Favorite Sites

There are many excellent genealogy sites on the Internet. This page is not an attempt to provide links to all of them. The only links given are to those sites that provide additional information  about one of our families.

The McCarver Family

Gives the history of the McCarver family down to marriage of Gracie (Grussey) McCarver and Johnson Webb. (See Descendants of John Russell)

The Biggs Family

An excellent site with the history of the Biggs family, who connect to the Hassell family.
(See Descendants of John Wilson

Old Orange County

This site has lots of information about Orange County, NC, and the Nelson and Craig families.
Descendants of Samuel Nelson

Biography of John W.Glenn

This biography gives information about James Wilson and William Jennett Hassell.
(See Descendants of John Wilson

Biography of William B. Cole

This bio gives information about Jacob Cole, believed to be Jacob Cole, Sr. (See Descendants of Jacob Cole, Sr)

Biography of George Johnston, Jr.

This biography gives information about the children of Jane (Thompson Johnston) Russell by her first marriage.
(See Descendants of Thomas Thompson

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