Descendants of Charles Rosenzweig
Descendants of Charles Rosenzweig

Charles Rosenzweig was born in 1847, according to family sources in "Offenburg in Baden Baden" (near Strasbourg on the Rhine), his wifeWilhelmina in 1853 in "Freedrechsthal, Saarland" (Friedrichsthal), and his son Charles in 1878 in Altenwald, Germany (both southwest of Frankfort). The name was Rosenzweig ("Rose Twig"),  their sons took the variation Rosenswie. While there are other variations on the name in the US, the one with "swie" seems to be fairly unusual. The family was in Monongahela, PA in 1894, and in Jeannette, PA in 1900. The sons were in Eldred, PA in 1910 and 1920. The 1900 census states that they arrived in the USA in 1878, and that their children were born in PA.

We're not sure about the pictures below, which are labeled simply "Grandad Rosenswie about 1860" and "Grosse Rosenswie about 1900". They're not Charles J. and Mary, and apart from the 1860 bit seem creditable.

Charles J. listed his occupation as "Glassworker" on Clinton's birth certificate. According to a newspaper article on Charles J. and Mary's golden anniversary they were married in Greensburg PA in 1901.  This is near Jeannette, where Charles, Wilhelmina and their children are listed in the 1900 census (as Rosenzweig). There was a window glass factory there (see Henderson). According to the article, Charles worked in the Palmer Window Glass Factory in Shinglehouse starting in 1902. Both Charles' and William's families are listed in the 1910 and 1920 census for Eldred, PA (McKean Co.) The pamphlet for Eldred's Centennial celebration lists the following dates:
     Mar. 21, 1901 Glass plant contract signed.
     Sept. 1, 1902 Glass factory begins blowing.
    1914-Kervin Glass Plant burned to the ground. It was located where our elementary school is now.

Charles Rosenzweig holds three patents: 947,161, 965,015 and 1,002,321.

Clinton Rosenswie and his family lived in various parts of Ohio and West Virgina between 1930 and 1945. In 1945 they moved back to Shinglehouse, and operated "Rosie's Soda Bar" on Oswayo Street, until the early 1960's.
1 Charles Rosenzweig b. June 1849 d. 1908 
    m.Wilhelmina Katherina Burgard b. 8/17/1853

          2 Margaret Rosenswie b. 12/24/1876 d. 1/8/1959
             m. ? Nenno

          2 Charles John Rosenswie b. 5/18/1880 d. 1/9/1959
            m. 8/15/1901
             Mary Elizabeth Cramer b. 11/9/1878, d. 11/23/1960

            3 Charles Clinton Rosenswie b. 1901, d. 1980
               m. Florance H. Henderson b. 1907,  d. 1981 
            3 Thelma Rosenswie b. 1905, d. 1997 
                m. Keith M. Foote, b. 1900, d. 1982 
            3 Virginia J. Rosenswie, b. 1907, d. 1999
            3 Esther Rosenswie 

         2 Mathilda Rosenswie b. 6/7/1882 d. 10/2/1946
             m. Richard Kipling

         2 William Rosenswie b. June 1883
               m. Naomi Pearl Welch.  b. 7/13/1890 d. 6/78

             3 Martin E. Rosenswie b. abt. 1913 
             3 Lillian M.Rosenswie b. abt 1914
             3  Agnes J.  Rosenswie b. abt. 1916
             3  Robert V. Rosenswie  b. 12/2/1918 
             3  Richard J.Rosenswie  b. 12/2/1918

       2 Mary Rosenswie b. 2/24/1894 d. 7/1971
             m. ? Barr


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