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The first record we have of Joseph Moore is in 1776 when he was a witness for the will of John Haggard, the husband of his sister Mary. After the death of her husband, Mary was married to Alexander McAlpin who died in 1784. It is believed that Joseph was married about 1757 to an unknown wife and they had these children::

  • 1. John, born 8 Jan 1758, died 7 Jul 1823, married Mary LEWIS
  • 2. Benjamin
  • 3. Jane, married John McMULLEN, Jr.
  • 4. William, born 1775, married Martha LEWIS.

Agnes, Joseph's second wife, was the witness to the will of Alexander McAlpin's will in 1790. Joseph also had a brother named William. The Moores and McAlpins lived in South Carolina in the 96 District in Long Canes and places adjacent.

Although we are not able to identify the Revolutionary War Records of Joseph Moore in South Carolina or Georgia, we know that he did serve in the war as he received two Land Lottery Grants in Georgia in 1820 and 1827 marked Revolutionary War Soldier. No pension records have been found either.

Joseph moved his family across the Savannah River to Elbert County, Georgia, about 1785. First he received a land grant on the Savannah River which he and Agnes sold in 1787. The 300 acres of land bought in 1785 on Vann's Creek was their home for many years. Joseph and Agnes were the parents of:

  • 5. Lewellen, born 1780, died 1851, married Priscilla (Biddy) THORNTON
  • 6. Catherine, died 9 October 1823, married Phillip LEWIS, Jr
  • 7. James
  • 8. Moses, born 1785
  • 9. Elbert, born 1790, married Jane ROBINSON, 30 Dec 1819

In 1791 the Grand Jury appointed Joseph Moore and Robert Pulliam to open and keep up a road between Harvies Ferry on the Savannah River and the Court House of Elbert County through 1792.

In 1806 Joseph's brother William Moore died in Abbeville, SC. He was a man of property with no wife and children. The substance of his estate was left to his sister Mary McAlpin, his nephews: "Little River John Moore"; Lewis Moore of Abbeville, South Carolina; James, Moses, and Albert Moore, sons of Joseph Moore living on Vann's Creek in Elbert County, Georgia; cousin Elijah, son of nephew John Moore living on Vann's Creek in Elbert County, Georgia; and Joel and Mary Lockhart.

About 1818 at least two of Joseph's sons moved to Tuscaloosa County, Alabama. It is believed that Joseph and Agnes went to live with their daughter Catherine Lewis and her three daughters: Jane E., Catherine Austin, and Agnes Minerva Lewis. Philip Lewis, Jr, the husband of Catherine died 25 Jun 1819. Catherine died in 1823 and Jane E. Lewis, the oldest daughter of Philip and Catherine, married Daniel Ponder 29 October 1823 in Jasper County, Georgia.

Daniel and Jane Ponder lived in Monroe County, Georgia, on the road between Forsyth and Monticello. When Joseph and Agnes became unable to care for themselves, Jane and Daniel Ponder cared for them. The Family Bible of Daniel Ponder states that Agnes Moore died 9 March 1832 and Joseph died 1 April 1832. The will of Joseph Moore is recorded in Monroe County, Georgia, July 1832.



John Mayfield Moore was born in Abbeville District, South Carolina, 15 March 1802, the son of Lewellen Moore and Priscilla Thornton. In 1818 the family moved to Fayette County, Alabama, where John grew to manhood. About 1830, he married Marinda White PADEN, the daughter of James PADEN (1787-1834) and Frances BROCKMAN(1788-1834). They were the parents of thirteen children:


  • 1. Biddie Thornton, born 5 Oct 1830, died 2 Jul 1844
  • 2. Mary Moore, 15 Mar 1832, died 30 Dec 1855, married Alex McVEY
  • 3. John Paden, born 16 Jul 1834, died 11 Jan 1919, married Nancy Ann TOMLINSON, 13 May 1866
  • 4. Clarinda Patterson, born 24 Sep 1836, died 5 May 1905, married Spartan B McVEY, 1858
  • 5. John Thomas, born 14 Nov 1838, died 20 Jan 1927, married Martha Virginia MORRIS, 11 Feb 1869, Williamson Co, TX
  • 6. Eliza Jane, born 6 Feb 1841, died 11 Oct 1844
  • 7. Dr. William Franklin, born 31 Jan 1843, died 15 Dec 1903, married Frances PADEN
  • 8. Susan Priscilla, born 9 Nov 1845, died 9 Jan 1927, married James Logan MORRIS, 9 Jul 1868, Williamson Co, TX
  • 9. Llewellyn, born 9 Oct 1847, died 7 Apr 1919, married Irene RIVES, 17 Aug 1889
  • 10. Sarah Frances, born 30 Nov 1849, married Lucius Calvin TOMLINSON
  • 11. Harriet Ann, born 9 Jan 1852, died 30 Oct 1927, married Louis C JACKSON, 13 Aug 1868
  • 12. Martha Malinda, born 30 Dec 1853, died 17 Oct 1951, married Wesley HARRISON
  • 13. Samuel Henry, born 4 Oct 1857, died 29 Jan 1949, married Lizzie RUTLEDGE

In the early 1840s, the family moved to Bellefountaine, Mississippi, located in Choctaw (now Webster) County, where the family lived until after the Civil War. They are listed in the 1860 Census, Choctaw, Co, MS - Post Office, Fame. John Mayfield Moore was a farmer and operated a mill for grinding corn. The three oldest sons fought with the Confederates in the war, and John Mayfield made boots for the soldiers to wear. Marinda died 7 July 1861 and is buried in the Bellefontaine Cemetery according to family tradition. No marker has been found for her grave.

In November 1867, John Mayfield Moore and all of his children except Mary McVEY left Mississippi for Williamson County, Texas, to join his oldest son James Paden Moore and his brother Lewellen Moore II, who had moved there before the war. They travelled in covered wagons with four oxen and four horses, arriving in Florence on Christmas Day after forty-two days on the road.

Being faithful Baptists, the family very soon joined the Florence Baptist Church where John Mayfield, being the oldest deacon, served as moderator many times when the church was without a pastor. He was a member of the Masonic Lodge. After all the children were grown and married, he lived with his daughter Clarinda McVEY and her family. He died 22 December 1880 and is buried in the Florence Cemetery.


John Thomas Moore was born 14 November 1838 in Fayette County, Alabama, the son of John Mayfield Moore (1802-1880) and Marinda White Paden (1813-1861). When a small boy he moved with his family to Bellefountaine, Choctaw County, Mississippi where he grew to manhood. When the War Between the States broke out, he volunteered for the Choctaw Grays, Company "K", Fifteenth Mississippi Infantry, CSA, under the leadership of Captain Foard. He fought in the battles of Fishing Creek, Kentucky, Shiloh, Vicksburg, Baton Rouge and Nashville. He was wounded in the right leg in the Battle of Shiloh. In the Battle of Nashville he lost his little finger and received a bullet in his hip that he carried the rest of his life. He walked 140 miles home to get his "hand trimmed" and receive treatment. By the time that he was able to go back to the war it was over. In the fall of 1867 he, along with his father and brother and sisters, went in covered wagons to Florence in Williamson County, Texas, arriving on Christmas Day.

He was converted in 1860 before the war and was baptized in Georgia by Brother Lee in 1863. In April of 1868 he was received by letter into the Florence Baptist Church. On the 11 February 1869, John Thomas Moore and Martha Virginia (Virgie) MORRIS were united in marriage.

Martha Virginia Morris was born 7 September 1847 in Winchester, Franklin County, Tennessee, the youngest daughter of John MORRIS (1801-1849) and Sarah ELIZABETH FRAME (1803-1883). After her father died, she moved with her mother, brothers and sisters to Travis County, Texas where they resided for two years. In 1854 the family moved to Williamson County, Texas settling near Florence. On 25 September 1871 she was received by experience and baptism into the Florence Baptist Church.

John Thomas was a skilled blacksmith and was known for his ability in making tools. He was clerk of the Florence Baptist Church in the 1890s and served as a deacon for many years. In November of 1901 Mr. and Mrs. Moore moved to Ballinger, Runnels County, Texas to be near their children. They were the parents of four children:

Virgie became an invalid before her death and was lovingly cared for by her two daughters Estelle and Marinda. She died 18 March 1912 in Ballinger. John Thomas lived until 20 January 1927 with his daugher and her husband, Dr. and Mrs. A. S. Love and his four grandchildren whose mother Marinda died in 1911. Mr. and Mrs. Moore are buried at Evergreen Cemetery, Ballinger. Look at pictures of the family.

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