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Mactaquac United Baptist Church | Mactaquac (506) 363-3914  website
camera.gif United Pentecostal Church | Zealand (506) 363-4519  website
St. Paul's Anglican Church | Zealand  website
camera.gif Seventh Day Adventist Church | Zealand (506) 363-3317 website
United Baptist Church | Zealand (506) 363-3569 website
camera.gif St. Thomas of Canterbury Church {Canterbury} Mission of St. Simon and Jude Parish, Nackawic / The Old Church - Blown down in a gale and rebuilt, but no longer standing / Photo by Arletta Hill Sullivan, See also the York Co. GenWeb site for many details about Canterbury Parish churches and its pastor. website
camera.gif Holy Trinity Church, Canterbury, York County, New Brunswick Photo by Arletta Hill Sullivan, (see above) website
Burtts Corner Baptist Church | Burtts Corner (506) 363-5265  website
camera.gif Church Of Christ | Burtt's Corner (506) 363-5533  website
camera.gif Cornerstone Bible Church | Burtts Corner (506) 363-4467  website
Douglas United Baptist Church  (506) 444-8108  website
Keswick Ridge United Church | Keswick Ridge (506) 363-3604  website
Keswick United Baptist Church | Mouth Of Keswick (506) 363-3642  website
camera.gif Kingsley Baptist Church | Royal Road (506) 450-1392  website
camera.gif Kingsley Birdton United Church (506) 452-7951  website
camera.gif Nashwaaksis United Church of Canada (506) 458-9452  Website
St. Joseph's Church | Tay Creek website
camera.gif Stoneridge Pentecostal Church | Zealand (506) 363-2027  website
Upper Keswick United Church - Hall - old church building website

First Kingsclear United Baptist Church {Island View} (506) 451-9704)   website

Central Kingsclear United Church
Kingsclear Second United Baptist Church (506) 363-3446  website
St. Ann's Parish {Kingsclear, RR #6, Comp. 1, Site 4, Fredericton , E3B 4X7} Tel: (506) 363-3040 (Catholic)  website
St. Patrick's Church | photo by Cleadie Barnett "Can Use" {Newmarket, York Co., NB} Mission of St. Ann's Parish, Kingsclear, N.B. (Catholic)  website
camera.gif Acton Presbyterian Church, Acton, Hanwell Road (3 mi. NE of Harvey, 2 mi. NW of Cork) website
Harvey United Baptist (Harvey Station) |  website
Immaculate Conception Church {Cork} Mission of St. Ann's Parish, Kingsclear, N.B. (Catholic) |   website
Knox Presbyterian Church {Harvey Station, highway # 3&4} (506) 366-5398 Another view: Another section of the building & Sign  website
St Andrews United Church of Canada {Harvey} |   website
Seventh Day Adventist Church {Harvey} |   website
United Church Christian Education Centre Harvey Station {Harvey Station} (506) 366-5201  website
United Pentecostal Church {Harvey Station} (506) 366-5396 |   website
camera.gif Harvest Christian Fellowship {Once met at the Pastor's Home, then at 153 Harvey Road, Unit 4 / now disbanded} This was a new church, which began by holding meetings in the Pastor's home, then in the McAdam Shoping Mall. It has since closed. website
McAdam Independent Baptist Church {13 Oak Street, McAdam} (506) 784-3169 
  This building was bought after the Pentecostal Church built their new building on the Harvey Road in 1977. There is no listing for it in the book, which covers up to that year.


off road 

St Clement's Roman Catholic Church {24 Highland Road. McAdam} (506) 784-3344
    The Parish of St Clements was established 27 June 1946, from its parent church in the Parish of Debec. Prior to the erection of Debec Parish the community was served by the St. Stephen-Milltown Parish.
    When the diocesan Holy Name Union was reorganized, St Clements was originally assigned to District 6 at Woodstock, but more recently it was found to be more convenient to be associated with District 3, in Fredericton. The original church was destroyed by fire in 1904, and the present one erected the same year on the same site. (pp. 28-29)
  (Note: The original church was built in 1898, and burnt in 1904. The new one was built that same year, when it was still a mission of Debec or St. Stephen-Milltown.)

St George's Anglican Church {56 Rockland Drive. McAdam} (506) 784-2422
    On 7 Aug 1899 the first recorded meeting was held in the I.O.O.F. Hall, with Rev. J.E. Flewelling in the chair. The meeting dealt with raising $75.00 per year for a minister's salary, securing and organist, choir director, hymn books, prayer books, as well as a site for a church, for which a committee was began.
    It would appear that some services were being held before this date, but this was the founding meeting for a regular structure. At a meeting held 2 Sep 1899, Rev. Flewelling mentioned he had an interview with the Bishop, who approved their plans to date, and who said there was $128.83 on hand for the building fund. There was also some discussion of a former minister, Mr. Barton, coming, and that there were some arrears to the Board of Home Missions, which both speak to there having been services in McAdam before August 1899. (Mr. Flewelling informed them he was being inducted Rector of the Mission of Canterbury on 21 Sep, and requested some members from McAdam be there.)
    In a proposed address, regarding the presentation of an Alms Plate, the date of 18 May 1899 is mentioned as the day the ladies of the Church organized themselves in a society.
    Services were at present being held once in four weeks, but at the beginning of 1900 it was proposed to be changed to once in three weeks for at least the first six months. (Benton was one of Rev. Flewelling's other charges, who had to approve this change, as it affected his work with them.)
    On the business side, it is interesting to note that Banking was to be done with the Bank of Montreal, in Saint John. By June the ladies had raised $267, the Bishop had $637, and a building to cost between $1,200 to $2,000 was being discussed. They were paying 50 cents per week for the rental of the hall. Sites at Jackson's Corner, one opposite Mr. Harris' and one near Burpee' were being considered. By 3 Aug 1901, the Bishop sent word that for the $600 to be available, it must be used by 31 Dec of that year. Lots 12 and 13 were granted by the C.P.R. Agents Office to the Bishop of Fredericton, 17 Jun 1901.
    The first Communion Service on record, held in St George's Church was on 29 Dec 1901, with the first baptism being recorded on 5 Jan 1902. The building was consecrated on 25 Jun 1905. The Memorial Hall was built in 1926. (pp.37-45)


(A view 

St. Pauls United Church {155 Saunders Road (at the corner of Lake Ave) McAdam} (506) 784-2414
  This new church building replaced the old Union Church, with the dedication taking place on 23 Oct 1921.  The Presbyterian Witness carried a notice on 19 Jan 1922, stating "McAdam is paying $2,000, has a manse and has a new church costing $25,000 - free of debt." (Maritime Conference Archives)  Ministers serving this new church were: Rev. Donald Maguire (1923); Rev. W.U. Hatfield; Rev. Dr. George J. Bond (Jul 1924-Dec 1924); Rev. Harold Tomkinson (Jan 1925-Jan 1926).
    The manse that was purchased was on Depot Street. A portion of the church divided during Mr. Hatfield's pastorate, and ultimately formed the United Baptist Church. 
    Major repairs were made to the concrete blocks in 1965, with new steps with wrought iron railings were built for the front entrance, and a fire escape was added to the side exit. 
  The congregation of this church became part of the United Church of Canada, on 10 June 1925, when the Methodist, Presbyterian and Congregationalist joined to form this new denomination. On 9 June, this same year, the present manse was bought from Mr. & Mrs Thomas E. & Annie Kingston. It sits next to the church, on Lake Ave. (pp. 31-36)
    There is much more data about the auxiliaries and special events of the church in the book.
    It will be noted that at some point the tower on the original St. Paul's Church was altered to incorporate a side porch with stairways inside to both down to the basement and up to the main floor, as well as washrooms and coat closets. The door leads into this area from ground level. There have been several memorial windows added over the years.
    In this present day, the church basement serves as a Play School and a PreSchool Kindergarten meeting place (once and twice a week respectively). Here pre school aged children learn to socialize, as well as gain a feel for what they will meet when they begin school.
Rockland Drive United Baptist Church {26 Rockland Dr, McAdam} (605) 784-2446
    The Baptist in McAdam first met under the combined grouping of the Union Church. (see below) Their record in the book, describes the early days this way, and calls the Church, Interdenominational Community Church, as opposed to just the Union Church.
    "The first public religious services, held in railway pioneer days, were conducted by ministerial students in the Carpenter's Shop with the workmen seated on rows of lumber. One of these young preachers was the late Rev. Dr. H.R. Grant, then a Presbyterian student, who for many years was an ardent social reformer in Nova Scotia. Rev. F.L. Orchard, then of Fredericton, N.B., now in Toronto, served as a Baptist student pastor during the summer of 1909."
    In 1924, when Rev. W.U. Hatfield, a Baptist Pastor, was the minister to the Union Church, a majority of the Baptist members, with a few Presbyterians, decided to hold separate service in the local Orange Hall. Rev. and Mrs. L.F. Wallace, Home Mission workers, followed Mr. Hatfield, and on 26 Nov 1925, a council was held in McAdam to set the wheels in motion for the formation of a Baptist organization in the community. 
    At a meeting on 11 May 1926, after much preliminary work, it was decided to proceed with the building of a church on its present site, the opening of which took place on 31 Oct 1926, at which time a new minister was in place, and Rev. & Mrs. Wallace completed their Home Mission assignment in McAdam.
    The history goes on to relate many details of their progress over the years. The building of a parsonage, various groups, memorials, etc. are among the items listed. (pp. 47-58)

Union Church - no longer standing / on east side of tracks {Highland Ave., McAdam Junction, NB.} The frame of the building was 45 feet by 28 feet. The St. Croix Courier reported in its 12th Dec 1889 ed. that the frame was up and being enclosed. It was to be used by the Protestant Church in McAdam (Presbyterian, Baptist, Free Christian Baptist, Methodist & Congregationalist.) Ministers were to be called in turn from each of the denominations represented. The first minister called was Rev. Mr. McLennan. Others were: Rev. Arthur Ross (who left in 1904); Rev. Charles Stirling; Rev. Alexander Grant; Rev. Donald Maguire (1914-1916 & 1918-1923). Land for a new church was purchased 27 Jan 1920, from the Canadian Pacific Railway for the sum of $1.00. The old church was sold for $1,500, and was torn down.
    The corner stone for the new building was laid in Aug 1920, and is now St. Paul's United Church. The stone mason for the building was Mr. Archie MacDonald. (pp30/31)


Voice of Pentecost Church {82 Harvey Road, McAdam} (506) 784-3506
    The Pentecostal Church held its first public meeting on 13 Oct 1931, in the old Laundry Building (Saunders St), which had been purchased by Mr. Rude Phillips. Mr. Phillips invited Rev. Winn Stairs to come and begin holding services. Rev. Stairs was followed by his brother, Rev. Quincy Stairs in about Dec of that same year, who was followed by Rev. Arthur Copeland until 1949. 
    Rev. E.P. Wickens followed about 1951, when it was decided to move from the Old Mission (in the Laundry Building) into a building of their own. A lot was purchased on Oak Street, and the basement built and completed. A parsonage was built next door, and services were begun in the basement. Work to complete the church did not progress until after Rev. Harvey McNair took over in 1955, with the building being completed in 1958. 
    The following ministers served in McAdam: Rev. Paul Burney 1961- 1964); Rev. Arthur McElroy (1964-1972); Rev. Willis Arbeau (1964-1972); Rev. LeRoy Brock (Nov 1972-Apr 1973) and Rev. William Annis (May 1973 to date book was published.)
    In April of 1977 a new building project was started on Harvey Road, and the first service was held there on 9 Oct 1977, with the dedication being held the next day. (p.59) (Note: See the photo of the Oak Street building under McAdam Independent Baptist Church, for they bought the building.) There has been a major addition to this newest building in the year 2001.
Word of God Revival Centre | 10 Lake Ave, McAdam, New Brunswick (506) 784-1106 A newer church in McAdam, for which I have no data as yet. It is held in the old Vogue Movie Theater. website
(Out of 
History for the McAdam Village Churches has been gleaned from a book, The History of McAdam (1871-1977) by The McAdam Senior Citizens Historical and Recreational Club Data Used by permission. (Page # of entries marked) (Full copy online here) website
camera.gif Faith United Baptist Church (506) 459-8756  website
camera.gif New Maryland United Baptist Church (506) 454-5539  website
camera.gif New Maryland United Baptist Church | Nasonworth, New Brunswick (506) 459-5900 website
camera.gif New Maryland United Church | New Maryland, New Brunswick (506) 459-3313  website
camera.gif Sts. John and Paul Parish | 727 New Maryland Hwy., New Maryland , New Brunswick , E3C 1S7} Tel: (506) 444-6007 (Catholic)  website
camera.gif St. Mary's The Virgin Anglican Church | New Maryland Hwy., New Maryland , New Brunswick website
All Saint Anglican Church | Church Road, Magaguadavic website
Lake George Community Center | appears to be an old church building website
St. Mark's Catholic Church | Lake George - Mission of St. Ann's Parish, Kingsclear, N.B. website
United Church of Canada | Lake George website
camera.gif Unknown Building | Magaguadavic - seems to have been an old Church or Hall - not far from Church Road which leads to All Saints Anglican Church.  website
Staples Settlement Baptist Church | (506) 463-0983  website
Bear Island Union Church | 311 Hwy 105, just pre Scotch Lake Road - opposite Bear Island Community Center website
camera.gif Upper Queensbury First Revival Pentacostal Church website
Marysville United Church | 351 Canada St. (506) 450-3082 [poss. the one below or a newer one?] website
Marysville United Church | Newspaper clipping - original building, built in 1872, submitted by Alta Flynt <[email protected]> This was found in a minute book of the Thistle Mission Band, which was converted to a scrapbook. {Marysville now part of Fredericton} website
Middle Southampton United Baptist Church | 1316 Route 105  (506) 575-9192 website
Millville Baptist Church | Millville
Millville United Baptist Church | Millville (506) 463-2740 website
Kingdom Hall | Millville
United Church Of Canada | 29 Landegger) Millville - Nackawic (506) 575-2578
United Pentecostal Church | Millville (506) 463-8227
Upper Hainesville United Baptist Church Millville (506) 463-2656 website
St Clements Anglican Church | Millville - Nackawic (506) 575-0905 website
Wesleyan Church | Millville (506) 463-2334
Sts. Simon and Jude Parish | PO Box 670, Nackawic, E0H 1P0 (506) 575-2177 (Catholic) website
Nackawic United Baptist Church | Nackawic (506) 575-2313 website
Wesleyan Church  | Nackawic (506) 575-8937 website
United Pentecostal Church | Temperance Vale  (506) 575-2040 website

Wesleyan Church | New Maple Ridge (506) 463-8144 website
Cross Creek Baptist Church | Cross Creek, Stanley (506) 367-3039 website
Hillcrest United Church | Stanley (506) 367-2392 website
St. Patrick's Parish  | PO Box 174, Stanley, E0H 1T0 (506) 367-2414 (Catholic) website
United Church Office Stanley Pastoral Charge | Stanley (506) 367-2288 website

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