George Curran 1840-1920
George Curran
born November 10, 1840; died June 14, 1920

Death certificate on file at Albion Village Offices, Albion , New York, USA
Register # 44

Entered the Army at age 23, December 29, 1863 at Albion , New York
Company K, New York 8th Heavy Artillery, Transfered June 5, 1865 to Company L, New York 4th Heavy Artillery

Eyes: Blue
Hair: Light
Complexion: Light
Height: 5ft,7in

Transcript of Death Certificate / Registration

Name: George Curran
Place of Death:
Gregory Hospital, Albion, New York
District #
Registration #
Length in Residence where death occurred:
How long in United States if Foreign born:


Personal & statistical

Sex: Male
Color or Race:
Marital Status:
Name of Wife:
Sarah Shears
Date of Birth:
November 10, 1840
Albion, New York
79 years, 7 months, 4 days
Fathers Name:
Henry Curran
Fathers Birthplace:
Mothers Name:
Nancy Lashler
Mothers Birthplace:
New York State
Thos. Curran


Date of death: June 14, 1920
Cause of Death:
??? of Stomach & Liver
Duration of condition:
Secondary Cause:
Aterio Sclerosis
Attended by:
D.G. Cooper M.D.

Other Notes

Source location: Office of Village Clerk, Albion, New York
Place of Burial:
Mt. Albion Cemetery, Rt. 31, Albion, New York
McNall & McNall
Address: Albion, New York
Burial or Transit permit issued:
June 17, 1920

The following is a deposition in George Currans pension case: Eugene Jacobs aged 32, years, a resident of Carlton in the County of Orleans, and State of New York being duly sworn deposes and says, that he was late a Pri. in Co. "K", in the 8th, Regt. N.Y. H. Arty. Vols. in the service of the United States, Mar of A.D. 1861.&c.and that he was well acquainted with George Curran who was late a Private in Co. "K", in the 8th, Regt. N.Y. H. Arty. Vols. and who, while in said service , and in the line of his duty, without fault or improper conduct of his own, was disabled at the time, place, and in the manner following. said Deponent Enlisted in Carlton, Orleans Co. N.Y. about the 23rd day of Dec. 1863, as a Private for Co, "K" of his Regt. aforesaid. That about the 20th of Feb, 1864,left Elmira, N.Y. with 2nd Lient. Thomas Westcott of Co. "K" of Said Regt. about the 20th of Feb., 1864, about 4 O.C. in the morning that deponent was with said squad also George Curran now an applicant for a pension as deponent is informed. There was also quite a number of recruits in said squd at said time, that most of them are now dead. That about Midnight said day we arrived at a place called Munson in Pa. that our breakfast was very light & having no food all day the men became very hungry & Lient. Westcott ordered George Curran aforesaid & another soldier to go out to an eating Saloon & get some pies & cakes or something for the boys to eat. The night was very dark & snowey & the said George Curran had an arm full of pies & cakes, deponent was out with said Curran to get some candles, as they had had no light in the cars except from the stove. that our car stood over the tressell bridge & in his attempt to get on the car from the bridge hisfoot slipped or misstep on getting on the car which caused said Curran to fall back & he fell through the bridge on the ground below, said bridge was quit high, that ?? said fall his left elbow at joint, right wrist was broken & bones, also his left knee was broken on inside of joint & the left side of his chest on front part opposite his heart &c & other injuries internally, Deponent saw him laying on the ground through the bridge , but could not go & see him, but learned of his injuries after from the Officers & also from said Curran, sais Curran was left & did not reach his Co. until April 1864 & then he was quit unable, could not get his left hand to his mouth & he showed much the effect of said fall & he was very lame, left arm laxed at elbow, has been lame ever since in left leg and he has other injuries received at said time. Deponent further states that the habits of the said George Curran were good - that the bodily condition of his health when he entered said service, and was until disabled as above stated, " Sound in body and Mind" were it otherwise deponent would have Known it. deponent was well and intimately acquainted with the said George Curran while in said service was a member of my said Company and was present at said time that said injury was received, and that he recollects the circumstances well. And deponent further states that he has no interest, direct or indirect in the prosecution of this claim.

(signed)Eugene Jacobs
Late a Private Co."K", 8th Regt, N.Y. H.Arty. Vols.

My P.O. Address is right East Carlton
Orleans Co. N.Y.

Subscribed and sworn before me this 30th day of March A.D. 1878. and I certify that I beleive said affiant to be a credible witness and that I have no interest direct or indirect in the procescution of this claim. (signed) H.S. Goff, Notary Public