Bill Lane
2nd Squadron


Date: Mon, 17 Apr 2000 18:20:39 EDT

FROM: William Lane
SUBJECT: Reporting in, Lane

Hi Ollie and the rest! I have really enjoyed the e-mail with the bio's and pics. Also good to hear from old classmates. Am pretty new on computer and e-mail, but learning slowly.

Am sending my bio for inclusion in your project if you want it. After OCS I was assigned as a Basic Training TAC Officer at Lackland. Then on to Waco for Nav training & Keesler for ECM/EWO school.

Served on B-52H crew at Wurtsmith, ending up as Wing Penetration Aids Officer. Jim Tracy of 1st Sq was my next door neighbor. Finagled a transfer to Barksdale and 2AF HQ as Staff Intel Officer.

Went to Clark, AB as MAC Intel Off to brief crews flying into SEA. Got my 
time in as Nav on Base flight birds (C-47, C-54, C-118). Flew combat and combat support missions into many of the small airfields in SVN, as well as  DaNang, Tan Son Nhut, and Camh Ran Bay.

Sent to Stewart AFB, NY to help design penetration mission for our aircraft to fly against ADC/NORAD. Real interesting job, but Eastern NORAD Region was 
hit by the first wave of base closures and we turned out the lights there on 
December 31, 1969.

I was again successful in returning to Barksdale, working in the same Intel 
Division as before. When alerted that I was ripe for another tour in SEA, I elected to retire as a Major with 21 years in 1971.

After retirement, I got my degree & certification in elementary education and 
taught school for a few years. I got my MA and 30+ in educational supervision, and served as elementary supervisor and assistant headmaster. After about 15 years in education I gave it up to concentrate on one of my main concerns -- erosion of veterans/retiree benefits. I have devoted the majority of my efforts in that arena for several years now, with the DAV.

I have volunteered with the DAV since mid 80's. Have served in many positions, including Louisiana State Commander and State Inspector. I also volunteer several hours a month as a Bossier Parish Sheriff's Posse member, and as a certified Louisiana Department of Wildlife & Fisheries Hunter Education Instructor.

Those ventures -- along with my wife of 48 years (Barbara), four grown sons, 
ten grandchildren, and church -- takes up most of the rest of my time. I feel I have been blessed by God.

I am proud to have been an old sergeant who successfully completed the "living hell" called OCS. Glad to have been a member of 58B and Tiger Two. Not again tho!

Am sending two pictures. Believe you have student pics.

You're doing a great job Ollie. Thanks for the hard work.

Bill Lane