.1942MiddlesexLowellUnclaimed Deposit244716
Ahern, Thomas M.1871WorcesterWorcesterGuardianship515
Ahern, Thomas R.1951MiddlesexSomervilleAdministration305996
O'Hearn, Thomas W.1874Suffolk
Ahern, Timothy1851Suffolk
Ahern, Timothy1887Suffolk
Ahern, Timothy1890Suffolk
O'Hearn, Timothy1890Suffolk
Ahern, Timothy1914Suffolk
Ahern, Timothy1914Suffolk
Guardianship, n.c164340
O'Hearn, Timothy1915MiddlesexCambridgeAdministration106061
O'Hearn, Timothy1933MiddlesexWatertownWill193153
Ahern, Timothy1919Suffolk
O'Hearn, Timothy C.1921MiddlesexCambridgePartition133209
Ahern, Timothy C.1938MiddlesexArlingtonAdministration224424
Ahern, Timothy J.1921MiddlesexCambridgeAdministration130290
Ahern, Timothy S.1933MiddlesexWatertownAdministration194541
O'Hearn, Walter A.1920Suffolk
Ahern, Walter C.1906Suffolk
O'Hearn, Walter J.1909Suffolk
O'Hearn, Walter J.1920Suffolk
O'Hearn, Walter J.1935MiddlesexCambridgeOrder re Support206631
O'Hearn, Walter J.1940MiddlesexCambridgeSeparate Support206631
O'Hearn, Wanda C.1949MiddlesexSomervilleSeparate Support289965
Ahern, William1867Suffolk
O'Hearn, William1874Suffolk
Ahearn, William1886PlymouthSouth AbingtonWill2460
Ahern, William1893MiddlesexWatertownAdministration35422
Ahern, William1902MiddlesexArlingtonAdministration57940
Ahern, William1904Suffolk
Ahern, William1908Suffolk
O'Hearn, William1912BristolFall RiverProbate32352
O'Hearn, William1915BristolFall RiverAdministration36707
Ahearn, William1930PlymouthHanoverWill39847
Ahern, William B.1917Suffolk
Ahern, William E.1923MiddlesexSomervilleGuardian (Insane)142250
Ahern, William E.1957MiddlesexSomervilleGuardian (mentally ill)142250
Ahern, William F.1896Suffolk
Ahern, William F.1918Suffolk
Ahern, William F.1949MiddlesexSomervilleAdministration292480
Ahern, William H.1931MiddlesexStonehamWill184277
Ahern, William J.1915MiddlesexCambridgeLeave to Marry
Without Delay
Ahern, William J.1921Suffolk
Ahern, William J.1943MiddlesexArlingtonSeparate Support254021
Ahern, William L.1922MiddlesexSomervilleOrder re Support139058
Ahern, William M.1901PlymouthBrocktonWill12020
Ahern, Winifred1943MiddlesexLowellLiving Apart & Custody253177

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Civil War Records of Aherns from Massachusetts

The following list of Aherns has been extracted from Massachusetts Soldiers and Sailors in the War of the Rebellion.

Records of Aherns Who Served in the Civil War from Massachusetts
Name, Rank
Company, Regiment
Credited to
AgeOccupation Enlisted/
Must. InMust. Out/
O'Hearn, Cornelius, Pvt.
Co. D, 3rd Mass. Vol. Cav.
Charlestown20laborer Jun. 10, 1864Jun. 10, 1864Jul. 19, 1865
Ahern, Cornelius, Pvt.
Co. A, 29th Mass. Vol. Inf.
Boston19painter Apr. 20, 1861May 21, 1861Jun. 25, 1861
Discharged for disability June 25, 1861
O'Hern, Daniel, Pvt.
Co. A, 1st Battn. Mass. Vol. Cav.

22laborer Dec. 28, 1864Dec, 28, 1864Jun. 30, 1865
Ahern, Daniel, Pvt.
Co. M, 4th Mass. Vol. Cav.
Boston19laborer Dec. 17, 1864Dec. 17, 1864Nov. 14, 1865
Ahern, Daniel, Pvt.
Co. K, 11th Mass. Vol. Inf.
Boston33laborer Jan. 4, 18621862
Wounded May 5, 1862 at Williamsburg, Va.,
died either May 14, 1862 at Fort Monroe, Va., or June 26, 1862 at Old Point Comfort, Va.
O'Hearn, Francis, Pvt.
Co. H, 30th Mass. Vol. Inf.
South Boston41shoemaker Dec. 13, 1861Dec. 13, 1861Feb. 7, 1863
Discharged for disability, Feb. 7, 1863 at New Orleans, La.
O'Harron, Hugh, Pvt., Co. D, 20th Mass. Vol. Inf. Pittsfield33peddler Sep. 4, 1861Sep. 4, 1861Sep. 10, 1864
Wounded May 3, 1863 at Fredericksburg, Va., transfer to Co. A, 20th Vet. Res. Corp, Sep. 1, 1863
O'Harron, Hugh, Pvt.
Unassd. Vet. Res. Corp
cred. Pittsfield36peddler Nov. 25, 1864 for 3 yrs.Dec. 13, 1865
as of 1st Indpt. Co., Vet. Res. Corps. See Co. D, 20th Mass. Vol. Inf.
Ahern, James, Pvt.
Co. L, 1st U.S. Arty.
Boston, cred. Lynn28laborer reenlist Jul. 18, 1864, New Orleans for 3 yrs.
Disch. July 18, 1867, Fort Porter, N.Y. as Corporal, prior serv. Co. L, 1st U.S. Arty.
Ahern, James, Pvt.
Co. K, 1st U.S. Inf.
Boston21bootmaker Jun. 19, 1861

Reenlisted Feb. 21, 1864 at N.Y.C., deserted Oct. 12, 1864 from Co. F, 3rd U.S. Inf.
O'Hearn, James F., Pvt.
Co. I, 8th Mass. Vol. Inf.
Boston18hackman Jul. 13, 1864Jul. 17, 1864Nov. 10, 1864
See Co. B, 62nd Mass. Inf. (1 yr.)
O'Hearn, James F., Pvt.
Co. B, 62nd Mass. Vol. Militia
Mar. 22, 1865May 5, 1865
See also Co. I, 8th Mass. Inf. (100 days)
O'Hearn, James, Pvt.
Co. D, 19th Mass. Vol. Inf.
Boston18glassblower Jul. 25, 1861Aug. 28, 1861
Wounded Jun. 25, 1862 at Fair Oaks, Va., died of wounds Jun. 27, 1862 at Yorktown, Va.
O'Herne, James, Pvt.
Co. B, 53rd Mass. Vol. Inf.
Fitchburg28furniture maker Nov. 25, 1862Nov. 25, 1862
Deserted Nov. 28, 1862 at Camp Stevens, Groton, Ma.
Ahearn, Jeremiah, Pvt.
Co. B, 1st Mass. Vol. Heavy Art.
Boston30printer Oct. 22, 1862Oct. 22, 1862
Deserted Nov. 18, 1863 at Fort Warren, Boston Harbor
Ahearn, Jeremiah, Pvt.
Co. K, 3rd Mass. Vol. Heavy Art.
Lawrence21laborer May 10, 1864May 12, 1864Sep. 18, 1865
O'Herron, John, Pvt.
Co. C, 3rd Mass. Vol. Heavy Art.
Salem25shoemaker Feb. 1, 1864Feb. 5, 1864Sep. 18, 1865
O'Hearn, John, Pvt.
Co. I, 4th Mass. Vol. Heavy Art.

18shoemaker Aug. 17, 1864Aug. 17, 1864Jun. 17, 1865
Ahern (Aheron), John, Pvt.
Co. D, 6th Vet. Res. Corp
cred. Taunton22boatswain

Nov. 10, 1865
Re-enlist Mar. 30, 1864 at Washington, D.C. for 3 yrs., prior service in Co. B, 88th N.Y. Inf.
Ahern, John, Pvt.
Unatt. Co., 20th Mass. Vol. Militia
Abington18shoemaker Nov. 18, 1864Nov. 18, 1864Jun. 29, 1865
Ahern, John, Pvt.,
Co. C, 28th Mass. Vol. Inf.
Boston40laborer Feb. 15, 1864Feb. 15, 1864
Killed in action, May 5, 1864 at Wilderness, Va.
Ahern, John, 1st Lieut., Co. K, 28th Mass. Vol. Inf. Milford28boot treer Oct. 8, 1861Dec. 13, 1861Sep. 23, 1862
Comm. 2nd Lieut. Oct. 8, 1861, made 1st Lieut. Dec. 3, 1861, resigned Dec. 3, 1862
O'Harran, John, Pvt.
Co. D, 42nd Mass. Vol. Inf.
West Cambridge22farmer Sep. 17, 1862Sep. 20, 1862
Arrested by civil authority at Dedham, Ma., Oct. 18, 1862 and did not join regiment
O'Hearn, John, Pvt. (See U.S.N.)
Co. E, 58th Mass. Vol. Inf.
Boston18mariner Feb. 26, 1864Mar. 1, 1864deserted
Wound. Jun. 3, 1864, Cold Harbor, deserted from hospital, Philadelphia, Dec. 2, 1864
Ahern, Maurice, Pvt.
Co. H, 48th Mass. Vol. Inf.
Belmont30blacksmith Sep. 25, 1862Sep. 25, 1862Sep. 3, 1863
Ahern, Michael, Pvt. (See U.S.N.)
Co. D, 5th Mass. Vol. Inf.
Charlestown18teamster Oct. 14, 1862Oct. 14, 1862Jul. 2, 1863
Ahern, Michael, Pvt.
Co. G, 9th Mass. Vol. Inf.
Marlboro29shoemaker Jun. 11, 1861Jun. 11, 1861
Killed Sept. 12, 1862 at Washington, D.C. by accident
O'Hern, Patrick, Pvt.
Co. F, 20th Mass. Vol. Inf.
Boston18paper dealer Aug. 23, 1862Aug. 25, 1862
Wounded Dec. 11, 1862 at Fredericksburg, Va., disch. for disability Feb. 28, 1863 at Boston
O'Herne, Patrick, Pvt.
Co. D, 1st Battn. Mass. Vol. Cav.

21trunk maker Dec, 30, 1864Dec, 30, 1864Jun. 30, 1865
O'Hern, Patrick, Pvt.
Co. C, 13th Vet. Res. Corp
Boston, cred. Gardner18newsboy Jun. 15, 1863May 10, 1864Jun. 15, 1866
enlisted for 3 yrs., must. out as pvt., 6th Indpt. Co. Vet. Res. Corp
O'Hearn, Patrick, Sergt.
24th Infantry
Killed in Action, Deep Bottom, Va., Aug. 16, 1864
O'Hearn, Patrick, Pvt.
Co. G, 48th Mass. Vol. Inf.
Boston21teamster Sep. 11, 1862Oct. 1, 1862Sep. 3, 1863
O'Herrin, Patrick, Pvt.
Co. K, 99th New York Inf.
Waltham18shoemaker Jan. 16, 1862Jan. 16, 1862
Wounded May 1, 1863 at South Quay Bridge, Va., re-enlisted Feb. 16, 1864,
transferred Jun. 14, 1864 to Co. A, deserted Oct. 1, 1864 at Waltham, Ma.
Ahern, Stephen, Pvt.
Co. G, 2nd Mass. Vol. Cav.
Lawrence18laborer Oct. 18, 1864Oct. 18, 1864Jul. 20, 1865
Ahern, Stephen, Pvt.
Co. H, 48th Mass. Vol. Inf.
Sep. 20, 1862Sep. 25, 1862deserted
Oct. 2, 1862
O'Hern, Thomas, Pvt.
Co. G, 2nd Mass. Vol. H.A.
Boston19machinist Jul. 17, 1864Jul. 17, 1864Sep. 3, 1865
Ahern, Thomas, Pvt.
Co. A, 17th Mass. Vol. Inf.
Newburyport26seaman May 10, 1861Jul. 21, 1861Jul. 11, 1865
Reenlisted Jan. 4, 1864
Ahearn, Thomas, Pvt.
Co. I, 24th Mass. Vol. Inf.
Boston24shoemaker Aug. 18, 1862Aug. 18, 1862Aug. 1, 1864
Wounded May 3, 1863 at Fredericksburg, Va.
Ahearn, Thomas, Pvt.
Co. D, 39th Mass. Vol. Inf.
Quincy27bootmaker Aug. 6, 1862Aug. 8, 1862Jun. 5, 1865
prisoner May 21, 1864, Spottsylvania, Va., exchanged March 12, 1865
Ahearn, Timothy A., Pvt.
Co. I, 1st Mass. Vol. Inf.
Boston22printer May 24, 1861May 24, 1861
Deserted July 22, 1861 at Georgetown, D. C.
O'Hern, William, Pvt.
Co. F, 1st U.S. Arty.
Windsor, Vt.,
cred. Randolph
23farmer Nov. 15, 1862 at
New Orleans (3 yrs.)
Nov. 15, 1865
O'Hearn, William, Pvt.
Co. A, 2nd Mass. Vol. Heavy Art.
Waltham22shoemaker Sep. 15, 1864Sep. 15, 1864transferred
transferred to Co. H, 17th Mass. Inf. by order December, 1864
O'Hearn, William, Pvt.
Co. F, 3rd Mass. Vol. Cav.
Charlestown21shoemaker Aug. 26, 1862Oct. 27, 1862May 20, 1865
Ahern, William, Pvt.
8th Unatt. Co. Mass. Vol. Militia
Lawrence18operative Apr. 28, 1864May 10, 1864Aug. 11, 1864
See also Co. C, 61st Mass. Inf.
Ahern, William J., Pvt.
14th Batty., Mass. Vol. Light Art.
Boston24laborer Mar. 11, 1865Mar. 11, 1865Jun. 15, 1865
O'Hearn, William, Pvt.
Co. H, 17th Mass. Vol. Inf.

Jun. 30, 1865
Transferred from 2nd Mass. Hvy. Arty. by order Dec., 1864. See Co. A, 2nd M.H.A.
Ahearn, William, Pvt.
Co. C, 61st Mass. Vol. Inf.
Springfield18laborer Sep. 17, 1864Sep. 17, 1864Jun. 4, 1865
See also Unattached Co. Mass. Inf. (90 days)

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Town Clerk's Records of Arlington, Massachusetts

1861Death22931Ahern, Jeremiah died 3 October 1861
1862Birth25825Ahern, Catherine A. born 4 July 1862
1865Birth3315Ahern, William A. born 6 April 1865
1868Birth3103O'hern, Frank A. born 22 January 1868
1870Birth31527Ahern, Thomas born 4 April 1870
Ahern, Ann born 4 November 1872
1873Birth32455Ahern, George born 1 July 1873
1875Birth33061Ahern, Edward born 31 July 1875
1876Death33149Ahern, Edward died 7 August 1876
Ahern, John Peter born 1 October 1882
1884Marriage27331Ahern, Dennis J. married 28 August 1884
1885Birth35576Ahern, Nellie Agnes born 29 July 1885
1887Birth35920Ahern, Mary Frances born 4 March 1887
1887Death35129Ahern, Nellie Agnes died 26 June 1887
1889Birth36798Ahern, Eliza Ann born 30 August 1889
Ahern, Agnes born 26 March 1890
Ahern, Frank married 14 September 1890
1891Death35922Ahern, unnamed female stillborn 10 April 1891
1891Death36052Ahern, Rose died 8 July 1891
Ahern, William born 3 August 1891
1892Birth37628Ahern, Eileen born 17 March 1892
1892Death36231Ahern, Eileen died 18 March 1892
1892Death36249Ahern, Elsie A. died 30 May 1892
1896Birth393159Ahern, Charles P. born 25 November 1896
1896Death374119Ahern, Charles P. died 30 November 1896
1898Death380104Ahern, Dennis died 28 November 1898
1899Birth310455Ahern, Margaret born 16 May 1899
1901Death389135Ahern, William A. died 26 December 1901
1902Birth311983Ahern, Everett born 27 June 1902
1902Death39048Ahern, Phillip J. died 8 May 1902
1903Birth4789Ahern, Leo Clifford born 30 June 1903
1903Death4779Ahern, Leo C. died 3 July 1903
1905Marriage42273Ahern, George E. married 8 October 1905
1906Birth45741Ahern, Robert Joseph born 14 March 1906
1908Birth499108Ahern, Elizabeth born 19 June 1908
Ahern, Elizabeth died 21 June 1908
1909Birth4117103Ahern, Mary Agnes born 10 June 1909
1910Death497146Ahern, Patrick J. died 13 October 1910
1910Death499171Ahern, Ellen died 8 December 1910

Ahern, Margaret Frances born 3 November 1911
Ahern, John Patrick born 5 February 1916
1916Death520232Ahern, Frank A. died 14 April 1916
1921Death5145217Ahern, Catherine A. died 1 October 1921
1921Marriage547141Ahern, Loretta Elizabeth married 16 July 1921
1923Birth73794Ahern, Francis Joseph born 12 March 1923
1929Marriage6103383Ahern, Robert married 28 November 1929
1930Birth9194700Ahern, Robert John born 27 September 1930
1931Birth9259602Ahern, Barbara Ann born 4 September 1931
1932Death711530Ahern, John P. died 26 January 1932
1933Birth1028423Ahern, Charles Lawrence born 28 July 1933
1934Death847226Ahern, Thomas died 19 June 1934
1934Birth1046543Ahern, Phillip Francis born 30 September 1934
1935Death870123Ahern, Dennis J. died 1 April 1935
1936Birth1072241Ahern, Claire Marie born 16 May 1936
1939Birth10126631Ahern, Elizabeth born 19 November 1939
1940Marriage830436Ahern, Marguerite married 20 October 1940
1941Marriage 852251Ahern, Margaret Catherine married 29 June 1941
1942Death996445Ahern, Elizabeth died 2 December 1942
1943Birth10193785Ahern, Dennis James born 22 November 1943
1947Death1022322Ahern, George E. died 23 August 1947
1949Birth11112367Ahern, David Michael born 8 May 1949
1954Death1125363Ahern, Margaret E. died 23 August 1954
138Ahern, Claire Marie married 12 May 1956
279Ahern, Charles Lawrence married 30 June 1957

Ahern, Karen Anne born 8 May 1958

Ahern, Robert John married 29 October 1958

Ahern, Barbara Ann married 27 November 1958

Ahern, Phillip Francis married 9 May 1959

Ahern, Sandra Jean born 20 November 1959
622Ahern, Cheryl Ann born 5 April 1961
412Ahern, Richard Alan born 7 April 1961
854Ahern, Daniel Joseph born 31 July 1963

1088Ahern, Brian born 5 October 1964

619Ahern, Robert Joseph died 10 December 1976

296Ahern, Mary Frances died 24 June 1978

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