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...or what they are saying about Going to Palmyra; Sherman Deeds...

". . .easily readable style. . .well written portrayal of ancestors. . .genealogical information probably not previously published . . .beautifully documented . . .is so well put together." John H. Sherman, author of The Sherman Directory, CA

". . .wonderfully readable genealogy. . .the author weaves the Sherman family story against a broader background of the events of the time. . . a device that enhances the genealogy." Elizabeth Ann Wendlandt, reviewer for the Genealogical Forum of Oregon, Inc., OR

". . .and I like the way [the author has] interwoven contemporary events in the narrative, that really helps the reader get “to know” the individuals and families." Paul Follett, Genealogy Librarian, Lawton Public Library, OK.

"Obviously a labor of love." Carol Martoccia, NC

". . .very nice publication with a great mix of serious genealogical documentation, casual narratives, and historical perspective. The RI to NY migration can be a killer for researchers, and I can tell that [the author] had fun working on this difficult task." Bertram Lippincott III, Librarian, Newport Historical Society, RI

"I [am writing] to tell you how much I like your book, and I'm so proud to own a copy!...I especially love the journal of your grandfather...I was showing off your book to friends and fellow "genies" last week." L. Keefer, MO

"I am not even a Sherman, but I couldn't put the book down. What a fine job of making your ancestors come to life in their own historical times."  Z. J., WA

"Your book is so interesting. One of the best I've read. So much more information than just names, dates and places. I love the history in it. Now I am going back to reread the history on Wayne County, NY." J. Eufemi, IN

"Marge, I think your book is fantastic! I enjoyed it tremendously." H. Schantz, AZ.

"[Your book is] a wonderful read. I especially enjoy the way you put each generation in its respective historical context. Your work adds a whole new level of understanding to the "what/where/why's" of not just the family's history, but of the nation's. Thank you for all your hard work, research, and fine writing." C. Fields, NY

"I just wanted to write and tell you that the first 40 pages of your book are WONDERFUL!!! ........ [the book] really is GREAT!! You've made it so easy and enjoyable to read, not to mention the incredible amount of information that you've packed into the pages. I'm really impressed ....can't wait to read the rest." J. Fairman, AZ

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