Because of the interest shown in the lives of our fellow Classmates we are bringing their stories to the forefront of our Web Page.   


My Dear 58B Classmates, if your name does not appear on the roster below you have NOT performed your duty to your fellow Classmates.  Weather you believe it or not there is a tremendous amount of interest in each member of Officer Candidate School Class 58B. I have talked and exchanged e-mail with many of our Classmates and there is no doubt that this interest exist.  Therefore, to make the history of Class 58B complete we certainly encourage each of you to participate in this project.  Your input can be exactly as you desire.  It can be short, long, detailed, just so you participate.  It is hoped that you will share some photo's along with your written input.  

Those of you that have already submitted your bio, I have copied them to this section of our Web Pages. Remember, we want to keep these pages alive--not static displays. I implore you to review and change your Bio's to include times and events that are important in your particular book of memories--and by all means new events and experiences in your life.

So my good Classmates do your duty and provide your very important part to the Class of 58B's history. 





Gordon Brymer

Harold D. Reddish

James L. Haynes

Benjamin D. Halsted

Prentis L. Ollis

John  A. Chamberland

Robert A Fields

James H. Colvig

Doyle D Cooter

Curtis E Darfler

Charles P. Clawson

Edward N. Garcia

Bobby G. Burnett

Robert E. Wallace

Richard D. Wilson

George R. Crongeyer

James E. Kent

Quentin A. Kuttenkuler

John M Quinn

Robert W. Raynsford

Theodore L. Sawyer

Thomas J. Sizemore

Ewing M. (Joe) Thompson

Russell L. Ross

Waldean H. Deines and Emily T. Zajchowski

Allen D. Wegner

Jim Hope

Doris Young (Dowell)

Helen Trammell (Boyer)

Dave Sorenson

Philip B. F. Agee

Charles H. Ramsey

Frank C. Chavers

William J. Lane

Jack  W. Brown

William D. Jefferson

Jack E. Walsh

Daniel J. Sevin

Richard E. O'Hara

Phyllis A. Brady

James R. Sutherlan

 Edward L. Callicotte

John R. Hayes

Ronald E. McDaniel

Frances DeLee