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     Honoring the memory of the comrades who more than two score and ten years ago organized Canby Post No. 18 of the Grand Army of the Republic, a bronze tablet was unveiled yesterday afternoon with fitting ceremony by members of the Canby Corps in a ceremony on the grounds of the Hood River County Library. The bronze tablet honoring the men of the G.A.R., was placed on one of the huge oak trees in the library yard. The tree in the southwest corner of the grounds, close to the sidewalk on State street was chosen as a place for the tablet. Nearly a hundred attended the ceremony and the high school band was there to play for a part of the ceremony. Dr. E.F. Leake gave a short address and Mrs. Max Moore outlined the history of the Corps, stressing the importance in early western history of General E.R.S. Canby, for whom of the group was named. A graduate of Annapolis, he was active in the Mexican War, then came to the Pacific coast at the time Grant and Sheridan were at Vancouver. He assisted wagon trains in traversing the Oregon Trail, then went east to participate in the Civil War. After that he came west and met his death in the Modok War.
     Mrs. Clara Marlor, member of the Canby Corps for many years, gave the address prior to the unveiling of the plaque. She said:
     "How fitting it is that a memorial in bronze for these deported heroes of '61 and '65 be implanted on one of these noble oaks. These oaks have been here many years. Centuries, it is safe to say. Let us hope the bronze tablet we place here today will serve as a reminder to the generations that shall come after us that this city once supported a flourishing Grand Army organization, Canby Post of the Grand Army of the Republic. We, of the Women's Relief Corps, can do much to keep alive the brave spirit of those old soldiers. Let us so work that we, the women of Canby Relief Corps, like the men of the Grand Army of the Republic, shall not have lived in vain."

The Hood River County Sun, Hood River, OR., April 12, 1939, page 1


     Plans were completed at their regular meeting of the Canby Corps Saturday to celebrate the Golden Jubilee of Canby Corps on April 18, the official birthday of the organization.
     The Department of Oregon W.R.C. officers and past officers, the Department of Oregon G.A.R. officers and the Hood River Sons of Veterans will be entertained with a pot-luck dinner at 12 noon sharp. At 2 o'clock sharp the public is invited to attend the unveiling of a memorial plaque that is being mounted, with the approval of the Library Board, on one of the oaks on the Library lawn. An appropriate program is being arranged by the Patriotic Instructor, Corean Stranahan, for the occasion.

The Hood River News, Hood River, OR., April 21, 1939, page 1
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     Members of the Canby Relief Corps, Tuesday afternoon, with more than 100 present, unveiled a bronze plaque to the memory of the founders of Hood River Post No. 18, Grand Army of the Republic, more than 50 years ago. Mrs. Clara Marlor delivered the unveiling address just before the plaque, inserted in one of the big trees on the Library lawn, was uncovered, and Mrs. Max Moore outlined the history of the Corps. Dr. E.F. Leake also delivered an address.

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