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Errata and Updates

Going to Palmyra; Sherman Deeds
by Margaret Sherman Lutzvick
Gateway Press, Baltimore, MD
Copyright 1997

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    As with all good intentions in producing any complex published work compiled over a long period of time, there are some mistakes in the book that need to be corrected. As well, there are new findings from ongoing research that both updates, adds to, and clarifies already correct information. They are as follows.

page 21,
As stated in the book, the first three generations (1)Robert Sherman through (3)Oliver "...have not been proven for this genealogy...," but were gleaned from other private genealogies. It is regrettable that these were included. The reader should disregard the accuracy of these first 3 generations.  While I do not pretend to be an authority on the English Sherman ancestry, this book follows the early English lineage as researched and recorded over the decades by many eminent Sherman family historians.

page 21, The birth date of John Sherman, son of Thomas Sherman and Agnes Fuller should be 1460 and not 1445. It is correct in the tree on page 289.

page 22, Henry(9), wife Sara Renee Lawrence b 1610 should be Susan Lawrence [m 1568,] died (not born) September 13, 1610.  It is correct on page 290  in the family tree.

page 22, Phillipa Ward, wife of Samuel Sherman, is shown to have died after 1610.  She died after 1615/16, and was the executrix of her husband's will when he died.

page 22, John Sherman's wife was Grace Ravens not, not Grace Makin. They married on Sep 26, 1611 in Wattisfield, Co Suffolk.  She was born at East Bergholt, Co Suffolk, ca. 1591, and died at Watertown, MA on June 3, 1662. She remarried twice after John's death. (Source: Art Cohan cites the Jul-Oct 1985 issue of The American Genealogist, and the April & July 1987 issues, by Michael Woods.)

Also, John Sherman b August 17, 1585 in Dedham did not die in Watertown, MA as stated. He died in Essex, England Jan 24, 1616, and is buried in Great Horkesley, NW of Colchester, England.

pages 23 and 307, (10) Edmund Sherman. Birth date should be about 1572 not 1595. 

page 35, Phillip's grandson Peleg's birth date (1638) is incorrect. It should say "...after 1662."

page 37, third paragraph, last sentence. The date should be November 20, 1637 not 1737.

page51, second and last paragraphs. It should be Dartmouth, MA in both instances and not RI.

page 58, line 1. Mary Howell birth date should be 1772 not 1722.

page 58, last paragraph. Elizabeth Howell Sherman's birth date is most assuredly wrong on the Marion, NY Cemetery list, which was used as the source. When considering the date that her last child, Howell, was born, it is more likely that she was born between 1775-1780. 

page 66, 3rd paragraph. David H. Sherman was born in 1802 in NY and not in 1782 in RI as was once believed. (dates are correct on page 297.) That makes him son of Mary Howell and not Mary Durfee. Also, it is now known that he had no son named Nelson, or at least as recently observed, he was not included on a Case bible page of the family written by Velina Marsh Sherman Case. See page 66 below in for updated family information.

page 66, 3rd paragraph. Anna Sherman Cogswell. New research found that the children listed (Morris, Gideon, Nelson, Charles, and an infant) are William Cogswell Jr.’s children and not William Sr. Also Samuel Cogswell was the son of William and Anna Cogswell, not their grandson.

page 67, 3rd paragraph. Jacob Sherman, son of Humphrey and Mary Howell, married Sarah Lawton (not Cool) on September 24, 1827. (September 28, 1827 Wayne County Sentinel.) He is Jacob (31) in the JHS Sherman Directory on page 1217-1218).  According to the 111th NY Infantry military roster their son, Youngs A. Was born in 1846.

page 70, 3rd paragraph, Ebenezer Sherman lived in Wayne County, NY not Clinton County, NY. Please see page 70, Ebenezer Sherman below.

page 105, 2nd paragraph, 2nd sentence. Should read, ". . . brothers appeared to be twins." (grave records.) It should be noted that their birth dates on the 1850 census show differing birth date years.

page 105, same paragraph, it is an error that Thomas Clark married Mary Twig. The 1850 census report shows that his wife was named Charity.

page 109, 4th paragraph, 3rd sentence. "...including David's son...," "should read, "...Samuel, the son of David Jr." James A. Sherman was not David's son

page 243, 1st paragraph, middle of the page. Gideon Cornell Sherman was the second cousin of David Sherman Sr., and not the son of David’s brother John. This made Gideon Cornell Sherman the third cousin of Humphrey Sherman. For more clarification please refer to pages 291-292 of the Sherman family tree. This is correct elsewhere in the book. (Also, see updates below.)

page 243, According to new information, daughter Susannah Sherman was actually born in 1798 not 1793, and she married Reverend Wilson Osband not Osbond Wilson. They are both buried in the Newark, NY cemetery.

page 253-254, This should read "...four..." not five documents that Roger Sherman signed. Roger Sherman signed the following important historical documents.  1774 - Articles of Association, 1776 - Declaration of Independence, 1778 - Articles of Confederation, 1787 - Constitution of The United States. He also signed the Address to the King in 1774.

page 305, last entry, John Sherman b 1737 should read died 1807 not 1747.

Appendix A-7; Harvey Sherman’s land should have Sherman hatch marks.

Appendix B-3; 2nd line, William Sherman died after 1832 not in 1817 as reported by other Sherman family historians. This is correct elsewhere in the book.

Sincere apologies are made for any inconvenience these errors may have caused.

UPDATES from ongoing research:
pages 58 and 70,
Ebenezer, Sherman married a second time to Margaret ________. (From his will)  Also, he died in Marion, Wayne County, NY July 24, 1829. His will showed his daughter Sally Rowley who was married to Francis Rowley, and they had a son named Ebenezer Sherman Rowley. (FDS, Frank Rowley a descendant.)

page 66, Elizabeth Sherman b July 30, 1785 daughter of Humphrey Sherman and Mary Durfee, was married first to Jonathan Horton and second to Daniel Whipple.

page 66, A recent discovery of some Case family bible pages, together with 1813 surrogate court records showing David was a minor, sheds new light on Humphrey's son, David H. Sherman. The following information is new.  David was born to Humphrey Sherman and Mary Howell on June 8, 1802 in Palmyra, NY, and he died September 18, 1835, Palmyra, NY. He married 1st March 11, 1819 to Millisent Reeves in Palmyra, NY. She was born February 9, 1803 and she died November 15, 1829. They had children, R. Orlena b January 16, 1820; M. Sodema b December 14, 1823; M. Velina b June 6, 1829 and d January 4, 1830. There was no mention of the son, Nelson Sherman, in the bible records, so further research needs to be done. David married 2nd on January 14, 1830 to Velina Marsh who was b July 6, 1806 and died May 16, 1890. They had children D. Jerome Sherman b July 19, 1831 d March 17, 1874; Ellen Eliza b June 8, 1833. After David's death Velina married 2nd on February 20, 1841 to Major Daniel W. Case II, and the family moved to WI. They had children George Sesson b March 27, 1842; Hiram W. b April 30, 1845.

page 67, A reader of the Sherman book and a descendant of David Sherman has found some evidence that the Samuel Sherman listed as the son of David Sherman Jr., is probably incorrect. Once again, I looked back over my records and then retraced the censuses found, and now believe that on this page the wrong Samuel is attached to David.  Some relevant notes are given here.  First, David Sherman had a will that he updated in 1855 "excepting" his son Samuel. This was thought to have meant that David was acknowledging the death of his son Samuel.  However he did leave Samuel $100. While that seemed odd, it was thought that Samuel's heirs would get the bequest.  All of the rest of his real estate and other holdings were left to his other son, Zephaniah.  Second, in the 1850 census a family was found in Arcadia, Wayne County, NY consisting of Samuel Sherman, his wife Eunice, sons George and Samuel E., and daughter Susan. Then later in 1860 this same Samuel with the same children plus their spouses and their children in Quincy, Branch County, Michigan.  Third, when David Sherman later died in 1865, his son Zephaniah listed the heirs, and these included, among others, some of these same children and grandchildren found in both Arcadia (children) and in Wisconsin (children and grandchildren). The 1865 estate shows that Samuel was deceased, so he died sometime between 1860 and 1865.  In summary, if in 1997 - when this book was written - the current information had been available, previous research others did showing the other Samuel on page 67 as son of David would most probably have been challenged. This relationship has been repeated over and over in Sherman genealogy, and then my book apparently perpetuated the error. Anyone giving any idea who this Samuel on page 67 could have been, if not David's son, would be greatly appreciated. (See more on David's estate below under page 68.)

page 68, It is now known, after viewing surrogate court papers and other sources, that Debra (Deborah) Sherman, daughter of David Sherman and Elizabeth Howell, was the first wife of Marquis de Lafayette Cole, (Marcus Cole) son of Benjamin and Amy Cole.  Deborah was born August 8, 1796 in Wayne County, NY, and she died November 17, 1831 in Palmyra, Wayne County, NY. After her death, Marcus  married Rosanna Beal on March 29, 1832. (Palmyra Register, list of marriages, Office of the County Historian, Lyons, NY).

Ruth Sherman, daughter of David: A copy of the David Sherman's 1865 estate names his heirs including, "...Ruth Brown, wife of John Brown deceased of Stoddard, Vernon County, Wisconsin." Ruth was born March or May 29, 1798 in Wayne County, NY, and she married John Brown in 1819. Others named in the Will include Susan Sweezy wife of James Sweezy, Elmer Sherman, Ellen Estelle daughter of George Sherman deceased, all of Quincy, Branch County, Michigan, the last three being descendants of Samuel Sherman deceased. Celestia Hilimine [hard to read] wife of Anson Hilimine of Palmyra, NY, Sophia J. Hall wife of John Hall of Monmouth, Illinois, and Benjamin F. Cole of Audrain, Mich.  Ellen Estelle Sherman was not of age at the time. (The will can be found in the Office of the Wayne County Historian, Lyons, Wayne County, NY ) 

page 73, The source shown for page 58 above also shows the actual death date of Gideon Sherman, (1778-1852) to be January 7, 1852. 

page 73, A request for the death certificate of Gideon and Thankful Sherman's daughter, Mary Sherman, yielded the answer of whom her mother, and thus Harvey Sherman's mother Thankful SHERMAN really was. The certificate named her mother as, "Mrs. Thankful SPRINGER Sherman born in RI." The father was named as Gideon SHERMAN also born RI.  Thankful was the daughter of Tiverton, RI  Robert (Richard, William, John, Lawrence, John) and Rebecca NEGUS SPRINGER who went in the mid 1790s to early Marion, Wayne Co., with their family. Robert's family included sons Isaac, (much written about him in Wayne County, NY history) Richard, Robert, Isreal, and Samuel SPRINGER. The Springer farm was not far from the Gideon and David SHERMAN farms. Like the Shermans, most all of the Springers are buried in the Marion, NY Cemetery.  Isaac’s grave has not yet been found, but it is known from military records that he was alive in Palmyra in 1860. He is most probably also buried in Marion with his family. It is also thought that he married a Sherman. Other ancestor surnames found in this research were FISH, SHELDON, KNOWLES, ANDREWS, CRAW, CASE, and HICKS.

Another exciting find was that Rebecca SPRINGER (Benjamin, Isaac, Isaac, Jonathan) was the daughter of Tiverton, RI Benjamin NEGUS and Isabel SHELDON. This was found in Benjamin’s 1797 RI Will where he referred to Robert and Rebecca Springer as, "...late of Tiverton...," which also shows that the Springers left RI and probably arrived in Ontario/Wayne County, NY  before 1797.

page73-74,  Thanks to a generous Springer descendant, the Will of Samuel SPRINGER, brother of Thankful SPRINGER, became another new source of information.  It shows the names of Thankful SPRINGER SHERMAN's daughters who were each listed as "Daughter SHERMAN" on page 73.  Her daughters not before known were Cynthia (SHERMAN) HOWELL and Jerusha (SHERMAN) LOOMIS.  The latter is thought to have married Ezra LOOMIS, but more study needs to be done. It also lists the names of Thankful's daughter Mary SHERMAN, and Mary Ann COGSWELL who was Thankful's grand daughter by her daughter Angelina. Another grand daughter named was Elizabeth LOWN.  It is uncertain who her parents were.

page 87-88 Although the contention remains that there never was a Harley Sherman, but instead a Harvey that was misspelled in previous genealogies, it has been found that there really was a Weaver Osborne Sherman (1800-1884) living in Erie County, PA in 1840 who married Amy Terry. (1795-1873) He was a doctor, and he died in Monroe, Green Co., WI. (From a descendant of Weaver Osborne Sherman)

pages 93 and 311. The lineage of Thomas Clark, father of Lucinda Clark Sherman, was found in the book, Clark, John, A. B. 1866. Records of the descendants of Hugh Clark of Watertown, MA, 1640-1866. Alfred Mudge & Son. Boston, MA. He was a descendant of Hugh Clark, and new ancestor surnames were found including CROSSMAN and WILSON.

page 94, line 17, New research showed that Lydia Maria Ferris was the daughter of Isaac Ferris (Elijah, Richard, Gilbert, Peter, John, Jeffery). Her history includes the marriage of her "leading man," Englishman Jeffery Ferris, to a woman of nobility. 

page 121, line 6, While doing other research, Charles Sherman's burial was found in the Farber, Audrain County, MO Cemetery. He died in 1886. His wife Lucy j. Machin was born in 1853 and she died in 1919. Buried with them is one infant son, Clark. M. Sherman, who was born in 1886 and died in 1889. It may be that Charles never knew his son. Interesting to note that Lucy  was 7 years older than Charles.

pages 243 - 244, A recent visit to Palmyra, Wayne County, NY proved that the two Gideons written about on these pages are one in the same. Gideon Cornell Sherman and his wife Ruth Lawton Sherman were found buried together in the East Palmyra Cemetery. Previous research was based on old written grave records that had both Gideon’s death date incorrect and listed the wrong wife, Hannah, buried next to him. The death date of Gideon on page 243 is correct. Ruth Lawton Sherman died March 2, 1857.

page 247, As speculated in the book, this Gideon Sherman (1790-1833) is most assuredly the son of Gideon Cornell and Ruth Lawton Sherman, as he too was found buried near them in the East Palmyra Cemetery. It is further believed that he was the Gideon Sherman who married Mercy Eddy. The marriage date and place were exactly the same as Susannah Sherman, Gideon Cornell Sherman's daughter, to Rev. Wilson Osband. It appears that Gideon (Jr.) and Susannah were brother and sister, and had a double wedding. 

Appendix A-7, P. Peer, Abram See, John Hutchins, and Joseph Penwell are all Pratt family homes. It was recently learned that these men all married Pratt daughters.


Please check this page periodically for more updates as they become known.

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