John Morris and Baylis

John Morris died in 1809, Pendleton District, South Carolina. His will was dated 29 May 1809 and probated 15 Aug 1809. His wife Baylis was made executor of the will along with his son John H. Morris.

Children of this marriage were:

  • 1. Elizabeth (Betsy), born 1758, married Larkin REAGAN
  • 2. John Harris, born 1776, died 1858, married Mary (Betsy) DOBBINS
  • 3. Nancy, married William ROWE
  • 4. Susanah, married MAY
  • 5. Frances married KING

John Harris Morris and Mary (Betsy) Dobbins

John Harris Morris, the son of John and Balis Morris was born in South Carolina in 1776. He married Mary (Betsy) Dobbins, the daughter of James Dobbins and Elizabeth Stephenson. About 1810/1811 the family moved to Franklin Co, TN where they were attacked by Indians and the family had to cross the Elk River to a stone fort for safety. An account of this and their early life in Tennessee is recorded in the memoirs of Ruth Veasey, the granddaughter of John and Betsy.

Eight children lived to maturity in this family:

  • 1. James, born 1798, died 1841/42, married Mary (Polly) FRAME
  • 2. John (Jack), born 11 Mar 1801, died 12 Oct 1849, married Sarah Elizabeth FRAME
  • 3. Edward, born 12 Mar 1805, married Elizabeth SIMMONS
  • 4. Betsy Ross, married Joseph FRANKLIN
  • 5. Mary, born 4 Jan 1811, died Feb 1905, married John Allen VAN DOZIER
  • 6. Sarah, born 1812, married John H. GILLESPIE
  • 7. Ellen, born 16 Jan 1815, died 21 Mar 1835, married William DONALDSON
  • 8. Cynthia, born 1817, married James M ROSSIN/RAWSON

John Morris and Sarah Elizabeth Frame

John Morris was born 11 Mar 1801, the son of John H. and Mary (Betsy) Dobbins Morris. On 12 Oct 1849 John died with a heart attack and was buried in the Town Creek Cemetery, Franklin County, TN along with a daughter Cynthia. His will was probated 9 November 1849.

Sarah Frame was born 6 Apr 1803 in Kentucky, the daughter of John and Elizabeth Frame. In early childhood the family moved to Franklin County, TN where Sarah married John Morris 19 Oct 1826 in Winchester, TN. The family Bible of John and Sarah records the births of their eleven children:

  • 1. Ellen E. born 26 Aug 1827, died May 1884, married John R. Miller
  • 2. Adline (Addie), born 23 Jun 1829, died 13 May 1900, married M. M. Ferguson
  • 3. James Logan, born 19 Feb 1832, died 12 Oct 1894, married Susan Priscilla Moore
  • 4. John Frame, born 5 Apr 1834, died 7 Jan 1898, married 1. Lizzie Rosborough, 2. Mrs. Georgia Moore
  • 5. William Ryan, born 27 Jun 1836, died 3 Jan 1921, married Margaret Jane Moore, born 24 Oct 1848, died 19 Aug 1930
  • 6. Cynthia M., born 27 Jun 1836, died 1 Jul 1837
  • 7. Frances E. (Fannie), born 31 Aug 1838, died 21 Jan 1891
  • 8. Edward Dobbin, born 23 Nov 1840, died 29 Mar 1907, married Martha E. Henderson
  • 9. Mary Jane (Mollie), born 11 Jun 1843, died 25 Dec 1893
  • 10. Sarah Ann, born 18 Apr 1845, died 30 Sep 1883, married Henry Gardner
  • 11. Martha Virginia, born 7 Sep 1847, died18 Mar 1912, married John Thomas Moore

 In 1854 Sarah and her family left Tennessee for Texas. After two years in Travis County, the family settled in Williamson County at the head of Berry's Creek, eighteen miles northwest of Georgetown. In October 1857 Sarah moved her letter to the Florence Baptist Church. Over the years all of her children joined this church and were active members. She lived with various children until her death 31 Aug 1883. She is buried in the Florence Cemetery


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Thanks Jeanne Bigger, TN, who did reseach for me years ago, and also to Marne Whittenton, Bolivar, TN for sharing her research with me.

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