Early Alabama Cotton Gin


A story depicting the lives and history of:


Southern Goodwins

(A somewhat fictitious autobiography of Theophilus Goodwin and his descendants)

The Book Contains

1.  A right smart of documentable facts,

2. A bunch of dead-reckoning logic,

3.  A few quotable quotes,


       4. A passel of outright lies.

Written By Ron Goodwin


Art Courtesy Of Jack C. DeLoney

P.O. Box1627, Ozark AL 36361


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A Brief History

Goodwin Researchers

Notations & Documentations

Chapter One-My Future In A Pile Of Cotton.

Chapter Two-Fish Fry/Wedding

Chapter Three-A Second Lease On Living

Chapter Four-War, Death, And Goodwins In S.C.

Chapter Five-A Great Loss & A New Beginning.

Chapter Six-Foot Washing & Dinner On The Grounds.

Chapter Seven-Kinfolk Reunion.

Chapter Eight-Births, Deaths, & Marriages.

Chapter Nine-A Pension & A Dam.

Chapter Ten-A Birthday & A New Hoss.

Chapter Eleven-Alabama Fever.

Chapter Twelve-An Indian In The Family.

Chapter Thirteen-A Hoss Race & Covered Wagons.

Chapter Fourteen-The Road & A Lost Son.

Chapter Fifteen- Beads & Bonnets.

Chapter Sixteen-Sugar Cane

Chapter Seventeen-A Two Holer Of Course

Chapter Eighteen-Catfish Stew & Morning Sickness

Chapter Nineteen-War


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