Brick Wall Bios & Stories

Like most researchers, we have a few "brick walls". Their bios and stories are presented here in the hope that someone will recognize them.

The father of NANCY BURNSIDE was a Quaker and a school teacher in Orange County, NC, in the late 18th century.

was living in Columbia County, NY, in the latter part of the 18th century. He was of Dutch or German descent and lived to be over 100 years old. He is said to have fought in the French/Indian Wars under General Wolfe and to have been at the fall of Quebec, where 4000 troops took the fort in a single volley of shots by holding their fire until they "saw the whites of their eyes."  He is likely the Jacob Cole mentioned in the biography of William Cole on the Columbia County GenWeb page, but there is no confirmation. That would place his birth in NYC and would make him the son of a "light pilot" in New York harbor. His father's name may also have been Jacob.

JOHN LEWIS (Johannes Loos) lived in Hagerstown, MD, for a while and was in Virginia in 1779. He moved to a farm in Greene County, PA, about a mile from the Castile School House before his death in 1805. He was of Dutch or German descent.

J. H. PEDEN was born in GA. He married Elizabeth, who was from Tennessee. It is unknown whether she was his first wife. They had a child born in GA about 1861. In 1869/70, they had two children in MS. They may have lived around Tupelo. By 1880, Elizabeth was a widow living in Saline County, AR. She was granted custody of her two minor children, named as the minor heirs of J. H. Peden in 1894 in Saline County.

as a weaver, born in Ireland, who "participated" in the Revolutionary War. He moved to Orange County, NC, after the war and remained there for the rest of his life. He was likely born between 1760 and 1770 and died before 1850. Many of his children moved to Chatham County, NC. William and Alfred moved to Saline County, AR.

JOHN  and ELIZABETH WILSON were born in South Carolina. They moved to middle Tennessee before 1809. Two of their sons became Cumberland Presbyterian ministers. In 1850, John and Elizabeth were living in Independence County, AR. When he died in Clark County, AR, in 1854, John owned property in Marshall County, MS, and on Leatherwood Creek in Hickman County, TN.

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