Some School Photos of Caldwell, Daviess and Livingston Counties, Missouri (1906-1951)

Some School Groups
Caldwell, Daviess and
Livingston Counties, Missouri

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Black Oak, Caldwell Co.Cowgill, Caldwell Co.New York, Caldwell Co. (1949)
Braymer, Caldwell Co.Easterville, Caldwell Co.Oak Ridge, Livingston Co. (1925)
Breckenridge, Caldwell Co.Liberty Bell, Caldwell Co.Pleasant Valley, Caldwell Co. (1894)
Bryanville, Livingston Co.Lock Springs, Daviess Co.Sampsel, Livingston Co.
Brush College, Livingston Co.Ludlow, Livingston Co.Turkey Creek, Caldwell Co.
Caldwell Co. 8th GradeMaple Grove, Livingston Co.Utica, Livingston Co.
Clay Hill, Livingston Co.Mooresville, Livingston Co.Wolf Grove, Caldwell Co.
Cottage Grove, Caldwell Co.New York, Caldwell Co. (1941) 

[Cicero Fleming]

Cicero Fleming (1855-1927) was a well known and popular educator in Platte County, Missouri. He later taught in Daviess and Livingston County schools, living in the Highland neighborhood most of that time. "Professor" Fleming married Inzella Dameron in 1895 in Mooresville Twp. They joined the Highland Christian Church in 1907.

He taught in the Reed and Trotter schools (Harrison Twp., Daviess Co.), Oak Ridge and Clay Hill schools (Mooresville Twp., Livingston Co.) and probably in other schools in the area.