Mooresville School, Livingston County, Missouri

Mooresville School
Mooresville, Livingston County, Missouri

This school was in the town of Mooresville. Other schools in Mooresville Township were
Brush College, Clay Hill, Matson (Oak Ridge), Mooresville Colored School, Oak Grove, Prairie Ridge (Hudgins) and Tonerville.

Colored School, 1899Freshman Class, 1928-29Freshman Class, 1936-37
Class of 1905Sophomore Class, 1928-29Class of 1938
Grammar School, 1916-17Class of 1930Class of 1939
High School Classes, 1917Class of 1931Grades 1-3, 1941-42
Class of 1918Grades 1-3, 1933Class of 1942
Class of 1923Class of 1933Class of 1943
Class of 1924Grades 5-8, 1933-34Grades 7-8, About 1943
Juniors in 1924Girls Basketball, 1934Class of 1945
Sophomores in 1924Grades 1-8, 1934-35Class of 1946
Freshmen in 1924High School Classes, 1934-35Class of 1947
Boys Basketball, 1924Class of 1935Class of 1948
Class of 1925Grades 7 & 8, 1936-37Class of 1949
Class of 1926High School Classes, 1936-37Class of 1950
Boys Basketball, 1928-29Class of 1937Class of 1951
Freshman Class, 1928-29Freshman Class, 1936-37Class of 1952
Sophomore Class, 1928-29Class of 1938Class of 1953

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