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Subject  RE: OCS 58B Web Site
Date: Mon, 6 Dec 1999 13:53:00 -0500
From: "Raynsford, Robert W Dr ASA-FM" Robert.Raynsford@HQDA.Army.Mil

"I'm gonna fly a 102 and you'll fly one too!"

1. A/3c R. fresh from basic arrives at O/C barracks to get a look at what will soon be his new abode. Heavenly days! Scrawny bushes, low, flat -rooved buildings. The bushes are being attended by industrious young men clothed in sweats, colored baseball caps in place (green for 4th Sq.). Each bush is surrounded by low pyramids of dry Texas earth. The attendants shape and reshape the mounds, eyes to the ground, mouths open, from which stentorian baritone cadences emerge. Hut, two, three, four! Hut, two, three, four!" Practiced voices of command. It is Saturday morning and the A.B.O. (Area Beautification Operation) is in full swing.

2. O/C R. standing in formation. He is receiving the concerted attention of three upperclassmen. They are not pleased. "Mister, those fatigues are HEINOUS!!" "Yes sir." Steady R. - this is just part of the training. Only half right! Those fatigues are G.I. from basic. You can't tailor them worth a darn. You better take this seriously. Your military rating is dropping. Evening counseling session with the tactical officer. The upperclassmen have concerns. A trip to Lauterstein, the tailor. Result: fatigues that fit. Military rating permanently damaged but at least no more counseling from the tac. officer.

3.Reveille. Ten minutes to dress, shave, make bed, and appear in formation. Great admiration for Mr. Orr, who can grab and light a cigarette before his feet even touch the floor, smoke it and still make the formation by 0509. Three deep in front of the bathroom mirror, it is difficult to be sure the shave will pass muster. With a close flashlight inspection it doesn't. Flashlight also reveals "garbage" on boards. Breakfast, complete with all squared corners and ample opportunity to answer questions from upperclassmen. Also a lesson in manners. Is it proper to spit out that indigestible morsel? NEGATIVE MISTER! "How did it get in your mouth?" "With my fork sir." "Well then how do you suppose you should take it from your mouth?"

4.My leaders. Col. Barnard, very stern, very proper, command pilot and role model. O/C Capt. Cruciani, 4th Sq.. 58-A. O Captain , my Captain! How did you displease the colonel? Oh, yes you were driving on a beautiful spring day in your convertible(?) - but with no shirt. The walls shook as the colonel's displeasure reverberated through the OCS area. But the brave Cruciani weathered the storm and survived to fight another day. To admiring O/C R. he said, "If I could combine your brains with my guts, we could rule the world!"

5. And the Wing Staff. O/C Col. Walsh - the passionate. O/C LTC Callicotte, so tough, tough, tough. O/C Maj. Hinson - the adjutant. No paper will remain on his desk. Every action will be dispatched decisively, skillfully before the day is out and the sunset reflected on the totally cleared surface. I stood in awe of your military virtues, all of you. I saluted you then. I salute you now.