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Pennsylvania National Guard Veterans, 1867-1921
WWII Prisoners of War
World War II Registry Updated 6/21
American Battle Monuments Commission
U.S. Casualties in Korea
U.S. Navy Casualties in WWII
Burials in U. S. Veterans Cemeteries
Confederate Civil War Muster Rolls
WWI Civilian Draft Registrations
1890 Census of Civil War Veterans, Widows and Dependents
U. S. Military Pension Records, 1861-1934
Remarried Widows of Civil War and Regular Army Veterans
Headstones Provided for Civil War and Regular Army Veterans
Civil War Service Records for New England

Aherns in Pennsylvania National Guard, 1867-1921

The following index was extracted from records held by the Pennsylvania State Archives. The actual card records contain more information than is shown here and are available online from Pennsylvania's Digital State Archives.

NameRank(s)Co. & RegimentEnlistedResidenceAgeOccupationDischarged
Coleman J. AhearnPvt.Co. C, 1st Infantry27 Jan. 1916Philadelphia19Plumber28 Mar. 1917
Daniel AhernPvt.Co. D, 18th Infantry2 July 1914n/a21Millworker1 Dec. 1914
David F. AhernPvt.Co. G, 2nd Infantry
Batt. B, 2nd F.Art.
22 June 1916Philadelphia27Motorman7 May 1917
Ed. S. AhernPvt., Sgt.Montgomery Grays1869Norristown28Gas fitter1869
Edw. AhearnPvt.Co. E, 3rd Regt.21 Nov. 1884n/a26Driver1887
Eugene A. AhernPvt.Co. L, Phila. Guards1869Philadelphia21Clerk1869
Eugene AhernPvt.Co. I, Fritz Zouaves1869Philadelphia18Druggist1869
Frank P. AhernPvt.Co. K, 2nd Infantry18 June 1912n/a21Machinist9 Oct. 1914
James O'HernPvt.Co. M, 1st Infantry8 Sept. 1916Philadelphian/an/an/a
John AhernPvt.Co. D, 2nd Infantry17 Dec. 1912n/a22Driver30 June 1913
John H. AhernPvt., Cpl.Co. C, 3rd Infantry16 Oct. 1878Philadelphia21Teamster1882
John Joseph AhernPvt.Co. C, 1st Infantry20 June 1912Philadelphia25Brakeman13 Feb. 1913
John O'HearnPvt.Co. C, 13th Infantry10 Nov. 1911Dunmore21Driver30 Dec. 1912
John O'HearnPvt.Co. G, 12th Infantry10 July 1885Williamsport18Laborer31 May 1887
Joseph D. O'HernPvt.Hosp. Cps. 13th Inf.4 Aug. 1916Scranton23Switchmandrafted 1917
Patrick A. HernPvt.Co. C, 3rd Infantry1874n/a23Laborer1874
William AhernPvt.-1st Lt.Co. C, 4th Infantry16 Oct. 1878Columbia33Mechanic25 Feb. 1896
William C. AhernePvt.-Capt.Co. H, 11th Regt.24 April 1877Columbian/an/a24 Feb. 1896
William P. AhernPvt., Cpl.Co. L, 1st Infantry24 April 1917Philadelphia25Checkern/a
William T. AhernPvt.Co. D, 2nd Infantry23 April 1912Philadelphia23Driver30 June 1913

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WWII Prisoners of War

The following index was extracted from records held by the United States National Archives.

Aherns in WWII P.O.W. Camps
NameRankServiceFromCapturedFirst ReportHeld atLast ReportStatus
Floyd E. OhernPFCArmy Infantry
Germany8 April 1945

Hilary R. Ahern, Rev.CivilianReligious
Santo Tomas (PW and Civ) Manila Luzon30 July 1945Returned
James J. J. Ahern1st Lt.Army Air Corps
Austria15 January 1945
8 June 1945Returned
Jerry B. Ahern2nd Lt.Army Air CorpsTXFrance29 May 1943Stalag 7A Moosburg Bavaria 48-1220 June 1945Returned
Jerry W. AhernSgt.Army Medical CorpsTXPhilippines7 May 1942PW Camp #1 - Cabanatuan 1-2-3 Nueva Province Luzon29 August 1945Returned
Patrick B. AhernCpl.Army ArmoredKSTunisia20 February 1943Stalag 3B Furstenberg Brandenburg, Prussia12 July 1945Returned
R. L. Ahearn1st Lt.Army Air Corps
Italy25 April 1944Unstated - Italy29 April 1945Returned
Richard E. OhearnCivilianShipyard
Wake Island6 March 1942Shanghai War Prisoners Camp - Kiawgwan Shanghai13 September 1945Returned
Robert E. Ohearn2nd Lt.Army Air CorpsNDGermany14 October 1943Stalag Luft 3 Sagan-Silesia Bavaria (Moved to Nuremberg-Langwasser)12 June 1945Returned
Ted H. OhernPvt.Army Air CorpsCAPhilippines7 May 1942Lost in Sinking of Shinyo Maru while being transported to Japan7 September 1944Died
Thomas C. AhernPvt.Army InfantryINItaly21 February 1944Stalag #339 (Formerly #337) Mantua Italy9 June 1944Died
Timothy I. Ahern2nd Lt.Army Air CorpsCTGermany9 August 1944Stalag 7A Moosburg Bavaria 48-1229 May 1945Returned
William AhernCivilianAdjutant General's Corps
Philippines18 October 1943Unstated Philippines3 June 1946Died

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World War II Registry

The following index was extracted from the World War II Memorial Registry of Americans who contributed to the war effort. This database is compiled from various sources and is not limited to military personnel. Any U. S. citizen who contributed to the war effort may be included and submissions are accepted online or by post from individuals. This index contains 599 entries. Individuals can have more than one entry from different sources with varied details. Visit the WWII Registry site to view the details.

Aherns in WWII Registry
NameHome TownServiceSource
Agnes (Ahearn) HickeyNanuet, NY
Ahern Clan Association
Agnes C. RaffertyNew York, NYU.S. ArmyAhern Clan Association
Aidan F. O'HearnChicago, ILU.S. NavyAhern Clan Association
Aidan F. O'HearnChicago, ILU.S. NavyTerry MacDonald
Albert C. AhernCambridge, MAU.S. NavyAhern Clan Association
Albert John "Jack" Ahern, Jr.Seymour, CTU.S. NavyAhern Clan Association
Albert P. AhernMAU.S. NavyAhern Clan Association
Aldan F. O'HearnChicago, ILU.S. NavyTerry MacDonald
Alfred S. AhearnWallingford, CTU.S. ArmyAhern Clan Association
Alfred T. O'HearnCohasset, MA
Town of Cohasset
Alice M. AhernWorcester, MAU.S. NavyAhern Clan Association
Alice V. AhearnAstoria, NYAir Raid WardenMs. Alice V. Ahearn
Alice V. AhearnCalverton, NYCivilianMrs. Alice V. Ahearn
Aloysius J. AhearnAvon, MAU.S. ArmySelf
Andrew K. AhernWinthrop, MAU.S. ArmyMs. Janice M. Sheahan
Anne M. (Breenen) AhernMechanicville, NY
Ahern Clan Association
Anthony A. AhernPhiladelphia, PAU.S. NavyAhern Clan Association
Arthur G. AhernFLU.S. Marine CorpsA Grateful American
Arthur G. AhernCharlestown, MAU.S. Marine CorpsAhern Clan Association
Arthur J. O'HearnMansfield, OHU.S. Army Air ForcesArthur J. O'Hearn
Arthur L. AhernWayne Co., MIU.S. ArmyNational Archives
Arthur T. O'Hearn, Jr.Somerville, MAU.S. Army Air ForcesAhern Clan Association
Austin L. Ahearn, Jr.Cohasset, MA
Town of Cohasset
Austin L. Ahearn, Jr.Cohasset, MAU.S. ArmyDaughters
Basil E. AhernSallon, NVU.S. ArmyMrs. Ahern
Bernard A. AhernEl Reno, OKU.S. Marine Corps
Bernard Joseph AhernEast Durham, NYU.S. NavyBernard Ahern
Bernice "Bea" (Blum) AhearnMilwaukee, WIU.S. NavyAhern Clan Association
Berniece L. "Bunny" (Poirier) AhernLynn, MA
Ahern Clan Association
Bertha J. AhernEl Paso, TXU.S. ArmyAlice C. Stearns
Bill Ahearn
U.S. ArmyVFW Post 153
Brian AherneBeverly Hills, CAU.S. Army Air ForcesAhern Clan Association
Cathaleen Radigan Ahern
U.S. ArmyCathaleen Radigan Ahern
Catherine C. AhearnPortsmouth, NH
Ahern Clan Association
Charles AhearnWallingford, CTU.S. ArmyDonna Morganti DeRossette
Charles Ahern, Sr.Stoughton, MAU.S. Army Air ForcesMs. Mary E. Ahern
Charles Burns AhearnNorthampton, MAU.S. ArmyCharles J. Ahearn
Charles C. AhernBoston, MAU.S. ArmyAhern Clan Association
Charles Clifford O'HearnDayton, OHU.S. NavyRuby S. Eyer
Charles Dewey AhernManhattan, NYU.S. ArmyJeanne Kirby Ahern
Charles Eldridge Spencer IIIWest Newton, MAU.S. NavyAhern Clan Association
Charles J. AhernArlington, MAU.S. Marine CorpsAhern Clan Association
Charles J. AhearnWayne, NJU.S. Army
Charles J. AhernBronx, NYU.S. Army Air ForcesAhern Clan Association
Charles James AhernCambridge, MAU.S. Marine CorpsAhern Clan Association
Charles Mortimer Ahern, Jr. Natick, MAU.S. Army Air ForcesAhern Clan Association
Charles V. O'HernPeoria, ILU.S. ArmyColleen Matarelli
Charles W. Ahearn, Jr.Marlborough, MAU.S. NavyAhern Clan Association
Clarence I. AhernSacramento, CAU.S. ArmyNiece & Sister-in-law
Clarence I. AhernSacramento, CAU.S. ArmyEsther & Mark A. Ahern
Clifford J. AhearnMAU.S. ArmyAhern Clan Association
Clifford J. O'HernTownsend, MTU.S. Marine CorpsMs. Pearl Brannman
Clifford Raymond AhernRitzville, WAU.S. Army Air ForcesAhern Clan Association
Connie A. OhernClay Co., INU.S. ArmyNational Archives
Cornelius F. Ahearn, Sr.East Boston, MAU.S. ArmyAhern Clan Association
Daniel AhernKansas City, MOU.S. NavyAhern Clan Association
Daniel AhernShrewsbury, NJU.S. Army Air ForcesFrancis M. Girard
Daniel O'HearnScranton, PAU.S. NavyPatricia Davitt
Daniel J. Ahern, Jr.Boston, MAU.S. Marine CorpsAhern Clan Association
Daniel J. AhernMaquoketa, IAU.S. Marine CorpsMr. David Sleininger
Daniel J. AhernMaquoketa, IAU.S. NavyKatie Karl
Daniel J. O'HernDoor Co., WIU.S. Army Air ForcesTerry MacDonald & Verna Anderson
Daniel Joseph "Emmett" AhernSan Francisco, CAU.S. Merchant MarineAhern Clan Association
Daniel Keleher AhernBuffalo, WYU.S. ArmyAhern Clan Association
Daniel R. Ahern, Jr.Brooklyn, NYU.S. Army Air ForcesAhern Clan Association
David J. A'HearnJoliet, ILU.S. Marine CorpsE. Patrick A'Hearn
David J. A'HearnJoliet, ILU.S. Marine CorpsNJ American Legion Post 1000
David J. AhearnDerby, CTCivilianDavid T. Ahearn
David J. AhernSan Francisco, CAU.S. Army Air ForcesAhern Clan Association
David James AhernHartford, CTU.S. ArmyAhern Clan Association
David O'HearnCohoes, NYU.S. ArmyMrs. Olive Payette
David W. O'HearnDayton, OHU.S. NavyRuby S. Eyer
Dennis Eugene AhernBuffalo, NYU.S. NavyDorothy Ahern
Dennis Joseph AhernFairfield, CTU.S. ArmySignal Corps OCS Assn
Dock G. O'HearnMoultrie, GAU.S. Marine CorpsLouise O'Hearn
Donald M. AhearnLodi, NJU.S. ArmyA Grateful American
Donald M. AhearnLodi, NJU.S. ArmyAmerican Legion Post #170
Donald P. AhernFoxborough, MAU.S. ArmyAhern Clan Association
Donald Walter O'HearnSioux City, IAU.S. Army Air ForcesAhern Clan Association
Dorothea C. (Murphy) AhernBoston, MAU.S. ArmyAhern Clan Association
Dorothy B. AhernHartford, CTU.S. ArmyAhern Clan Association
Dorothy F. (Ahern) HoganBelmont, MAU.S. ArmyAhern Clan Association
E. J. AhearnSusquehanna, PA
Peter Janicelli
Edgar AhearnBoston, MAU.S. NavyAhern Clan Association
Edmund J. AhernWashington, DCU.S. ArmyAnn Ahern Hanson
Edna M. O'HernLake County, INU.S. Navy
Edward F. Ahern, Jr.Worcester, MAU.S. ArmyAhern Clan Association
Edward J. Ahern, Jr.Springfield, MAU.S. NavyAhern Clan Association
Edward J. O'HearnCohasset, MA
Town of Cohasset
Edward J. O'HearnMedford, MAU.S. NavyJohn S. Miller
Edward J. OhearnAlbany Co., NYU.S. ArmyNational Archives
Edward James AhernLos Angeles, CAU.S. ArmyKim Lee Johnson
Edward Joseph O'Hearn, Sr.Louisville, KYU.S. NavyEdward J. O'Hearn
Edward L. AhearnPalisades Park, NJU.S. Army Air ForcesCarolyn (Ahearn) Willis
Edward Michael O'Herron, Jr.Charlotte, NCU.S. Marine CorpsAhern Clan Association
Edward P. O'HernWashington, DCU.S. ArmyNational Archives
Edward Patrick AhernNew Orleans, LAU.S. NavyMrs. Marguerite Graff
Edward R. O'HernUniontown, PAU.S. ArmyHeroes All
Edward R. Ohern Fayette Co., PAU.S. ArmyNational Archives
Edward Theodore "Ted" O'HearnEvanston, ILU.S. ArmyAhern Clan Association
Edwin James AhearnGardner, MEU.S. ArmyAhern Clan Association
Eileen Anna AhernEast Durham, NYU.S. NavyEileen Van Hoominsen
Eleanor Lee AhernWestfield, MAU.S. ArmyAhern Clan Association
Eleanor Ruth (Ahern) BrownSomerville, MA
Ahern Clan Association
Elizabeth A. JayesCambridge, MAU.S. ArmyAhern Clan Association
Eugene A. AhearnNew York, NYU.S. Marine CorpsArmando B. Palmieri
Eugene A. AhearnNew York, NYU.S. Marine CorpsNational Archives
Eugene Francis AhearnPawtucket, RIU.S. Navy
Eugene M. Ahern, Sr.San Francisco, CAU.S. ArmyAhern Clan Association
Eugene O'HearnSpencer, IAU.S. Army Air ForcesEugene O. O'hearn
Eugene J. AhernPAU.S. ArmyAhern Clan Association
Eugene T. O'HernSyracuse, NYU.S. NavyEugene T. O'Hern
Everett J. Ahern, Jr.Arlington, MAU.S. NavyAhern Clan Association
F. Davis AhearnSilver Spring, MDU.S. NavyF. Ahearn
Floyd E. O'HernBaltimore, MDU.S. ArmyAhern Clan Association
Forrest O'HearnHallock, NDU.S. ArmyAhern Clan Association
Francis A. AhernIndianapolis, INU.S. NavyAhern Clan Association
Francis AhearnMAU.S. NavyABMC Tablets of the Missing
Francis AhearnWorcester, MAU.S. NavyNational Archives
Francis AhernChelsea, MAU.S. Coast GuardAhern Clan Association
Francis C. AhernWillimantic, CTU.S. Army Air ForcesAhern Clan Association
Francis D. "Frank" AhernArlington, MAU.S. NavyAhern Clan Association
Francis F. AhernBoston, MAU.S. ArmyAhern Clan Association
Francis G. AhearnBremerton, WAU.S. ArmyGerald Ahearn
Francis G. AhearnKitsap Co., WAU.S. ArmyNational Archives
Francis G. AhearnWAU.S. ArmyABMC Cemeteries
Francis J. Ahern Somerville, MA U.S. Army Dorothy R. Ahern, Wife
Francis J. AhernPhiladelphia, PACivilianAhern Clan Association
Francis J. "Frank" AhernOrillia, WAU.S. ArmyAhern Clan Association
Francis Joseph AhernSeymour, CTU.S. NavyAhern Clan Association
Francis Michael AhernHartford, CTU.S. NavyAhern Clan Association
Francis R. MullinWinchester, MAU.S. NavyAhern Clan Association
Francis T. AhernArlington, MAU.S. ArmyAhern Clan Association
Francis W. "Frank" AhernWAU.S. NavyAhern Clan Association
Francis X. AhearnMAU.S. NavyAhern Clan Association
Francis X. AhearnNorwood, MAU.S. NavyAhern Clan Association
Francis X. AhearnStoneham, MAU.S. Army Air ForcesJohn S. Miller
Francis X. AhernMedford, MAU.S. Army Air ForcesAhern Clan Association
Frank AhernSeattle, WAU.S. ArmyAhern Clan Association
Frank Ahern Heacock, Jr.Princeton, NJU.S. NavyAhern Clan Association
Frank D. OhernSumter Co., GAU.S. ArmyNational Archives
Frank J. AhernBrunswick, NYU.S. ArmyAhern Clan Association
Frank Joseph Ahern New Orleans, LA U.S. Marine Corps Family
Frank Leo Ahern, Jr.Florence, KYU.S. NavyAhern Clan Association
Frank W. AhernPAU.S. NavyAhern Clan Association
Frank W. O'Hearn, Jr.Danbury, CTU.S. Marine CorpsNational Archives
Frank W. O'HearnDanbury, CTU.S. Marine CorpsMs. Patricia Roush
Fred AhernSouth Boston, MAU.S. NavyAhern Clan Association
Fred L. Ahern, Sr. Jacksonville, FLU.S. Army Air ForcesAhern Clan Association
Frederick A. AhernSan Diego, CAU.S. ArmyAhern Clan Association
Frederick G. AhearnChelmsford, MAU.S. ArmyAhern Clan Association
Frederick G. AhearnMiddlesex Co., MAU.S. ArmyNational Archives
Frederick J. AhernSunnyside, NYU.S. NavyMs. Vivian A. Ahern
Frederick M. Ahern, Jr.Brooklyn, NYU.S. ArmyCannon Co., 222d Infantry
Frederick W. AhearnQuincy, MAU.S. NavyAhern Clan Association
George AhernWaltham, MAU.S. ArmyElroy S. & Mary E. Hill
George W. HopkinsAlbert Lea, MNU.S. Marine CorpsAhern Clan Association
George E. A'HearnMAU.S. ArmyABMC Cemeteries
George E. AhearnLowell, MAU.S. ArmyAhern Clan Association
George E. AhearnMiddlesex Co., MAU.S. ArmyNational Archives
George E. AhernPembroke Pines, FLU.S. ArmyMr. George Ahern
George F. AhernMAU.S. NavyAhern Clan Association
George H. AhernPhiladelphia, PAU.S. ArmyMr. George J. Ahern
George I. AhernDenver, COU.S. Army Air ForcesMrs. Arleen F. Ahern
George L. AhearnCTU.S. Army Air ForcesABMC Cemeteries
George L. AhearnHudson, NHU.S. ArmyGeorge Ahearn
George L. AhearnNew Haven Co., CTU.S. ArmyNational Archives
George M. AhernOakland, CAU.S. NavyGeorge M. Ahern
George Martin AhernOakland, CAU.S. NavyAhern Clan Association
George William Ahern Minneapolis, MN U.S. Army William John Ahern
Gerald J. AhearnAllamakee Co., IAU.S. ArmyNational Archives
Gerald J. AhearnCharleston, SCU.S. NavyGerald J. Ahearn
Gerald J. AhernManchester, NHU.S. Army Air ForcesAudrey Ahern
Gerald James AhearnWaukon, IAU.S. ArmyAhern Clan Association
Gerald Joseph AhearnPawtucket, RIU.S. NavyEugene Ahearn
Gerald L. O'HernUniontown, PAU.S. ArmyRosemarie Bodnar
Gerald O'HernUniontown, PAU.S. Army
Gladys (Reese) AhernCA
Ahern Clan Association
Grace C. O'HearnQuincy, MAU.S. NavyKevin O'Hearn
Guy J. AhearnBrooklyn, NYU.S. Army Air ForcesMrs. Christine A. Hurley
Guy J. AhearnWinston Salem, NCU.S. ArmyMs. Lorraine Ahearn
Guy J. AhearnWinston-salem, NCU.S. ArmyPatrick Ahearn
Harold J. "Bud" O'HearnFond Du Lac, WIU.S. ArmyKerry M. Kluck
Harry D. AhearnAtlantic City, NJU.S. ArmyAhern Clan Association
Helen B. AhernManchester, NHCivil DefenseMs. Margaret Ahern
Henry E. AhernBitely, MIU.S. ArmyMr. Henry E. Ahern
Henry J. "Bud" O'Hearn, Jr. Somerville, MAU.S. NavyAhern Clan Association
Herbert L. AhearnChelmsford, MAU.S. NavyAhern Clan Association
Hilary R. Ahern, Rev.New York City, NYCivilian POWAhern Clan Association
Howard J. PolizzoShelton, CTU.S. Army Air ForcesAhern Clan Association
Ignatius James "Iggy" YanulavichDannemora, NYU.S. NavyAhern Clan Association
Iris Jean (O'Hern) TuttleLinton, IN
Ahern Clan Association
J. Henry O'Hern, Jr.Red Bank, NJU.S. Army Air ForcesGrateful American
Jacqueline (Woodhouse) O'HernDenver, COU.S. NavyAhern Clan Association
James AhernShrewsbury, NJU.S. Marine CorpsFrancis M. Girard
James A. AhernSan Francisco, CAU.S. ArmyAhern Clan Association
James A. O'Hearn, Jr.NJU.S. ArmyABMC Cemeteries
James A. O'Hearn, Jr.South Orange, NJU.S. ArmyJohn O'Hearn
James A. O'HearnEssex Co., NJU.S. ArmyNational Archives
James AhernShrewsbury, NJU.S. Marine CorpsFrancis M. Girard
James AhernWeymouth, MA
R. M. Thomas
James B. AhernPittsburgh, PAU.S. Army Air ForcesMargarte Morgan
James B. AhernSpringer, NMU.S. ArmyMs. Eleanor L. Ahern
James D. "Buzzy" AhernPittsburgh, PAU.S. ArmyAhern Clan Association
James E. AhearnAlbany Co., NYU.S. ArmyNational Archives
James E. AhearnNYU.S. ArmyABMC Cemeteries
James E. AhearnPawtucket, RIU.S. NavyEugene Ahearn
James E. AhernWaterbury, CTU.S. NavyAhern Clan Association
James E. AhernWest Newton, MAU.S. NavyPeter N. Maleckas
James Edward O'HearnWashington, DCU.S. ArmyAhern Clan Association
James Eugene O'HearnPortland, OR
Ahern Clan Association
James E. DiamondChicago, ILU.S. ArmyAhern Clan Association
James F. "Jim" AhearnQuincy, MAU.S. ArmyAhern Clan Association
James F. Ahern Chicago, IL U.S. Navy USS Block Island CVE-21
James F. AhernChicago, ILU.S. NavyJack H. Greer
James F. AhernMIU.S. ArmyABMC Tablets of the Missing
James F. AhernSummit, NJU.S. NavyMichael Pannullo
James F. AhernWayne Co., MIU.S. ArmyNational Archives
James H. AhernMIU.S. Army Air ForcesABMC Tablets of the Missing
James H. AhernWayne Co., MIU.S. ArmyNational Archives
James Henry "Jim" AhernAvalon, Catalina Island, CAU.S. ArmyAhern Clan Association
James I. O'HearnQuincy, MAU.S. ArmyKevin O'Hearn
James J. Ahern Philadelphia, PA U.S. Army A Grateful American
James J. Ahern Philadelphia, PA U.S. Army Jim Ahern, Jr.
James J. AhernBinghamton, NYU.S. ArmySavage Funeral Service
James John AhernEidsvold, MNU.S. ArmyAhern Clan Association
James Joseph O'HearnChicago, ILU.S. Army Air ForcesAhern Clan Association
James Leo AhearnPittsburgh, PAU.S. NavyAhern Clan Association
James Louis AhernWashington, DCU.S. Coast GuardAhern Clan Association
James M. AhearnPortsmouth, NHU.S. ArmyAhern Clan Association
James M. AhernRichmond, VAU.S. ArmyMr. Vincent J. Cilimberg
James P. AhernDetroit, MIU.S. ArmyCheryl Clark
James P. AhernNew York City, NYU.S. ArmyAhern Clan Association
James P. O'HearnSpokane, WAU.S. ArmyAhern Clan Association
James R. AhearnBuffalo, NYU.S. ArmyAhern Clan Association
James R. AhearnPiscataway, NJU.S. ArmyA Grateful American
James R. AhearnSalem, MAU.S. NavyPhyllis Roccio
James R. AhernMorgan Hill, CAArmy Observation CorpMr. James Ahern
James R. O'HearnCook Co., ILU.S. ArmyNational Archives
James Richard AhernBayonne, NJU.S. ArmyAhern Clan Association
James T. AhearnBrooklyn, NYU.S. NavyEdward J. & Joan M. Scheuplein
James V. O'HernSyracuse, NYU.S. NavyGeorge W. O'Hern
James W. AhernWayne, NEU.S. NavyMs. Kathleen Ahern Nieubuurt
James W. AhernWorcester, MAU.S. ArmyAhern Clan Association
James Walter O'HearnWhittier, CAU.S. NavyTim O'Hearn
Jean E. (Christopherson) AhernHolladay, UT
Ahern Clan Association
Jeremiah D. Ahearn, Jr.Long Island City, NYU.S. Marine CorpsAhern Clan Association
Jeremiah Edward AhernBoston, MAU.S. NavyAhern Clan Association
Jerry B. AhernDallas, TXU.S. Army Air ForcesAhern Clan Association
Jerry W. AhernTarrant, TXU.S. ArmyAhern Clan Association
Joel Thomas O'Hern, Jr.Turner, GAU.S. NavyJodi Grady
John AhearnBrooklyn, NYU.S. ArmyTerry MacDonald
John AhernMohawk, NYU.S. ArmyMary Philippone
John AhernWaltham, MAU.S. NavyElroy S. & Mary E. Hill
John Ahearn CroninTucson, AZU.S. NavyAhern Clan Association
John B. Ahern
Signal CorpsCathaleen Radigan Ahern
John B. O'HernKansas City, MOU.S. ArmyVFW Post 11242
John Berchmans AhernWashington, DCU.S. NavyConnie Diane Haggerty
John Buckley AhernDenver, COU.S. ArmySignal Corps OCS Assn
John C. AhearnManchester, NHU.S. ArmyMs. Lisa Ahern
John C. AhernBoston, MAU.S. ArmyMrs. John C. Ahern
John Courtney O'HearnBrooklyn, NYU.S. ArmyAhern Clan Association
John Crawford AhernDetroit, MIU.S. NavyPatricia Horkavi, daughter
John D. AhearnEssex Co., MAU.S. ArmyNational Archives
John D. AhearnMAU.S. ArmyABMC Cemeteries
John D. AhearnSalem, MAU.S. ArmyJohn D. Ahearn
John D. AhearnSalem, MAU.S. ArmyPhyllis Roccio
John D. AhernBoston, MAU.S. NavyAhern Clan Association
John D. AhernLynn, MAU.S. Marine CorpsAhern Clan Association
John David AhearnCranston, RIU.S. NavyAhern Clan Association
John E. AhearnMarlborough, MAU.S. Army Air ForcesAhern Clan Association
John E. AhearnPawtucket, RIU.S. NavyEugene Ahearn, Brother
John E. AhernConcord, NHU.S. Marine CorpsRobert Ahern
John E. AhernPortland, MEU.S. Army Air ForcesAhern Clan Association
John Elwood AhernBoston, MAU.S. ArmyAhern Clan Association
John F. AhearnBrookline, MAU.S. ArmyAhern Clan Association
John F. AhernBrooklyn, NYU.S. ArmyDaniel Derenches
John F. AhernPAU.S. ArmyAhern Clan Association
John F. "Jack" AhernPhiladelphia, PAU.S. Army Air ForcesM. J. Lynett
John Francis Ahearn, Jr.Waterbury, CTU.S. NavyAhern Clan Association
John Francis AhernBaltimore, MDU.S. NavyAhern Clan Association
John Francis O'HearnOmaha, NEU.S. NavyVFW Post 11242
John G. AhernOzone Park, NYU.S. Army Air ForcesKent Zimmerman
John I. AhernWeymouth, MA
R. M. Thomas
John I. AhernWeymouth, MAU.S. NavyAhern Clan Association
John J. AhernPAU.S. ArmyAhern Clan Association
John J. "Dutchy" AhernMAU.S. NavyAhern Clan Association
John J. Ahearn, IIINew Orleans, LAU.S. NavyFamily
John J. Ahearn

Mr. & Mrs. Suzanne & John Joiner
John J. AhearnBronx, NYU.S. ArmyAnn Stewart
John J. AhearnDanbury, CTU.S. ArmyAhern Clan Association
John J. AhearnTwo Rivers, WIU.S. ArmyFamily
John J. AhearnWeehawken, NJU.S. NavyVirginia Ahearn
John J. Ahern, Jr.Duval Co., FLU.S. ArmyNational Archives
John J. AhernArlington, MAU.S. ArmyAhern Clan Association
John J. AhernChicago, ILU.S. ArmyAhern Clan Association
John J. AhernILU.S. ArmyABMC Cemeteries
John J. AhernLaSalle Co., ILU.S. ArmyNational Archives
John J. AhernOtawa, ILU.S. ArmyAhern Clan Association
John J. AhernRichmond Hills, NYU.S. NavyAhern Clan Association
John J. AhernSeneca, ILU.S. ArmyCeo E. Bauer
John J. AhernSouthington, CTU.S. NavyJohn J. Ahern
John J. Ahern, Sr.Chicago, ILU.S. NavyAhern Clan Association
John J. Aherne, Jr.MAU.S. NavyAhern Clan Association
John J. O'Hearn, Jr.Omaha, NEU.S. Army Air ForcesMs. Mary M. O'Hearn
John J. O'HearnDorchester, MAU.S. ArmyKathleen M. Clougherty
John J. O'HearnScranton, PAU.S. ArmyAhern Clan Association
John J. O'HearnMemphis, TNU.S. ArmyAhern Clan Association
John J. O'HernUniontown, PAU.S. Army Air ForcesUniontown Public Library
John J. Ohearn, Jr.Norfolk Co., VAU.S. ArmyNational Archives
John Joseph Ahern, Jr.Atlantic Beach, FLU.S. Army Air ForcesAhern Clan Association
John Joseph AhernChicago, ILU.S. NavyPaula Lucy Delosh
John Joseph AhernFoxborough, MAU.S. Army Air ForcesAhern Clan Association
John Leo "Jack" Ahearn, Jr.Somerville, MAU.S. ArmyAhern Clan Association
John Leo AherneSan Francisco, CAU.S. NavyAhern Clan Association
John Leslie AhernPlevna, MOU.S. Armyson
John Leslie AhernPlevna, MOU.S. Army
John Leslie AhernPlevna, MOU.S. ArmyPhilip L. Ahern, son
John Leslie AhernPlevna, MOU.S. ArmyAhern Clan Association
John Littleton AhearnBrooklyn, NYU.S. ArmyAhern Clan Association
John M. AhernChicago, ILU.S. Army Air ForcesAhern Clan Association
John M. AhearnCohasset, MAU.S. ArmyAhern Clan Association
John P. AhernMAU.S. ArmyAhern Clan Association
John Patrick AhernPhiladelphia, PAU.S. ArmyAhern Clan Association
John R. Ahearn Westchester Co., NYU.S. ArmyNational Archives
John R. Ahearn, Jr.Wallingford, CTU.S. ArmyMrs. Ruby Ahearn
John R. AhearnNYU.S. ArmyABMC Cemeteries
John Robert AhernPueblo, COU.S. Army Air ForcesMs. Veda Ahern
John T. AhernWoodbridge, CTU.S. NavyEdith D. Lockyer
John Thomas AhernNew Haven, CTU.S. ArmyAhern Clan Association
John Thomas AhernEast Windsor, CTU.S. NavyAhern Clan Association
John Thomas AhernWest Orange, NJU.S. Marine CorpsAhern Clan Association
John V. "Jeep" AhearnLowell, MAU.S. NavyAhern Clan Association
John W. AhernDakota Co., MNU.S. ArmyNational Archives
John W. AhernMAU.S. NavyABMC Tablets of the Missing
John W. AhernMNU.S. Army Air ForcesABMC Cemeteries
John W. AhernWashington, DCU.S. ArmyJohn W. Ahern
John William AhearnNorwich, CTU.S. Army Air ForcesMichael J. Ahearn
John William AhernBoston, MAU.S. NavyNational Archives
John William AhernSouth Boston, MAU.S. NavyAhern Clan Association
John William AhernSeaboard, NCU.S. Marine CorpsAhern Clan Association
Joseph A. Ahearn, Jr.Yonkers, NYAir Raid WardenJoseph A. Ahearn
Joseph A. Ahearn, Jr.Yonkers, NYU.S. NavyAhern Clan Association
Joseph A. O'HearnCambridge, MAU.S. ArmyAhern Clan Association
Joseph AhernIndianapolis, INU.S. ArmyKarl Ahern
Joseph B. Ahearn, Sr.Lynnfield, MAU.S. Army Air ForcesMs. Olivia R. Ahearn
Joseph D. "Joe" AhearnWinsted, CTU.S. NavyAhern Clan Association
Joseph Daniel AhearnProvidence, RIU.S. NavyAhern Clan Association
Joseph E. AhernBoston, MAU.S. NavyAhern Clan Association
Joseph F. AhearnBelmont, MAU.S. NavyAhern Clan Association
Joseph F. AhearnSyracuse, NYWar Plant WorkerDr. Richard T. Ahearn
Joseph F. AhernArlington, MAU.S. NavyEleanor G. Dale
Joseph Francis AhearnFramington, MAU.S. NavyEllen Roberts Ahearn
Joseph G. AhernBoston, MAU.S. ArmyMrs. John C. Ahern
Joseph G. AhernRoxbury, MAU.S. Army Air ForcesBarbara Ahern
Joseph J. A'HearnBoston, MAU.S. Marine CorpsNational Archives
Joseph J. O'HearnScranton, PAU.S. ArmyAhern Clan Association
Joseph J. A'HearnSomerville, MAU.S. Marine CorpsAhern Clan Association
Joseph J. O'HearnMedford, MAU.S. ArmyAhern Clan Association
Joseph James Ahearne, Sr.Scottsdale, AZU.S. Army Air ForcesA Grateful American
Joseph K. O'HearnNYU.S. Army Air ForcesABMC Tablets of the Missing
Joseph K. Ohearn Rensselaer Co., NYU.S. ArmyNational Archives
Joseph L. AhearnLowell, MAU.S. NavyAhern Clan Association
Joseph Maurice O'Hearn, Jr.Providence, RIU.S. Marine CorpsAhern Clan Association
Joseph Patrick AhernWalden, NYU.S. ArmyA Thankful American
Joseph R. O'HearnPigeon Cove, MAU.S. ArmyPatricia O'Hearn
Joseph W. AhearnCampbell Hall, NYU.S. ArmySusanne M. Staudt
Joseph W. AhearnHamptonburgh, NYU.S. ArmyAhern Clan Association
Joseph W. O'HearnLackawanna Co., PAU.S. ArmyNational Archives
Josephine L. AhernLynn, MA
Ahern Clan Association
Kathleen F. AhernKansas City, MOU.S. ArmyAhern Clan Association
Ken J. O'HernForestville, WI
Ms. Deloris Evenson
Kenneth AhernBrooklyn, NYU.S. NavyAhern Clan Association
Kenneth J. O'HernSturgeon Bay, WIU.S. ArmyTerry MacDonald
Kenneth J. OHernForestville, WIU.S. ArmyKenneth J. O'hern
Kevin O. AhernNHU.S. NavyABMC Tablets of the Missing
Kevin Oscar AhernManchester, NHU.S. NavyNational Archives
Lawrence "Larry" AherneBoston, MAU.S. NavyAhern Clan Association
Lawrence E. AhearnGlendale, NYU.S. ArmyLawrence E. Ahearn
Lawrence Edwin AhernFieldon, MNU.S. NavyAhern Clan Association
Lawrence T. "Buddy" O'HearnSomerville, MAU.S. NavyAhern Clan Association
Lawrence W. A'HearnAvon, ILU.S. NavyLawrence W. A'Hearn, Jr.
Leo Francis Joseph AhearnNew York, NYU.S. ArmyJean M. Miller
Leo Francis Joseph AhearnNew York, NYU.S. ArmyStephen A. C. Ahearn
Leo Henry AhernBurlington, IAU.S. NavyAhern Clan Association
Leo Wallace HopkinsAlbert Lea, MNU.S. Marine CorpsAhern Clan Association
Leonard F. AhernPortland, MEU.S. ArmyFrank Curran
Leonard Martin HerensBristol, CTU.S. ArmyAhern Clan Association
Leslie J. AhernOHU.S. Army Air ForcesWilliam Fischer, Jr.
Leslie James AhernLancaster, OHU.S. ArmyTrudy Cozad
Lott W. AhernLewiston, MEU.S. NavyAhern Clan Association
Luther O'HernPreston, GAU.S. Army Air ForcesAhern Clan Association
Luther Robert O'HearnMemphis, TNU.S. ArmyDana & Henry O'Hearn
Margaret A. (O'Hearn) HenricksonWorcester, MA
Ahern Clan Association
Margaret M. (Kimble) AhearneMankato, MNU.S. Army Air ForcesAhern Clan Association
Marie B. (Ahern) StuderGregory, SD
Ahern Clan Association
Martin F. O'Hearn, Jr.Fond du Lac, WIU.S. NavyAhern Clan Association
Mary "Betty" (Ahearn) ThomenWinsted, CTU.S. ArmyAhern Clan Association
Mary AhearnWinstead, CTU.S. ArmyJamie Mordarski
Mary E. AhernTaunton, MNU.S. ArmyPatrick Fischer
Mary E. (Johnson) O'HearnILU.S. NavyC. McCabe
Mary Jule (McGrath) O'HearnBrooklyn, NY
Ahern Clan Association
Mary Phylis (Ahearn) RoccioSalem, MAU.S. NavyAhern Clan Association
Mary V. O'HernHornell, NYCivilianJohn O. Cotton
Matthew C. O'Hearn, Jr.Brooklyn, NYU.S. NavyAhern Clan Association
Matthew William AhernBrooklyn, NYU.S. ArmyDaughter
Maurice "Bud" AhernChicago, ILU.S. NavyJoseph L. Aschenbrenner
Maurice A. AhearnKillingworth, CTU.S. Army Air ForcesSam P. Owen
Maurice A. AherneJamaica Plain, MACivilian
Maurice D. AherneJamaica Plain, MAU.S. NavyAhern Clan Association
Maurice Francis "Mike" Ahearn, Jr.Somerville, MAU.S. Marine CorpsAhern Clan Association
Maurice J. AhearnBronx, NYU.S. NavyA Thankful American
Maurice W. AhernArlington, MAU.S. ArmyAhern Clan Association
Maurice W. AhernMAU.S. ArmyABMC Cemeteries
Maurice W. AhernMiddlesex Co., MAU.S. ArmyNational Archives
Melvin C. O'HernHennessey, OKU.S. Army Air ForcesLucretia Sue Miller
Michael AhernBronx, NYU.S. ArmyTerry MacDonald
Michael F. AhernCTU.S. NavyAhern Clan Association
Michael J. AhearnNorwich, CTU.S. ArmyAhern Clan Association
Michael J. O'HernCook Co., ILU.S. ArmyNational Archives
Mildred "Doe" (Ahern) ThackstonDuluth, MN
Ahern Clan Association
Muriel E. AhearnWallingford, CTU.S. NavyDonna Morganti DeRossette
Muriel L. (Ahern) BurnsProvidence, RI
Ahern Clan Association
Neal A. A'HernDenver, COU.S. NavyMs. Margie A'Hern
Olive B. O'HearnDanbury, CTCivilianMs. Patricia Roush
Neil A. AhernAllegheny County, PAU.S. Marine CorpsAhern Clan Association
Norman Carl Ahern, Jr.Salt Lake City, UTU.S. Marine CorpsAhern Clan Association
Norman Eugene Ahearn, Sr.Chelsea, MAU.S. ArmyAhern Clan Association
Noryne AhearnBuffalo, NY
Ahern Clan Association
Orvin E. "Buz" AhernPortland, ORU.S. NavyThomas Ahern
Patricia E. (Kelleher) AhearnBeverly, MAU.S. NavyAhern Clan Association
Patrick AhernShrewsbury, NJU.S. ArmyFrancis M. Girard
Patrick B. AhernSherman, KSU.S. ArmyAhern Clan Association
Patrick D. AhernPAU.S. Army Air ForcesAhern Clan Association
Patrick H. AhernDetroit, MIU.S. Merchant MarineAhern Clan Association
Patrick H. AhernPort Huron, MIU.S. Navy
Patrick Henry AhernFairport, NYU.S. NavyAhern Clan Association
Patrick Melvin O'Hearn, Sr.Waukegan, ILU.S. ArmyAhern Clan Association
Paul Edward AhearnCranston, RIU.S. NavyAhern Clan Association
Paul F. AhernDorchester, MAU.S. ArmyMrs. Irene Ahern
Paul F. O'HearnWAU.S. ArmyAhern Clan Association
Perry F. O'HearnGenea, NYU.S. ArmyBill McCullough
Peter AhearnWilkes-Barre, PAU.S. ArmyJackie Merrick
Peter J. "Jim" O'HearnEverett, MAU.S. ArmyAhern Clan Association
Philip E. O'Hern, Rev.Rochester, NYU.S. ArmyAhern Clan Association
Philip M. O'HearnMAU.S. ArmyABMC Cemeteries
Philip M. O'HearnSuffolk Co., MAU.S. ArmyNational Archives
Philip W. O'HearnWorcester Co., MAU.S. ArmyNational Archives
Raphael Joseph "Ray" O'HearnSeattle, WAU.S. NavyAhern Clan Association
Ray AhernChicago, ILU.S. Marine CorpsAhern Clan Association
Raymond C. "Red" AhernSummit, NJU.S. NavyA Fellow Veteran
Raymond C. AhearnAbington, MAU.S. NavyAhern Clan Association
Raymond E. "Ray" O'Hearn , Sr.Fall River, MAU.S. Coast GuardAhern Clan Association
Raymond F. AhearnSyracuse, NYU.S. Marine CorpsDr. Richard T. Ahearn
Regis R. AhearnPittsburgh, PAU.S. Army Air ForcesAhern Clan Association
Richard Anthony O'HearnNewport, KYU.S. NavyCharles Elliott Shields
Richard C. AhernDenver, COU.S. Army Air ForcesAhern Clan Association
Richard E. AhernSpringfield, MAU.S. NavyAhern Clan Association
Richard E. O'HearnWake Island
Ahern Clan Association
Richard J. AhearnColonia, NJU.S. Army Air Forces
Richard J. AhearnMaplewood, NJU.S. ArmyAhern Clan Association
Richard J. AhernChicago, ILU.S. ArmyAhern Clan Association
Richard J. AhernChicago, ILU.S. ArmyTerry MacDonald
Richard J. AhernePhiladelphia, PAU.S. ArmyBurkey & Driscoll Funeral Home
Richard James AhernCAU.S. NavyABMC Tablets of the Missing
Richard James AhernVan Nuys, CAU.S. NavyNational Archives
Richard James AhernCAU.S. NavyGene & Mary Moxley
Richard M. AhearnFitchburg, MAU.S. ArmyAhern Clan Association
Richard M. O'HearnSeattle, WACivilian P.O.W.Mary J. DeGroat
Richard Martin AhernCTU.S. ArmyZachary Ahern, USARNG
Richard P. AhernBoston, MAU.S. NavyAhern Clan Association
Rita Margaret (Haley) AhernWilmington, DE
Ahern Clan Association
Robbie (O'Hearn) BarberNashville, TN
Ahern Clan Association
Robert AhernSpringfield, MAU.S. NavyAhern Clan Association
Robert "Bobby" AhearnMAU.S. Army Air ForcesAhern Clan Association
Robert D. O'HernSturgeon Bay, WIU.S. Army Air ForcesTerry MacDonald
Robert E. O'HearnDevillo, NDU.S. Army Air ForcesAhern Clan Association
Robert Emmett AhernPortland, OR
Ahern Clan Association
Robert H. AhearnMuskegon, MIU.S. ArmyTom Ahearn
Robert J. AhearnHuntington, NYU.S. NavyEllen A. Ciaravino
Robert J. AhearnNorthampton, MAU.S. Army Air ForcesCharles J. Ahearn
Robert J. AhearnSpringfield, MAU.S. Army Air ForcesAhern Clan Association
Robert J. AhearnSyracuse, NYWar Plant WorkerDr. Richard T. Ahearn
Robert James AhernEl Reno, OKU.S. Army Air ForcesRobert S. Cox
Robert Louis Millea AhernNewton, MAU.S. ArmyAhern Clan Association
Robert M. AhernChicago, ILU.S. NavyAhern Clan Association
Robert N. AhernMc Pherson, KSCivilianWilson W. Stein
Robert P. AhernCharlestown, NHU.S. ArmyThe Ahern Family
Robert R. AhearnSalem, MAU.S. NavyPhyllis Roccio
Robert R. AhernNew London, CTU.S. NavyAhern Clan Association
Robert Richard Ahern, Sr.New London, CTU.S. NavyA Grateful American
Robert W. Ahern, Jr.OHU.S. Army Air ForcesABMC Cemeteries
Robert W. AhernArlington, MAU.S. Marine CorpsAhern Clan Association
Robert W. AhernBoston, MAU.S. Marine CorpsNational Archives
Robert W. AhernHamilton Co., OHU.S. ArmyNational Archives
Robert William AhearnNew York, NYU.S. NavyKaren Valero
Robert William O'HearnKalamazoo, MIU.S. Army Air ForcesAhern Clan Association
Rodney Alan O'HernMinneapolis, MNU.S. Marine CorpsCecil R. Birch
Rodney Allan O'HernMilton, NHU.S. Marine CorpsMr. & Mrs. Arthur C. Birch
Rowena AhernWashington, DC
Ahern Clan Association
Roy Rogers O'HernAmboy, GAU.S. NavyAhern Clan Association
Ruth E. (Van Allen) AhearnNew Market, NJU.S. NavyAhern Clan Association
Stacy W. AhearnMuskegon, MIU.S. NavyAhern Clan Association
Stephen E. Ahern, Jr.Plymouth, NHU.S. NavyAhern Clan Association
Taylor J. AhernBoston, MAU.S. NavyAhern Clan Association
Ted H. O'HernCAU.S. Army Air ForcesABMC Tablets of the Missing
Ted H. O'HernCAU.S. Army Air ForcesAhern Clan Association
Ted H. Ohern Alameda, CAU.S. ArmyNational Archives
Theodore J. A'HearnMidland, PAU.S. ArmyEarl E. Richardson
Thomas AhernLynn, MAU.S. Coast GuardAhern Clan Association
Thomas Aquinas AhearnNew York, NYU.S. Marine CorpsScott R. McHugh
Thomas C. AhernIndianapolis, INU.S. ArmyAhern Clan Association
Thomas C. AhernMarion Co., INU.S. ArmyNational Archives
Thomas Carroll AhernOswego, NYU.S. NavyMaryEllen Meade & Thomas K. Ahern
Thomas D. AhernChicago, ILU.S. ArmyAhern Clan Association
Thomas E. AhearnBergen Co., NJU.S. ArmyNational Archives
Thomas E. AhernDetroit, MIU.S. NavyAhern Clan Association
Thomas Edward AhernHartford, CTU.S. Army Air ForcesAhern Clan Association
Thomas F. "Spike" AhernWorcester, MAU.S. Marine CorpsAhern Clan Association
Thomas F. AhernHolbrook, MAU.S. ArmyThomas F. Ahern
Thomas F. O'HearnWorcester, MAU.S. Army Air ForcesAhern Clan Association
Thomas F. O'HearnSomerville, MACivilianAhern Clan Association
Thomas Francis AhernChicago, ILU.S. ArmyJanet Ahern
Thomas Francis AhernSan Francisco, CAU.S. ArmyAhern Clan Association
Thomas G. AhernWatch Hill, RIU.S. Army Air ForcesThomas Ahern
Thomas Gregory AhernNorwich, CTU.S. Army Air ForcesAhern Clan Association
Thomas J. AhearnDerby, CTU.S. Merchant MarineAhern Clan Association
Thomas J. AhernMiddletown, NYU.S. NavyMichael Ahern
Thomas J. Ahern Queens Co., NYU.S. ArmyNational Archives
Thomas J. AhernArlington, MAU.S. Marine CorpsAhern Clan Association
Thomas J. AhernChicago, ILU.S. ArmyTerry MacDonald
Thomas J. O'HernBremerton, WAU.S. NavyUSS Block Island CVE 21
Thomas Joseph AhernMiddletown, NYU.S. NavyAhern Clan Association
Thomas Joseph O'HearnLancaster, KYU.S. Army Air ForcesAhern Clan Association
Thomas Joseph Ahern, Jr.Washington, DCU.S. NavyAhern Clan Association
Thomas P. AhearnLowell, MAU.S. NavyAhern Clan Association
Thomas P. Ahern, Jr.Springfield, MAU.S. Army Air ForcesAhern Clan Association
Thomas Paul AhearnPortsmouth, NHU.S. NavyAhern Clan Association
Thomas R. AhernNashua, NHU.S. Army Air ForcesAhern Clan Association
Thomas S. AhearnNorthampton, MAU.S. Army Air ForcesAhern Clan Association
Thomas "Tom" O'HearnJulian, IAU.S. NavyAhern Clan Association
Timothy F. Ahern Kings Co., NYU.S. ArmyNational Archives
Timothy I. AhernNew Haven, CTU.S. Army Air ForcesAhern Clan Association
Timothy J. AhernCanton, MAU.S. ArmyCanton Veteran's Services
Vincent J. AhearnMethuen, MAU.S. ArmySelf
Vincent J. AhernDerby, CTU.S. NavyDavid T. Ahern
Vincent Joseph AhernNew Haven, CTU.S. NavyTerry K. Ahern
Virginia "Ginny" (Ahearn) MageeBronx, NYU.S. NavyAhern Clan Association
Virginia M. O'HernLake County, INU.S. Marine Corps
Walter E. O'HearnBoston, MAU.S. NavyAhern Clan Association
Walter Thomas AhearnSyracuse, NYU.S. Marine CorpsAhern Clan Association
Wayne E. AhernPhiladelphia, PAU.S. Army Air ForcesAhern Clan Association
Wayne L. OHernHennessey, OKU.S. Army Air ForcesMrs. Wayne L. O'Hern
Wilfred H. AhearnLowell, MAU.S. NavyAhern Clan Association
William AhernSouth Boston, MAU.S. NavyAhern Clan Association
William Ahern
U.S. Public Health ServiceABMC Cemeteries
William AhernDetroit, MIU.S. ArmyA friend
William AhearnPhiladelphia, PAU.S. NavyAhern Clan Association
William Arthur O'HearnMinot, NDU.S. ArmySignal Corps OCS Association
William C. AhearnChicago, ILU.S. Army Air ForcesAhern Clan Association
William C. AhearnCook Co., ILU.S. ArmyNational Archives
William C. AhernPlevna, MOU.S. ArmySusan, Caryla, Joyce & Peggy
William D. AhernPittsburgh, PAU.S. ArmyMaragrete Morgan
William Dean AhernGalena, ILU.S. NavyA Grateful American
William F. AhernPAU.S. Marine CorpsAhern Clan Association
William F. AhearnDetroit, MIU.S. Army Air ForcesAhern Clan Association
William F. AhearnWallingford, CTU.S. Army Air Forces
William F. Ahern

Mrs. Ellen Ahern
William F. O'HearnMAU.S. NavyABMC Tablets of the Missing
William Francis A'HearnCambridge, MAU.S. NavyBill A'Hearn
William Francis AhearnBrooklyn, NYU.S. Army Air ForcesAudrey Ahearn
William Francis O'HearnFall River, MAU.S. NavyNational Archives
William G. AhearnNorthampton, MAU.S. ArmyDouglas & Ann Mayo
William G. O'HearnCambridge, MAU.S. ArmyAhern Clan Association
William Gorey AhearnNorthampton, MAU.S. Army Air ForcesAhern Clan Association
William H. AhearnPaxton, MAU.S. Marine CorpsKimberly J. Curtis
William H. AhernEast Boston, MAU.S. NavyWilliam H. Ahern, Jr.
William I. AhernCambridge, MAU.S. ArmyA Grateful American
William J. Ahearn, Jr.Mechanicville, NYU.S. Army Air ForcesFrances R. Ahearn
William J. AhearnBronx, NYU.S. ArmyMs. Margaret Paul
William J. Ahern, Jr.Richmond, VAU.S. NavyVincent J. Cilimberg
William J. AhernSacramento, CAU.S. Army Air ForcesEsther & Mark A. Ahern
William J. AhernSacramento, CAU.S. ArmyJudith Ahern
William J. O'HearnEverett, MAU.S. NavyAhern Clan Association
William James AhernCA
Ahern Clan Association
William L. SheaAlbert Lea, MNU.S. Army Air ForcesAhern Clan Association
William Louis AhearnNew York, NYU.S. NavySusan Ahearn
William Louis AhearnUnion, NJU.S. NavyAhern Clan Association
William P. AhernBelmont, MAU.S. ArmyAhern Clan Association
William P. AhernNovi, MIU.S. NavyMrs. William Ahern
William "Pat" AhearnSomerville, MAU.S. NavyAhern Clan Association
William R. AhernNew Rochelle, NYU.S. ArmyAhern Clan Association
William R. "Bugs" AhearnSouth Boston, MAU.S. NavyAhern Clan Association
William R. AhearnTwo Rivers, WIU.S. ArmyFamily
William T. AhernDorchester, MAU.S. Army Air ForcesAhern Clan Association
William Thomas AhernLa Jolla, CAU.S. ArmyDouglas A. Ahern
William Thomas AhernLinesville, PAU.S. ArmyRobert Ahern
William V. AhearnNorwood, MAU.S. NavyAhern Clan Association
William W. AhernArlington, MAU.S. ArmyKristen Ahern Harrigan
Winifred H. AhearnColonial Beach, VAU.S. Marine CorpsMs. Winifred H. Kingree

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American Battle Monuments Commission

The following index was extracted from American Battle Monuments Commission.

Arthur Edward Ahern, Private First Class, U.S. Army
357th Infantry Regiment, 90th Infantry Division
Entered the Service from: Minnesota
Died: 9 November 1918
Buried at: Plot D Row 34 Grave 23, Meuse-Argonne American Cemetery, Romagne, France
Charles A. O'Hearn, Private First Class, U.S. Army
Service # 18223791
Died: Non-hostile Death in Korea
Awards: Korean Service Medal, the United Nations Service Medal, the National Defense Service Medal and the Korean War Service Medal
Edward T. O'Hearn, Private, U.S. Army
9th Infantry Regiment, 2nd Infantry Division
Entered the Service from: Massachusetts
Died: 3 October 1918
Buried at: Plot H Row 27 Grave 18, Meuse-Argonne American Cemetery, Romagne, France
Francis Ahearn, Electrician's Mate, Second Class, U.S. Navy
Service # 6662758
United States Naval Reserve
Entered the Service from: Massachusetts
Died: 11 July 1944, Missing in Action or Buried at Sea
Tablets of the Missing at Sicily-Rome American Cemetery, Nettuno, Italy Awards: Purple Heart
Francis G. Ahearn, Private First Class, U.S. Army
Service # 39213164
319th Infantry Regiment, 80th Infantry Division
Entered the Service from: Washington
Died: 24 November 1944
Buried at: Plot J Row 12 Grave 25, Lorraine American Cemetery, St. Avold, France
Awards: Purple Heart
Frank B. Ahern, Corporal, U. S. Army
Service # 19293033
35th Infantry Regiment, 25th Infantry Division
Entered the Service from: San Francisco, California, born 1924
Died: Killed in Action, 2 September 1950, South Korea
Awards: Purple Heart, the Combat Infantryman's Badge, the Korean Service Medal, the United Nations Service Medal, the National Defense Service Medal, the Korean Presidential Unit Citation and the Republic of Korea War Service Medal
George Calvert Ahern, Sergeant, U.S. Army
364th Infantry Regiment, 91st Infantry Division
Entered the Service from: California
Died: 26 September 1918
Buried at: Plot E Row 27 Grave 2, Meuse-Argonne American Cemetery, Romagne, France
George L. Ahearn, Technical Sergeant, U.S. Army Air Forces
Service # 31169141
726th Bomber Squadron, 451st Bomber Group, Heavy
Entered the Service from: Connecticut
Died: 22 July 1944
Buried at: Plot E Row 11 Grave 29, Sicily-Rome American Cemetery, Nettuno, Italy
Awards: Air Medal with 4 Oak Leaf Clusters, Purple Heart
James E. Ahearn, Private First Class, U.S. Army
Service # 32747536
347th Infantry Regiment, 87th Infantry Division
Entered the Service from: New York
Died: 14 December 1944
Buried at: Plot A Row 28 Grave 25, Lorraine American Cemetery, St. Avold, France
Awards: Purple Heart
James F. Ahern, Private, U.S. Army
Service # 36558190
21st Infantry Regiment, 24th Infantry Division
Entered the Service from: Michigan
Died: 9 November 1944, Missing in Action or Buried at Sea
Tablets of the Missing at Manila American Cemetery Manila, Philippines
Awards: Bronze Star, Purple Heart
James H. Ahern, Staff Sergeant, U.S. Army Air Forces
Service # 16042765
366th Bomber Squadron, 305th Bomber Group, Heavy
Entered the Service from: Michigan
Died: 4 April 1943, Missing in Action or Buried at Sea
Tablets of the Missing at Ardennes American Cemetery Neupre, Belgium
Awards: Air Medal, Purple Heart
John B. Ahern, Gunner, U.S. Navy
USS Ticonderoga
Entered the Service from: New Hampshire
Died: 30 September 1918, Missing in Action or Buried at Sea
Tablets of the Missing at Suresnes American Cemetery, Suresnes, France
John D. Ahearn, Sergeant, U.S. Army
Service # 11024334
255th Infantry Regiment, 63rd Infantry Division
Entered the Service from: Massachusetts
Died: 9 April 1945
Buried at: Plot D Row 5 Grave 15, Lorraine American Cemetery, St. Avold, France
Awards: Purple Heart
John J. Ahern, Private, U.S. Army
Service # 36901507
377th Infantry Regiment, 95th Infantry Division
Entered the Service from: Illinois
Died: 20 November 1944
Buried at: Plot C Row 32 Grave 21, Ardennes American Cemetery, Neupre, Belgium
Awards: Purple Heart
John R. Ahearn, Staff Sergeant, U.S. Army
Service # 13185770
10th Infantry Regiment, 5th Infantry Division
Entered the Service from: New York
Died: 28 January 1945
Buried at: Plot G Row 4 Grave 3, Luxembourg American Cemetery, Luxembourg City, Luxembourg
Awards: Purple Heart
John R. Ahern, Private, U.S. Army
United States Infantry
Entered the Service from: New York
Died: 2 February 1919
Buried at: Plot A Row 35 Grave 1, Oise-Aisne American Cemetery, Fere-en-Tardenois, France
John W. Ahern, Sergeant, U.S. Army Air Forces
Service # 37159083
729th Bomber Squadron, 452nd Bomber Group, Heavy
Entered the Service from: Minnesota
Died: 12 May 1944
Buried at: Plot B Row 37 Grave 37, Ardennes American Cemetery, Neupre, Belgium
Awards: Air Medal, Purple Heart
Kevin O. Ahern, Ensign, U.S. Navy
Service # 0-278001
United States Naval Reserve
Entered the Service from: New Hampshire
Died: 18 January 1946, Missing in Action or Buried at Sea
Tablets of the Missing at Manila American Cemetery, Manila, Philippines
Awards: Purple Heart
Maurice W. Ahern, Private First Class, U.S. Army
Service # 31089360
119th Infantry Regiment, 30th Infantry Division
Entered the Service from: Massachusetts
Died: 1 September 1944
Buried at: Plot A Row 12 Grave 41, Normandy American Cemetery, St. Laurent-sur-Mer, France
Awards: Purple Heart
Michel Ahern, Private, U.S. Army
165th Infantry Regiment, 42nd Infantry Division
Entered the Service from: New York
Died: 7 March 1918
Buried at: Plot F Row 23 Grave 28, Meuse-Argonne American Cemetery, Romagne, France
Raymond Francis Ahern, Private First Class, U.S. Army
Company M, 3rd Battalion, 279th Infantry Regiment, 45th Infantry Division
Entered the Service from: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Born 13 July 1932
Service # 52239575
Died: 15 December 1953 of other causes near Kangmal, North Korea
Awards: Combat Infantryman's Badge, the Korean Service Medal, the United Nations Service Medal, the National Defense Service Medal, the Korean Presidential Unit Citation and the Republic of Korea War Service Medal
Richard James Ahern, Fireman, First Class, U.S. Navy
Service # 3821214
United States Navy
Entered the Service from: California
Died: 7 December 1941
Missing in Action or Buried at Sea
Tablets of the Missing at Honolulu Memorial, Honolulu, Hawaii
Awards: Purple Heart
Robert W. Ahern, Jr., First Lieutenant, U.S. Army Air Forces
Service # O-746008
55th Fighter Squadron, 20th Fighter Group
Entered the Service from: Ohio
Died: 23 April 1944
Buried at: Plot B Row 23 Grave 33, Normandy American Cemetery, St. Laurent-sur-Mer, France
Awards: Distinguished Flying Cross, Air Medal with 3 Oak Leaf Clusters, Purple Heart
William Ahern, Civilian
United States Civilian
Died: 3 April 1944
Buried at: Plot B Row 7 Grave 161, Manila American Cemetery, Manila, Philippines
William Donald Ahern, Corporal, U.S. Army
16th Infantry Regiment, 1st Infantry Division
Entered the Service from: Connecticut
Died: 9 October 1918
Buried at: Plot G Row 43 Grave 30, Meuse-Argonne American Cemetery, Romagne, France

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U.S. Army Casualties in the Korean War

The following index was extracted from Casualties U. S. Army Korean War.
KIA=Killed in Action, EVC=Evacuated, RTD=Returned to Duty

Earl L. Ahern, RA21758441, 1950/11/26, NJ, Mercer, RTD, 61st 105MMH FA Bn-1st Cav Div 
Frank B. Ahern, RA19293033, 1950/09/02, CA, San Francisco, KIA, 35th Inf Regt-25th Inf Div 
James M. Ahern, RA20422881, 1950/09/27, VA, Henrico, EVC, 17th Inf Regt-7th Inf Div 
James M. Ahern, RA20422881, 1951/10/26, VA, Henrico, EVC, 35th Inf Regt-25th Inf Div 
John F. Ahern, Jr., O-1339027, 1951/02/16, GA, Richmond, RTD, 73rd AC Hv Tank Bn 
Richard E. Ahearn, US51092527, 1952/06/24, CT, New London, RTD, 179th Inf Regt-45th Inf Div 
Timothy M. Ahern, RA11193490, 1951/10/17, MA, Suffolk, EVC, 21st Inf Regt-24th Inf Div 

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U.S. Naval Personnel Killed, Wounded, or Missing in Action in WWII

The following index was extracted from Combat Connected Naval Casualties World War II by States published 1946 by Casualty Section, Office of Public Information, Navy Department.

Name, Rank, ServiceNext of KinStateCasualty
Bernard A. Ahern, Pfc., USMCRMother, Mrs. Ruby I. Ahern, 909 S. Ellison St., El RenoOklah.wounded
Charles James Ahern, Capt., USMCWife, Mrs. Helen C. Ahern, 48 Guyette Rd., CambridgeMass.wounded
Dock Garland O'Hearn, Pvt. USMCMr. & Mrs. Willie F. O'Hearn, Route 5, MoultrieGeorgiawounded
Eugene A. Ahearn, Pvt. USMCRMr. & Mrs. Joseph C. Ahearn, 2690 Valentine Ave., BronxN. Y.killed
Francis Ahearn, Elect. 2c, USNRMr. & Mrs. Harold David Ahearn, 49 Woodland St., WorcesterMass.killed
Frank Joseph Ahern, Jr., Cpl., USMCRMother, Mrs. Ethel K. Ahern, 1826 Chippewa St., New OrleansLouis.wounded
Jeremiah D. Ahearn, Jr., Pfc., USMCRMr. & Mrs. Jeremiah D. Ahearn, Sr., 3407 13th Ave., Long Island CityN. Y.wounded
John David Ahearn, Chief Water., USNWife, Mrs. Evelyn Louise Ahearn, 291 Pontiac Ave., CranstonR. I.wounded
John Thomas Ahern, T.Sgt., USMCMother, Mrs. Lili A. Votta, 8 Mt. Vernon Ave., West OrangeN. J.non-comb.
John William Ahern, Mach. 2c, USNRMr. & Mrs. William J. Ahern, 1640 Columbia Rd., So. BostonMass.killed
Joseph J. A'Hearn, Pvt., USMCRWife, Mrs. Joseph J. A'Hearn, 666B Somerville Ave., SomervilleMass.killed
Kevin Oscar Ahern, Ens., Supply CorpsWife, Mrs. Gertrude P. Ahern, 28 Clark St., ManchesterN. H.killed
Leo Henry Ahern, Ensign, USNRMr. & Mrs. Ralph Ahern, 202 Hayes St., BurlingtonIowamissing
Maurice Francis Ahearn, Jr., Capt., USMCRMr. & Mrs. Maurice F. Ahearn, Sr., 36 Boston St., SomervilleMass.wounded
Richard James Ahern, Fire. 1c, USNMr. James Daniel Ahern, 6617 Vesper Ave., Van NuysCalif.killed
Robert W. Ahern, Cpl., USMCRMr. & Mrs. Charles F. Ahern, 72 Amsden St., ArlingtonMass.killed
William Francis O'Hearn, Gun. 2c, USNMother, Mrs. Mary O'Hearn, 81 Elsbree St., Fall RiverMass.killed
William H. Ahearn, Pfc., USMCRMr. & Mrs. John Ahearn, Box 202, Marshall St., PaxtonMass.wounded

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Aherns Buried in U. S. Veterans Cemeteries

The following list contains over 650 entries for Aherns buried in national and state veterans cemeteries in the United States. Burials include active or former U. S. military personell and/or their dependents. These records are compiled from Veterans Administration records and other sources. Wherever possible, links are included to obituaries or other information on individuals.
Cemeteries [by location]:
Abilene, TX, Alexandria, LA, Alexandria, VA, Andersonville, GA, Arlington, VA, Augusta, ME, Augusta, MI, Baltimore, MD, Bath, NY, Bay Pines, FL, Beaufort, NC, Beverly, NJ, Biloxi, MS, Boscawen, NH, Boulder City, NV, Bourne, MA, Buffalo, NY, Bushnell, FL, Calverton, NY, City Point, VA, Crow Agency, MT, Cypress Hills, NY, Dallas, TX, Dayton, OH, Denver, CO, Dixon, CA, El Paso, TX, Elwood, IL, Exeter, RI, Farmingdale, NY, Fort McKinley, PHP, Fort Sam Houston, TX, Fort Scott, KS, Gettysburg, PA, Golden Gate, CA, Government Hospital for Insane, DC, Hampton, VA, Honolulu, HI, Houston, TX, Indiantown Gap, PA, Jacksonville, FL, Jefferson Barracks, MO, Johnson City, TN, Kent, WA, Keokuk, IA, King WI, Lake Worth, FL, Leavenworth, KS, Los Angeles, CA, Louisville, KY, Middletown, CT, Milwaukee, WI, Minneapolis, MN, Nancy, KY, Montpelier, VT, Nashville, TN, Natchez, MS, Nicholasville, KY, Owings Mills, MD, Pearl Harbor, HI, Pensacola, FL, Phoenix, AZ, Plattsburg, NY, Raleigh, NC, Rittman, OH, Riverside, CA, Rock Island, IL, St. Louis, MO, San Antonio, TX, San Diego, CA, San Francisco, CA, San Joaquin Valley, CA, Santa Fe, NM, Schuylerville, NY, Sitka, AK, South Madison, TN, Springfield, IL, Suffolk, VA, Togus, ME, Triangle, VA, Washington, DC, West Point, NY, Willamette, OR, Wrightstown, NJ, Williamston, KY,

Abraham Lincoln National Cemetery, Elwood, Illinois
Ahern, John Joseph, Jr05/07/193009/21/2004RDSN, U.S.N.
O'Hearn, Joseph09/09/192808/31/2001Sgt., U. S. Army
O'Hearn, Joseph James09/03/194802/14/2011Sp4 U.S.A. Vietnam
C-101 A-15
Ahern, Margaret Catherine08/26/193003/17/2009A1c, USAF Korea
Ahearn, William Joseph10/16/194904/27/1997Sp4, US Army Vietnam
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Albert G. Horton Jr. Memorial Cemetery, Suffolk, VA
O'hearn, Frank W. J.10/25/193112/25/2008SFC, USA Korea, VietnamNewport News, VAS3 R20-1112/31/2008
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Alexandria National Cemetery, Pineville, Rapides Parish, Louisiana
Ahearn, Edward J, Sr01/23/193101/02/2005CmSgt U.S.A.F.
B 439A
Ahearn, John E06/26/196411/26/1987US Air Force, ABTioga, LAB 0 439A11/30/1987
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Alexandria National Cemetery, Alexandria, Virginia
Ahern, John
06/08/1864Pvt., U. S. Army
A 2068
Ahearne, Michael J09/04/189803/03/1967Cpl, U.S. Army
B 5088
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Andersonville National Historical Site, Andersonville, Georgia
Ahern, Daniel
07/31/1864Pvt Co F 170 NYI
Ohern, Frank D02/06/192103/16/1944T Sgt U S Army Air Force
Ohern, Fred H, Sr08/06/191701/18/1990U S Army Air Force
O'Hern, Luther11/06/191512/18/2011Col. U S Army Air ForceSt. Petersburg, FL
O'Hern, Sara (Thomasson)05/11/191802/06/2012wid. of LutherSt. Petersburg, FL
O'Hern, Susan Morris09/30/191904/13/2011Wife of Fred H., Sr.
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Arlington National Cemetery, Arlington County, Virginia
Ahern, Carlton Roscoe, Jr.04/12/193909/02/2009A/2c US Air ForceSalem, VAN70UU-7-3
O'Hearn, Charles Clifford12/16/191707/26/1967Cdr. U. S. N.
Ahearn, Charles D.09/16/192104/05/2007Sgt., U.S. Army Wilmington, DE8-S-R25-S105/08/2007
Ahearn, Charles Eugene05/31/192507/14/2006LtCol. USA WWII,
Korea, Vietnam

Ahearn, Cynthia Anne Gust10/17/195208/03/2008wife of JohnSpringfield, VA8-KK-R25-1
Ahearn, Edward Michael04/17/191010/11/1962AR U. S. Army
Ahearn, Edward William
09/16/1943U.S. Navy
Ahern, Gale Dene04/01/196804/01/1988SMSgt USAF Vietnam
Ahern, George Patrick12/29/185905/13/1942US Army, Lt. Col.Washington, DC4B 305005/15/1942
Ahern, George White08/20/191608/30/1977AF, U.S.A.F.
Ahern, James J.08/16/192107/24/2008LtCol., USA WWIIBethlehem, PA33-1048308/20/2008
Ahearn, James Michael11/03/196307/05/2007Maj. U. S. A.Fort Bragg, NC
Ahern, James Richard04/03/192312/20/2007Rear Admiral, USNMclean, VA11-279-202/28/2008
Ahern, James Russell05/19/195009/16/1986son of Adm. James R.
Ahern, Janet Rose05/20/195205/13/1976daughter of Adm. J. R.
Ahern, Jean C.08/21/191005/13/1999US Air Force, PFC
wife of Robert J.
Annapolis, MD1 0 357-D06/01/1999
Ahern, Jean Gill
11/14/1948wife of George PatrickWashington, DC4B 3050
Ahern, John09/01/193103/31/1968Major, U.S. Army
Ahern, John F.04/29/190701/26/1981AR, U. S. Army
Ahearn, John F.01/08/193302/17/2011LtCol., U. S. A.
Ohearn, John J.

Capt. AGF, USA
Ahern, John James09/01/193103/31/1968Maj., U. S. Army
Ohearn, John Joseph12/28/192804/07/1953Airman, U. S. Navy
Ahearn, John Leo, Jr.10/10/192402/25/2010Tec5, U. S. ArmyOxon Hill, MD8-NN 24 6
Ohern, John Philip05/29/189909/16/1968RMC, U. S. Navy
Ahern, John Robert06/17/192001/07/1982AR, U. S. Army
Ahearn, Josephine R.04/20/192703/18/1992wife of Charles Eugene
Ahearn, Kathryn L.12/24/192207/19/1989wife of Timothy I.Arlington, VA30-481-207/14/1989
Ahearn, Lavonna D.10/31/193404/22/1990wife of John F.
Ahern, Leonard F.01/08/192206/20/2008Sgt., US Army
Ahern, Mary (Eells)05/26/192209/09/2010w. of Lt. Col. James J.Bethlehem, PA33-1048311/02/2010
Ahearn, Matthew J05/30/192103/17/2001M. Sgt., U. S. Army
Ahearn[e], Maurice [Morris]11/06/1922 Coal Heaver, U. S. N.
Oherin, Maurice Conway02/14/190507/31/1956Lt. Col. U. S. Army
O'Hearn, Michael Francis08/28/195008/05/2002SP4, U. S. Army
Ahearn, Patricia C.10/07/192512/15/2010w. of John L., Jr.Oxon Hill, MD8-NN 24 6
Ahearn, Peter C.06/05/196906/08/1969son of Maj. Arthur M.
O'Hern, Rachel A .08/29/192307/13/2010Sp2 US Army
Ahern, Rita M.01/09/192004/10/1995wife of Thomas J.
Ahern, Robert J.03/01/191804/07/1963US Army, LTCFairfax, VA1 0 357-D04/10/1963
Ahern, Thomas J.03/07/191809/05/2001Col., U.S.M.C.Columbia, MD60-3417
Ahearn, Timothy I.11/07/192404/16/2003USAF, Maj. Gen.Arlington, VA30-481-205/08/2003
O'Hern, Wayne L., Jr.05/05/194107/14/2011Col., USAF, Vietnam
O'Hearn, William02/27/190206/04/1968Col. U. S. A. Reserve
O'Hern, William, Jr.06/20/192810/09/2002M Sgt., U. S. Army
Ahearn, William F.
03/18/1922202nd NY Vols.
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Baltimore National Cemetery, Baltimore City, Maryland
Ohern, Martin J.04/12/187107/01/1947
Baltimore, MDD 0 135107/05/1947
Ohern, Mary J.04/13/187209/28/1956wife of Martin J.
D 0 135010/02/1956
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Barrancas National Cemetery, Pensacola, Escambia County, Florida
Ahearn, Ellen Jane04/23/191910/25/2007Wife of Joseph Francis
O'Hearn, John Anthony06/07/189409/14/1976MMC USN
36 139109/17/1976
Ahearn, John Joseph Jr07/25/194005/08/1985US Navy, GSCMPensacola, FL35 0 311605/10/1985
Ahearn, Joseph Francis06/27/192305/29/2005LtCdr U.S. Navy
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Bath National Cemetery, Bath, New York
Ahern, James D.09/19/192509/12/2011Tec 4, US Army WWII
Ahern, Michael
06/25/1879Pvt. Infantry
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Bay Pines National Cemetery, Bay Pines, Florida
Ahern, George W.06/06/187709/01/1952Pvt. U. S. Army
Ahern, Timothy Robert09/10/194010/07/2010Pvt. US Army Vietnam
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Beaufort National Cemetery, Beaufort, Beaufort County, South Carolina
O'Hearn, Maureen (Salisbury)11/06/192605/01/2011w. of Matthew C.Bellevue, WA47 0 29
O'Hearn, Matthew C. Jr.9/2/191801/05/1999US Navy, LtCdrFripp Island, SC47 0 2901/08/1999
Ahern, Everett J, Jr.05/02/19275/2/2002AV2, US NavyAiken, SC45-34711/02/2002
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Beverly National Cemetery, Beverly, Burlington County, New Jersey
O'Hern, Irene09/04/189711/25/1976wife of Irving Daniel
O'Hern, Irving Daniel02/18/189810/10/1957Pvt., USMC
Ahern, John M
05/07/1946US Army, Pvt
E 0 104805/14/1946
Ahern, Lena03/09/190406/29/1981US Navy, SKGSN1Bristol, PAX 0 215607/02/1981
Ahern, Ruth R12/13/191103/17/1981US Army, PvtPhiladelphia, PAY 0 156203/23/1981
Ahern, William E Jr02/18/192101/16/1965US Army, SgtPhiladelphia, PAY 0 156201/20/1965
Ahern, William P07/16/189002/27/1962US Army, SgtPhiladelphia, PAX 0 215604/03/1962
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Biloxi National Cemetery, Biloxi, Harrison County, Mississippi
Matthews, Alethia Ahern03/28/191711/28/1995wife of Charles F.D'iberville, MSJ 0 821-E12/01/1995
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Calverton National Cemetery, Calverton, Suffolk County, New York
Ahern, Agnes E.10/28/191701/23/2000wife of Matthew
Ahearn, Alice04/21/191301/17/2006Wife of Francis A.
Ahern, Anita E.01/10/192209/20/2003wife of Charles P
2 750
Ahearn, Ann M. (Aaron)08/17/193410/10/2010wife of Thomas F.Hauppage, NY33 420
O'Hearn, Beatrice08/06/189901/24/1990wife of William M.
Ahearn, Bertha07/15/190512/21/1997wife of Thomas F.
Ahearn, Brian Patrick04/21/194202/18/1980PFC, U. S. Army
Ahern, Charles P.05/07/192109/06/1980F1, U. S. Navy
Ahern, Cornelius06/20/192610/05/1986Pvt., U. S. Army
Ahern, Cornelius08/31/190710/07/2001TEC3, U. S. Army
Ahearn, Dennis T.12/28/192001/06/1980Cpl., U. S. Army
Aherne, Donald F.06/09/192208/22/1995Cpl., U.S.M.C.
Ahearn, Edward C.09/26/193101/02/2005Rct., U. S. Army
Ahern, Edward W.06/10/191903/23/1988Cpl., Army Air Corps
Ahern, Eleanor05/22/193002/08/2003wife of Frank R.
Ahearn, Eva D.07/27/192608/20/1982wife of John J.
Ahearn, Francis A.09/10/190305/29/1986MM3, USN WWII
Ahern, Geraldine08/13/194409/07/1995dau. of John Francis
Ahearn, Harry R.01/28/192111/06/1978TEC4, U. S. Army
Ahern, Helen07/08/192007/16/2003wife of Thomas
Ahearn, James E.10/15/192012/11/1981Sgt., U. S. Army
O'Hearn, Jean (Borchers)02/15/193905/22/1999wife of Donald K.Locust Valley, NY6-1042
Ahearn, Joan E.03/13/193602/23/1985wife of John M.
Ahearn, Joan Veronica02/27/192009/28/1996wife of Thomas A.
Ahearn, John F.08/13/192010/03/1993Lt. Col., U.S.A.F.
Ahern, John Francis02/28/192211/10/1997AMM2, U. S. Navy
Ahern, John G.09/18/192107/12/1994TSgt, Army Air Corps
Ahearn, John J.07/05/189211/17/1983PFC, U. S. Army
Ahern, John J.04/26/193403/29/1989MMs, U. S. Navy
Ahern, John J., Jr.03/03/191107/17/1983FC3, U. S. Navy
Aherne, John Joseph03/30/192004/23/20122nd Lt. US ArmyBaldwin, NY35-109104/26/2012
Ahearn, John M.02/26/193208/25/2001Pvt., U.S.M.C.
Ahearn, Joseph G., Jr.08/31/195404/02/1994AB, U.S.A.F.
Ahearn, Joseph M.07/02/192806/17/1983PFC, U. S. Army

Ahearn, Lorraine V.09/07/191902/18/1996wife of James E.
Ahern, Matthew John11/08/197202/03/1991son of James G.
Ahern, Matthew W.06/07/191402/19/1995Gt., U. S. Army
Ahearne, Maurice D.07/04/191007/30/1985Sgt., U. S. Army
O'Hearn, Michael Andrew06/02/197906/02/1979son of Donald K.
Ahern, Muriel C.09/02/191511/19/1997wife of John J., Jr.
Ahearne, Patricia A.01/15/193707/27/2001wife of James
Ahearn, Robert J., Sr.04/22/192603/25/1983SC3, U.S.N.
Ahern, Thomas02/25/191910/26/1998RM3, Coast Guard
Ahearn, Thomas A.02/24/192003/12/1997SFC, U.S. Army,
Sgt., U.S.M.C.

Ahearn, Thomas F.02/12/190307/28/1985SFC, U. S. Army
Ahearn, Thomas Francis, Jr.08/04/1932
U. S. M. C.Smithtown, NY33 420
O'Hearn, Walter03/15/193609/09/1998MMFN, U. S. Navy
O'Hearn, William D.07/09/192701/22/1993F1, U. S. Navy
Ahearn, William J.12/04/192107/31/2011Tec4, US Army WWII
O'Hearn, William M.12/18/189402/04/1985Horseshoer, USArmy
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Camp Butler National Cemetery, Springfield, Illinois
Aherin, Joyce Marie02/15/192201/04/2005wife of Lawrence Francis
Aherin, Lawrence Francis02/16/192203/15/20021st Lt., U. S. Army
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Camp Nelson National Cemetery, Nicholasville, Kentucky
Ahearn, Michael James06/02/194502/22/2001Sgt., U.S.M.C.Lancaster, KYS-324
Ahearn, Sylvia E.11/01/194402/01/2003wife of Michael James
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City Point National Cemetery, Hopewell City, Virginia
Ahern, C A
06/12/1864Pvt E 10 NY ArtyOriginally Buried City Pt, Va2490
Ahern, Dennis
04/12/1865Pvt B 31 Me InfOriginally Buried City Pt, Va1849
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Connecticut State Veterans Cemetery, Middletown, CT
Ahearn, Alfred S.07/01/192907/28/2000PFC, US Army KoreaMeriden, CT3c Site 4
Ahern, John Joseph03/12/191907/09/1999Pvt., US Army WWII
28b Site 6
Ahearn, Michael J.02/12/194102/07/2000AA, USNVenice, FL4d Site 14
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Custer Battlefield National Monument, Crow Agency, MT
Ohearn, John Thomas02/19/190102/02/1963Pvt Co A 33 Sig Trn Bn C Sigc
B Site 1164
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Cypress Hills National Cemetery, Brooklyn, Kings County, New York
Ahearn, Anna M.
[AKA Anne F.]
05/31/189705/18/1976wife of William
Ahern, Cornellius
08/18/1889Pvt C 73rd Rgt NY Inf CW
2 4923
Ahern, Daniel Thomas
02/23/1923BM2C1 USNRF
Ahearne, John F.
12/12/1929Pvt. US Army WWIIreland2-1083012/14/1929
Ahern, John J.
06/04/1926Cpl G 47th NY Inf Span-Amer
Ahern, Mary L.05/14/187907/02/1951wife of John J.
2 965007/06/1951
Ahearn, Thomas
07/01/1894WT USNRemains transferred from Naval
Hospital Cem. to Row 1, Naval 7
Ahearn, William10/30/189507/27/1949Sgt Co A 514 Engrs
3 11608/01/1949
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Dallas-Fort Worth National Cemetery, Dallas Texas
Ahern, John Francis07/19/191405/02/2005CWO4, U. S. NavyDallas, TX21-110505/20/2005
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Dayton National Cemetery, Dayton, Montgomery County, Ohio
O'Hearn, James
08/07/1892Pvt., Co. I, 46th Ohio Inf.
O'Hearn, John F.
05/21/1917Pvt., Infantry
Ahern, Joseph D.01/01/191811/23/1994US Army, PVTLima, OH24 0 143612/01/1994
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Elm Lawn Cemetery, Buffalo, New York
A'Hearn, Jack J.07/24/192611/24/2005U. S. Army, World War II

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Florida National Cemetery, Bushnell, Sumter County, Florida
O'Hearn, Dana Lee02/22/196803/16/2003son of Dennis WilliamTampa, FL407-1551
Ahearn, Edward Francis07/28/191612/12/2001TEC4, U. S. ArmyCoral Springs, FL204 0 544
Ahearn, Francis Edward05/12/192803/17/1996US Navy, S1CSarasota, FL204 0 97303/19/1996
Ahern, John Elwood02/10/192801/05/2011Maj., U. S. Army, WWII, Korea, VietnamOrlando, FL609-598
Ahearn, John J08/21/192007/06/1992US Army, PFCNew Port Richey, FL104 0 192307/10/1992
Ahern, Kathi A.
01/06/2011SP4, US Army, VietnamRiverview, FL2E-6A-3
Ahearn, Mary E05/27/191704/15/1997wife of John J.Sea Cliff, NY104 0 192304/22/1997
Ahern, Joseph Geoffery06/07/191705/14/2005Merchant Marine WWII
Ahern, Mary Frances05/18/192305/10/1999Pvt., USMC WWII
Ahearn, Raymond V.09/06/192605/31/1999US Navy, SK3West Palm Beach, FL135 0 86706/09/1999
Ahearn, Theresa Marie04/12/192505/31/1995wife of Edward F.Coral Springs, FL204 0 54406/05/1995
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Fort Bliss National Cemetery, Fort Bliss, El Paso County, Texas
Ahearn, David Christopher03/22/193011/09/1988US Army, COLEl Paso, TXG 0 186711/14/1988
Ahern, Dennis Joseph01/09/190908/26/1968US Army, LTCEl Paso, TXD 0 297408/28/1968
Ahern, Etna E.05/17/191704/11/2002Capt., U. S. Army
Ahearn, Joseph Patrick01/03/191901/03/2001SSgt., U. S. Army
Ahearn, Maria Elena (Sandoval)08/15/193108/03/2006wid. of Joseph PatrickEl Paso, TXJ-277208/07/2006
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Fort Custer National Cemetery, Augusta, Kalamazoo County, Michigan
O'Hearn, Dennis Edward12/06/194310/10/1991US Army, SP4Dryden, MI8 0 36810/15/1991
O'Heran, Philip Charles04/17/193205/02/1990US Navy, SNBattle Creek, MI11 0 173505/04/1990
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Fort Leavenworth National Cemetery, Fort Leavenworth, Kansas
Ahern, Arthur J
12/12/1933Cavalry, Cpl
I 0 10112/15/1933
O'Herin, Denis
04/25/1938Msgt., U. S. Army
O'Herron, Emma M.10/21/188207/02/1953Wife of John
O'Herron, John12/14/188106/30/1948Pvt., U. S. Army
Ahearn, Thomas02/18/188903/03/1966

M 0 38903/08/1966
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Fort Logan National Cemetery, Denver, Denver County, Colorado
Ahern, Cathaleen Radigan05/14/191406/20/20041st Lt., 38th EVAC HospitalDenver, CO26C-33606/25/2004
Ahern, Charles Lavern01/28/192610/01/1992US Air Force, TSgtTuscaloosa, ALO 0 142210/05/1992
Ahern, Cornelius Joseph, Jr.12/24/191501/14/1982US Navy, TM3Lakewood, COS 0 509801/15/1982
Ahern, Edward Vincent07/20/189904/27/1968Pvt Co A 342Bn Tank Corp
P 203005/01/1968
Ahern, Eleanor04/01/192106/01/2009wid. of James B.
Ahern, Eugene F.09/20/192010/07/2005MSgt. U. S. Army WWII
Ahern, James B.01/29/191810/12/1981US Army, Tech 5Arvada, COS 0 464710/16/1981
Ahern, Lucretia A.03/21/190605/06/1986wife of Edward V.Spokane, WAP 0 203005/12/1986
Ahern, Martha A.02/17/192001/23/1997wife of Eugene F.Denver, CO12 0 66401/29/1997
Ahern, May Violet05/18/189908/05/1977wife of Charles LavernDenver, COO 0 142208/10/1977
A'Hern, Neal A.01/20/192302/09/1996LtCol, U.S.A.F.
Ahern, Rose Mary11/27/1922 08/14/2004wife of Cornelius Joseph, Jr.
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Fort McKinley National Cemetery, Manila, Philippines
Ahern, John
07/18/1902Carpenter, QMD
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Fort Rosecrans National Cemetery, Point Loma, San Diego County, California
O'Herron, Barbara Louise01/24/192111/30/2005wife of William Robert
Ahern, Edward J Jr10/29/192205/15/1993Lt Col USAF
1 14908/02/1993
Ahearn, Gertrude Marie12/19/191809/06/2011wid. of William F.
Ahern, James T01/16/193402/09/1988Sgt USMC
GN1 18502/17/1988
Ahern, Leland Jesse04/16/190703/07/1966SP2, U. S. Navy
Ahern, Lucille Mary12/02/192502/23/1963wife of Vernon W.
X 26403/04/1963
Ahearn, Marion Olive06/20/191004/13/1996U.S.M.C., MSgtCarlsbad, CACBC 6 18604/23/1996
Ahern, Mary A01/16/190107/17/1964wife of Henry A.
A-B 68107/21/1964
Ahern, Vernon W.10/06/191602/09/1962F1 USNR
Y 26402/16/1962
Ahearn, William Frank09/03/191511/12/2000Tec 4, US ArmyArcadia, CACC3A-R2-1
Ahern, William John08/20/193212/22/2003USMCEscondido, CACBAA-3-34512/27/2003
O'Herron, William Robert06/28/193403/12/2012PH2, US Navy, Korea
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Fort Sam Houston National Cemetery, San Antonio, Bexar County, Texas
O'Hearn, [infant]01/31/193501/31/1935dau of Charles William
P-D 77
O'Hearn, Cecile03/06/189501/31/1935wife of Charles William
P-D 77
O'Hearn, Charles William03/14/189303/02/1959S/Sgt USAF
P-D 7703/10/1959
O'Hern, James B.12/27/191010/04/1994USA Air Corps, TSgtKerrville, TX10 0 97210/10/1994
Ahern, James D.
12/16/1937US Army
B 0 13712/17/1937
O'Hern, John

Pvt., U. S. Army
Ahern, Mayme C.01/19/189710/13/1985wife of James DSan Antonio, TXB 0 137-A10/15/1985
Ahearn, Ralph Joseph, Sr.03/30/191706/27/1983Pvt U.S. Army
H 7807/22/1983
Ahern, William P.03/16/193112/25/1977US Air Force, MSgtSan Antonio, TX3 0 25912/28/1977
O'Hern, William Dean04/13/194611/26/2011Sp5, US Army, Vietnam
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Fort Scott National Cemetery, Fort Scott, Bourbon County, Kansas
Ahern, Geraldine R.02/24/192203/04/1996wid. of Justin H.Emporia, KS9 0 23903/08/1996
Ahern, Justin H.05/19/191611/23/1983US Army, 1st SgtEmporia, KS9 0 23911/28/1983
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Fort Snelling National Cemetery, Hennepin County, Minnesota
Ahern, Bernard J.06/12/189404/21/1962Pvt., WWI Army
Aherne, Cecilia03/13/191106/21/1992PFC, U. S. Army
O'Hern, Clara Johanna08/13/191512/01/1999wid. of Fred Earl
Ahern, Donald H.12/19/191202/10/1995SSgt., U. S. Army
O'Heron, Eileen E.04/13/191710/22/1994wife of Willard James
Ahern, Elinor Louise07/16/191501/04/1973widow of George W.Cedar Rapids, IAL-1405
Ahern, Emmet D.07/09/189408/24/1968Cpl., WWI Army
O'Herrin, Ethel Emelia07/14/190405/17/2001w. of George Maurice
O'Hern, Fred Earl01/01/189403/20/1981Pvt., U. S. Army
O'Herrin, George Maurice08/07/190401/04/1973Pfc., U. S. A. WWII
Ahern, George W.05/24/190908/03/19701st Lt., U. S. Army
Ahern, Helen E.02/07/189812/13/1972wife of Matthew J.
O'Hern, James Henry
12/03/1949WWI Veteran
Ahern, John
08/18/1891Pvt., U. S. Army
Aherne, John04/20/191802/03/1998Sgt. Army Air Corps
O'Hearn, John C.07/08/193108/24/1985A/1C, U.S.A.F.
O'Heron, John Harold01/04/192111/27/1995Pfc., U. S. A. WWII
Ahern, John J., Jr08/10/192212/16/1944Army Air Corp, 2nd LtAtlantic Beach, FLC24-1365701/07/1949
Ahern, John R.02/16/191906/10/2000Sgt., U. S. Army
O'Heron, Joseph E.
04/11/1945Pfc., U. S. A. WWII
Ahern, Margaret A.01/18/191104/14/1966wife of John J., Jr.
Ahern, Marie H.01/16/189301/24/1979wife of Michael C.
O'Hern, Martha E.02/15/192810/18/2009wid. of Rodney Alan
O'Hearn, Mary Louise (Farrell)05/31/192710/20/2010wid. of Walter Donald O'HearnEagan, MN17-1874
Ahern, Matthew J.01/17/189712/20/1975WAG, U. S. Army
Ahern, Michael C.06/28/1893 11/11/19841st Sgt. WWI Army
Ahern, Nina I.01/07/189110/07/1980Pvt., WWI Army
O'Hern, Peter F.02/13/188902/16/1960WWI Veteran
O'Hern, Robert S.12/26/191801/22/2010LtCol, USA, WWII, Korea
O'Hern, Rodney Alan06/30/192802/08/2001PFC, U.S.M.C.
Ahern, Ruth C.08/18/190803/04/2003wife of Donald H.
O'Heron, Ruth C.
10/01/1947wid. of Walter Raymond
Ahern, Thomas A.09/29/189112/01/1959Cp;. WWI Army
O'Hearn, Walter Donald08/31/192502/19/2005Sgt., Army Air CorpsEagan, MN17-187402/25/2005
O'Heron, Walter Raymond03/04/189401/27/1947Mus. 3rd cl. USA WWII
O'Heron, Willard James05/28/191512/15/1981RM3, USN WWII
O'Heron, William04/19/192903/25/1978Pvt., USA Korea
Ahern, William M.08/05/188901/18/1965Pvt., WWI Army
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Garrison Forest Veterans Cemetery, Owings Mills, MD
Ahearn, Eleanor P. (McHugh)04/07/193004/11/2008Wife of John E., LtCol., USAFTimonium, MDK-26 R-17 S-2
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Gettysburg National Military Park, Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
Ahern, Eleanor M.05/18/189010/06/1971widow of Frank Leo
Ahern, Frank Leo10/28/189007/03/19671st Lt., 30th Engr,
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Golden Gate National Cemetery, San Mateo County, California
Ahern, Alice Lawson07/07/189802/04/1974wife of John F.San Bruno, CAV 0 630
O'Herrin, Catherine01/01/189802/13/1986wife of James Herbert
Ahearn, Clarence Bud12/02/189403/18/1963Lt. JG, WWI Navy
O'Hearn, Edward J01/11/189402/06/1973Cpl CO A 361 INF
Q 160602/08/1973
Ahearn, Elizabeth04/12/190310/05/1982wife of Joseph P.
O'Hearn, Elizabeth Ann02/24/193802/28/2001w. of Joseph Patrick, Jr.
Ahern, Francis A11/28/189802/25/1966US Navy, MAM1San Francisco, CA2C 0 6903/02/1966
Ahern, Frank B06/13/192409/02/1950US Army, CplSan Francisco, CAR 0 325608/17/1951
O'Hearn, Frank W., Jr.02/23/192406/15/1944Pvt 1ST CL USMC
B 75812/28/1948
Ahern, Geraldine Joan08/13/190603/08/1994wife of Rolland ByronSan Mateo, CAY02086A03/11/1994
Ahearn, Helena Agnes09/07/189402/05/1967wife of Joseph P.
Ahern, James 11/15/188706/16/1961US Army, PvtSan Francisco, CA2E 0 492606/16/1961
O'Herrin, James Herbert02/09/190001/31/1965QM3 USN
2C 485302/03/1965
Ahern, John F05/20/189305/27/1956US Army, CplSan Francisco, CAV 0 62906/04/1956
Ahern, John Joseph
06/28/1950US Navy, RDM1San Francisco, CAN 0 263706/30/1950
Aherne, John Leo07/22/192311/02/2001EM1, U. S. NavySan Francisco, CAE-880-B
Ahearn, Joseph P.03/16/189910/22/1986PFC WWI Army
Ahern, Josephine Alice11/17/194411/17/1944dau. of John JosephSan Bruno, CAE 1 0 10611/20/1944
O'Hearn, Josephine M.04/06/190502/02/1955wife of Edward J.
Ahern, June E11/24/190204/26/1988wife of William B.San Mateo, CAX 0 19705/03/1988
Aherne, Leo Patrick08/05/188808/21/1952USA Air Corps, SgtSan Francisco, CAR 0 459608/25/1952
Ahern, Margaret05/30/189706/23/1983wife of Francis A.San Francisco, CA2C 0 6906/27/1983
Ahern, Margaret B04/25/190107/08/1985wife of John JosephOakland, CAN 0 263807/12/1985
O'Hearn, Maryrose09/26/195810/23/1958dau. of Emmet Cecil
H7 3157B10/27/1958
O'Hearn, Michael02/22/195908/24/1964

2D 98608/27/1964
O'Hearn, Michael Patrick02/22/195908/24/1964son of Joseph Patrick, Jr.
Ahern, Mildred A06/30/189804/05/1967wife of Richard FrancisSunnyvale, CA2F 0 38704/07/1967
O'Hearn, Peter John01/02/189207/31/1958wagoner, U.S.A.
Ahern, Richard Francis03/14/189612/19/1966US Army, SFCSan Francisco, CA2F 0 38712/21/1966
Ahern, Richard Timothy02/07/189412/09/1964US Army, CplSan Francisco, CA2E 0 22412/14/1964
O'Heron, Robert J.09/26/188610/23/1954Sgt., US Army WWI
Ahern, Robert Leo12/05/192209/24/1998USMC, CplSan Francisco, CA2C 0 6909/30/1998
Ahern, Rolland Byron10/09/190007/14/1964US Army, PvtSan Francisco, CAY02086A07/16/1964
Aherne, Shirley Marie11/29/192311/13/1950wife of John LeoSan Francisco, CAE 0 880-B11/14/1950
O'Hern, Thomas A
07/06/1943Pvt 1st Rec Battn
O'Heron, Walter R10/23/191903/23/1991Sgt USAAlameda, CACE 34103/29/1991
Ahern, William B03/27/189911/02/1962US Army, PFCSan Francisco, CAX 0 19711/06/1962
Ahern, William Paul04/10/192109/26/1959US Army, PFCDaly City, CA2B 0 326609/30/1959
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Government Hospital for the Insane [St. Elizabeth's Hospital, Washington, DC?]
O'Hearn, Cornelius
09/07/1892Pvt., Co. D, 3rd Mass. Cav.

Ahern, Stephen
04/27/1876Cpl., Co. K 5th Reg. Artillery
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Hampton National Cemetery, City of Hampton, Virginia
Ahern, D.
05/14/1862War of 1812 veteran
C 0 161605/14/1862
Ahearn, Mary J05/22/190007/22/1968wife of William Raymond
F-P 0 123007/26/1968
Ahern, Michael
08/31/1898Pvt., U. S. Army
D 0 761608/31/1898
Oherren, Michael

Oherren, T.
08/27/1864U. S. Army, Civil War
Ahearn, William Raymond04/30/189204/28/1957Lt., U. S. N.Norfolk, VAF 0 123005/02/1957
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Houston National Cemetery, Houston, Harris County, Texas
Ahern, John Hooper
12/25/1967US Army, SSgt
D 0 12812/26/1967
Ahearn, Ralph J03/30/191706/27/1983US Army, PvtHouston, TXH 0 17807/22/1983
Ahearn, Thomas W10/05/192712/19/1973US Army, SgtWest Haven, CTF 0 85812/21/1973
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Indiantown Gap National Cemetery, Annville, Lebanon County, Pennsylvania
Ahearne, Barbara (Juzbasic)06/23/191702/24/1991wife of Thomas F.New Cumberland, PA9-B 0 50202/27/1991
Ahearn, Dennis J03/06/194109/07/1990US Navy, AAHarrisburg, PA12-D 0 49409/20/1990
Ahern, Joseph J03/07/191904/24/2000US Army, S SgtPhiladelphia, PA19-A 0 61004/28/2000
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Jacksonville National Cemetery
Ahearn, John03/22/195708/02/2011Pvt1c, US Army
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Jefferson Barracks Cemetery, St. Louis, Missouri
O'Herin, Agnes11/20/189409/16/1981wife of William Edward
Ahearn, Arnold James01/16/192408/05/2011PFC, US Army
O'Heron, Barbara J.12/17/192904/20/2010wid. of John Francis
O'Heron, Edgar R., Jr.05/08/192602/11/1988SSgt., U.S.A.F. WWII, Korea
Ahearn, Edward12/02/189405/09/1945Cpl., U. S. Army
OPS3 0 2311A05/12/1945
Ahearn, Edward J.06/27/192311/21/1995Army Air Corps, PFCSt Louis, MO1-I 0 113411/24/1995
O'Hern, Edward R.
08/15/1944TSgt., Army Air Corps
Ahearn, Gladys E.01/01/192102/05/1995wife of John D.Ballwin, MOY 0 141602/10/1995
Ahern, Henry
01/23/1935US Army, CAPT
20 0 4679A01/26/1935
O'Heron, James J.04/02/193103/11/1967Major, U.S.A.F.
Ahern, James O.03/22/191508/21/1985US Army, PFCUnion, MOMM 0 66708/22/1985
Ahern, Jeanette03/12/191506/20/1988wife of James O.St Louis, MOMM 0 66706/22/1988
Ahern, John07/04/184611/21/19161st Sgt., U. S. Army
11 0 12252A11/21/1916
Ahearn, John
07/29/1941US Army, PVT
40 0 12547GG08/01/1941
Ahearn, John D.03/05/191412/11/1984US Navy, AMM1Elberta, ALY 0 141612/17/1984
O'Heron, John Francis08/22/192806/19/2004Pfc., U.S.M.C., WWII
1-O S-117
Ahearn, Joseph A.07/05/189509/30/1958US Army, PVTSt Louis, MOD 0 201110/03/1958
Ahern, Joseph E.11/03/193108/16/1986US Navy, SNSt Louis, MONN 0 26908/19/1986
O'Hearn, Lawrence A.02/02/192306/16/2002PFC, U. S. ArmySt Louis, MO1M-965
Ahern, Leo07/03/190211/22/1957US Army, PVT
C 0 189511/26/1957
Ahearn, Marlouise
02/23/1949wife of John
40 0 12547GG02/26/1949
O'Hearn, Mary B. (Hund)06/07/192505/11/2006wid. of Lawrence A.
Ahern, Mary Dell
10/11/1942wife of Henry
20 0 4679A10/14/1942
Ahearn, Mary Ethel10/08/190808/05/1983wife of Joseph A.
D 0 201208/08/1983
Ahern, Matilda03/20/185501/17/1917wife of John
11 0 12252A01/17/1917
O'Hearn, Richard Edmund12/29/192501/17/1996Sgt., U. S. Army
Ahern, Sarah Katharine
01/01/1916wife of J. A. Ahern
29 0 1214301/01/1916
O'Herin, William Edward07/14/189206/30/1980Pvt., U. S. Army WWI
Ahern, William P.12/08/191602/01/1981US Army, 1LTPunta Gorda, FLQ 0 170402/03/1981
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Kentucky Veterans Cemetery North, Williamston, KY
Ahern, Frank Leo, Jr.06/22/192210/27/2012 U. S. NavyNewport, KY3-013911/05/2012
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Keokuk National Cemetery, Keokuk, Iowa
Ahern, Blanche I.10/21/189503/05/1971wife of James S.
Ahern, James S.09/01/189108/04/1972Pvt., WWI Army
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Leavenworth National Cemetery, Leavenworth, Kansas
O'Herron, Anna L.07/14/192107/17/1987wife of Joseph P.
Ahern, John
11/03/1899F1, U. S. Navy
O'Herron, Joseph P.08/25/191401/08/1994TEC5 U. S. Army
Ahern, Mary Louise07/19/193708/04/1997TSgt., U.S.A.F.
O'Hearn, Richard
06/26/1898Pvt., Co. C, 106th IL Inf.Soldier's Home12-9-9
O'Herron, William
12/20/1892Pvt., Co. I, 14th ME Inf.Soldier's Home3-1-401/12/1893
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Long Island National Cemetery, Farmingdale, New York
Ahearn, A. June02/06/189505/12/1963wife of Daniel B.
Ahearn, Alice P.03/17/191002/18/1969wife of John E.
Ahern, Ambrose James01/04/191008/20/1970Cpl., U. S. Army
2Z 1322
Ahern, Amelia12/11/189811/06/1966wife of Michael J
T 3243
O'Hearn, Anastasia07/09/192001/19/2007wife of Arthur Maurice
Ahern, Anna01/26/191809/04/1998wife of Eugene W.
2W 2744
Ahern, Anna C.06/29/189006/15/1966wife of Maurice
2D 4138
Ahearn, Anne Patricia01/22/191101/09/1976wife of Joseph James, Sr.
Ahern, Arthur Gerald11/05/193710/07/1956AT3, U. S. Navy
X 6893
Ahern, Arthur Gerard11/25/191705/26/1971PFC, U. S. Army
2X 5524
Ahearn, Bertha03/04/189905/02/1978wife of Richard F.
Ahern, Bertha E.03/25/190002/18/1981wife of Godfrey Joseph
Ahern, Charles F.03/07/189005/02/1972PFC, WWI Army
Ahern, Charlotte A.11/11/189807/06/1988wife of Jeremiah J.
Ahearn, Cornelius J.08/27/189605/21/1964PFC, WWI Army
Ahearn, Cornelius Joseph
12/16/1948Cook, WWI Army
Ahern, Daniel J.12/15/189306/28/1970PFC WWI Army
Ahern, Daniel R., Jr.08/30/192104/24/19452nd Lt., USAF
Ahearn, Dennis Patrick02/09/192208/05/1971TEC4, U. S. Army
Ahern, Diane10/31/195510/31/1955dau. of Thomas Joseph, Jr.
Ahearn, Dolores J.03/19/192001/26/1978wife of William Thomas
Ahern, Donald Richard10/20/194511/15/1959stepson of John Francis
Ahern, Edward Charles06/03/190501/14/1968T5, U. S. Army
Ahearn, Edward Joseph, Jr.11/06/195308/24/1978son of Edward Joseph
Ahern, Edward R.09/16/199801/18/1969Chief Machinist, USN
Ahearn, Elizabeth01/18/189604/05/1993wife of Robert F., Sr.
Ahearn, Elizabeth07/26/190204/28/1961wife of John J.
Ahern, Ellen06/15/189512/21/1970wife of John Francis
Ahearn, Eugene F.05/30/189306/15/1963PFC, WWI Army
Ahern, Eugene Michael04/05/191809/29/1975BM2, U. S. Navy
Ahern, Eugene W.09/12/191303/23/1972TEC5, U. S. Army
Ahearn, Florence Jeannette04/10/193004/26/1970wife of Patrick Thomas
Ahern, Francis Daniel10/20/189802/28/1963AS, WWI Navy
Ahern, Francis T., Jr.07/13/192710/04/1986PFC, U. S. Army
Ahern, Francis T., III08/08/196508/10/1965son of Francis T., Jr.
Ahern, Frank Ignatius
11/10/1942Capt., U. S. Army
Ahern, Frank William10/14/191909/29/1989SSgt., Army Air Corps
Ahern, Gloria L.01/28/193411/09/2011wid. of William M.
Ahern, Godfrey Joseph07/03/189303/05/1954Pvt., WWI Army
Ahern, Grace W.11/15/191102/29/1960wife of Francis Daniel
Ahern, Hannah Marie03/09/192809/27/1967wife of Patrick J.
Ahearn, Harold04/22/190107/06/1974Pvt., U. S. Army
Ahearn, Hubert Francis12/22/189304/23/1978MM2, WWI Navy
Ahern, Irene V.01/19/190112/26/1985wife of John J.
Ahern, James Joseph01/16/191809/22/1983PFC, U.S.A.F.
Ahearn, James Patrick02/11/192401/21/1969PFC, U. S. Army
Ahearn, Jean Emily06/05/192204/18/2005wife of William Joseph
Ahern, Jennie10/06/191304/10/1990wife of Edward Charles
Ahern, Jeremiah J.08/04/189705/10/1965Pvt., WWI Army
Ahearn, John12/31/191303/26/1946Pvt., U. S. Army
Ahern, John02/09/189211/10/1961Pvt., WWI Army
Ahern, John E.10/25/189908/14/1976MM2, U. S. Navy
Ahearn, John E.05/11/190612/14/1980Cmdr., Coast Guard
Ahearn, John F.01/06/191802/17/1968Sgt., U.S.A.F.
Ahern, John Francis12/18/189509/06/1979MSgt., WWI Army
Ahearn, John J.08/24/189307/30/1959Pvt., WWI Army
Ahern, John J.03/31/189512/26/19641st Sgt., WWI Army
Ahern, John J.04/15/190602/01/1978PFC, U. S. Army
Ahearn, John Jerome07/20/191610/09/1971Cadet, Army Air Corps
Ahearn, John Patrick11/01/190509/09/1960SSgt., U. S. Army
Ahern, John Russell11/09/189610/01/1946Cpl., U. S. Army
Ahearn, John Thomas01/14/192507/01/1991Gunner's Mate USN
Ahern, Joseph E.11/22/191908/22/1077SSgt., U.S.A.F.
Ahearn, Joseph Earl12/11/192609/21/1973S1, U. S. Navy
Ahearn, Joseph Francis01/27/192303/24/1966Coxswain, USN
Ahearn, Joseph James, Sr.09/29/189408/20/1983PFC, WWI Army
Ahearn, Julia C.01/05/189601/22/1971wife of Stephen J.
Ahern, Lawrence J.12/28/189904/20/1959Sgt., WWI Army
Ahern, Linda Ann03/23/195409/06/1964dau. of Frank William
Ahern, Madeline D.04/01/192910/18/2011wid. of Francis T., Jr.
Ahern, Margaret08/01/191112/21/1999wife of John E.
Ahearn, Margaret Mary11/27/195307/04/1971wife of Cornelius [USN]
Ahearn, Marie E.10/26/191509/30/1955wife of John Jerome
Ahern, Mary04/03/189612/17/1965wife of John
Ahern, Maurice03/02/188804/07/1965PFC, WWI Army
Ahern, Michael J.12/11/188904/03/1960Pvt. WWI Army
Ahern, Michaelina10/12/192110/07/2003wife of Eugene Michael
Ahearn, Mildred09/21/191711/09/1997wife of John F. [USAF]
Ahearne, Patrick J.08/13/189910/17/1972PFC, U. S. Army
Ahern, Patrick James09/09/191806/01/1982TEC5, U. S. Army
Ahearn, Patrick Thomas01/20/193210/30/2000Pvt., U. S. Army
Ahearn, Richard F.03/29/190007/06/1963Pvt. WWI Army
Ahearn, Robert F., Sr.06/10/189303/18/1964PFC, WWI Army
Ahearn, Rose Virginia06/22/190104/24/1994wife of Cornelius J.
Ahearn, Sally A.05/15/189501/01/1978wife of Hubert Francis
Ahern, Sophia J.12/21/188801/05/1970wife of Thomas H.
Ahern, Stephen J.12/25/188904/18/1954PFC, WWI Army
Ahearn, Stephanie J.10/13/189708/02/1983wife of Eugene F.
Ahern, Tammy J.08/07/196607/08/1968dau. of James Joseph
Ahearn, Terrence Edward08/23/191510/20/1957SSgt., U. S. Army
Ahearn, Thomas03/03/191112/29/1972Sgt., Army Air Corps
Ahearn, Thomas Dillon03/24/189912/01/1967SC4, WWI Navy
Ahearn, Thomas F.02/28/192002/02/19681st Lt., Army Air Corps
Ahearne, Thomas F.03/25/190501/05/1969Cpl., Army Air Corps
Ahearn, Thomas Francis10/07/192701/13/1963S2, U. S. Navy
Ahern, Thomas H.10/19/189106/02/1957Pvt., WWI Army
Ahearn, Thomas Joseph06/17/190603/19/1966Pvt., U. S. Army
Ahern, Timothy F.02/03/191004/09/1945TEC5, U. S. Army
Ahearn, William08/08/191507/17/1996SGM, U. S. Army
Ahern, William07/04/191810/04/1974PFC, U. S. Army
Ahern, William C.06/01/189310/07/1948Pvt., WWI Army
Ahearn, William Joachim08/22/189702/01/1963AS WWI Navy
Ahearn, William Joseph06/01/191806/01/1967TEC3, U. S. Army
Ahearn, William Joseph01/24/188809/12/1949Pvt., WWI Army
Ahern, William M.10/18/193306/11/2001AD3, U. S. NavyW. Babylon, NY2Z-242906/15/2001
Ahearn, William Thomas08/08/191507/17/1996Sgm., U.S.A. WWII,
Korea, Vietnam

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Los Angeles National Cemetery, Los Angeles, Los Angeles County, California
Ahearn, Edward Clarence09/10/189804/10/1970Seaman WWI Navy
244 11 RX04/21/1970
O'Heron, Frank James06/16/189306/08/1955PFC Flying Cadet Air Serv
226 18/A06/13/1955
O'Hern, James J09/30/191204/22/1974LTC Army Air Force
214 F-0804/29/1974
O'Hern, James John05/07/189208/09/1954GM 3/C USNRF
248 12 RB08/11/1954
Ahern, James Joseph02/11/189210/08/1952Sgt Co B 346th Inf
123 9 RE10/13/1952
O'Hearn, John James08/19/187207/22/1945Pvt Co H 1st Terr Inf
161 3 RD07/26/1945
Ahern, John Joseph12/07/191109/10/1968Sgt WWII Army
52 12 RM09/13/1968
O'Herne, Patrick [alias John Knight]04/22/1900Pvt., Co. B 28th Mass Inf
Ahern, Richard B
08/07/1911I 35th US Inf
20 16 RE
O'Hern, Thomas Raymond09/29/189005/23/1946PFC, 138 Fld Arty 38 Div
113 9 RB05/27/1946
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Maine Veterans' Memorial Cemetery, Augusta, Maine
Ahearn, Angela05/31/197009/26/1973dau. of Stephen O.
Ahearn, Chun Son07/22/193602/23/2003wid. of Rufus V.
Ahearn, Dorothy (Dustin)06/13/192402/15/2012wid. of Joseph W.Nashua, NHP-11-10
Ahearn, Joseph W.01/04/191503/28/1992Capt. U. S. Army
Ahearn, Rufus V.05/08/192901/04/1994SFC, U. S. Army
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Massachusetts National Cemetery, Bourne, Barnstable County, Massachusetts
Ahern, Agnes L.05/24/191609/20/2003wife of Michael J.
Ahern, Andrew K.01/21/191802/04/1998USA Air Corps, SSgtMilton, MA20 0 70902/09/1998
Ahearn, Barry V., Sr04/18/194010/19/1997U.S.M.C., CplWest Yarmouth, MA20 0 23510/24/1997
Ahearn, Bernard P.03/12/191805/15/1981MMC, U.S. Navy
1 0 67305/19/1981
Ahearn, Betty Muriel (Romsey)12/15/192110/4/2007wife of Donald LincolnSharon, MA20-48310/9/2007
Ahern, Catherine R.03/07/191604/03/1998wife of Andrew K.Milton, MA20 0 70904/06/1998
Ahearn, Donald Lincoln10/06/192012/11/1997US Navy, CS1Sharon, MA20 0 48312/15/1997
Ahern, Donald P.12/08/192411/17/2003Tec 5, US ArmyFort Lauderdale, FLD-17-D20
Ahearn, Edward J.09/17/191508/14/1991US Army, PFCIpswich, MA12 0 152308/15/1991
O'Hearn, Esther (Johnson)08/11/192009/06/2001wife of Edward J.Eastham, MA30-6809/10/2001
Ahearn, Florence E.01/16/191807/25/1994wife of Bernard P.
1 0 67307/29/1994
Ahern, Francis F.02/05/192710/13/1991US Army, T5Dorchester, MA12 0 90810/17/1991
O'Hearn, Francis Michael12/30/192006/21/2003Cpl., Army Air Corps
Ahern, Francis X.03/24/192504/15/2007S2, U. S. Navy WWII
Ahern, Frederick V., Sr.11/16/191901/29/2006MOMM2, U. S. C. G., WWII
Ahern, George F.05/17/192311/17/2001MOMM1, USNVenice, FL20-272
Ahern, Gerald F.02/03/192202/02/1987US Navy, TM3E Boston, MA5 0 47002/24/1989
Ahern, Gertrude T. (Ryan)09/18/192802/28/2013wife of William A.Franklin, MA
Ahern, Hugh Francis Jr01/28/192711/25/1997US Navy, SKV3Weymouth, MA25 0 77512/02/1997
O'Hearn, James W.10/21/193508/22/1997FA, U. S. Navy
Ahern, Jean (Cleary)08/04/192212/18/2002wid. of Michael J.Hanover, MA16 0 92012/23/2002
Ahearn, John E. Sr09/18/192706/07/1984US Air Force, MSgtN Attleboro, MA4 0 247506/11/1984
Ahearn, John F. Jr02/07/193407/20/1989US Air Force, A1CDorchester, MA8 0 64307/24/1989
Ahern, John Forrest04/27/192810/21/2011SMsgt., USAF, KoreaPlymouth, MA59-57210/25/2011
Ahearn, John H.03/10/193404/21/2002US Air ForcePunta Gorda, FL21-682
Ahern, John J.04/11/194906/02/1994U.S.M.C., CplBridgewater, MA15 0 105706/06/1994
Ahern, John J.11/24/192011/23/1999US Army, PvtBrockton, MA11 0 56511/29/1999
Ahern, Joseph05/05/191302/21/1989USA Air Corps, SSgtWollaston, MA9A 0 103402/24/1989
Ahern, Joseph D.12/10/192912/18/1995US Air Force, TSgtWareham, MA22 0 98812/22/1995
O'Hearn, Joseph J.08/11/191008/01/1986US Army, T5East Falmouth, MA9 147208/05/1986
Ahearn, Joseph P., Jr.04/17/191909/01/1994US Army, TEC4Framingham, MAM/B 0 12509/19/1994
Ahern, Josephine A. (Belanger)02/10/192803/27/2008wid. of William T.Hingham, MA41-369
Ahearn, Leo Paul01/26/193706/29/2009US Navy, KoreaW. Hyannisport, MA47-10507/07/2009
Ahern, Mary A.01/31/192611/30/1990US Air Force, A2CKingston, MA11 0 102412/03/1990
O'Hearn, Mary Theresa06/28/192801/12/2001wife of Francis Michael
Ahern, Michael J.01/22/192501/15/1996US Army, PvtHanover, MA16 0 92001/18/1996
Ahearn, Michael J.12/18/191511/27/2000TEC4, U. S. ArmyEast Bridgewater, MA28-1940
O'Hearn, Michael Walter11/11/195307/23/2010SP4, U. S. Army
Ahearn, Richard N.10/07/192704/18/1983US Army, PFCDexter, ME2 0 114304/22/1983
Ahern, Robert07/20/193901/18/2009Cpl., USMCCambridge, MA45-257501/26/2009
Ahearn, Robert C.06/26/194510/24/2003US Navy, ABE3Sharon, MA36-75410/27/2003
O'Hern, Ronald N.04/15/193412/28/1991Pvt USA CS2 USCG
13 10404/14/1993
Ahern, Teresa08/26/192502/21/1990wife of John J.Brockton, MA11 0 56502/26/1990
O'Hearn, Thelma R. (Wren)06/21/193103/06/2003wife of James W.Somerville, MA19-21703/04/2003
Ahern, Theresa G. (Brundige)04/27/192809/19/2001wife of Hugh FrancisWeymouth, MA25-77509/22/2001
O'Hearn, Theresa M.04/16/192603/27/2008wife of Walter E.
Ahern, Timothy M.12/04/192905/08/1999US Army, CplHanover, MA25 0 33505/19/1999
Ahern, Walter C.08/16/192303/16/1997US Army, TEC 5Yarmouthport, MA22 0 72104/07/1997
O'Hearn, Walter E.12/04/192509/24/1995MOMM2, U. S. NavyBrockton, MAC-A-309/28/1995
Ahern, William T.02/23/192208/07/2006Sgt., USAAF, WWIIBraintree, MA41-36908/08/2006
Ahearn, William V.05/21/192511/09/2000US Navy, RDM3Reading, MA28-174111/13/2000
Ahern, Zita (Cox)09/05/192706/19/2007w. of Walter C.West Yarmouthport, MA22 0 7212007
Hogan, Dorothy F. (Ahern)
08/17/20091st Lt., US Army NurseHyannis, MA
Santullo, Kathryn (Ahearn)
07/09/2009wid. of Sgt. CarmenBoston, MA21-48909/10/2009
Soucie, Eileen M. (Ahern)03/08/193801/28/2000US Navy, Y2West Dennis, MA12 0 152001/31/2000
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Middle Tennessee State Veterans Cemetery Nashville, TN
Ahearn, Thomas M., Jr.03/05/193803/24/1997AB, USAF
MM 18-27
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Mill Springs National Cemetery, Nancy, Kentucky
Ahern, Jerome Francis10/11/189307/15/1969Pvt., WWI Army
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Mountain Home National Cemetery, Johnson City, Tennessee
Ahearn, James J02/28/189308/09/1948US Army, Pvt
O 4 908/11/1948
O'Hearn, John L.12/11/189108/25/1957Pvt., Q'master Corps
Ahern, Walter S06/29/193101/13/2000US Air Force, TSgtKingsport, TNJJ 3 1202/02/2000
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Nashville National Cemetery, South Madison, Tennessee
Ahern, Cornelius R.05/12/192208/09/1978AMM3 U. S. Navy
Ahern, Dorothy01/11/192009/27/1988wife of Cornelius R.
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Natchez National Cemetery, Adams County, Mississippi
O'Hern, Joseph Thomas01/09/192506/15/1969US Army, PFCNatchez, MSD 0 87006/17/1969
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National Memorial Cemetery of Arizona, Phoenix, Maricopa County, Arizona
Ahearn, Arthur C08/06/192001/16/1984US Army, PFCPhoenix, AZ16 0 293101/19/1984
O'Hern, Duane Edward10/10/192611/12/1997S1, U.S.N., WWII
Ahern, George Howard10/15/192302/23/1993MSgt., U.S.A.F.Mesa, AZ18D 0 130003/01/1993
Ahern, James W10/23/191903/13/1995US Navy, LTSun City West, AZ18D 0 291603/17/1995
Ahearn, John Littleton11/30/191406/23/2004Capt., U. S. ArmyPhoenix, AZ51-43606/29/2004
O'Hearn, Linne A.10/26/195510/09/2005wife of T. Michael
Ahern, Mary C.02/01/191903/29/2009wid. of James W.
O'Hearn, Philip E.10/14/193506/02/2006Sp4, U.S. Army
O'Hearon, Pauline B.09/08/193308/13/2002wife of Thomas A.
O'Hearn, Richard Anthony08/30/192705/13/1992S1 USNSilbert, Maricopa, AZ18D 79405/26/1992
Ahearn, Thomas P08/20/191304/21/1987USA Air Corps, PvtPhoenix, AZ23 0 2504/24/1987
O'Hearn, William R.07/27/192506/22/2010Tec 5 US Army, WWII
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National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific, Honolulu, Hawaii
Ahearn, Ellen C.12/10/191108/29/1978SPX3, U. S. Navy
Ahearn, William J.04/28/192304/07/2003Sgt., Army Air Corps
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New Hampshire National Cemetery, Boscawen, New Hampshire
O'Hearn, Edward L.07/08/193212/24/2011A1c, USAF, KoreaWeirs Beach, NH5-K-23512/31/2011
Ahern, Erma T.02/04/192007/06/2008wife of Henry D.Plymouth, NH6T-52607/11/2008
Ahern, William Jarvis04/19/193206/06/2003PV2, U. S. ArmyConcord, NH4G-34406/01/2003
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Ohio Western Reserve National Cemetery, Rittman, OH
O'Herron, Edmund J.12/01/192306/25/2008WT1 USN WWII
Wal30 C-58
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Plattsburg Barracks, Plattsburg, New York
Ahern, Daniel

Pvt., Co. A, 21st Regt. Infantry

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Quantico National Cemetery, Triangle, VA
Ahern, Jerry William10/10/191509/22/1995SFC, U. S. Army
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Raleigh National Cemetery, Raleigh, North Carolina
Aheron, Frank R.09/04/192303/11/19452nd Lt., U. S. Army
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Rhode Island Veteran Memorial Cemetery, Exeter, RI
Ahearn, Helen Elizabeth02/23/191106/08/2003wife of Paul EdwardProvidence, RIG-2-1-26
O'Hearn, Gertrude Rose04/25/192908/18/2006wife of Joseph Maurice, Jr.
Ahearn, John David05/05/191412/03/2005WT1, U.S.N. WWII
O'Hearn, Joseph Maurice, Jr.01/04/192506/22/2007U.S.M.C., U.S.N.R.Warwick, RID-1-3-74
Ahearn, Paul Edward05/11/191207/25/1986AMMC3, U.S.N.Cranston, RIG-2-1-26
Ahearn, Roy E.
05/01/2013U.S.M.C. VietnamMurfeesboro, TN

Ahearn, Thomas C.09/19/191103/04/1989Pvt., U. S. Army
O'Hearn, Thomas Walter07/31/193110/27/2001Cpl. U.S.M.C.
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Riverside National Cemetery, Riverside, CA
O'Hearn, Charles F.04/10/190606/14/1982Pvt. U. S. Army
O'Hearn, Daniel Robert02/07/191809/15/1979Lt. Col., U.S.A.F.
Ahern, Dorothy Carolyn (Hill)10/31/191903/04/2005wid. of Gerald F.Escondido, CA46-2196
O'Hearn, Elizabeth Marie Cole02/24/192103/10/2007wid. of Daniel Robert
O'Hern, Eloise Marie12/13/192210/05/2008wid. of Raymond Robert
Ahern, George F.07/10/189804/01/1989Lt., WWI Navy
Ahern, George Francis07/04/194308/31/2008Sp4, U.S.A, VietnamEvansville, WYBD-A-59
Ahern, Gerald F.07/14/192103/26/1996FTCS, U. S. Navy
O'Hern, J. E.09/24/192205/20/1980GM2, U. S. Navy
O'Herin, James P.06/09/194204/19/1982Pfc, U. S. Army
O'Hearn, John Burton08/12/194403/08/1997ETCM, U. S. Navy
Ahearn, Lawrence J., Jr.02/05/192607/24/1996TSgt., U.S.A.F.
Ahern, Mary Alice03/30/191310/06/1999wid. of George F.
O'Hearn, Mary Jane05/26/191411/28/1989wid. of Paul G.
O'Hearn, Paul Gerard06/19/192204/17/1984PFC, U. S. Army
O'Hern, Raymond Robert04/19/192105/24/1996PFC, U.S.M.C.
Ahern, Robert J.01/25/191705/28/1989Cdr., U. S. Navy
O'Hern, William D., Jr.08/04/194511/13/1996BT3, U. S. Navy
Ahern, William Patrick03/09/192805/11/1987Cpl., U. S. Army
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Rock Island National Cemetery, Moline, Rock Island County, Illinois
Ahern, James J. III01/14/194710/22/2003USAF, A3CAurora, ILX-14110/26/2003
Ahern, Leo H10/12/192207/30/1945Ensign, USN
E 0 3701/11/1949
Ahern, Mary Colleen11/03/197308/10/1974

N 173208/15/1974
O'Hearn, Richard Anthony08/30/192705/13/1992S1, U. S. Navy
Ahern, Terrance Daniel09/11/197909/11/1979

N 173209/14/1979
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Sacramento Valley National Cemetery, Dixon, CA
Ahearn, Daniel Bernard04/13/193108/06/2008A2c USAF Korea
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San Antonio National Cemetery, San Antonio, Bexar County, Texas
Ahern, John
05/02/1883Pvt., U. S. Army
C 0 36705/02/1883
Ahern(s), William
11/21/1889Arti Co F 6 US Cav
D 0 77311/21/1889
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San Francisco National Cemetery, San Francisco, California
O'Hearn, Daniel J
01/02/1931LtJG USNRF
OS A 2 Plot 401/05/1931
Ahearn, Dennis Joseph09/28/192309/25/1981Tech5 US Army
1 C-23407/05/1983
Ohern, Edward P.02/28/187211/15/1945Col., U. S. Army
OS A-55-6
Aherne, Eugene P.
12/04/1939Col., U. S. Army
Ahern, Ira R.
01/25/1988Lt. Col., U.S.A.F.
Ohern, John
06/15/1917Art A 16th US Infantry
Aharen, Mary

NADD Post Pl
Ohern, Mary Gertrude03/16/187411/29/1957wife of Edward P.
OS A-55-6
Ahearn, Muriel05/30/192606/18/1987wife of Dennis Joseph
1 C-23411/15/1993
Ahern, Patrick
06/26/1866H 4 InfOriginally Buried
Yuma, Cal
283 W SI
Aherne, Rose04/02/188110/27/1957wife of Eugene P.
Ahern, William

4th Regt US Inf WW
531 W.SI
Ahern, William F.03/15/191807/26/1987Col., U. S. Army
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San Joaquin Valley National Cemetery, Gustine, Merced County, California
Ahearn, Alice Marie08/25/192401/05/1999wife of Wallace WalterSacramento, CA3 0 114001/07/1999
Ahern, Leland J06/06/192805/25/1996US Navy, SKGSN1Novato, CA10 0 252105/29/1996
O'Hearn, Leonard Thomas05/13/192801/23/1996A2C U.S.A.F.
Ahearn, Wallace Walter07/28/191404/13/20031st Sgt., U. S. Army
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Santa Fe National Cemetery, Santa Fe, New Mexico
Ahern, Alice Nannell03/20/192601/23/2007wife of John B.
Ahern, John B.08/11/191302/07/1981Maj., U. S. Army
O'Herron, John J.01/11/192711/16/2002MSgt, U.S.A.F., Korea, Vietnam
O'Herron, Mary Margaret12/10/193105/31/2004wife of John J.
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Saratoga National Cemetery, Schuylerville, New York
Ahern, Beverly J.04/30/192805/26/2006wife of William T.
Ahearn, Frances G.04/15/190710/16/2011wid. of Joseph M., Jr.
Ahearn, Joseph M., Jr.05/07/191911/05/2003TEC4, U. S. Army
Ahern, Michael John11/23/194812/07/2013U. S. ArmyMechanicville, NY

Ahearn, William C.05/11/194001/07/2012Sp5, US Army
Ahern, William Francis, Jr.08/08/194608/20/2009Sgt., US Army, Vietnam
Ahern, William T.05/21/192506/17/2007TEC4, U. S. Army WWII
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Sitka National Cemetery, Sitka Borough, Alaska
O'Hearn, Michael Andrew

6 104206/07/1979
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Soldiers Home National Cemetery, Washington, DC
Ohearn, James
03/03/1930Pvt., 79th US Coast Artillery Corps,
89th, 128th, 76th US Coast Artillery Corps

Ahearn, Michael
09/12/1862Pvt., Co. G, 9th Mass. InfantryMarlboro, MA587
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South Florida National Cemetery, Lake Worth, Florida
Ahern, John Patrick06/07/193409/06/2010Sn, US Navy, Korea
O'Hearn, Edward Theodore11/01/192302/06/2003Pfc, US Army, WWII
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Southern Nevada National Cemetery, Boulder City, Nevada
O'Hearon, John11/10/193303/30/2009A3c, USAF Korea
O'Hearon, Loie L.11/23/194203/25/2009wife of John
Ahern, Patrick Henry03/04/192705/07/2005SKC, U. S. NavyLas Vegas, NVU-377
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Tahoma National Cemetery, Kent, Washington
O'Hern, Lenard Michael09/16/194809/27/2007Sgt., U. S. A. F., Vietnam
O'Hearn, Patrick Joseph04/23/193212/07/2000Cpl., U. S. Army
Ahern, Richard William12/02/191611/17/2010MSGT., U. S. Army A. F.Seattle, WA28A 342
O'Hearon, Westina E.08/06/191703/19/1997wife of Joseph Brent
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Texas State Veterans Cemetery, Abilene, Texas
O'Hern, Homer Clarence02/15/193510/15/2009Pvt., US Army
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Togus National Cemetery, Togus, Maine
Ahern, Daniel V.
03/15/1959U. S. Army
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U. S. M. A. Post Cemetery, West Point, NY
O'hern, Wayne L.
East Lawn, AZ

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U.S.S. Arizona War Memorial, Oahu Island, Honolulu, Hawaii
Ahern, Richard James
12/07/1941F1c, USNVan Nuys, California
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Vermont Veterans Memorial Cemetery, Montpelier, Vermont
Ahearn, Maurice K.07/20/191505/09/1995Cpl., USAAF, WWII
Ahearn, Ruth E.09/19/192306/03/2004Y2, US Navy, WWII
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Willamette National Cemetery, Portland, Multnomah County, Oregon
Ahern, Donald L.07/14/191303/11/1983US Army, M SgtTillamook, ORC 0 42403/15/1983
Ahern, Donald Patrick08/23/192606/03/2011
Portland, OREE4-166706/09/2011
O'Hearne, Emma Hills11/13/191108/31/1989wife of James Eugene
E 145509/05/1989
Ahern, Floyd Vincent06/20/193502/07/2008GM3, U.S.N., Korea
Ahern, Frank J.07/01/190206/11/1979US Army, SSgt
N 0 182609/14/1979
Ahern, Gladys P.08/26/191704/11/1997wife of Donald L.Tigard, ORC 0 42404/14/1997
Ahearn, Harry10/05/189401/14/1971US Army, SG1CL
R 0 21101/19/1971
O'Hearne, James Eugene01/31/191004/22/19911LT USAPortland, ORE 145504/26/1991
O'Hearn, James L.08/16/191602/08/1983Sgt USA
C 56202/16/1983
O'Hearn, James P.06/13/191406/14/1998WOJG, U. S. ArmyPortland, OR2-153-E
O'Hearne, Michael Allen11/14/194010/25/2002USMCYacolt, WAE 145506/11/2002
Ahern, Orvin Eugene11/30/191604/06/2011Lt., USN Air CorpsPortland, ORC-4-38-A
Ahern, Virginia Elizabeth01/10/191704/26/2005wife of Orvin EugenePortland, ORC-4-38-A
O'Hearn, Willard Ensley05/07/190004/23/1988PFC US Army
O 4905/05/1988
O'Hearn, William Thomas, Jr.02/06/194212/04/1993MM3, U. S. Navy
Busa, Sean Michael [Ahearn]01/23/197104/10/2003US NavyCornelius, OR3-193-C
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William C. Doyle Veterans Cemetery, Wrightstown, New Jersey
O'Hern, Francis J.02/07/191009/10/1989Sgt., Army Air Corps
O'Hern, Frances J.09/17/191904/24/2001widow of Francis J.
Ahern, James Richard05/12/192012/26/2003Sgt., US Army WWII
O'Hearn, Julia M.09/18/193411/10/2009widow of Walter M.
Ahern, Michael J.02/04/193910/07/2002Pfc, US Army
O'Hearn, Thomas, Sr.10/30/192611/09/2010MM3, US Navy WWII
O'Hearn, Walter M.11/22/193005/12/1994A1c, USAF Korea
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Wisconsin Veterans Home, King, WI
O'Hearn, John W.12/05/190005/15/1978Pvt. US Army WWII
S7 R51-14
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Wood National Cemetery, Milwaukee, Milwaukee County, Wisconsin
O'Hern, Harry Joseph
04/04/1930Fireman 3rd USNRF
25 20704/07/1930
O'Hearn, James02/11/189205/17/1948S/Sgt 15 Sup Tn 15 Div
16 85D05/20/1948
O'Herrin, James Michael05/29/191610/03/1989TEC4 USA
G 69710/06/1989
O'Herron, John P12/30/191907/02/1989PFC USMC
4 83709/27/1989
O'Heren, Patrick
05/19/1905Pvt Co D 2 Wis Cav
14 37105/26/1905
O'Hearn, Thomas
06/30/1933Pvt US INF
26 18707/03/1933
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Zachary Taylor National Cemetery, Louisville, Jefferson County, Kentucky
Ahearn, Gerald James
10/05/1944US Army, CplWaukon, IAI 0 25112/06/1950
O'Hearn, Laura V11/09/189510/19/1984wife of Leo J,
D 46710/22/1984
O'Hearn, Leo J02/19/189205/20/1958Pvt Btry C 34 FA 12 Div
D 46605/23/1958
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Confederate Civil War Muster Rolls

The following index was extracted from Civil War muster rolls at the United States National Archives by

Aherns in Confederate Civil War Muster Rolls
O'Hearn (alias Hearne)C37th Texas Cavalry (Terrell's)PrivatePrivate
Ahern, A. P.I8th Alabama InfantrySergeantSergeant
Ahern, C.
Capt. Fenner's Battery, Louisiana Light Art.PrivatePrivate
O'Hern, C.
Camden County, Georgia Militia (Mounted)PrivatePrivate
Ahern, CorneliusC1st Virginia Infantry (Williams Rifles)PrivatePrivate
Ahern, DanielD1st Battalion Virginia Regulars, Irish BattalionPrivatePrivate
Ahern, DanielD1st Battalion Virginia InfantryPrivatePrivate
Ahern, DanielF1st Texas Heavy ArtillerySergeantSergeant
Ahern, DanielO2nd Texas Inf., 1st Texas Inf., Moore's Regiment,
Galveston Regiment, Van Dorn Regiment
A'Hern, DanielFPhillips' Legion, GeorgiaPrivatePrivate
O'Hearn, Daniel (alias A'Hern)FPhillips' Legion, GeorgiaPrivatePrivate
Ahern, Daniel J.
Capt. Green's Co. (Louisiana Guard Batt'y), Louisiana Art.PrivatePrivate
Ahern, DavidFPhillips' Legion, GeorgiaPrivatePrivate
Ahern, David
Capt. Clutter's Co. Virginia Light ArtilleryPrivatePrivate
Ahern, DavidC1st (Nelligan's) Louisiana InfantryPrivatePrivate
Ahearn, DavidD8th Louisiana InfantryPrivatePrivate
Ahern, DavidG21st (Patton's) Louisiana InfantryPrivatePrivate
Ahern, DennisA54th Virginia Militia

Ahern, EdwardA54th Virginia Militia

O'Hearn, F.A1st (Orr's) South Carolina RiflesPrivatePrivate
Ahern, F. (AKA F. J.)ACobb's Legion, GeorgiaPrivatePrivate
Ahern, F. J.ACobb's Legion, GeorgiaPrivatePrivate
Ahern, F. L.ACobb's Legion, GeorgiaPrivatePrivate
O'Hearn, Francis "Frank"F21st (Patton's) Louisiana InfantryPrivatePrivate
Ahern, FrankACobb's Legion, GeorgiaPrivatePrivate
O'Hearne, GarrettA10th Tennessee InfantryPrivatePrivate
Ahern, HolmesA4th Battalion Virginia Inf., Local Defense (Naval Battalion)PrivatePrivate
Ahern, IvanB3rd Alabama Volunteer MilitiaPrivatePrivate
O'Hern, J.F3rd (Palmetto) Battalion South Carolina Light ArtilleryPrivatePrivate
O'Herron, J.ABrooks' Battalion, Confederate Regular InfantryPrivatePrivate
Ahern, JamesB3rd Alabama Volunteer MilitiaPrivatePrivate
O'Hearn, JamesA25th Georgia InfantryPrivatePrivate
O'Herrin, JamesG3rd North Carolina InfantryPrivatePrivate
Ahern, James J.E2nd Battalion North Carolina Local Defence TroopsSergeantLieutenant
Ahern, JeremiahA1st Virginia State Reserves (2d Class Militia)PrivatePrivate
Ahearn, JerryG13th North Carolina InfantryPrivatePrivate
Ahern, J. [John]C1st Louisiana Heavy Artillery (Regulars)PrivatePrivate
Ahern, John
1st (Nelligan's) Louisiana Infantry

O'Hearn, JohnA9th Confederate InfantryPrivatePrivate
Ohearn, JohnA15th Texas InfantryPrivatePrivate
O'Hearn, JohnE17th Louisiana InfantryPrivatePrivate
O'Hern, John
Moody's Co. (Madison Light Art'y.), Louisiana ArtilleryPrivatePrivate
O'Hern, JohnG2nd (Walker's) Tennessee InfantryPrivatePrivate
O'Heron, John
10th Tennessee InfantryPrivatePrivate
Oherron, JohnBJesse's Battalion, Kentucky Mounted RiflemenPrivatePrivate
Ahern, John A.C1st (Nelligan's) Louisiana InfantryPrivateSergeant
O'Hearn, John C.F27th Georgia InfantryPrivatePrivate
Ahern, JohnA1st Virginia State Reserves (2d Class Militia)LieutenantLieutenant
Ahern, JohnD21st Alabama InfantryPrivatePrivate
Ohearn, John I.A9th Confederate InfantryPrivatePrivate
O'Hern, Joshua D.D11th Florida Infantry1st Lieut.2nd Lieut.
O'Hearn, L. J.H46th Georgia InfantryPrivatePrivate
O'Hearn, M.A4th South Carolina State TroopsPrivatePrivate
O'Hern, M.Q8th Battalion, Louisiana Heavy ArtilleryPrivatePrivate
Ahern, MichaelA3rd Regiment, 1st Brigade, 1st Division, Louisiana MilitiaPrivatePrivate
Herron (Ahern), MichaelB7th Louisiana InfantryPrivatePrivate
O'Haran, MichaelE,I17th Louisiana InfantryPrivatePrivate
Ohearn, MichaelB2nd Battalion Florida InfantryPrivatePrivate
O'Hern, MichaelA32nd Battalion, Virginia CavalryPrivatePrivate
O'Heron, MichaelD5th Battalion, Alabama Infantry VolunteersPrivatePrivate
Ohearn, MichaelD18th (Marmaduke's) Arkansas InfantryPrivatePrivate
O'Hearn, MichaelA32nd Battalion, Virginia CavalryPrivatePrivate
Ahern, Mike
Lieut. Flynn's Company Sappers and Miners, C. S. A.PrivatePrivate
Ahern, MikeB10th Louisiana InfantryPrivatePrivate
O'Hearon, MikeD5th Battalion, Alabama Infantry VolunteersPrivatePrivate
Ahearn, NickB10th Louisiana InfantryPrivatePrivate
Ahern, P. [Patrick*]I8th Alabama InfantrySergeantSergeant
Ahearn, P.GTimmons' Regiment, Texas InfantryPrivatePrivate
Ahern, PatrickA1st Virginia State Reserves (2d Class Militia)PrivateCorporal
Ahern, PatrickG8th Alabama InfantryPrivatePrivate
Ahearn, PatrickG9th (Nichols') Texas Infantry, 5th Texas InfantryPrivatePrivate
Ahearn, PatrickA13th Arkansas InfantryPrivatePrivate
Oherrin (Ohearn), PatA15th Texas InfantryPrivatePrivate
O'Hearn, Patrick
Key's Battery, Arkansas Light ArtilleryPrivatePrivate
Ahearn, PatrickAWaul's Texas Legion (Infantry, Cavalry, & Artillery)CorporalPrivate
O'Harron, R. J.
Camp of Instruction, Talladega, Alabama

Ahern, ThomasB2nd Arkansas InfantryPrivatePrivate
Ahern, ThomasD8th Louisiana InfantryPrivatePrivate
O'Herron, TimF21st Tennessee InfantryPrivatePrivate
Ahern, W. J.HConfederate Guards Regiment, Louisiana MilitiaPrivatePrivate
Ahern, WilliamJ1st Local Troops, Georgia Infantry (Augusta, Ga.)PrivatePrivate
Ahern, WilliamE9th Battalion Georgia InfantryPrivatePrivate
Ahern, WilliamH37th Georgia InfantryPrivatePrivate
O'Hern, WilliamCInfantry School of Practice, CSAPrivatePrivate
O'Hern, WilliamG2nd (Walker's) Tennessee InfantryPrivatePrivate
O'Hern, WilliamB3rd Battalion, Texas Cavalry (Mounted Rifles)PrivatePrivate
Ahern, William C.
Capt. Green's Co., (Louisiana Guard Batt'y), Louisiana Art.PrivatePrivate
O'Herron, William F.D24th Virginia CavalryPrivatePrivate
Ahern, William J.D3rd Virginia Infantry, Local DefensePrivatePrivate
[*Ahern (Aherne) Patrick, 5-20-61, Mobile, Ala., Clerk. 3rd Sgt. Born in Ireland. Age 27. Single. WIA (severely)/POW at Seven Pines 6-1-62. Exchanged from Fort Monroe 8-31-62. Disharged 3- 21-63.]

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WWI Civilian Draft Registrations

The following index was extracted from the WW I Civilian Draft Registration Database on Rootsweb.

NameBirthBirth Site or Other InfoCity/CountyStateDist.
Ahearn, Albert John 16 Jun 1896 Gress Valley CA Nevada CA   
Ahern, Andrew 5 Apr 1888 Mac Roon Ireland Denver CO # 9 
Ahern, Arthur 10 Jul 1899   NYC (Manhattan) NY # 131 
Ahern, Arthur 6 Jan 1894 New York City NY NYC (Manhattan) NY # 149 
Ahern, Arthur A. 14 Oct 1888 Brooklyn NY NYC (Brooklyn) NY # 45 
Ahearn, Arthur Bradstreet 27 Aug 1900   Portage OH   
Ahern, Arthur John 8 Jul 1882   Chaffee CO   
Ahearn, Augustus Joseph 10 Nov 1879   NYC (Brooklyn) NY # 57 
Ahearn, Charles 6 Sep 1880   NYC (Brooklyn) NY # 57 
Ahern, Charles 18 Jan 1892 New York City NY NYC (Manhattan) NY # 89 
Ahern, Charles 4 Nov 1887 New York City NY NYC (Manhattan) NY # 141 
Ahern, Charles 5 Mar 1895 born & lives Brooklyn NY NYC (Queens) NY # 179 
Ahearn, Charles Andrew 19 Nov 1890 New York City NY NYC (Brooklyn) NY # 48 
Ahearn, Charles Dominic 16 Feb 1894 Brooklyn NY NYC (Manhattan) NY # 137 
Ahearn, Charles Eugene 5 Apr 1886 relat. lives Wallingford CT NYC (Manhattan) NY # 158 
Ahern, Charles F. 7 Mar 1890 New York NY NYC (Bronx) NY # 12 
Ahern, Charles Henry 8 Aug 1895 Jr. ; b. Baltimore MD Baltimore City MD # 2 
Ahern, Charles Henry 8 Aug 1895 [card filed in Abr section] Baltimore City MD # 2 
Ahearn, Charles J. 25 Feb 1880   NYC (Queens) NY # 174 
Ahern, Charles Joseph 15 Sep 1881   NYC (Brooklyn) NY # 47 
Ahern, Charles Patrick 1 Nov 1880   Windsor VT   
Ahern, Charles Robert 25 Jan 1881   Lewis WA   
Ahearn, Clarence B. 2 Dec 1894 Grass Valley CA NYC (Manhattan) NY # 105 
Ahern, Clarence G. 4 Mar 1898 relative lives Pontiac IL San Francisco CA # 1 
Ahern, Clarence Jerry 20 Aug 1890 Eureka NV Esmeralda NV   
O'Hern, Con James 13 Jul 1883 relat. lives Caledonia MN Beadle SD   
Ahearn, Cornelius 14 Dec 1886 Kinseter Ireland NYC (Manhattan) NY # 105 
Ahearn, Cornelius 23 Dec 1872   NYC (Manhattan) NY # 94 
Ahern, Cornelius 17 Sep 1887 Cork Ireland NYC (Queens) NY # 171 
Ahern, Cornelius Frances 13 Jan 1876   NYC (Manhattan) NY # 124 
Ahern, Cornelius Francis 10 Jan 1890 New York City NY NYC (Manhattan) NY # 127 
Ahearn, Cornelius J. 24 Feb 1890 New York City NY NYC (Brooklyn) NY # 43 
Ahearn, Cornelius J. 27 Mar 1896 New York NY NYC (Manhattan) NY # 101 
Ahern, Cornelius Joseph 5 Nov 1880 naturalized Irish emigrant NYC (Brooklyn) NY # 49 
Ahearn, Daniel 12 Jul 1876 naturalized citizen Nassau NY # 1 
Ahearn, Daniel 18 Mar 1881 naturalized citizen NYC (Manhattan) NY # 148 
Ahearn, Daniel 21 Apr 1890 Ardeagh Limerick Ireland NYC (Manhattan) NY # 145 
Ahearn, Daniel 29 Aug 1883   NYC (Manhattan) NY # 133 
Ahern, Daniel 9 Jul 1878 naturalized citizen NYC (Brooklyn) NY # 49 
Ahern, Daniel 17 Mar 1873 patient in Otisville NY NYC (Manhattan) NY # 138 
Ahern, Daniel 14 Aug 1886 Bayonne NJ NYC (Queens) NY # 174 
Ahern, Daniel 15 Oct 1889 Kilbrittain Co. Cork Ireland King WA # 1 
Aherne, Daniel 1 Nov 1877 naturalized citizen NYC (Queens) NY # 175 
Ahearn, Daniel Francis 17 Oct 1898   NYC (Manhattan) NY # 154 
Ahern, Daniel J. 19 Mar 1889 Brooklyn NY NYC (Brooklyn) NY # 23 
Ahern, Daniel James 15 Dec 1893 born & lives Brooklyn NY NYC (Queens) NY # 179 
Ahern, Daniel Jensen 21 Jan 1895 Salt Lake City UT Salt Lake City UT # 1 
Ahern, Daniel Richard 1 Aug 1897 Brooklyn NY NYC (Brooklyn) NY # 49 
Ahern, Daniel Richard 1 Aug 1897 dad b. Co. Cork Ireland NYC (Brooklyn) NY # 49 
Ahearn, Daniel Russel 31 Dec 1898   Fulton IL # 2 
Ahern, Dave 2 Dec 1877   Harrison MS   
Ahearn, David 28 Jun 1873 citizen of Ireland NYC (Manhattan) NY # 152 
Ahern, David 9 Apr 1885 naturalized citizen NYC (Manhattan) NY # 150 
Ahern, David Mar 1878 relat. lives Co. Cork Ireland NYC (Manhattan) NY # 89 
Ahearn, David Christopher 4 Nov 1879 naturalized citizen NYC (Manhattan) NY # 124 
Ahern, David H. 31 Oct 1884 Fond Du Lac WI Fond du Lac WI # 1 
Ahern, David Joseph 10 Jan 1885   Washington DC # 1 
Aherne, David Thomas 3 Aug 1886 Abington MA Strafford NH   
Ahearn, Denis Bernhard 28 Mar 1881 rel. lives Fitchburg MA NYC (Manhattan) NY # 96 
Ahearn, Denis Francis 2 May 1878 naturalized citizen NYC (Brooklyn) NY # 66 
Ahearn, Denis John 12 Jun 1878 citizen of Ireland NYC (Manhattan) NY # 100 
Ahearn, Dennis abt 1873 citizen of Ireland NYC (Manhattan) NY # 101 
Ahearn, Dennis J. 12 Mar 1896 New York City NY NYC (Bronx) NY # 1 
Ahern, Earl R. 9 Oct 1893 West Amwell Twp. NJ Hunterdon NJ   
Ahearn, Edmund 21 Sep 1879 citizen of Ireland NYC (Manhattan) NY # 89 
Aherne, Edmund Joseph 20 Jan 1896 New York NY NYC (Manhattan) NY # 123 
Ahearn, Eduard Joseph 22 Jan 1890 New York City NY NYC (Queens) NY # 176 
Ahearn, Edward 21 Feb 1887 New York City NY NYC (Manhattan) NY # 101 
Ahern, Edward 20 Nov 1880   Elmira NY   
Ahern, Edward Charles 11 Mar 1881   Seattle WA # 2 
Ahern, Edward Frances 29 Jul 1877   Fond du Lac WI # 1 
Ahearn, Edward Francis 7 Jul 1895 New York NY NYC (Brooklyn) NY # 77 
Ahearn, Edward J. 17 Jun 1891 New York City NY NYC (Manhattan) NY # 97 
Ahearn, Edward Joseph 28 Mar 1884   NYC (Bronx) NY # 16 
Ahearn, Edward Leo 16 May 1877   NYC (Bronx) NY # 8 
Ahern, Edward Thomas 5 Apr 1896 Cleveland OH Cleveland OH # 1 
Ahearn, Edward William 7 Sep 1875   NYC (Manhattan) NY # 153 
Ahern, Edwin Charles 4 Jan 1886   Bellingham WA   
Ahearn, Eugene 4 Nov 1898 New York City NY NYC (Brooklyn) NY # 30 
Ahern, Eugene 1877   Harrison MS   
Ahern, Eugene Arthur 22 Nov 1883   Twin Falls ID   
Ahern, Eugene Francis 1 Jun 1894 Mallow Cork Ireland NYC (Manhattan) NY # 134 
Ahern, Eugene Joseph 17 Sep 1890 Philadelphia PA NYC (Manhattan) NY # 115 
Ahern, Eugene Martin 17 Sep 1895 Blackbird DE Wilmington DE # 3 
Ahearn, Everett John 20 Apr 1896 Lowell MA NYC (Brooklyn) NY # 65 
Ahern, Floyd C. 31 May 1895 Westchester VA Mercer NJ   
Ahern, Francies Borgia 1 Sep 1879   NYC (Bronx) NY # 21 
Ahern, Francis James 6 Jan 1890 Barre VT Washington VT   
Ahearn, Francis Joseph 19 Apr 1893 New York NY NYC (Brooklyn) NY # 77 
Ahern, Francis Xavier 2 Nov 1880 relative lives Brooklyn NY Suffolk NY # 1 
Ahearn, Frank 7 Jun 1889 Ellisville IL Fulton IL # 2 
Ahearn, Frank Aloysius 29 Nov 1897   NYC (Manhattan) NY # 150 
Ahern, Frank Arthur 8 Nov 1895   Tolland CT   
Ahearn, Frank J. 20 Jun 1888 New York City NY NYC (Staten Island NY # 187 
Ahern, Frank J. 22 Oct 1893 Cleveland OH Cleveland OH # 1 
Ahern, Frank James 6 Oct 1899   NYC (Bronx) NY # 15 
Ahern, Frank L. 28 Oct 1890 Somerville MA NYC (Brooklyn) NY # 67 
Ahern, Frank Thomas 15 Oct 1871   NYC (Manhattan) NY # 153 
Ahearn, Frank Xavier 18 Feb 1886   NYC (Brooklyn) NY # 48 
Ahern, Fred Michael 6 Nov 1884   NYC (Brooklyn) NY # 44 
Ahern, Frederick James 4 Oct 1877   Cranston RI   
Ahearn, Garry J. 11 Nov 1886 Saratoga Springs NY NYC (Manhattan) NY # 131 
Ahearn, George 20 Feb 1893 Little Falls NY NYC (Manhattan) NY # 159 
Ahearn, George 24 Jun 1900 citizen of Ireland NYC (Manhattan) NY # 105 
Ahern, George 2 May 1880   Harrison MS   
Ahern, George 7 Feb 1887   NYC (Manhattan) NY # 166 
Ahern, George Charles 25 Aug 1894 Blissfull NY NYC (Brooklyn) NY # 55 
Ahern, George Francis 25 Feb 1874   NYC (Manhattan) NY # 100 
Ahern, George Fred 9 Sep 1884   Seattle WA # 6 
Ahearn, George J. 22 Oct 1896 he & dad b.New York City NY NYC (Brooklyn) NY # 57 
Ahearn, George Joseph 8 Oct 1899 works in Bridgeport CT NYC (Staten Island NY # 187 
Ahern, George Richard 21 Oct 1896 Chicago IL Brown SD   
Ahern, George Richard 21 Oct 1896 dad b. Boston MA Brown SD   
Ahern, George S. 10 Jul 1892 Brooklyn NY NYC (Brooklyn) NY # 65 
Ahern, George Washington 4 Jun 1877   NYC (Queens) NY # 174 
Ahern, Godfrey J. 3 Jul 1893 New York NY NYC (Manhattan) NY # 164 
Ahern, Harold Clark 8 Apr 1896 Lyndonville VT Caledonia VT   
Ahearn, Harold Raymond 4 Apr 1897 he & dad b. Union IL Fulton IL # 2 
Ahearn, Harry Austin 3 Sep 1878   NYC (Manhattan) NY # 147 
Ahern, Harry Francis 17 Nov 1880   NYC (Manhattan) NY # 106 
Ahern, Harry Holloway 25 Aug 1883   Nassau NY # 3 
Ahern, Harry William 7 May 1873 birth date uncertain NYC (Long Island) NY # 181 
Ahern, Henry Alfred 8 Aug 1896 Brooklyn NY NYC (Brooklyn) NY # 77 
Ahern, Henry Alfred 8 Aug 1896 dad b. New York City NY NYC (Brooklyn) NY # 77 
Ahearn, Henry Joseph 18 Sep 1892 Brooklyn NY NYC (Brooklyn) NY # 46 
Ahern, Henry Parvis 8 Feb 1880   New Castle DE   
Ahearn, Henry Vincent 25 Jun 1873   Portage OH   
Ahern, Herman Stephen 10 May 1890 Mars Hill ME Mason WA   
Ahearn, Hubert Francis 22 Dec 1893 New York City NY NYC (Bronx) NY # 18 
Ahern, Hugh 22 Jul 1894 Edwards MS New Orleans LA # 1 
Ahern, Hugh V. 30 Dec 1888 New York City NY NYC (Manhattan) NY # 147 
Ahearn, Jake 25 Aug 1893 New York NY NYC (Manhattan) NY # 119 
Ahearn, James 5 Jul 1877   Teller CO   
Ahearn, James 10 Jan 1882   Fulton IL # 2 
Ahearn, James 12 May 1875 works Port Newark NJ NYC (Brooklyn) NY # 44 
Ahearn, James 30 May 1896 Brooklyn NY NYC (Manhattan) NY # 142 
Ahern, James 12 Jul 1882 rel. lives Mullargh Clare Irel. NYC (Manhattan) NY # 111 
Ahern, James 12 Jun 1884 naturalized citizen NYC (Manhattan) NY # 125 
Ahern, James 12 Mar 1876 citizen of Ireland NYC (Manhattan) NY # 131 
Ahern, James 14 Nov 1889 New Castle Limerick Ireland NYC (Manhattan) NY # 166 
Ahern, James 23 Jan 1886 citizen of Ireland NYC (Manhattan) NY # 105 
Ahern, James 8 Feb 1881   NYC (Manhattan) NY # 148 
Ahern, James A. 18 Aug 1882   Philadelphia PA # 13 
Ahern, James E. 4 Aug 1895 New York NY NYC (Brooklyn) NY # 40 
Ahern, James Edward 1 Jun 1889 Keansbury NJ NYC (Bronx) NY # 15 
Ahearn, James Edward 7 Dec 1882 relative lives Leads MA Windsor VT   
Ahearn, James Eugene 7 Oct 1888 Grenough W. Australia Seattle WA # 6 
Ahearn, James Francis 11 Oct 1877   NYC (Bronx) NY # 15 
Aherne, James Frances 24 Jul 1876 citizen of Britain NYC (Manhattan) NY # 116 
Ahearn, James George 31 Mar 1889 New York NY NYC (Manhattan) NY # 153 
Ahearn, James J. 31 Jan 1893 New York NY NYC (Brooklyn) NY # 29 
Ahearn, James J. 25 Mar 1891 New York NY NYC (Manhattan) NY # 153 
Ahearn, James Joseph 23 Feb 1880   NYC (Brooklyn) NY # 54 
Ahearn, James Joseph 12 Oct 1876   NYC (Manhattan) NY # 149 
Ahearn, James Joseph 27 Feb 1899   NYC (Manhattan) NY # 101 
Ahern, James Joseph 31 Jul 1880   NYC (Brooklyn) NY # 49 
Ahern, James Joseph 6 Oct 1888 Manhattan NY NYC (Brooklyn) NY # 38 
Ahern, James Joseph 12 Jul 1883   Salt Lake City UT # 1 
Ahern, James Joseph 2 Jan 1876   Seattle WA # 11 
Ahern, James L. 27 Sep 1891 Logansport IN Seattle WA # 7 
Ahern, James M. 14 Sep 1887 Brooklyn NY NYC (Brooklyn) NY # 64 
Ahearn, James Raymond 3 Jan 1882   NYC (Bronx) NY # 8 
Ahern, James Ross 28 Nov 1872   NYC (Manhattan) NY # 127 
Ahearn, James Thomas 7 Apr 1900   NYC (Bronx) NY # 18 
Ahearn, James William 17 Sep 1886 New York NY NYC (Brooklyn) NY # 42 
Ahearn, James William 29 Sep 1883   NYC (Brooklyn) NY # 44 
Ahern, Jeremiah 27 May 1889 Co. Cork Ireland NYC (Manhattan) NY # 127 
Ahern, Jeremiah Francis 8 Nov 1875 rel. lives in New York City NY Seattle WA # 5 
Ahern, Jeremiah Joseph 1 Apr 1874 [card filed in Abe section] New Britain CT # 1 
Ahern, Jeremiah Joseph 13 Dec 1892 Listoner Co. Kerry Ireland NYC (Manhattan) NY # 155 
Ahern, Jeremiah L. 7 Oct 1887 Brooklyn NY NYC (Brooklyn) NY # 58 
Ahearn, Jerry 31 Aug 1891 New York NYC (Manhattan) NY # 99 
Ahern, Jerry 11 Apr 1885 relative lives Co. Cork Irelant Deschutes OR   
Ahearn, Jerry J. 5 Aug 1887 he & dad b. Kinsale Cork Ire NYC (Manhattan) NY # 105 
Ahearn, John 23 Jul 1892 New York NY NYC (Manhattan) NY # 145 
Ahearn, John 24 May 1873 naturalized citizen Bennington VT   
Ahern, John 18 Dec 1888 Melville MT Meagher MT   
Ahern, John 10 Jul 1883   Elmira NY   
Ahern, John 20 May 1874 naturalized citizen NYC (Bronx) NY # 7 
Ahern, John 26 Apr 1878 naturalized citizen NYC (Bronx) NY # 10 
Ahern, John 11 Dec 1889 Kenturk Co. Cork Ireland NYC (Manhattan) NY # 119 
Ahern, John 11 Feb 1876 citizen of Ireland NYC (Manhattan) NY # 164 
Ahern, John 2 Aug 1889 Kinsale Cork Ireland NYC (Manhattan) NY # 105 
Ahern, John 5 Nov 1884 naturalized citizen NYC (Manhattan) NY # 123 
Ahern, John 6 Aug 1896 New York NY NYC (Manhattan) NY # 89 
Ahern, John 9 Feb 1890 Listo__ Co. Kerry Ireland NYC (Manhattan) NY # 155 
Ahern, John 22 Dec 1885 mom lives in Manchester NH Bellingham WA   
Aherne, John 27 Nov 1890 Co. Cork Ireland NYC (Manhattan) NY # 105 
Ahearn, John Alexis 13 Feb 1889 Brooklyn NY NYC (Brooklyn) NY # 65 
Ahern, John Aloysius 11 Feb 1876   NYC (Manhattan) NY # 147 
Ahearne, John Aloysius Francis 22 May 1893 Carlow Ireland NYC (Manhattan) NY # 136 
Aherne, John Arthur 22 Mar 1885 naturalized citizen NYC (Manhattan) NY # 138 
Ahern, John Barry 10 Oct 1893 Kilbrittain Cork Ireland NYC (Manhattan) NY # 106 
Ahern, John Charles 14 Nov 1875 works in Edgewater NJ NYC (Bronx) NY # 3 
Ahern, John Cornelius 13 Mar 1887 Limerick Ireland NYC (Brooklyn) NY # 66 
Ahern, John Daniel 5 Apr 1885 mom lives Cork Ireland Denver CO # 9 
Ahearn, John Dennis 31 Mar 1886 works in Hoboken NJ NYC (Bronx) NY # 19 
Ahearn, John Edgar 20 Nov 1876   NYC (Brooklyn) NY # 77 
Ahearn, John Edward 11 Jul 1889 Castleisland Ireland NYC (Brooklyn) NY # 27 
Ahearn, John Edward 23 Jun 1873 naturalized citizen NYC (Brooklyn) NY # 82 
Ahern, John Edward 27 Apr 1900   NYC (Manhattan) NY # 167 
Ahearn, John F. 28 May 1887 Watertown MA NYC (Brooklyn) NY # 55 
Ahearn, John F. 17 Mar 1881 citizen of Ireland NYC (Manhattan) NY # 95 
Ahern, John F. 17 Aug 1886 New York NY NYC (Manhattan) NY # 146 
Ahearn, John Frances 27 Aug 1873   NYC (Bronx) NY # 3 
Ahearn, John Francis 11 Jul 1894 Brooklyn NY NYC (Brooklyn) NY # 71 
Ahearn, John Francis 2 Jan 1899   NYC (Brooklyn) NY # 29 
Ahearn, John Francis 20 Oct 1877   NYC (Brooklyn) NY # 71 
Ahearn, John Francis 6 Apr 1881 works Grantwood NJ NYC (Manhattan) NY # 135 
Ahern, John Francis 25 Apr 1878   Jacksonville FL # 3 
Ahern, John Francis 10 Feb 1897 he & dad b. Lambertoille NJ Hunterdon NJ   
Ahern, John Francis 17 Dec 1879   NYC (Brooklyn) NY # 61 
Ahern, John Francis 26 Nov 1876   NYC (Brooklyn) NY # 45 
Ahern, John Francis 13 Jun 1873   NYC (Manhattan) NY # 100 
Ahern, John Francis 4 Nov 1899   NYC (Manhattan) NY # 131 
Ahearn, John J. 1 Mar 1891 New York NY NYC (Bronx) NY # 16 
Ahearn, John J. 7 Nov 1895 New York NY NYC (Bronx) NY # 15 
Ahearn, John J. 7 Nov 1895 [card filed in Amt section] NYC (Bronx) NY # 15 
Ahearn, John J. 16 Oct 1889 Brooklyn NY NYC (Brooklyn) NY # 39 
Ahearn, John J. 24 Aug 1893 Brooklyn NY NYC (Brooklyn) NY # 65 
Ahern, John J. 6 May 1888 New York NY NYC (Brooklyn) NY # 58 
Ahern, John J. 30 Nov 1894 Cranston RI Cranston RI   
Ahearn, John James 18 Mar 1888 Brooklyn NY NYC (Brooklyn) NY # 49 
Ahern, John James 25 May 1876   NYC (Queens) NY # 184 
Ahearn, John Joseph 2 Apr 1895 Marysville CA Yuba CA   
Ahearn, John Joseph 29 Mar 1900 lives in Sunderland MA Amherst MA   
Ahearn, John Joseph 16 Nov 1883 relative lives Stamford CT NYC (Bronx) NY # 14 
Ahearn, John Joseph 14 May 1899   NYC (Brooklyn) NY # 38 
Ahearn, John Joseph 16 Jan 1875   NYC (Long Island) NY # 181 
Ahearn, John Joseph 14 Nov 1879   NYC (Manhattan) NY # 137 
Ahearn, John Joseph 15 Jun 1878 naturalized citizen NYC (Manhattan) NY # 135 
Ahearn, John Joseph 29 Nov 1884   NYC (Manhattan) NY # 105 
Ahearn, John Joseph 5 Jan 1881   NYC (Manhattan) NY # 101 
Ahearn, John Joseph 23 Jun 1881 naturalized citizen NYC (Queens) NY # 178 
Ahearn, John Joseph 5 Sep 1884   NYC (Queens) NY # 174 
Ahern, John Joseph 10 Sep 1876   Duval FL   
Ahern, John Joseph 31 May 1880 sister lives Muskogee OK Forrest MS   
Ahern, John Joseph 21 Sep 1895 New York NY NYC (Bronx) NY # 12 
Ahern, John Joseph 14 Jul 1883   NYC (Brooklyn) NY # 68 
Ahern, John Joseph 4 Jul 1884   NYC (Brooklyn) NY # 58 
Ahern, John Joseph 1 Sep 1880   NYC (Manhattan) NY # 139 
Ahern, John Joseph 5 Jan 1889 rel. lives Cappacurra Ireland NYC (Manhattan) NY # 110 
Ahern, John Joseph 9 Mar 1884 naturalized citizen NYC (Manhattan) NY # 146 
Ahern, John Joseph 1 Jun 1883   Cranston RI   
Ahern, John Joseph 4 Dec 1885 dad b. Dublin Ireland Washakie WY   
Ahern, John Joseph 4 Dec 1885 lives in Neiber WY Washakie WY   
Ahern, John Joseph 4 Dec 1885 Sioux City IA Washakie WY   
Ahearn, John Laurence 1 Jul 1884   NYC (Bronx) NY # 4 
Ahearn, John Lawrence 10 Feb 1875   NYC (Brooklyn) NY # 58 
Ahern, John Leo 19 Apr 1896 Brooklyn NY NYC (Brooklyn) NY # 49 
Ahearn, John Manning Sep 1878   NYC (Manhattan) NY # 144 
Ahern, John McHugh 18 May 1896 Cresco IA Clark NV   
Aherne, John Michael 29 Dec 1885 naturalized citizen NYC (Bronx) NY # 16 
Ahearn, John Patrick 31 Dec 1872 aunt lives Brooklyn NY Stamford CT   
Ahearn, John Patrick 17 Mar 1883   NYC (Queens) NY # 179 
Ahern, John R. Nov 1896 he & dad b. Summer NJ NYC (Brooklyn) NY # 58 
Ahern, John R. 24 May 1897 New York City NY NYC (Manhattan) NY # 127 
Ahearn, John Raymond 25 May 1886   NYC (Bronx) NY # 2 
Ahearn, John Richard 7 Sep 1893 b. Norwich CT; Irish ancestry Amherst MA   
Ahearn, John Robert 22 Mar 1882   Amherst MA   
Ahern, John W. 5 Dec 1874   NYC (Manhattan) NY # 148 
Ahern, John Walter 29 Jul 1885   Lake CO   
Ahearn, Joseph 28 Aug 1892 New York City NY NYC (Manhattan) NY # 128 
Ahern, Joseph 2 Jan 1896 N. Cambridge MA NYC (Bronx) NY # 20 
Ahearn, Joseph Aloysious 22 Sep 1897   NYC (Bronx) NY # 14 
Ahearn, Joseph Cameron 18 Aug 1895 New York NY NYC (Bronx) NY # 16 
Ahern, Joseph Christopher 6 Jan 1880   NYC (Bronx) NY # 5 
Ahearn, Joseph Edward 6 Mar 1894 New York NY NYC (Manhattan) NY # 138 
Ahearn, Joseph Francis 8 Jul 1873   NYC (Bronx) NY # 5 
Ahearn, Joseph J. 3 Apr 1892 New York NY NYC (Manhattan) NY # 97 
Ahearn, Joseph John 19 Mar 1875   NYC (Bronx) NY # 4 
Ahern, Joseph Patrick 3 May 1879   NYC (Manhattan) NY # 141 
Ahearn, Joseph V. 10 Jan 1897 he & dad b. New York NY NYC (Brooklyn) NY # 53 
Ahearn, Joseph William 1 Mar 1893 New York City NY NYC (Manhattan) NY # 146 
Ahern, Joseph William 25 Sep 1889 Denver CO Denver CO # 9 
Ahern, Lawrence 15 Feb 1880 brother lives Cork Ireland Washoe NV   
Aherne, Lawrence 9 Jul 1887 Co. Cork Ireland NYC (Queens) NY # 179 
Ahern, Lawrence Jerome 28 Dec 1889 Baltimore MD NYC (Manhattan) NY # 129 
Ahearn, Leo John 27 Sep 1890 New York NY NYC (Bronx) NY # 16 
Ahern, Leo Joseph 10 Mar 1894 Baltimore MD Baltimore City MD # 1 
Ahern, Leo Joseph 25 Oct 1895 Princeton MN Chelan WA   
Ahern, Marten Joseph 12 Jul 1886 Charleville Co. Cork Ireland Chittenden VT   
Ahern, Martin 8 Nov 1891 New York NY NYC (Manhattan) NY # 111 
Ahern, Martin J. 9 Aug 1889 Brooklyn NY NYC (Brooklyn) NY # 58 
Ahearn, Maurice 27 Jan 1890 New Haven CT NYC (Bronx) NY # 5 
Ahearn, Maurice 1 Apr 1888 Limrock Ireland NYC (Manhattan) NY # 145 
Ahearn, Maurice 17 Mar 1879 citizen of Ireland NYC (Manhattan) NY # 105 
Ahern, Maurice 2 Mar 1888 New York NY NYC (Manhattan) NY # 89 
Ahearn, Maurice Bernard 4 Aug 1882   NYC (Manhattan) NY # 101 
Ahearn, Maurice Joseph 8 May 1889 Co. Waterford Ireland NYC (Bronx) NY # 13 
Ahearn, Maurice Joseph 1 Jun 1885   NYC (Brooklyn) NY # 71 
Ahern, Maurice L. 30 May 1892 New York NY NYC (Manhattan) NY # 145 
Ahern, Maurice William 10 Dec 1877   Spokane Co. WA   
Ahearn, Michael 16 May 1886 naturalized citizen NYC (Bronx) NY # 9 
Ahearn, Michael 14 Nov 1880 citizen of England NYC (Manhattan) NY # 97 
Ahearn, Michael 25 Dec 1873 Ireland NYC (Manhattan) NY # 116 
Ahearn, Michael Oct 1875 bro. lives Queenstown Irelan NYC (Manhattan) NY # 89 
Ahern, Michael 18 May 1877   Vanderburgh IN   
Ahern, Michael 28 Sep 1875 naturalized citizen NYC (Manhattan) NY # 138 
Aherne, Michael 24 Aug 1879 citizen of Great Britain NYC (Brooklyn) NY # 63 
Ahern, Michael Aloysius 15 Nov 1878   NYC (Manhattan) NY # 89 
Ahearn, Michael E. 18 Jun 1879   NYC (Manhattan) NY # 124 
Ahearn, Michael F. 20 Apr 1892 Brooklyn NY NYC (Brooklyn) NY # 37 
Ahearn, Michael Francis 20 Nov 1881   NYC (Brooklyn) NY # 39 
Ahearn, Michael Francis 23 Apr 1892   NYC (Brooklyn) NY # 37 
Ahearn, Michael J. 19 Dec 1884   NYC (Brooklyn) NY # 25 
Ahern, Michael J. 11 Dec 1889 Quincy MA NYC (Brooklyn) NY # 54 
Ahern, Michael John 21 Sep 1885 citizen of Ireland NYC (Manhattan) NY # 139 
Ahearn, Michael Joseph 25 Feb 1885 citizen of Ireland NYC (Brooklyn) NY # 63 
Ahearn, Michael Joseph 25 Feb 1885 relat. lives RFD Brooklyn NY NYC (Brooklyn) NY # 63 
Ahern, Michael Patrick 15 Apr 1899 Ireland San Francisco CA # 1 
Ahern, Neill Joseph 2 Jan 1882   Baltimore City MD # 1 
Ahearn, Michael Timothy 29 Sep 1873 naturalized citizen NYC (Queens) NY # 179 
Ahearn, Morris 16 Feb 1893 New York NY NYC (Bronx) NY # 4 
Ahearn, Morris Francis 12 Oct 1873 lives in Sunderland MA Amherst MA   
Ahearn, Mortimer 15 Jun 1891 Co. Limerick Ireland NYC (Manhattan) NY # 145 
Ahearn, Neal 6 Apr 1888 Denver CO Denver CO # 1 
Ahern, Norman Carl 17 Jun 1897 his dad b. Limerick Cork Irel. Salt Lake City UT # 4 
Ahern, Norman Carl 17 Jun 1897 Salt Lake City UT Salt Lake City UT # 4 
Ahern, Owen Sylvester 25 Aug 1897   NYC (Brooklyn) NY # 55 
Ahern, Pat 10 Apr 1874 citizen of Ireland King WA # 2 
Ahern, Pat 10 Apr 1874 sister lives Danvers Port MA King WA # 2 
Ahearn, Patrick 9 Jun 1880   Strafford NH   
Ahearn, Patrick 5 Feb 1873 naturalized citizen NYC (Brooklyn) NY # 28 
Ahearn, Patrick 12 Sep 1887 Ireland NYC (Manhattan) NY # 155 
Ahearn, Patrick 17 Mar 1875 Co. Limerick Ireland NYC (Manhattan) NY # 120 
Ahern, Patrick 3 Jun 1874 naturalized citizen Humboldt NV   
Ahern, Patrick 25 Feb 1891 New York City NY NYC (Bronx) NY # 15 
Ahern, Patrick 3 Jan 1889 Limerick Ireland NYC (Manhattan) NY # 101 
Ahern, Patrick Cornelius 25 Mar 1884 naturalized citizen NYC (Manhattan) NY # 137 
Ahearn, Patrick Frederick 17 Mar 1898   Amherst MA   
Ahearn, Patrick I. 4 Jul 1896 dad b. Co. Cork Ireland NYC (Manhattan) NY # 116 
Ahearn, Patrick I. 4 Jul 1896 New York NY NYC (Manhattan) NY # 116 
Ahearn, Patrick J. 15 Jun 1889 Ross Meath Ireland NYC (Bronx) NY # 2 
Ahern, Patrick J. 24 Apr 1877   NYC (Manhattan) NY # 110 
Ahearn, Patrick Joseph 3 Dec 1878 relat. lives Staten Island NY NYC (Manhattan) NY # 101 
Ahearn, Patrick Joseph 30 Mar 1898   NYC (Manhattan) NY # 101 
Ahern, Patrick Joseph 25 Jul 1881 relat. lives Meeker CO Lake CO   
Ahern, Patrick Joseph 22 Jan 1880 citizen of England NYC (Manhattan) NY # 163 
Ahern, Patrick Peter Apr 1883 citizen of Ireland NYC (Manhattan) NY # 115 
Ahearn, Patrick S. 25 Dec 1889 Co. Cork Ireland NYC (Manhattan) NY # 105 
Ahern, Peter 3 Apr 1873 card filed in Al section NYC (Brooklyn) NY # 62 
Ahern, Peter Joseph (Rev.) 15 Dec 1872 relative lives Avada CO Neshoba MS   
Ahearn, Philip 15 Jan 1891 Brooklyn NY NYC (Manhattan) NY # 149 
Ahern, Philip 12 Apr 1891 New York City NY NYC (Manhattan) NY # 164 
Ahern, Philip Cornelius 3 Mar 1892 New York City NY NYC (Manhattan) NY # 127 
Ahearn, Philip Francis 6 Jun 1882   NYC (Manhattan) NY&nbs
O'Hearn, Raymond Frank 9 Aug 1888 sister lives Greeley CO Yuba CA   
Ahern, Raymond Wallace 3 Jun 1900   NYC (Brooklyn) NY # 58 
Ahearn, Richard A. 12 May 1894 Brooklyn NY NYC (Brooklyn) NY # 49 
Ahearn, Richard F. 22 Jan 1893 Kinasale Ireland NYC (Manhattan) NY # 105 
Ahern, Richard Mathew 4 Aug 1879   Denver CO # 9 
Ahern, Richard Mathew 4 Aug 1879 lives in Denver CO Albany WY   
Ahearn, Richard Patrick 12 Aug 1899   NYC (Bronx) NY # 1 
Ahearn, Richard Thomas 6 Dec 1872   NYC (Bronx) NY # 13 
Ahern, Stephen Joseph 26 Dec 1889 New York NY NYC (Manhattan) NY # 116 
Ahearn, Thomas 19 Nov 1895 New York NY NYC (Bronx) NY # 13 
Ahearn, Thomas 9 Jul 1884   NYC (Long Island) NY # 181 
Ahearn, Thomas 1 Nov 1874   NYC (Manhattan) NY # 144 
Ahearn, Thomas 20 Dec 1891 New York City NY NYC (Manhattan) NY # 116 
Ahearn, Thomas 15 Aug 1881 relative lives in Chicago Seattle WA # 6 
Ahern, Thomas 15 Mar 1888 Kiniscle (Kinisde) Ireland Chicago IL # 1 
Ahern, Thomas 25 Apr 1877   NYC (Brooklyn) NY # 28 
Ahern, Thomas 27 Apr 1873 naturalized citizen NYC (Brooklyn) NY # 26 
Ahern, Thomas 5 Oct 1882 naturalized citizen NYC (Manhattan) NY # 115 
O'Hern, Thomas 29 May 1877 relative lives Chicago IL Idaho ID   
Ahern, Thomas A. 19 Jun 1895 Brooklyn NY NYC (Brooklyn) NY # 55 
Ahern, Thomas A. 2 Jul 1887 New York City NY NYC (Manhattan) NY # 115 
Ahearn, Thomas David 3 Aug 1881 dad lives Arlington MA NYC (Brooklyn) NY # 27 
Ahern, Thomas Edward 15 Apr 1886   Meagher MT   
Ahern, Thomas Edward 30 Oct 1882   Cranston RI   
Ahearn, Thomas Francis 28 Aug 1899   NYC (Brooklyn) NY # 57 
Ahearn, Thomas Francis 10 Dec 1876   NYC (Manhattan) NY # 147 
Ahearn, Thomas Francis 28 May 1882 citizen of Ireland NYC (Manhattan) NY # 111 
Ahearn, Thomas Francis May 1880   NYC (Manhattan) NY # 106 
Ahearn, Thomas Francis 31 Jan 1890 Boston MA Sheridan WY   
Ahern, Thomas Francis 15 Sep 1898 works Shooters Island NY NYC (Brooklyn) NY # 23 
Ahern, Thomas Gloster 26 Sep 1876 citizen of Ireland NYC (Manhattan) NY # 137 
Ahearn, Thomas J. 18 Sep 1874   NYC (Brooklyn) NY # 40 
Ahearn, Thomas J. 21 Oct 1890   NYC (Manhattan) NY # 135 
Ahearn, Thomas J. 17 Jun 1890 New York NY NYC (Queens) NY # 185 
Ahern, Thomas J. 19 Aug 1894 New York City NY NYC (Manhattan) NY # 130 
Ahern, Thomas James 27 Jan 1877   Strafford NH   
Ahern, Thomas John 25 Mar 1874   Herkimer NY # 1 
Ahern, Thomas John 12 Feb 1879 sister lives Pittsfield MA San Juan WA   
Ahearn, Thomas Joseph 15 May 1881 citizen of Ireland Nassau NY # 1 
Ahearn, Thomas Joseph 9 Jul 1885   NYC (Brooklyn) NY # 38 
Ahearne, Thomas Joseph 15 May 1881 citizen of Ireland Nassau NY # 1 
Ahearn, Thomas Patrick 15 Jan 1880   Strafford NH   
Ahern, Thomas Patrick 20 Jan 1873   Sullivan NH   
Ahern, Thomas Patrick 27 Sep 1897   Sullivan NH   
Ahearn, Thomas Vincent 19 Aug 1890 New York NY NYC (Bronx) NY # 21 
Ahern, Tim B. 14 Feb 1873   Albany WY   
Ahern, Tim Joseph 3 Oct 1877   Chaffee CO   
Ahearn, Timothy 8 Feb 1888 Limerick Ireland NYC (Manhattan) NY # 145 
Ahern, Timothy Edward 15 Jul 1882 naturalized citizen NYC (Manhattan) NY # 154 
Ahearn, Timothy Francis 11 Dec 1893 Brooklyn NY NYC (Queens) NY # 178 
Ahearne, Timothy Joseph 17 Aug 1885   NYC (Manhattan) NY # 105 
Ahern, Timothy Joseph 18 Aug 1878   NYC (Brooklyn) NY # 28 
Ahern, Tom 8 Jul 1899   Fond du Lac WI # 1 
Ahern, Townshend 2 Aug 1892 Philadelphia PA NYC (Manhattan) NY # 146 
Ahern, Val M. 14 Feb 1889 Brooklyn NY NYC (Brooklyn) NY # 47 
Ahearn, Vincent Aloysius 20 Nov 1898   NYC (Brooklyn) NY # 82 
Ahern, Vincent Paul 5 Jun 1898   NYC (Queens) NY # 179 
Ahern, Walter Joseph 16 Jul 1899   Cleveland OH # 1 
Ahearn, Walter Robert 4 Aug 1896 he & dad b. Sunderland MA Amherst MA   
Ahern, Warren Fisher 16 Apr 1899   NYC (Brooklyn) NY # 58 
Ahern, Wendell Giles 15 Jul 1899   Washington VT   
Ahearn, William 17 Jun 1877 brother lives Boston MA Yuba CA   
Ahearn, William 26 Jul 1897 Tipperary Tipperary Ireland NYC (Bronx) NY # 1 
Ahearn, William 30 Oct 1895 Manhattan NY NYC (Bronx) NY # 3 
Ahearn, William 24 Aug 1894 New York City NY NYC (Manhattan) NY # 160 
Ahearn, William 31 Jul 1881 relative lives Jersey City NJ NYC (Manhattan) NY # 133 
Ahearn, William 31 May 1893 Mallow Cork Ireland NYC (Manhattan) NY # 134 
Ahearn, William 6 Dec 1888 New Castle W. Limerick Irel NYC (Manhattan) NY # 120 
Ahearn, William 29 Dec 1877   Caledonia VT   
Ahern, William 27 May 1884 relative lives Cambridge MA San Francisco CA # 1 
Ahern, William 15 Oct 1886 Athea Limerick Ireland NYC (Manhattan) NY # 166 
Ahern, William 18 Jun 1890 New York NY NYC (Manhattan) NY # 89 
Ahern, William 6 Jun 1882 naturalized citizen NYC (Manhattan) NY # 143 
Ahern, William Albert 9 Sep 1899   Adams WA   
Ahearn, William Alfred 16 Oct 1884   NYC (Brooklyn) NY # 39 
Ahearn, William Barry 18 Jan 1877 naturalized citizen NYC (Manhattan) NY # 141 
Ahearn, William Benedict 28 Feb 1886   NYC (Staten Island NY # 186 
Ahearn, William Charles 7 Mar 1897 Salt Lake City UT San Francisco CA # 1 
Ahearn, William D. 21 Apr 1890 Brooklyn NY NYC (Brooklyn) NY # 64 
Ahern, William Daniel 2 Nov 1878   NYC (Brooklyn) NY # 47 
Aherne, William Edward 1 Mar 1875 relat. lives Philadelphia PA NYC (Brooklyn) NY # 61 
Ahern, William Edward 20 Dec 1889 Cambridge MA NYC (Brooklyn) NY # 61 
Ahearn, William F. 27 Apr 1888 Long Island City NY NYC (Manhattan) NY # 164 
Ahearne, William F. 27 Apr 1888 Long Island City NY NYC (Manhattan) NY # 164 
Ahern, William F. 26 Oct 1890 Brooklyn NY NYC (Bronx) NY # 17 
Ahern, William Francis 14 Oct 1876 [card filed in Abe section] New Britain CT # 1 
Ahearn, William Frank 16 Dec 1884   Amherst MA   
Ahearn, William Gabriel 29 Sep 1875   NYC (Bronx) NY # 20 
Ahearn, William Henry 2 Sep 1883   NYC (Manhattan) NY # 97 
Ahern, William Henry 21 Oct 1877 rel. lives Port Washington NY NYC (Manhattan) NY # 121 
Ahearn, William J. 18 Jul 1887 New York NY NYC (Bronx) NY # 21 
Ahearn, William J. 19 May 1894 New York City NY NYC (Manhattan) NY # 97 
Ahern, William J. 13 Feb 1889 Saginaw MI Saginaw City MI # 1 
Ahearn, William James 18 Dec 1894 New York City NY NYC (Manhattan) NY # 118 
Ahern, William James 2 Aug 1879 naturalized citizen Lake CO   
Ahearn, William John 1 Aug 1873   NYC (Bronx) NY # 1 
Ahern, William John 8 Apr 1884   Kootenai ID   
Ahern, William John 12 Feb 1889 New York City NY Nassau NY # 1 
Ahearn, William Joseph 1 Jan 1885   NYC (Brooklyn) NY # 49 
Ahearn, William Joseph 24 Jan 1888 New York City NY NYC (Long Island) NY # 181 
Ahearn, William Joseph 12 Apr 1889 New York City NY NYC (Manhattan) NY # 126 
Ahearn, William Joseph 21 Sep 1882 dad lives in Amenia NY NYC (Manhattan) NY # 135 
Ahearn, William Joseph 28 Aug 1873   NYC (Manhattan) NY # 108 
Ahearn, William Joseph 6 Dec 1896 dad b. Limerick Ireland NYC (Manhattan) NY # 154 
Ahearn, William Joseph 6 Dec 1896 New York NY NYC (Manhattan) NY # 154 
Ahearn, William Joseph 27 Nov 1885 works for Denver CO organiz. Brown SD   
Ahern, William Joseph 29 Jun 1897 he & dad b. Co. Cork Ireland San Francisco CA Late 
Ahern, William Joseph 7 Sep 1889 Manhattan NY NYC (Brooklyn) NY # 41 
Ahern, William Joseph 3 Oct 1897   NYC (Manhattan) NY # 131 
Ahern, William Joseph 10 Mar 1874   Windsor VT   
Ahern, William Lawrence 2 Jul 1875   NYC (Manhattan) NY # 110 
Ahern, William Michel 15 Nov 1877   Suffolk NY # 1 
Ahern, William Patrick 17 Mar 1886 citizen of Ireland Modoc CA   
Ahearn, William Thomas abt 1900 b. 24 Aug NYC (Manhattan) NY # 138 
Ahern, Worthen Robert 5 Jun 1883   Pittsburgh PA # 1 

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1890 Census of Civil War Veterans, Widows and Dependents

The following index was extracted from microfilmed records of the Special 1890 Enumeration of Union Veterans and Widows at the U. S. National Archives.

Special 1890 Census of Civil War Veterans, Widows, and Dependents
Name, RankUnit or VesselServed (m/d/y)St.CountyEDLocationRemarks
O'Hearn, Catharine C., widow of Daniel, Pvt.6th Maine Hvy. Art.11/10/62 - 6/17/65MEWaldo175Winterport
Ahearne, Cornelius A.Asst. Surgeon, U.S.A.July/64 - 5/11/65MAEssex241LynnPrecinct 2, ward 5
Aheran, Daniel, Pvt. 10th Mich. Inf.9/27/64 - 5/6/65MIHuron34Hume TownshipPort Austin
Ahern, David, SeamanMianza1/28/62 - 2/1/65MAMiddlesex632Woburn81 Prospect St., shot in right hip
O'Hern, Eliza, widow of Patrick
Ahearn, Elizabeth, widow [of John]
Ahern, Ellen, widow

Ahern, Henry P., Pvt.Co. A, 31st N.Y. Inf.4/24/61 - 6/24/63WIMilwaukee
Northwest BranchSoldiers' Home, rheumatism
Ahern, Honora, mother of Dennis, musicianCo. B, 31st Maine Inf.3/8/64 - 4/2/65MEWashington59Jonesborores. Whitneysville, very feeble, son died of wounds
O'Herran, James

Ahern, James, Pvt.3rd U. S. Infantry6/19/61 - 6/24/64MAEssex184Groveland
Aherne, Johanna, widow of Michael
Ahern, John

SDFall River29

Ahern, John, Pvt.Co. C, 3rd Ma. Hvy. Art.2/1/64 - 9/18/65MAEssex292Salem
O'Herin, John, Pvt.Co. C, I, 173rd N.Y. Inf.1862 - 1864NJMonmouth123MatawanCliffume, N.J., lost papers
Ahern, John, Pvt., pensioned soldier
MAWorcester1091Worcester131 Cambridge St., not at home
Ahern, Mary A.

DCWashington, D.C.
Ahern, Maurice, Pvt.Co. H, 48th Ma. Inf.9/25/62 - 9/3/63MANorfolk645Brookline
Ahearn, Maurice J., Deputy MarshallProvost Marshall's Dept.Mar. '61 - Apr. '65MAMiddlesex594SomervilleWard 3, precinct 2
O'Hern, Michael

Ahern, Michael

O'Hearn, Michael

VAElizabeth City

Soldiers' Home
Ahern, Morris

VAElizabeth City

Soldiers' Home
O'Hearn, Patrick

VAElizabeth City

Soldiers' Home
O'Hern, Patrick, Pvt.6th Ohio Light Artillery2/11/64 - 9/1/65NJPassaic12Paterson1 Ann Place
Ahearn, Patrick, Pvt.Co. F, 20th Mass.8/18/62 - 2/20/63MAEssex281Salem
Ahearn, Peter, seamanBainbridge4/9/61 - 6/13/64MASuffolk758Boston9 First St., varicose veins, piles
Ahern, Thomas, Pvt.Co. A, 3rd R.I. Inf.
RIProvidence135Pawtucket69 Park St.
A'Hearn, Timothy, Land.Congress7/16/61 - 7/16/63MAEssex291SalemMalaria
O'Hearn, William, Pvt.Co. A, 2nd Ma. Hvy. Art.9/16/64 - 6/17/65MEKennebecEastTogusSoldiers' Home, hernia
Aherne, William, Pvt.Co. I, 8th Mass. Vol.
Co. C, 61st Mass. Vol.
5/3/64 - 8/12/64
9/17/64 - 6/4/65

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U. S. Military Pension Records, 1861 - 1934

The following index was extracted from microfilmed index cards at the U. S. National Archives. With the information shown you can order a copy of the actual pension file from the National Archives and Records Administration in Washington, D.C. The files contain correspondence from penioners, widows, and dependents and can include affadavits from fellow soldiers attesting to the cause of a disability or wounds, doctor's reports, copies of birth or marriage certificates, and physical descriptions of the individual. Some individuals served under a name other than their own., or the spelling of their name may have been incorrectly recorded on different records. In such cases the alias is shown in parentheses.

The following table is indexed by first name, followed by regiment and state. While the bulk of the records are for Civil War veterans, there are mentions of service in the Indian Wars, Mexican War, and possibly the Spanish American War and World War I. Most of the cards were handwritten, and in the case of naval and marine corps service, very dark and hard to read, probably due to the originals being on a different color card. There are also a number of cards which contain nothing more than a name address and register number. These are typewritten, which suggest they could be post-WWI as the span of records in this collection goes up to 1936.

In most records there are two serial numbers; one for the application and one for the pension, if awarded. If the certicate # column is blank, the pension may not have been granted. You should still write for a copy of the records. Not all who served applied for pensions. If you think the person you are researching served in the U.S. military prior to WWI, you should look for his or her service record at the National Archives. The records often consist of no more than dates of enlistment and discharge and unit assigments, but may also include information on hospitalizations, or disciplinary actions.

The records indexed on this page are only for Union or Federal troops. If your Ahern served in the armed forces of the Confederate States of America you can look for his service record or pension record through the National Archives.

Abbreviations Used
Arty. = Artillery Gdu. = Granddaughter Mthr. = Mother
Atty. = Attorney H. A. = Heavy Artillery Ord. = Ordnance Dept.
Battn. = Battalion Indpt. = Independent Q. M. = Quartermaster
Batty. = Battery (artillery) Inf. = Infantry Terr. = Territorial
Cav. = Cavalry Inv. = Invalid Unass. = Unassigned (not in any Company)
Co. = Company L. A. = Light Artillery U.S.A. = U. S. Army (so-called regular Army)
Det. = DetachmentMil. = Militia U.S.M.C. = Marine Corps
Fthr. = Father Min. = Minor U.S.N.R.F. = U. S. Naval Reserve Force
Gdn. = Grandson Miscl. = Miscellaneous Vol. or Vols. = Volunteers
Gds. = Guards Mtd. = Mounted (Cavalry)Wid. = Widow

Index of Aherns in U. S. Military Pension Records, 1861 - 1934
Name, Company, Regiment, ShipDate FiledType Applic. #Certif. #State
or Attorney
A'Hearne [?], Pvt., U.S.M.C.
Mary A'HearneMthr.
Ahern, Arthur J., Co. H, 8th Mass. Inf.1922Inv.1,473,696 A-2-24-28Mass.

Ahern, Arthur J., Co. E & B, 58th U.S. Coast Art., Co. B, 2nd U.S. Cav., Co. C, 11th U.S. Cav., HQ Co., 31st U.S. Vol. Inf., 7th U.S. Fld. Arty.1932 Feb. 4Sold. 1,712,101A-7-18-32Colo.XC 869,850 combined
O'Harron, Barney
Cos. A, C & I, 192nd Pa. Inf., Co. C, 17th N.Y. Inf.
1871 Sep. 19Inv.168,978252,725

1899 Dec. 18Wid.710,377
N. Y.Annie O'HarronWid.
Ahern, Cornelius3025 Eastwood Ave., Chicago, Ill., R-14650typed card, circa 1930
Ahern, Cornelius, Cos. B & K, Unk. N.Y. Vols.1915 June 8Wid. 1,048,712
Colo.Mary C. AhernWid.
Ahern, Cornelius, Co. E, 10th N.Y.H.A.1865 May 13Mthr. 93,58862,078
Hannah AhernMthr.
Ahearn, Cornelius
Cos. E, B. & K, 88th N. Y. Inf., Co. E, 69th N. Y. S. M. Inf.
1894 Nov. 14Inv.1,161,9041,009,032N. Y.

1904 Apr. 25Min.805,904
N. Y.Patrick LynchGdn.
Ahern, Cornelius3025 Eastwood Ave., Chicago, Ill., R-14650typed card, circa 1930
Ahearne, Cornelius A., Acting Asst. Surgeon, U. S. A.1916 May 25Inv. 1,423,9551,177,794
Ahern, Daniel J.2010 Foothill Blvd., Oakland, Calif., R-31656typed card, circa 1930
Ahern, Daniel, Co. I, 23rd Conn. Inf.1864 Feb. 20Wid. 45,673124,788

A'Hearn, Daniel, Co. A, 47th Ill. Inf.1892 Nov. 12Inv. 1,137,771873,322IllinoisC. E. FooteAtt.
O'Hern, Daniel
Co. D, 28th Ky. Inf.
1879 Mar. 14Inv.286,115527,349

1896 Jun. 15Min.635,661436,642Ky.Roger O'HernGdn.
O'Hearn, Daniel
Co. F, 1st Maine L.A. (6th Batty.)
1867 Oct. 16Inv.129,827170,101

1887 Nov. 14Wid.363,439241,595MaineCatherine O'HearnWid.
Ahern, Daniel, Co. M, 4th Mass. Cav.,
Co. H, 18th U.S. Inf., Co. M, 5th U.S. Cav.
1890 Mar. 27Inv.764,205495,195D. C.

1901 Oct. 2Wid.749,556578,440Mass.

Ahern, Daniel J., Co. I, 9th Mass. Inf.1924 May 7Inv. 1,500,7681,270,338Mass.

Ahern, Daniel, Co. K, 11th Mass. Inf.1862 Sep. 5Wid. 2,085484
Anne AhernWid.
Ahearn, Daniel
Unassd. 10th Mich. Inf.
1892 June 27Inv. 784,287541,906Mich.

1915 Sep. 13Wid.1,052,900803,483Mich.Johanna AhearnWid.
O'Hearn, Daniel J., Co. B, 5th Mo. Inf.1925 Aug. 28Inv.1,523,6661,276,023Mo.C 2,374,906
Ahern, Daniel
Co. A, 26th N. Y. Cav.
1890 July 9Inv. 800,007584,974Mass.

1922 Feb. 2Wid.1,185,178919,630Mass. Mary AhernWid.
Aherne, Daniel, Co. L, 47th N.Y. Inf.1926 Aug. 23Inv.1,533,529A-2-21-29N. Y.C 2,312,110
O'Hearne, Daniel, Co. A, 69th N.Y. Inf.1890 Jul. 18Wid.442,085
Nebr.Ellen O'HearneWid.
Ahern, Daniel, Co. F, 170th N.Y. Inf.1865 June 23Wid. 99,36872,692
Ellen AhernWid.
O'Herron, Daniel, Co. E, 3rd N.Y. L. Art.1880 Feb. 13Inv.348,088342,637

Ahern, Daniel
Co. A, 116th Pa. Inf.
1875 Aug. 30Inv. 207,596244,556

1882 Jan. 21Wid.289,159201,700
Bridget AhernWid.
Ahern, Danielunreadable (dark) [possibly U.S.M.C.]
O'Hearn, Daniel J., Lieut. U.S.N.R.F. (1918-21)1926 Apr. 29Inv.1,538,222
Calif.XC 1,390,391
Ahern, David unreadable (dark) [possibly U.S.M.C.]
Ahern, Dennis (O'Hern), Co. H, 52nd Ill. Inf.1891 Sep. 21Wid. 526,756
IllinoisHonora AhernWid.
Ahern, Dennis, Co. B, 31st Maine Inf.1869 Mar. 22Mthr. 173,191134,305
Honora AhernMthr.
Ahern, Dennis unreadable (dark) [possibly U.S.M.C.]
Ahearn, Dennis, Wabash1900-1905

Ahern, Edmund
Co. H, 5th U.S. Art.
1874 Oct. 12Wid.21,771170,605
Margaret M. AhernWid.
1874 Oct. 12Min.21,770170,605
Bessie AhernGdr.
Ahern, Edward F., Co. K, 1st Conn. Inf.1926 Jan. 23

Ahern, Edward, Co. F, 3rd Ill. Cav.1889 May 7Inv. 703,216606,654Illinois

O'Heron, Edward, Co. K, 4th Mich. Inf.1891 Nov. 17Wid.532,774386,118Mich.Anna O'HeronWid.
O'Hearn, Edward J.
Co. B, 2nd N.Y. Inf.
1921 Feb. 5Inv.1,446,4721,201,629N. Y.XC 2,712,231
1923 Jul. 10Wid.1,207,671944,137N. Y.Elizabeth O'HearnWid.
O'Hearn, Edward, Cos. A & K, 90th N.Y. Inf.1892 Sep. 21Inv.1,131,959858,485N. Y.Susan CarlyleAtty.
Ahern, Edward, U.S. Vols., Miss. Gunboat Flotilla1889 Nov. 12Inv. 739,056
Nova Scotia
O'Hearn, Edward P., Co. H, 10th Ohio Inf.1929 Feb. 18Inv.1,635,753A-7-15-29Calif.C 2,274,409
O'Hearn, Edward
Co. I, 2nd Wisc. Cav.
1879 Jul. 21Inv.299,251379,456

1902 Oct. 9Wid.771,349579,787Wis.Mary O'HearnWid.
Ahearn, Edward W.unreadable (dark) [possibly U.S.M.C.]
Ahern, Ella504 Eye St., NW, Wash D.C., R-31176typed card, circa 1930
Aherne, Eugene P., Co. D, 1st Calif. Inf.1923 Jan 13Inv.1,478,1511,248,922Calif.C 2,376,797
Ahern, Eugene (Frank G. Spencer)
Co. C, 3rd W.Va. Cav., Co. I, 18th U.S. Inf., Co. I, 27th U.S. Inf., Co. F, 5th U.S. Cav., Gen. Serv. U.S.A.
1896 July 15Inv.1,179,228922,508D. C.

1898 Aug. 25Wid.446,621
OhioAnnie C. SpencerWid.
1910 Sep. 17
D. C.Matilda A. Spencer
Ohearne, Fergus F., Co. G, 37th N.Y. Inf.1876 Jun. 5Inv.220,604

O'Hearn, Francis J.
Co. C, 6th Mass. Inf.
1899 May 25Inv.1,228,2561,172,686Mass.C. W. B. KingAtty.
1933 Mar. 10Wid.1,731,954A-5-24-34Mass.Jennie O'HearnWid.
O'Hearn, Francis, Co. H, 30th Mass. Inf.1863 Aug. 1Wid.28,93130,528
Margaret O'HearnWid.
Ahearn, Frank, Co. E, 43rd US Vol. Inf.1901 July 16Inv. 1,271,959
N. Y.W. B. KingAtty.
Aherns, Frederick
Co. L, 3rd Pa. H. A.
1865 Jul. 14Wid.82,99872,172
Mary A. AhernsWid.
1869 Aug. 5Min.178,311135,412
M. A. LearnedGdn.
Ahern, George, Nurse, Med. Dept., U.S. Vols.1890 Aug. 29Wid. 501,849
Can.Caroline AhernWid.
Ahern, George W., Co. H, 71st N.Y. Inf.1899 Apr. 8Inv. 1,223,6031,294,787N. Y.Butts & PhillipsAtty.
Ahern, Henry, 1st Lt., Co. F, 7th Ill. Inf.1880 June 28Inv. 384,976276,169

Ahern, Henry P.
Co. A, 31st N.Y. Inf.
1864 Jan. 18Inv. 39,024688,992

1900 Dec. 7Wid.731,096562,245N. J. Catharine AhernWid.
Ahern, Ida M.443 7th St. S.W., Wash. D.C., R-10073typed card, circa 1930
Ahern, James
Cos. G & B, 5th Cal. Inf.
1890 July 18 Inv.838,108598,393Iowa

1917 Jan. 29Wid.1,092,354841,345Illinois Frances E. AhernWid.
O'Herrin, James (Frank Welch)
Co. H, 17th Mass. Inf.
1869 Jan. 7Mthr.169,992125,192Mass.Margaret O'HerrinMthr.
1890 Oct. 3Fthr.491,483
Mass.Mathew O'HerrinFthr.
O'Hern, James, Co. E, 1st Miss. Mil.1902 May 17Inv.1,285,632
Mo.J. H. PelhamAtty.
O'Hearn, James J., Co. K, 1st Mo. Inf.1925 Feb. 5Inv.1,513,4611,267,734Mo.C 2,382,668
Ahern, James, Cos. B & E, 175th N.Y. Inf.1869 June 7 Inv.144,328

O'Hearn, James, Co. G, 46th Ohio Inf., Co. B, 11th V.R.I1890 Jul. 14Inv.998,153740,634OhioM. H. GarveyAtty.
O'Herrin, James
Cos. D & F, 189th Ohio Inf.
1890 Apr. 26Inv.771,646946,827Ohio

1894 Oct. 4Min.602,949454,884OhioJoseph AmmonGdn.
Ahern (O'Ahern), James
Co. F, 1st U.S. Art.
1889 Oct. 25 Wid.407,090
Mass.Mary A. AhernWid.
See also CC 167,314, NC 7,226, Wm. Holland, Co. K, 28th Mass. Inf.
O'Hearn, James, 76th, 79th, 89th, & 128th U. S. Coast Art.1914 May 12Inv.1,414,7211,185,665D. C.Lyon & LyonAtty.
Ahern, James, 36th, 99th, and 142nd Spruce Sqdn's Air Serv., U.S.A. 1926 Oct. 11Inv.1,556,819
Calif.C 1,393,374
Ahern, James, Chief Water Tender, Wabash, Vermont, Cincinnatti, Nashville, Lancaster, Farragut, Independence, Wisconsin1922 Feb. 24Wid. 1,201,271934,101Pa.Mary AhernWid.
Died July 25, 1922 at Philadelphia, Pa. (Date filed February, 1922?)
Ahern, James, Pvt., U.S.M.C.unreadable (dark) 12,263unreadable (dark)
Ahern, Jamesunreadable (dark) [possibly U.S.M.C.]
Ahern, James246 East 51st St., New York, N.Y., R-30089typed card, circa 1930
O'Hearn, James F.
Co. F, 4th U.S. Cav., Co. B, 62nd Mass. Inf., Co. I, 8th Mass. Inf.
1892 Jun. 24Inv.1,118,460

1895 Dec. 11Wid.625,111467,258Calif.Ellen M. O'HearnWid.
Ahearn, James, Co. F, 14th US Inf., Ord. Dept., USA1908 Oct. 5
D. C.F. G. ColdrenAtty.
O'Hearn, James J., Co. H, 1st Terr. Regt. U.S.V. Inf.1920 Jun. 28Inv.1,434,7541,184,147Calif.William G. BryceAtty.
O'Hearn, James J., Co. B, 10th U.S. Inf.1930 Jun. 13Inv.1,670,242A-7-18-30Mo.C 2,596,366
Ahern, James S., Co. E, K, 21st U.S. Inf.1890 June 13Inv.781,437540,255D. C.

O'Heron, James I., Co. G, 2nd Wisc. Inf.1900 Aug. 3Inv.1,252,3011,178,920Wisc.S. P. BayleyAtty.
O'Hern, Jeremiah, Co. G, 154th N.Y. Inf.1877 May 19Inv.232,659146,902

O'Hern, Jerry, Co. H, 15th U.S. Inf.1874 Jun. 8Inv.193,261131,085Mass.

Ahern, Jesse J., Unassd. 35th &
Co. L 39th US Vol. Inf.
1901 May 17Inv.1,268,1461,294,070IllinoisChas. &
W. B. King
Ahern, John (John Regsford)

Ahearn, Johnunreadable (dark) [possibly U.S.M.C.]Julia AhearnWid.
Aherne, John, [illegible] Cavalry1891 May 21Mthr.514,074426,269Ala.Irene AhernMthr.
Ahern, John H., [illegible]1907 July 1Inv.1,362,399
Colo.Indian Wars 10,412
Ahearn, John, Transport Serv., 2 M Corps USA1926 Nov. 23Inv. 152,329
Calif.C 2309404
Ahearne, John, Co. 21st Conn. Inf.1877 Sep. 26Mthr. 233,430199,032
Hannah AhearneMthr.
O'Hern, (Herron) John G.
Co. K, 1st Ill. L.A., Ord. Dept. U.S.A.
1892 Jun. 27Inv.1,119,342875,981IowaReeve & GartonAtty.
1894 Jun. 28Wid.598,064402,453IowaMargaret O'HernWid.
Ahern, John, Co. A, 119th Ill. Inf.1866 Aug. 6Inv.112,97473,268

O'Harron, John, Co. K, 36th Ind. Inf.1863 Apr. 29Inv.20,496226,599

Ohearn, John
Unnassd. & Co. G, 2nd Iowa Cav.
1890 Jan. 4Inv.747,632796,768Nebr.XC 2,674,514
1903 Oct. 19Wid.793,172569,414Nebr.Emma J. OhearnWid.
Ahern, John, Cos. M, 2nd, M 3rd, & B, 8th US Cav., Co. L, 7th Iowa Cav., Genl. Mtd. Serv. USA, 4th Inst & Depot Det. USA, 1st Sgt. Ret. USA1916 Dec. 6Wid.1,089,018
Mo.Matilda AhernWid.
O'Hearn, John (O'Herron)
Co. C, 3rd Mass. H. A.
1891 Sep. 15Inv.1,058,560782,724Mass.

1903 Nov. 17Wid.794,982568,233Mass.Cecilia O'HearnWid.
O'Hearn, John F.
Co. D, 3rd U.S. Inf., Co. I, 4th Mass. H.A.
1891 Feb. 4Inv.989,063832,420Mass.T. J. DeavittAtty.
1916 Sep. 18Wid.1,074,560818,867Mass.Louise A. O'HearnWid.
Ahearn (Herring), John, Co. G, 19th Mass. Inf.1863 Apr. 25 Inv.20.12.5

Ahern, John
Co. C, 28th Mass. Inf.
1864 Sep. 28Wid.66,59653,0006
Margaret AhernWid.
1867 Dec. 6Min.155,285106,997
A. Kingsbury AhernGdn.
Ahern, John, Co. K, 28th Mass. Inf.1884 Feb. 25Inv.506,787

O'Hern, John, Co. E, 58th Mass. Inf., Navy '63-64, 1st Class Boy, Sabine, Niagara, North Carolina 1882 Nov. 25Inv.465,782

O'Heron, John, Unnass'd Minn. Vols.1890 Dec. 30Inv.1,984,672
Minn.J. B. Cralle & Co.Atty.
Ahearn, John J.
Co. I, 8th Minn. Inf.
1877 Jul. 30Inv. 239,793256,930

1891 May 9Wid.514,553355,505Minn? Mary J. AhearnWid.
O'Hearn, John4141 Sarpy Ave., Saint Louis, Mo., R-7773typed card, circa 1930
Ahering, John, Co. H, 7th Mo. Cav.1862 Dec. 22Wid. 17,70216,150
Mary AheringWid.
Ahearn, John, Co. K, 10th N.H. Inf.1888 Sep. 14

O'Hearn, John
Co. G & M, 2nd N.Y.H.A.
1883 Dec. 8Inv.501,592335,591N. Y.XC 3,023,225
1928 Dec. 21Wid.1,630,632A-4-17-29N. Y.Mary O'HearnWid.
Ahearn, John X., Co. L, 2nd N.Y. Inf.1901 Nov. 29Inv. 1,277,6851,075,305N. Y.A. B. FlansburgAtty.
Ahern, John J., Co. G, 47th N.Y. Inf.1926 June 11Wid.1,543,975A-1-7-27N. Y.Mary AhernWid.
Aheron, John, Cos. F, A & B, 88th N.Y. Inf.1880 Jan. 12Inv.334,663407,704

Ahern, John, Co. G, 170th N.Y. Inf.1864 July 27Mthr.59,08085,903
Anna AhernMthr.
Ahearn, John F., Co. G, 201st N.Y. Inf.1915? Jan. 2Wid. 1,227,306965,694N.Y.XC 2,717,036
Aherne, John P., Co. C, 4th Pa. Inf.1925 Jul. 1Inv.1,521,1181,272,551Pa.C 2,377,097
Ahern, John W.
Band, 3rd U.S. Art., Post Band USA, Band 14th U.S. Inf.
1895 Nov. 21Inv.1,171,841906,045Conn.

1908 Oct. 7Wid.906,328668,800Conn.Margaret AhernWid.
O'Herron, John, Co. K, 6th U.S. Cav., Cas. Det. 6th U.S. Cav., Co. C, 2nd Battn., U.S. Gds. (1917)1920 Dec. 21Inv.1,444,7091,197,488Kans.C 2,443,018
Ahern, John, U.S. Inf.1912 Dec. 26Inv.1,407,531

See Indian Wars 11,846 and Adjutant General of Minn. C884950
O'Hearn, John J., Co. D, 10th U.S. Inf.1930 Jan. 11Inv.1,658,859A-4-29-30Calif.C 2,618,826
Ahearn, John P., Co. H, 42nd U. S. Vol. Inf., Baltimore, Vulcan, Concord 1905 Apr. 10Inv.1,334,2641,127,322Mass. E. C. RichardsonAtt.
Ahearn, John J., Pvt., U.S.M.C.unreadable (dark)
Ahern, John R., U.S.M.C.1928Inv.1,683,406

Ahern, John J., Co. C, Utah L. Arty.1927 June 14Inv.1,283,362A-1-12-28Mont.C2296560
Ahearn, John, Co. E, 3rd Wisc. Inf.1901 Mar. 28Inv. 1,264,7621,229,366Wisc.G. M. WithersAtty.
Aherron, John, Co. H, 26th Wisc. Inf.1926 May 4Inv.1,537,665
Minn.C 2,324,653
Ohearn, John, 1st Class Bosun's Mate 1877-1898 Minnesota, Wabash, Omaha, Pensacola, Dole, Vermont, Saratoga, Chicago, Wyoming, IncaDied December 18, 1903 at Boston City Hospital
1922 Oct. 12Wid.1,195,385

O'Hearn, John A., Fireman 2nd class, Pawnell, Canadaigua, Princeton, Houghton, Ohio1895 Jul. 7Inv.41,01828,114Died August 11, 1915
Ahearn, Joseph, Co. I, 1st R. I. Inf.1925 Nov. 23Inv. 1,527,6851,281,655R. I.

O'Hearn, Joseph F., Co. E, 1st R.I. Inf.1922 May 4Inv.1,466,3381,224,392R. I.C 2,418,144
Ahern, Joseph E.443 7th St., S.W., Wash. D.C. R-8295typed card, circa 1930
O'Hearn, Joseph R. (Edward Morse), Co. H, 77th U.S. Inf.1902 Dec. 15Mthr.775,602581,205Mass.Caroline O'HearnMthr.
Ahearne, Martin
Co. C, 7th Mich. Cav.
1878 Mar. 11Inv. 250,149348,539

1897 Aug. 14Wid.660,209512,245Mich.

Ahern, Martin, Co. A, 1st Nev. Inf.1888 Dec. 18Inv.682,015460,582Calif.

Ahern, Martin, Co. K [H?], 6th N.H. Inf.1890 July 12Wid.446,079358,342N. H.Johanna AhernWid.
Aherin, Mathew, 2nd Co. Le Seur Tigers, Minn. Inf.1864 Nov. 11Wid. 72,00497,629
Bridget AherinWid.
Ahern, Mathew, Co. G, 9th N.Y.H.A.1892 Apr. 19Inv.1,105,724845,182Pa.J. B. O'NeillAtty.
Ahearn, Maurice
Co. H, 48th Mass. Inf.
1879 Apr. 19 Inv.280,704198,091

1900 Feb. 21Wid.713,997493,091Mass. Mary AhearnWid.
O'Hearn, Maurice, Co. K, 1st N.J. Inf.1908 Apr. 11Wid.889,242946,529N. J.Lizzie O'HearnWid.
Ahearn, Maurice
Co. C, G, & K, U. S. Art., Gen. Rect. Serv., U. S. A.
1886 Jun. 25Inv.578,056343,028

1931 Apr. 2Wid.1,690,452A-10-26-31Ireland XC 2640367
Ahern, Michael, Co. B, 10th Conn. Inf.1863 Mar. 30Wid.16,59913,957
Catherine AhernWid.
Ahearn, Michael, Unnass'd Ill. Inf.1888 Dec. 1Inv. 680,220

Ohern, Michael, Co. F, 47th Ill. Inf.1890 Aug. 14Inv.910,908742,036IllinoisH. D. PhillipsAtty.
O'Hearn, Michael
Co. F, 153rd Ill. Inf.
1884 Aug. 14Inv.520,087422,286Iowa

1911 Apr. 14Wid.962,872726,700IowaAlice O'HearnWid.
Ahern, Michael, Co. D, 5th Mass. Inf.1891 Sep. 18Wid.526,757422,126Mass.Johanna AhernWid.
Ahern, Michael
Co. G, 9th Mass. Inf.
1863 June 8Wid.23,8979,073
Catherine AhernWid.
1869 Sep. 23Min.190,451148,679
C. FaheyGdn.
O'Hearn, Michael (William Walsh, William Herron), Co. I, 4th N.Y. Inf., Battln. A, U.S. Eng., 1st & 9th Indpt. Batt's Mass., Co. K, 2nd U.S. Art. 1872 Feb. 21 Inv.172,719 520,037

Ahern, Michael
Co. A, 38th N.Y. Inf.
1890 Dec. 29Inv.975,995954,099N. Y.

1899 June 7Wid.699,713481,431N. Y.Sarah AhernWid.
Ohearne, Michael, Co. B, 43rd N.Y. Inf.1887 May 11Inv.609,334413,717N. Y.

O'Hearn, Michael
Co. F, 63rd N.Y. Inf.
1865 Sep. 29Inv.90,82454,685

1905 Sep. 11Wid.834,712614,099IllinoisEllen O'HearnWid.
Ohearn, Michael (Michael Dineen), Co. I, 100th N.Y. Inf.1889 Oct. 28Inv.736,554

O'Hern, Michael
Co. A, 107th N.Y. Inf.
1890 Sep. 2Inv.944,800918,075Tenn.

1894 Dec. 8Wid.605,986425,406Tenn.Margaret O'HernWid.
Ahearn, (Hearn) Michael, Co. H, 133rd N. Y. Inf.1863 Nov. 9Wid. 37,96933,245Conn.Catharine HearnWid.
Ahern, Michael John, Cos. E, 31st Oh. Inf., A, 21st Oh. Inf., G, 17th Oh. Inf.1875 May 8Inv.201,319276,918OhioXC 2,704,075
1921 Jan. 3Wid.1,167,791905,400OhioElizabeth J. AhernWid.
Aherne, Michael J., Co. C, 4th Pa. Inf.1929 Aug. 24Inv.1,650,087A-1-10-30Pa.C 2,590,043
Ahearn, Michael J.
Co. E, 5th R. I. Hvy. Art.
1891 Aug. 14 Wid.508,842353,566R. I.Abbie AhearnWid.

Died Jan. 12, 1891, Pawtucket, R. I.
O'Hearn, Michael, Cos. F, 5th U.S. Inf., B, 1st Cal. Cav., F, 3rd U.S. Cav.1883 Feb. 24Inv.473,612524,109D. C.

Ahern, Michael, Co. D, 1st Battn., 14th U. S. Inf.1890 Sep. 10Inv.951,609769,177Conn.J. D. PlunkettAtty.
Ahern, Michael
Co. A, 17th U. S. Inf.
1885 Jul. 1Inv.543,814416,282

1923 Aug. 7Wid.1,209,158
N. Y.Catherine AhernWid.
Ahearn, Michael, Co. I, 10th W. Va. Inf.1890 Aug. 14Inv. 856,402677,898Md.L. C. WoodAtty.
Ohearn, Michael, Ord. Seaman, Minnesota, Ohio1894 Dec. 28Inv.39,57524,309Died August 11,1915
Ahern, Michael T.3242 Q St., N. W. D. C., R-25316typed card, circa 1930
Ohearne, Michael J., Landsman Santiago de Cuba, Ohio, North Carolina1883 May 18Mthr.3,514

Mary ShanahanMthr.
Ohearne, Owen, Cos. A & B, 23rd Ill. Inf.1884 Jun. 24Inv.516,396531,944Mo.

O'Herrin, Owen
Co. D, 3rd N.Y. Prov. Cav., Co. E, 16th N.Y. Cav.
1899 Jun. 24Inv.1,230,3911,007,046OhioM. B. StevensAtty.
1902 Sep. 27Wid.770,792545,464OhioMary O'HerrinWid.
Ahern, Patrick
Desha's Indpt. Co. Ala. Vols., Mexican War
1887 Jan. 29
537671Ala.XC 2,660,493
[illegible]Wid.13,69511,353Ala.Martha AhernWid.
Ahern, Patrick, Co. E, 17th Conn. Inf.1882 Mar. 9Inv.442,145265,803Conn.

Ahearn (Ahern), Patrick
Co. C, [70 or 90]th Ill. Inf.
1876 Jul. 25Inv.222,963150,133

1913 May 7Wid.783,950578,230Okla.Anna E. AhearnWid.
O'Hern, PatrickSaint Augustine, Illinois, R-2042typed card, circa 1930
Ahern, Patrick, Co. B, 51st Iowa Inf.1898 Oct. 1Mthr.684,136496,313IowaMadge AhernMthr.
O'Hearn, Patrick, Co. H, 1st Kan. Inf.1895 Jul. 25Inv.1,169,106
Mo.H. D. & R. S. O'BrienAtty.
Ohern, Patrick, Co. F, 20th Mass. Inf., Unassd. 1st Battn. V.R.C., 6th Indpt. & Co. G, 13th V.R.C.1863 Apr. 29Inv.20,61416,382Mass.

O'Hearn, Patrick
Co. I, 24th Mass. Inf.
1864 Sep. 3Mthr.63,80733,547
Bridget O'HearnMthr.
1888 Mar. 26Fthr.369,712245,100Mass.Thomas O'HearnFthr.
O'Herne, Patrick (John Knight), Cos. A & B, 28th Mass. Inf., Co. E, 18th & 36th U.S. Inf.1885 Mar. 28Inv.536,160353,327

O'Heran, Patrick
Co. I, 11th Mich. Cav., Co. G, 31st & 13th U.S. Inf.
1873 May 21Inv.183,993146,602

1905 Sep. 29Wid.835,724
Mich.Mary L. O'HeranWid.
Ahern, Patrick, Co. D, 2nd Miss. (Miscl.)1917 Feb. 20Inv.1,426,810
Ala.J. W. MorrisAtty.
Ahern, Patrick, Co. D, 3rd N.Y. Inf.1865 Jun. 30Wid.100,306106,528
Ann AhernWid.
Ahern, Patrick, Co. A, 69th N.Y. Inf.1890 Sep. 8Inv.943,203745,218N. Y.P. O'FarrellAtty.
Ahern, Patrick, Co. A, 100th N.Y. Inf.1890 Oct. 1Inv.825,417741,718N. Y.W. B. MooreAtty.
Ahern, Patrick, Co. R, 4th Ohio Inf.1898 Aug. 8Mthr.684,135545,715OhioFanny McDermottMthr.
Ohearne, Patrick
6th Indpt. Batty., Ohio L. Art.
1890 Nov. 10Inv.938,593780,866N. J.

1892 Apr. 26Wid.548,091385,056N. J.Eliza OhearneWid.
Ahern, Patrick, Unassd. 50th & Co. F, 61st Ohio Inf.1890 Jan. 20Inv.750,149
N. Y.

Ahern, Patrick, F. (Herring),
Co. A, 3rd R. I. Cav.
1891 Nov. 28Inv.434,079227,263R. I.XC 2,661,902
1883 Apr. 4Wid.302,746203,811R. I.???Wid.
Ahern, Patrick
Co. F, 14th U. S. Inf.
1865 Aug. 31Wid.32,945108,018
Bridget AhernWid.
1869 Aug. 6Min.178,326141,247
B. HoysGdn.
Ahern, Patrick, Emp. Com. Dept. U. S. Vols.1895 May 31Inv.1,167,482
Mo.J. G. YoungAtty.
O'Hearon, Patrick, Co. B, 35th U.S. Vol. Inf.1928 Aug. 30Inv.1,622,159
Can.C 2,280,247
O'Heron, Patrick W.
Co. D, 1st Wisc. Cav.
1875 Jan. 14Inv.199,010174,340

1891 Oct. 31Wid.531,769337,214Wisc.Mary A. O'HeronWid.
O'Heren, Patrick
Co. D, 2nd Wisc. Cav.
1890 Aug. 19Inv.965,1271,021,802Mo.John RaumAtty.
1906 May 2Wid.848,188844,499Mo.Ella O'HerenWid.
1905 Jul. 17Min.831,925613,058Mo.Ella O'HerenGdu.
Ahern, Patrick J.1231 Ingraham St., N. W., D. C., 24340typed card, circa 1930
Aheran, Philip F.
Co. A, 148th Ohio Inf.
1880 Mar. 20Inv.357,225210,583Ind.

1915 May 5Wid.1,046,753800,305OhioAda AheranWid.
O'Hearn, Richard, Cos. C, 106th Ill. Inf., F, 4th U.S. Inf., H, 9th U.S. Inf., Teamster, Q.M. Dept., U.S. Vols.1888 Oct. 20Inv.676,275729,738Illinois

Ahern, Richard
Co. F., N.Y. Mil. Inf.
1895 Sep. 21Inv.1,170,4646,047,884N. Y.

1909 Oct. 7Wid.928,291691,400N. Y.Ellen AhernWid.
Ahern, Richard A.27 Morris St., Cambridge, Mass., R-15053typed card, circa 1930
O'Hearn, Richard, Cos. F, 12th U.S. Inf., I, 26th U.S. Vol. Inf.1902 Feb. 7Mthr.756,421923,279Mass.Julia A. O'HearnMthr.
O'Hearn, Richard, Michigan 1880-18811929 Mar. 5Inv.1,636,889
Ky.C 2,272,438
Aherne, Robert E., Co. C, 4th Pa. Inf., 11th & 19th Cos. 4th Regt. MMI, 19th Co., 4th Mech. Rest. Air Serv. USA, MMAS Sig. Corp. USA1929 Jun. 27Inv.1,646,016A-10-5-29Pa.D 2,628,582
Ahern, Stephen JosephNew York [illegible - too dark]
Ahern, Thomas, Co. A, 9th Mass. Inf.1898 Dec. 8Inv.1,213,7481,236,862Mass.Truman EmmonsAtty.
Ahern, Thomas, Co. A, 17th Mass. Inf.1890 Dec. 11Inv.962,885715,357Mass.

Ahearn, Thomas
Co. [I or J], 20th Mass. Inf.
1868 Apr. 13Inv. 132,71495,564

1913 Sep. 8Wid.1,013,934766,724Mass. Bridget AhearnWid.
Ahern, Thomas, Co. D, 39th Mass. Inf.1880 Mar, 16Inv.346,731263,678

O'Hearn, Thomas, Cos. E, 5th & 3rd Mich. Inf.1897 Jun. 16Mthr.656,903
Mich.Margaret O'HearnMthr.
Ahern, Thomas
Co. I, 1st N. H. Inf.
1891 Mar. 26Inv.1,005,045807,534N. H.

1905 May 24Wid.828,673602,197R. I.Johanna AhernWid.
Ahern, Thomas
Post Band, U.S.A., Band 3rd U.S. Art.
1891 Apr. 1Inv.1,014,257790,551Conn.

1898 Aug. 18Wid.681,073476,613Conn.Bridget A. AhernWid.
Ahern, Thomas W., Co. F, 10th U. S. Inf., 43rd Co., U. S. Coast Art.1908 Mar. 28Inv.1,372,5261,147,344N. J.C 2,477,578
O'Hearn, Thomas, Casual Det., 5th & 13th U.S. Inf., Cos. G, 13th U.S. Inf., B, 4th U.S. Inf., Band & Co. M, U.S. Inf.1922 Apr. 8Inv.1,465,1841,215,176Wisc.C 2,426,671
Ahearn, Thomas, U. S. Vols.1930 Nov. 14Wid. 1,681,256
OhioXC 2,636,782
A'hern, ThomasPvt., U. S. Marine Corp
Ahern, Thomas10 Adams St., Charlestown, Mass., R-17990typed card, circa 1930
Ohearn, Thomas2264 Storey Ave., Bronx, N.Y., R-33,689typed card, circa 1930
Ahern, ThomasCumberland St., Brooklyn, N. Y., R-[illegible]typed card, circa 1930
Ahearn, Thomas T.1351 Jefferson Ave., Brooklyn, N. Y., R-30723typed card, circa 1930
Ahearn, Timothy A. unreadable (dark) [possibly U.S.M.C.]
O'Hern, Timothy
Co. I, 12th Ind. Cav.
1866 Nov. 3Inv.118,354105,703Ind.

1873 Feb. 21Wid.207,975172,843
Mary O'HernWid.
Ahern, Timothy J.
Co. G, 9th Mass. Inf.
1899 May 25Inv.1,227,7131,110,824Mass.

1900 Apr. 28Wid.827,204677,116Mass.Delia E. AhernWid.
1920 Jan. 28Min.1,152,875
Mass.Deliah E. AhernGdu.
Ahern, Timothy J., Co. H, 2nd US Arty.[illegible]Inv.1,614,365A-9-18-28N. J.C 2,276,186
Ohearn, Timothy, Landsman, Brilliant, Clara, Dolson1883 Oct. 24Mthr.3,630

Hannah OhearnMthr.
O'Hearn, Timothy, Landsman Delaware1888 Apr. 25Inv.13,113

Ahearn, Walter A. unreadable (dark) [possibly U.S.M.C.]
Ahearn, William, Co. B, 1st Cal. Inf., Co. H, 2nd U. S. Art.1887 Mar. 8Wid. 351,359389,323Mass.Ellen AhearnWid.
Ahern, William H., Co. C, 3rd Conn. Inf.1920 Oct. 27Inv.1,442,7291,196,633Va.C 2,442,969
Ahern, William P., Co. H, 1st Dela. Inf.1922 Mar. 7Wid.1,186,010918,959Pa.Anna M. AhernWid.
Ahern, William J.
Co. B, 7th Ill. Inf.
1920 Jul. 9Inv.1,435,9821,198,583Mo.

1922 Nov. 10Wid.1,736,511
Mo.Jennie M. AhernWid.
O'Herron, William, Co. I, 14th Maine Inf.1880 Jun. 28Inv.390,425420,887

O'Hearn, William, Co. H, 17th Mass. Inf., Co. A, 2nd Mass. H.A.670,534Inv.568,609Mass.

O'Hearn, William F., Co. F, 41st Mass. Inf., Ord. Dept. U.S.A., Co. F, 3rd Mass. Cav.1908 Apr. 13Min.889,422671,616N. Y.Kathryne O'HearnGdu.
Ahern, William
Co. C, 61st Mass. Inf., 8th Unnattchd. Co. Mass. Inf.
1884 Aug. 28Inv.521,087

1892 Jan. 4Wid.536,455358,100Mass.Mary A. AhernWid.
O'Hearn, William J., Co. C, 15th Minn. Inf.1927 Nov. 1Inv.1,596,233A-11-23-29Can.C 2,294,829
Ahern, William J., Co. I, 71st N.Y. Inf.1907 Aug. 30Inv.1,590,426A-6-3-30N. Y.C 2,292,936
Ohearn, William, Navy 1885-1891269 Clermont Ave., Brooklyn, N.Y., R-20913typed card, circa 1930
Ahearn, William, U. S. Coast Art.1915 Oct. 23Wid. 1,054,802
N. Y.Mary AhearnWid.
Ahern, William, Co. D, 16th U. S. Inf.1892 Jan. 8Inv.1,082,420811,668Mich.W. B. Stearns & Co.Atty.
O'Herrin, William, Pvt., Marine Corps1878 Oct. 28Wid.2,1402,393
Sarah O'HerrinWid.
Ahearn, William J. unreadable (dark) [possibly U.S.M.C.]

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Remarried Widows of Civil War and Regular Army Veterans

The following index was extracted from microfilmed index cards at the U. S. National Archives.

Index to Pensions for Remarried Widows of Civil War and Regular Army Veterans
WidowVeteranRegiment OriginalCert. #Filed
Ahern, Blanche H.Andrew P. NielsonBattery B, 1st Utah Field Art.1672759
May 1, 1926
Ahern, BridgetAndrew E. SkellyCo. E, 90th Ill. Inf.
35797Aug. 3, 1904
Hearne, ElizaLewis P. GainesCo. B, 2nd D. C. Inf.1,086,271
Nov. 9, 1916
Hearn, EmmaSamuel McCaustlandCo. K, 25th Wisc. Inf.
745,021June 12, 1925
Herron, Flora A.Williamson CovertCo. E, 118th, & Co. G, 140th Ind. Inf.
859,928Dec. 14, 1925
Herron, Julia E.John ConnellOrd. Seaman, Victory, Co. H, 18th & Co. F, 11th U. S. Inf.395562398933

Hearn, MargaretThomas W. HearnHospital Corps, U. S. A.827,856
Aug. 27, 1925
Hearn, Margaret E.Edward H. HearnCo. F, 64th Ohio Inf.
Ahern, Mary A.T. A. Ahearn alias Thomas HardyOrd. Seaman, Roebuck, Ohio, Vermont, Sea Bird, Hibiscus, San Jacinto80038141May 4, 1890
Ahern, Sarah A.Lucius H. NashCo. C, 39th Ill. Inf.
354072Aug. 31, 1925
Herron, Sarah E.Joseph HerronCo. I, 6th Kansas Cavalry
405,109Nov. 28, 1902
Herron, Sophronia M.John E. BrewerCo. E, 93rd N. Y. Inf.
43,765Sep. 25, 1902

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Headstones Provided for Civil War and Regular Army Veterans

The following index was extracted from microfilmed index cards at the U. S. National Archives.

Headstones Provided for Deceased Union Civil War Veterans 1879-1903
VeteranRegiment CemeteryLocationDate of Death
O'Hearn, Cornelius Pvt., Co. D, 3rd Mass. Cav.Gov't Asylum for Insanenear Washington D.C.Aug. 7, 1892
Hearne, JamesPvt., Co. I, 17th Conn. Inf.UnionNorwalk, Fairfield, Conn.April 21, 1863
O'Hearn, JamesPvt., Co. I, 46th Ohio Inf.Nat'l Mil. Housenear Dayton, OhioAug. 7, 1892
Ahern, JohnPvt., Co. I, 19th Mass. Inf.Catholic Mt. BenedictBoston, Mass.Jan. 16, 1887
Ahern, JohnPvt., 20th Unnatt'd. Mass. Inf.CatholicRockland, Plymouth Cty., Mass.Nov. 15, 1868
O'Hearn, JohnPvt., Co. E, 21st Iowa Inf.
Dubuque, IowaMarch, 1869
Ahern, JohnU. S. NavyNational HouseLeavenworth Cty., Kans.Nov. 3, 1899
Ahern, MartinPvt., Co. H, 6th N. H. Inf.CatholicKeene, Cheshire Cty., N. H.Mar. 21, 1869
Ahern, MichaelPvt., Co. D, 12th N. Y. Inf.Soldier's HomeBath, Steuben Cty., N.Y.June 25, 1879
O'Hern, RichardPvt., Co. C, 106th Ill. Inf.Nat'l HouseLeavenworth Co., Kans.June 26, 1898
O'Hearne, Patrick
(alias John Knight)
Pvt., Co. B, 28th Mass. Inf.Nat'l Mil. HouseLos Angeles Co., Calif.Apr. 22, 1900
Ahern, PatrickSpanish American War
Pvt., Co. K, 4th Ohio Inf.
St. Mary'sDelaware, Delaware Cty., OhioJuly 21, 1898
O'Hern, T.U. S. NavyNew Irish CatholicErie, Erie Co., Pa.erected 1879
O'Herron, TimothyPvt., Co. I, 12th Ind. Cav.VillageLagrange, Lagrange C????
Ahern, WilliamPvt., Co. A, 4th U. S. Inf.VillageFt. Steilacoom, Pierce Cty., Wash. Terr.Oct. 20, 1853
O'Herron, WilliamPvt., Co. I, 14th Maine Inf.Soldier's HomeLeavenworth Co., Kans.Dec. 20, 1892

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Civil War Service Records for New England

The following index was extracted from microfilmed index cards at the U. S. National Archives.

Civil War Service Records for New England States
O'Hearn, CorneliusPvt.F, D3rd Mass. Cav.
Ahearn, CorneliusPvt.A29th Mass. Inf.
O'Hern, DanielPvt.6th Batty.1st Battn. Maine Light Art.
Ahern, DanielPvt.A1st Conn. Hvy. Art.
Ahern, DanielPvt.M4th Mass. Cav
Ahern, DanielPvt.K11th Mass. Inf.
Ahern, DanielPvt.I23rd Conn. Inf.
Ahern, DennisMus.B31st Maine Inf.
O'Hearn, EdwardPvt.H3rd N. H. Inf.
O'Hearn, FrancisPvt.H30th Mass. Inf.
O'Hern, GeorgePvt.I3rd Mass. Cav.
O'Herron, HughPvt.D20th Mass. Inf.
Ahern, James A.Pvt.I4th N. H. Inf.
O'Hearn, James F.Pvt.I8th Mass. Mil. Inf.
O'Hearn, JamesPvt.F8th N. H. Inf.
O'Hearn, JamesPvt.D19th Mass. Inf.
O'Herne, JamesPvt.B53rd Mass. Mil. Inf.
O'Hearn, James P.Pvt.Hagley's62nd Mass. Inf.
Ahearn, JeremiahPvt.B1st Battln., Mass. Hvy. Arty.
Ahearn, JeremiahPvt.K3rd Mass. Hvy. Arty.
Ahern, JeremiahPvt.I22nd Conn. Inf.
O'Herron, JohnPvt.C3rd Mass. Hvy. Art.
O'Hearn, JohnPvt.I4th Mass. Hvy. Art.
Ahern, JohnSgt.K10th N. H. Inf.
Ahern, JohnPvt.20th Unattached Mass. Inf.
Ahern, JohnMus.I21st Conn. Inf.
Ahern, JohnPvt.C28th Mass. Inf.
Ahern, John1st Lt.K28th Mass. Inf.
O'Harran, JohnPvt.D42nd Mass. Inf.
Ahern, JohnPvt.E58th Mass. Inf.
Ahern, MartinPvt.H9th N. H. Vol., 6th N. H. Inf.
O'Hearn, MauricePvt.K, A2nd R. I. Inf.
Ahern, MichaelPvt.D5th Mass. Inf.
Ahern, MichaelPvt.A8th Conn. Inf.
Ahern, MichaelPvt.G9th Mass. Inf.
Ahearn, MorrisPvt.H48th Mass. Militia Inf.
O'Hern, PatrickPvt.F2nd Mass. Inf.
Ahearn, PatrickPvt.E17th Conn. Inf.
O'Hern, PatrickPvt.F20th Mass. Inf.
O'Hearn, PatrickPvt.I24th Mass. Inf.
O'Hearn, PatrickSgt.I24th Mass. Inf.
O'Hearn, PatrickPvt.G48th Mass. Mil. Inf.
Ahern, StephenPvt.2nd Mass. Cav.
O'Hearn, StephenPvt.G2nd Mass. Cav.
Ahearn, StephenPvt.H48th Mass. Militia Inf.
O'Hearn, ThomasPvt.G2nd Mass. Hvy. Art.
Ahern, ThomasPvt.A17th Mass. Inf.
Ahearn, ThomasPvt.I20th Mass. Inf.
Ahern, ThomasPvt.D39th Mass. Inf.
Ahern, TimothyPvt.I1st Mass. Inf.
Ahearn, TimothyPvt.I1st Mass. Inf.
Ahearn, Timothy A.Pvt.I1st Mass. Inf.
O'Hearn, WilliamPvt.A2nd Mass. Hvy. Art., 17th Mass. Inf.
O'Hern, WilliamSgt.F3rd Mass. Cav.
Ahern, WilliamPvt.8th Unattached Mass. Mil.
O'Harren, WilliamPvt.I, D14th Maine Inf.
Ohearn, WilliamPvt.H17th Mass. Inf., 2nd Mass. Hvy. Art.
Ahearn, WilliamPvt.C61st Mass. Inf.

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