John Curtis

John was baptized in Nazeing, Essex County, England on September 15, 1577. In Waltham Abbey, Essex County, is the record of his marriage on April 19, 1610 to Elizabeth Hutchins, as well as the baptismal records of their children: John, baptized February 26, 1624; William, baptized June 21, 1618; and Thomas, baptized March 12, 1619/2. Additionally, on the same page as his marriage is found the marriage of William Curtiss, who married Sarah Eliot, the sister of John Eliot the Indian Apostle, and one of the original settlers of Roxbury, Massachusetts. It is quite possible that William and John were brothers or otherwise related.

The Curtis family arrived in Boston, Massachusetts on September 16, 1632 on the ship Lion. They first settled in Roxbury, Massachusetts on fifteen acres of land. In 1639 they removed to Wethersfield, Connecticut. There is no record of John's death, but presumably he died shortly after his arrival in Wethersfield. After the death of her husband, Elizabeth Curtis with her three sons went to Stratford, Connecticut when the town was first founded. "Widow Curtiss", first appears on these records, in a list of property owners about 1650 with her two sons, John and William. Her lot was near or adjoining that of Rev. Adams Blakeman.

Elizabeth died in June, 1658 and her will was proved at Fairfield, Connecticut on November 4, 1658.

The Last Will and Testatment of Elizabeth Curtiss,...being weak yeat perfect in her minde as is...

Inprmis. Unto her two Sonns John Curtiss and William doe give my Mare and Coalt...

It. Unto John Curtiss & Jonathan Curtiss ye Sonnes of my Sonnes John & William my Grandchildren I doe give the coalt that my young Mare hath: And after the sayd young mare hath up her first coalt, Then I doe give ye sayd young mare to the Rest of my Grandchildren, Sonns and Daughters of my aforefd Sonns John & William:

It. I doe give one houfe and Lott to my grandchildren, John Curtiss & Ifrael & Jonathan & Sarah Curtiss ye children of ye said John & William: And they to enjoy it when they come to ye age of twenty:

It. I doe give unto my Grandchilde Mary Curtiss ye daughter of Thomas Curtiss forty shillings & to bee paid unto her by my sonns John & William within a yeare after my defesase:

It. I doe give unto my Sonns John & William Curtiss my two cowss, one hiefer, one bullock and a calf after my decsas; provided yt if my sayd young mare before given to my Grandchildren should miscarry. Then my Will is if my two sonns John and William Curtiss should give foure pounds each of them to there Children yt have no share in my house and Lott to be paid att ye Age of twentie:

It. I doe give my Bible to John Curtiss my Grandchilde the Sonn of John Curtiss allso my desire is yt there be so much of my Corn sould as may buy a bible for Jonathan Curtiss ye Sonn of my Sonn William and given to him:

The Rest of my goods Within ye house that are moveable goods I doe give to me Sonns John & William Curtiss to be equally divided betwixt them.

My two Sonns John Curtiss & William Curtiss I doe make executors: my will is yt John Burdseye, Henry Wakelyn and Joseph Hawly shall bee overseers of this my Last Will and Testament.

Elizabeth Curtiss

In ye presence of
John Brimsmaid
John Washborn

This will is proved by John Curtiss and William Curtiss to bee ye Last Will and Testament of Elizabeth Curtiss of Stratford: And Court ye approves of it, it being attested to :4th :4th (58) John Minor.

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