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There are areas 
included in this 
listing, that have
not always been
included within 
the confines of 
the city of 
Fredericton, and 
may even yet 
have a Parish 
location, as well 
as the city status.
(Some of these may
be repeated in Parish
Listings in File 2)
Garden Creek, Kingsclear Parish, is 2 miles from city centre, and is now within the city limits.
Hanwell Road, is nearly down to the riverside in Fredericton, and extends past the city limits into the community of Hanwell. By common usage it is often called the Fredericton area well beyond the city limits.
Marysville, which amalgamated with Fredericton in 1973 was set up in the Parish of St. Marys.
Morrisons or Morrisons Mill on the way to Lincoln, Sunbury County was the home area of the old St Margaret's Church.
Nashwaaksis of Douglas Parish was incorporated as a village in 1966 and amalgamated with Fredericton in 1973.
Springhill, now called Silverwood, Kingsclear Parish, amalgamated with Fredericton in 1973. There are possibly others that I have not identified yet. Fredericton begans its days on the flats, near the Saint John River, and it was not until well into the middle of the 1900's that it began to spread "up the hill". As late as the 1950's there were very few houses on top of the hills (Smythe, York and Regent Streets), and all of the shopping centres of today began around that time.

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Anglican Church of Canada
Christ Church Cathedral, Fredericton, NB
Christ Church Parish Church, Fredericton, NB
Christ Church Cathedral  {168 Church St, Fredericton} Office (506) 450-8500 / Diocesan Synod Office (506) 459-1801 115 Church Street, Fredericton, New Brunswick} (See the Cathedral Website) website
Christ Church Parish Church, Fredericton, NB
Christ Church Parish Church, Fredericton, NB
Christ Church (Parish Church) The old building: St. Anne's Chapel-of-Ease, cornerstone laid in 1846, became a Parish Church in 1853 under the name of Christ Church (Parish) Church {245 Westmorland Street, Fredericton, New Brunswick E3B 3L9 / cor. of George and Westmorland Streets} There is also the new building and several special project buildings shown on this site. website
Nashwaaksis Baptist Church, Fredericton, NB
St John's Anglican Church {Main St., Fredericton North} (Nashwaaksis) website
St. Margaret's Anglican Church, Forest Hill, Fredericton, NB St. Margaret's Anglican Church - new building {775 Forest Hill Road, Fredericton, NB} website
St. Margaret's Anglican Church - old - Fredericton, NB St. Margaret's Anglican Church - old building | History on the new churches website. as above
St Peters Anglican Church, Fredericton, NB St Peters Anglican Church {Woodstock Road} the old Church Hall, which was replaced and sold, summer of 2002. (sign | front view) website
Brunswick St Baptist Church | 161 York St. Fredericton, NB, E3B 3P7, 506-450-1222 front view website
camera.gif Calvary Baptist Church Independent {845 Regent} (506) 454-6503 website
Devon Park Baptist Church {145 Clark} (506) 458-9377 website
Grace Memorial United Baptist Church {536 Northumberland Fredericton} website
Greenwood Drive United Baptist Church {150 Greenwood Dr Fredericton} (506) 452-8593 website
Hanwell Baptist Church, Fredericton, NB Hanwell Baptist Church {Deerwood Dr} (506) 450-4295 website
camera.gif Marysville United Baptist Church (Old) {389 Canada St.} (506) 457-1006 (closed Sep 2003) see below
camera.gif Marysville United Baptist Church (New) {150 Cowperthwaite St} (dedicated 6 Sep 2003) website
Nashwaaksis Baptist Church
{106 Edgewood Dr} (506) 450-8817 (Cor. Edgewood Dr. & Kingsley Ct.)
camera.gif Northside Fundamental Baptist Church {528 Mc Laren Ave} (506) 459-1163 website
camera.gif Skyline Acres United Baptist Church  {135 Canterbury Dr} (506) 455-9495 website
camera.gif West Fredericton Free Will Baptist Church {Hanwell Road} (506) 455-2525 website
Jehovah's Witnesses
Kingdom Hall {Woodstock Road, Fredericton}
First United Pentecostal Church Of Fredericton {71 Downing} (506) 459-5054 website
Sunset Pentecostal Church | website
Evangel Pentecostal Assembly {705 Maple Street, Fredericton, NB} 506-472-4367  website
Cornerstone Pentecostal Church & Christian Academy {Richibucto Rd}  (506) 453-9464
(This church is prossibly in Sunbury County, even though it has a Fredericton Phone Number.)
camera.gif St Andrews Presbyterian Church {12 Charlotte St., Fredericton} (506) 455-8220 website
St James Presbyterian Church, Fredericton, NB
St James Presbyterian Church, Fredericton, NB
St James Presbyterian Church {Hanwell Rd, Fredericton} (506) 450-4031  website
Roman Catholic
Holy Family Parish, Fredericton, NB Holy Family Parish {1500 Hanwell Road, Fredericton, E3C 1N3} (506) 444-6021 website
camera.gif Our Lady of Fatima Parish {130 Crocket Street, Marysville, Fredericton N.B., E3A 4H3} (506) 444-6029 website
camera.gif Paroisse Sainte-Anne-des-Pays-Bas(French) {715, rue Priestman, Fredericton, E3B 5W7}
Office (506) 444-6015 Rectory (506) 444-6017
St. Anthony's Parish, Fredericton, NB
St. Anthony's Parish, Fredericton, NB
St. Anthony's Parish {603 Union Street, Fredericton, E3A 3N5}  (506) 444-6010 
Email: [email protected] or [email protected]
St. Charbel's Parish Church, Fredericton, NB St. Charbel's Parish (Maronite Rite) {299 Argyle Street, Fredericton, E3B 1T8}  Tel: (506) 444-6023 website
St. Dunstan's Parish, Fredericton, NB St. Dunstan's Parish | Downtown / PO Box 187, Fredericton, E3B 4Y9 (506) 444-6001 sign website
camera.gif St. Theresa's Parish {Nashwaaksis / 1 William Street, Fredericton, E3A 1N1} (506) 444-6013  website
camera.gif St. Thomas University Campus Ministry {PO Box 4569, Fredericton, E3B 5G3} (506) 452-0636 website
United Church of Canada
Forest Hill United Church {Forest Hill Road} website
Gibson Memorial United Church {Gibson St.} (506) 457-1951 website
Marysville United Church {351 Canada St.) (506) 450-3082  [poss. the one below - a newer one?] website
Marysville United Church of Canada, Fredericton, NB
Marysville United Church of Canada | Newspaper clipping - original building, built in 1872, submitted by Alta Flynt. This was found in a minute book of the Thistle Mission Band, which was converted to a scrapbook. {Marysville now part of Fredericton} The recordings are now on the York Co. GenWeb site. website
Nashwaaksis United Church of Canada | (506) 458-9452 website

St Paul's United Church {224 York} (506) 458-1183  website
Wilmot United Church {473 King St, Fredericton, NB, E3B 1E5} (506) 458-1066 website
Church Of The Nazarene {307 Brookside Dr} (506) 452-0225 website
Corbett Avenue Wesleyan Church {55 Corbett Ave} (506) 472-0044 website
First Wesleyan Church, Fredericton, NB
First Wesleyan Church, Fredericton {131 Duncan Ln} (506) 458-9232 website
Olivet Wesleyan Church {4 Coronation Court} (506) 452-7110 / Parsonage (506) 458-2803 website
Other Religions & Unsorted Churches
Apostolic Faith Church {Noonan Dr} (506) 472-8996 website
Christian Reformed Church {121 McAdam Ave}(506) 472-6450 website
Church Of Christ Fredericton {103 Bloor} (506) 472-0071 website
Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter-Day Saints, Fredericton, NB
Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter-Day Saints {986 Smythe St} (506) 453-7863 & (506) 450-4103 website
Congregational Christian Churches of Canada {870 Grandame Ave} (506) 458-0093 website
First Congregational Church of Fredericton / {870 Grandame Ave} (506) 458-0093 
(Copyright on the photos would go to the church itself. People who would like to use item can email [email protected] of the webste to let then know how and where they are being used.)
Fredericton Alliance Church
Fredericton Alliance Church {143 Douglas Ave}(506) 472-8948 website
Lutheran Church St Matthew {1039 Regent}(506) 450-1416 website
Seventh-Day Adventist Church {870 Grandame} (506) 457-1886 website
Unitarian Fellowship website
Word Of Faith Family Church (506) 455-9673 website
Smythe Street Cathedral, Fredericton, NB
Smythe Street Cathedral {913 Smythe Street, P.O.Box 341, Fredericton, NB E3B 4Z9}  (506) 458-8206 / fax: (506) 452-9952 / email: [email protected]  website

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