John Eddy

According to his gravestone in Uxbridge, Massachusetts, John Eddy was born on Christmas Day, 1730/1 in Swansea. Sometime before 1756, he married Sarah Angell, daughter of Stephen Angell and Martha Olney. Sarah was born August 27, 1734. Her death date is unknown. Stephen Angell in his will, dated March 27, 1771, mentions his daughter Sarah Eddy.

John, a farmer, settled in Glocester, Rhode Island and in 1760 he purchased from his father 20 acres on the southeastern part of the farm of his father, bounded on the land that his brother James had just bought. In the distribution of his property which the father Joshua made just before his death, John received 100 acres more. "Joshua Eddy of Glocester, yeoman, for the love I bear to my son John Eddy of Glocester all my farm where I now dwell, situate in said Glocester, 100 acres, bounding northerly on my son JamesÉand is all my said farm, that I have not before disposed of." Dated February 4, 1762.

In 1762 he served in a campaign. In 1770 John of Glocester, gentleman, for £480 sold to Simeon Smith, all my farm where I dwell - 160 acres. Bounds mention Daniel Eddy's land on the Baker Farm, the dividing line between grantor and grantee, Winsor land and Burlingame land. Wife Sarah Eddy signed. Deed dated April 9, 1770. John then purchased land in Smithfield, Rhode Island and lived there for about five years. On November 4, 1775 John Eddy of Smithfield, yeoman, sold the land "I bought of Benjamin Lapham in Smithfield, 100 acres, where I now dwell."

This date probably is the time of his removal to Northbridge, Massachusetts where he was a resident at the time that the 1790 Census was taken. He was then the head of a household which consisted of two males over 16, one under 16 and two females. Joshua died in Northbride on March 21, 1823. He left a will in which are mentioned wife Sarah; son Jesse; daughter Huldah Bowen; daughter Hannah Mosher; heirs of son Thomas. These are omitted because Thomas received his part of the estate during his life. The will dated January 1, 1803 was filed April 1, 1823.


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