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Documentation and Bibliography (annotated)

for Joseph Hedges "of Monocacy" and his Immediate Family

The three primary goals of The Joseph Project are to assemble better documentation for Joseph Hedges of Monocacy with respect to the date and place of his birth, the names of his parents, and the particulars of his marriages.

Documentation cited by Project readers has been gathered together here into a brief bibliography. Readers need to be aware that the quality (accuracy and authority) of these sources varies. Not all of them are "better". However, simply bringing the information together in one place where sources can be characterized and compared offers much of the same benefit.

Hence, sources have been described and characterized here wherever possible, and copies of some have been posted in part or full (where shown with hyperlinks). Other sources need to be characterized and/or abstracted. Readers are encouraged to provide supplemental information, further citations, and additional documentation, including files (not copyrighted) we can post. Please submit such information to GenConnect bibliography board at:

The Most Relevant Primary Sources and Well Document Secondary Sources:

"The Colonial Descendants of William and Mary Hedges" by Peter Stebbins Craig, monograph, Washington D.C. , November 1988. Dr. Craig is a professional genealogist who specializes in the people and early history of settlements in "New Sweden". Craig says Charles Hedges and his brother Joseph Hedges were the sons of William Hedges and his wife Mary, who first appear in records in America on 3 January 1677/8 when the New Castle Court (New Castle County, Delaware) granted William a lot in town (Records of the Court of New Castle [NCR] 1:173). William probably died in December 1698, because his widow appears in court records for 8-9 January 1678/9 (NCR, 1:251). Charles and Joseph are listed as adults on a 1701 tax list, Logan papers, 16:24. Both were closely associated with other members of the Christina [Delaware] congregation.

Holy Trinity Church: The Records of Holy Trinity (Old Swedes), Wilmington, Delaware, 1697-1773 by Horace Burr, Wilmington, 1890. This is a translation and transcription of the original church records, containing several references to Hedges families (note esp. p.364). Charles Hedge (presumably the brother of Joseph) worked on the construction of Old Swedes in 1699 and bought a pew seat the same year (pp.47-48,62-63); Joshua Hodges, the son of Joseph Hodges and Catharina, was baptized 15 May 1714 (birth date 14 April 1714). [Spelling differences reflect the original entries.]

Index of Maryland Colonial Wills, 1634-1777, In the Hall of Records, Annapolis, Maryland, compiled by James M. Magruder, Jr, Genealogical Printing Co., Baltimore, 1967.

1732 Hedges, Joseph P.G. 20, 468
1748 Hedges, Andrew P.G. 25, 307
1753 Hedges, Joseph Fred. 28, 492
1777 Hedges, Joseph Fred. 41, 446
1777 Hedges [Hedge] William Fred. 41, 442

"The (James) Logan Papers", 16:24; MS, Historical Society of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia. The claim that Joseph Hedges' wife Catharine was the daughter of John and Annike (Erickson) Stalcop appears to date to a document entitled "The Hedges Estate", a report by Hon. Thomas A. Logan (1884) p. 43 which related a (Hedges) family tradition.

Pioneers of Old Monocacy, the Early Settlement of Frederick County, Maryland, 1721-1743 by Grace L. Tracey and John P. Dern, Genealogical Pub. Co, Baltimore 1987; Second edition, Clearfield Company. Baltimore. LCCN 86083226. This book tells about the people and early life in and around what is now Frederick MD, based on original land records and careful work of the authors. The book contains its own extensive list of sources.

"[Joseph Hedges] first appears in American records in a warrant [for 200 acres?] dated September 8, 1702 and its certificate of survey of April 4, 1703 for 100 acres located on [the west side of?] Red Clay Creek in Mill Creek Hundred, New Castle County [near Wilmington]. Some fifteen or twenty years later he and his wife Catherine moved to the London Tract in London Grove Township, Chester County, Pennsylvania. Then, although now well advance in years and with a family nearly grown, Joseph Hedges on April 22, 1730 sold his Pennsylvania land and moved on to [Prince Georges County] Maryland." "On July 1, 1730, a tract of 258 [248] acres (later to be known as "Hedge Hogg") was surveyed for Joseph Hedges on the Monocacy River some five miles north of today's downtown Frederick, in Prince George's (later Frederick) County, Maryland. A patent for this land was issued August 25, 1732." [p.106-7]

The Will of Charles Hedges: Charles Hedges died in 1743.. The Corrigenda in the 1998 reprint of Tracey and Dern cites the research work of Dr. Peter S. Craig, who concludes that this Charles (1673e-1743) was the brother of Joseph of Monocacy. Reader Lynn Scheu ([email protected]) observed (Jul 09 1999) "… the reason no one can find Charles Hedges' will in Maryland is that he never moved down into Maryland, but died in Chester Co. PA." "I found this copy of Charles Hedges' will on Dennis Hedges website "Dennis attributes it to "Dorothy Shoop (1992)." According to Dennis, it was probated in Chester Co. PA 8 Nov 1743, Estate #865. The site gives a URL that points to where the will can be seen in full. Summarizing: Charles HEDGES of Londonderry Township and County of Chester and Province of Pennsylvania, Yeoman, provided for the disposition of his wealth to his children, namely Andrew HEDGES, John HEDGES, Joseph HEDGES, Mary BISHOP, and Peter HEDGES. He also named Ezekial HEDGES, son to Peter. John and Andrew were named as executors. Signed, Sealed and Delivered in the presence of Christopher SPRINGER, William CLENEAY (?), & John GORDON, the Seventh Day of November 1743. The record also shows an inventory of his possessions, including "one servant boy prized at 10: 0:0."

The Will of Joseph Hedges of Monocacy
Joseph's will is available from several sources -

  • Prince George's County Wills 20:468
  • Prince Georges Inventories, Hall of Records, 17:67-69
  • Index of Maryland Colonial Wills, 1634-1777, In the Hall of Records, Annapolis, Maryland, compiled by James M. Magruder, Jr, Genealogical Printing Co., Baltimore, 1967 (cited above).
  • The Maryland Calendar of Wills, 6 volumes, [Vol 6 p. 236], Jane (Baldwin) Cotton, ed., Kohn & Pollock, Baltimore, 1904. LCCN unk8206457. Joanne Barton suggests a further entry at Vol 6, Book 20, p.458

Other wills:

  • Joseph's eldest son, Solomon, relocated to VA (now WV), where he died sometime after writing a will on 6 Jan 1797 and before it was probated in Jan 1802 (sons Silas and Joseph were executors). It is indexed (in West Virginia Estate Settlements compiled by Ross B. Johnson, Genealogical Publishing Co., Baltimore, 1988) for that date in Brooke County (Brooke County was formed out of Ohio County in 1797). Additional Hedges wills are also shown for the family at later dates.
  • Joseph's third son, Joshua, wrote a will dated 16 Feb 1790. Johnson (op. cit.) indexes it in his list for Berkeley Co, VA. Here is another will to be located and read.
  • Joseph's son Charles does not appear in any of the publications about Maryland cited here, because his death in 1795 is beyond their date scope. However, "his will was probated at Frederick County, Maryland, 27th December 1795" according to Colonial Families of the United States of (op cit). Tracey and Dern give a synopsis of the 1790 will with a citation "Frederick County Wills, GM 3:109". Perhaps someone can locate the document itself.
  • The Corrigenda cited in Tracy and Dern says William Hedges (the father of Charles and Joseph) died in New Castle County in 1678, citing Peter Stebbins Craig's "The Colonial Descendants of William and Mary Hedges" (above). Apparently there was no will.

Secondary Sources Cited (including sources of less certain applicability):

The 1693 Census of the Swedes on the Delaware, Studies in Swedish American Genealogy, by Peter Stebbins Craig, SAG Publications, Winter Park, Florida, 1993. ISBN 0-9616105-1-4. Dr. Craig is a professional genealogist who specializes in the people and early history of settlements in "New Sweden". Joseph Hedges is not cited in the book, but his brother Charles apparently is: footnote 58, page 104: Charles Hedges (indentured to Olle Thomasson's father in January 1678/9 at the age of 5). On page 104: The 1693 census shows nine persons in their household [the Olle Thomasson household on Bread and Cheese Island]. Per Dr. Craig, "Probably included in this number were Charles Hedges and his younger brother Joseph Hedges."

"The [Christine] Bergen Papers", Berkeley County Courthouse.

The Berkeley Journal. Published by Berkeley County Historical Society. LCCN unk81009730. Specific citation suggested: Issue Three, pg 49

Christening records of the parish church, Shrivenham, Berkshire, England: 1675 (134k JPEG image)
The record includes entries for William Hedges and his two sons, Charles and Joseph: Joseph ye Son of W.m Hedges of Shrivenham was baptized Decemb.r 28 [1675]. William Hedges of Shrivenham & Charles Hedges his son were baptized January ye 3d [1675/6, when the new year still began following March 31]. Although the data fit and could be for Joseph of Monocacy, his brother, and father, no actual tie has been demonstrated.

Colonial Families of the United States of America, George Norbury Mackenzie, ed. [or Mackinzie]; The Grafton Press, New York and Boston, 1912; Genealogical Publishing Co, Baltimore, 1995 reprint, multiple volumes. LCCN 07042336. Vol.2, pp.174-177 shows the Chapline family, including Mary Chapline married 1712 Mr. Hedges of Hedgesville, p.176. Vol 3, pp.85,106,405 include Elizabeth mcMillan Briscoe married Hedges, and a reference to Phoebe Hedges. Vol.4, pp175-6 gives data for Joseph Hedges 1743-1804 and his family who moved to KY; referring to Joseph of Monocacy, "The founders of the family came from England to America in the early part of 1700 and landed on the Delaware River and settled in Chester County, Pennsylvania; later removed to Maryland; his wife's name unknown." Later entries appear in vol.5 and vol.6

"Cope Collection", Historical Society of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, H:95. By lease and release dated March 13-14, 1722/23, Joseph Hedges purchased 200 acres of land in London Grove township, Chester County, Pennsylvania from Tobias Collet & Co.

The Diary of (Sir) William Hedges, Esq. during his agency in Bengal; as well as on his voyage out and return overland (1681-1687), transcribed by R. Barlow, Esq. Burt Franklin, publishers, New York, NY 196?; originally published by the Hakluyt Society, 1887-89. In three volumes, with supplemental data from the transcriber. William Hedges was a politician and administrator who was knighted in 1689 for his meritorious service to the Crown. Although this appears to be a faithful transcription of the original, there is no known relationship between Sir William Hedges and Joseph Hedges of Monocacy.

Early Pennsylvania Land Records: minutes of the Board of Property of the Province of Pennsylvania, edited by William Henry Egle. Genealogical Pub. Co., Baltimore 1976. LCCN 76015827 //r892. Joseph Hedges' name first appears on Sept. 8, 1702 when the following entry appears on the minutes of the Pennsylvania Board of Property: "Joseph Hedges of New Castle County requests 100 acres at the head of the Tract formerly taken up by Geo. Hogg on new Rent, and now entred upon by some Dutch Men, Situated upon Red Clay Creek, for which he agreed to pay 20 upon the Confirmation. Rent 1 Shelling per 100; 1st 11 months" (Pennsylvania Arch.2d ser., 19:323) Although a patent for this land was issued in 1714, it had to be resurveyed March 17, 1714/15 because it was found to overlap the land of Charles Springer. On resurvey it was found to contain 108 acres. As of February 7, 1723/24, Joseph Hedges still owned his propery at Red Clay Creek as is shown by the following minute of the Pennsylvania Board of Property (Pennsylvania Arch.2d Ser., 19:720): "Stephen Cornelius requests a small Vacancy between his Land, Joseph Hedges and Joseph Barker Land, at Redclay Creek."

"Forebears of 4 Dunbars: grandfather's scrapbook" by Carl & Lorene Dunbar. C. and L. Dunbar, El Paso, Tex. c199. LCCN 92104855

Frederick County, Maryland, Genealogical Research Guide, by Donna Valley Russell, Catoctin Press, Middletown, MD 1987

Genealogical Gleanings in England, by Henry F. (Fitz-Gilbert) Waters, 1440, New-England Historic Genealogical Society, Boston, 1883-89 and other dates. Various editions, LCCN 08003616, 07009658, 07009657, 02008824. Reprint of the 1901 ed. and 1907 ed.: LCCN 78088096 //r86 929.3

Genealogical Magazine of New Jersey, "Two Assessment Lists", "Genealogies of New Jersey Families", selected and introduced by Joseph R. Klett. 13:3. Genealogical Publishing Co, Baltimore, MD,1996. LCCN 95080586

Genealogical Magazine of New Jersey, "Given Name Index to The Genealogical Magazine of New Jersey", by Kenn Stryker-Rodda. Hunterdon House, Lambertville, N.J, c1981. LCCN 83197081

Genealogy of the Duke-Shepherd-Van Metre Family, by Samuel Gordon Smyth, Press of the New Era Printing Company, Lancaster, Penn, 1909. LCCN 09029858. This is a family genealogy with typical variations in data quality. The book reports a marriage between Katherine Stalcop and Joseph Hedges, as did Logan, but Smyth added the parents as John and Magdalena Erickson Stalcop. Subsequent Hedges and Stalcop genealogies rely upon Smyth to make the same claims. Elsewhere, " Johnsdotter" is also attached to "Katherina"s name.

History of Chester County, Pennsylvania, by J. Smith Futhey and Gilbert Cope, J. B. Lippincott, Philadelphia, 1881. Both Wm Hedge and Charles Hedge were taxables in 1735, Londonderry Twsp (which separated from Nottingham in 1734), but not on a similar list in 1722 [p.182]. Joseph Hedge was a taxable in 1724 in Londongrove Twshp (organized 1723); "a large number of the settlers in Londongrove were membes of the Society of Friends" [p.183]. Joseph Hedge was a taxable in 1722 (but not 1715) in new Garden Twsp. [p.189]. Joseph Hedges joined with others in a letter of support for a settler, in August 1726, in New London Township (quoted from James Logan c.1726), but does not appear as a taxable in 1725 [p.194]. Charles Hedges, among others, was cited as having "presumed to settle on William Penn's Manor" [p.199].

History and Genealogy of Fenwick's Colony, by Thomas Shourds, G.F. Nixon, Bridgeton, N.J., 1876. Reissued by University Microfilms, Ann Arbor, 1962. Supplemented by: "Index. Compiled and published privately by Elizabeth Livermore.". LCCN 04012547 //r62. In 1676, a year after they arrived in New Jersey from England, Samuel Hedges (b. 1640) married Ann [Anna] Fenwick, Governor John Fenwick's daughter; they lived in Fenwick's Colony (New Jersey) and had three sons, Samuel Jr., Josiah, and Joseph (born 1690); and one daughter named Mary. There is no established connection between them and the family of Joseph Hedges of Monocacy. The rest of this may be from another source: Samuel and his siblings were all born in London: Thomas (1643), William (1645), and Elizabeth (1647). The brothers also reportedly moved to America, but little is known about them, although "'Mr. Thomas Hedge' headed the panel of 12 jurors sworn in at the Nov 1676 Court of New Castle, Delaware," according to Genealogies of New Jersey Families, Vol 1: A-Z, page 219, from The Genealogical Magazine of New Jersey (op cit.), 1996 One theory holds that William married Mary and was the father of Joseph of Monocacy.

A History of Kentucky and Kentuckians by E. Polk Johnson, in three volumes, Lewis Publishing Co., New York & Chicago, 1912. Common version, (Vol.III, pp. 1360-1361). LCCN 13015942. This is one of the books of local history and biography in vogue near the end of the 19th century; biographical sketches were often supplied by the subjects with little or no documentation. The book reports the marriage of Joseph Hedges and Kathrin Tingey.

The History of Ritchie County, Minnie Kendall Lowther, Wheeling News Litho Co, Wheeling, WV, 1910, 681 p. Transcribed by Earl Cowan. See Chapter XXV, page 357. This book is listed by the Library of Congress, LC Control Number: 11001585: F247.R6 L8. The book is also available on microfilm at the California State Library / Sutro Library: MICRO- FILM 67 Reel 28 Book 96. History of Ritchie County, with biographical sketches of its pioneers and their ancestors, and with interesting reminiscences of revolutionary and Indian times.

History of the Upper Ohio Valley, G. L. (Gibson Lamb) Cranmer, ed; Brant & Fuller, Madison, Wis, 1890, two vol (740, 820 p.). This book is listed by the Library of Congress, LC Control Number rc 01002345 : F497.C6 H6; also available at the Sutro Library either as a book (1890) F516 .H68, or on microfilm (1891) MICRO- FILM 260 Reel 51 Book 164; MICRO- FILM 254 Reel 8 Books 32 & 33. The book contains family histories and biographical sketches, a statement of natural resources, and industrial/commercial hype. Vol. I, pages 295-296, says George I. Garrison, M.D married Elizabeth Hedges, daughter of John Hedges, "a descendant of Sir Charles Hedges, one of the early residents of Maryland."

An Index of the Source Records of Maryland by Eleanor Phillips Passano, Genealogical Publishing Co., Baltimore, 1967: Entries for HEDGES (where MHS = Library of Maryland Historical Society) (* = genealogical) -

  • Col. Families of U.S.A., Mackenzie, v.4 MHS; DAR
  • * Frederick Co. families, Markill Ms Personal list
  • + Hist. of Frederick Co., Williams MHS; DAR
  • Md. families, Culver Ms Personal list
  • Patriotic Md. Md. Soc. of S.A.R., 1930 MHS; DAR
  • Frederick Co., Md. and N.J. Lineage Bk, Daughters of Founders and Patriots v.23, p108 MHS; DAR

International Genealogical Index (IGI). Church of Jesus Christ of the Latter Day Saints (LDS), Salt Lake City, Utah (several editions in various years, on microfiche and CD-ROM, updated at irregular intervals; records are now also available online through the Internet). The LDS church has accumulated what is probably the world's most extensive collection of genealogical information, and much of it is offered to the public through this service. Readers should keep in mind that IGI data come from many sources of varying quality, for example from transcriptions of church records but also from undocumented family histories submitted by individuals. Many "Joseph Hedges" appear in the data. See FamilySearch (LDS) on the Internet at

Lineage Book, National Society of the Daughters of Colonial Wars. Gateway Press, Baltimore [various volumes] -- 5. 1966-1982 [5:860]-- 7. 1992-1995. LCCN 84002002

The Maryland Gazette, 1727-1761, by Karen Mauer Green, Frontier Press, Galveston, 1989. Entries for William Hedges and Rebecca, his wife, appeared on 3 Jan 1750 (No.245) and 30 Jan 1751 (No.301).

Maryland Records - Colonial, Revolutionary, County and Church, by Gaius Marcus Brumbaugh, 2 vol, Genealogical Publishing Co, Baltimore, 1967. Surviving records date from years following the death of Joseph of Monocacy. Vol.1 contains "Earliest Records of All Saints' Parish, Frederick, Maryland, 1727-1781" (pp.259-261). Tracey and Dern project that the first entries in the church records were actually made about 1753, some backdated to about 1740.

  • p.259: Hedges, John and Mary [a footnote on p.466 says the entry should have been for Joseph, not John]
  • p.259: Hedges, Joseph and Mary. Daughter: Rebecca, b. Apr 6, 1751
  • p.260: Isaac, son of Stephen Julien m. Susannah Hedges, daughter of Charles Hedges, June 3, 1770
  • p.260: Jacob Julien (Julion) m. Catharine Hedges, Feb 2, 1743/4
  • Isaac Julien, son of Stephen m. Susannah Hedges, daughter of Charles Hedges June 3, 1770
  • p.261: John Wilson m. Mary Hedges, widow Joseph Hedges Sep 17, 1753
    Children: Mary, b. Aug 14, 1754; Sarah, b. Mar 19, 1756

Names in Stone - 75,000 Cemetery Inscriptions from Frederick County, Maryland by Jacob Mehrling Holdcraft, in two volumes, 1966. Recorded inscriptions do not include the early Hedges, who most likely were buried in private plots with wooden markers: "The early settlers of America, being primarily men of the soil, buried many of their dead in family plots on their own land. As land ownership changed, new owners found these burial plots nuisances and plowed them up, destroying the tombstones as well." However, an entry which might be a close relative may be worth checking further: "Hedges, Joseph , s. Joseph (By Catherine) 9 May 1799 0-4-29 (Wdsbro, Refd. 71)"

New Castle Deeds, G-1:524 [further citation missing]. By 1725, Joseph and Catherine Hedges had moved to London Grove township, Chester County, PA. On August 17, 1725, they executed a deed, signed by their marks and witnessed by George Hogg and James Robinson, reciting that they were of London Grove township, Chester County and quit claiming for 500 bushels of wheat to Nicholas Bishop of Mill Creek Hundred their interest in the 100- acre tract patented April 10, 1714

An Outline of the Lineage and Migrations of the Stallcop (Stalcup--Stallcup--Staulcup) Families by Lawrence Dillon Stallcup, Tampa, Fla., c1937. LCN 3700300 [Stalcop Family]. This is a family genealogy with typical variations in data quality. The book reports a marriage between Katherine Stalcop and Joseph Hedges.

Passengers and Ships Prior to 1684, compiled by Walter Lee Sheppard, Jr., Welcome Society of Pennsylvania, No.1, Genealogical Pulbishing Co, Baltimore, 1970. Entries for Hedges and like include: Ffarclif Hedges, Chesepeake Bay, MD 1682, p.170; Mary Hedges More, Delaware, 1682, p.60; Samuel Hedge on the "Griffen" from London to Ft. Elsberg and then Salem, Fenwick Colony, 5 Oct 1675. P.137; Thomas and Faircliff, the children of Humphrey Hodges, 1683; p.85; Janeclif Hedges, p.189.

Register of Maryland's Heraldic Families; from 1634 to 1835, tercentenary of the founding of Maryland, Baltimore, MD, by Alice Norris Parran, Southern Maryland Society Colonial Dames, Printed by H. G. Roebuck & Son, Baltimore [c1935-38]. LCCN 3600184. Vol.1 reportedly cites Dr. Luke Barber as a registrant with manorial right through the lineage of Joseph Hedges of Monocacy, Frederick Co., Md.; Joseph's son Charles Hedges m--Mary Stille, whose son was Joseph Hedges, who m--Sarah Biggs, 1732, who went to Ky.

Surname Index to History of the Upper Ohio Valley, volumes I & II, prepared by Leila S. Francy, Closson Press, Apollo, PA 1992. LC Control Number 93217868 : F516. H68 Index. F497.C6 H6

West Virginia Estate Settlements compiled by Ross B. Johnson, Genealogical Publishing Co., Baltimore, 1988

Other citations given (further definition needed):

Records of the Court of New Castle. Cited by Peter S. Craig.

Data Reported for Charles Hedges: Jul 04 1999, Glenn Randers-Pehrson ([email protected]) reported: I have a file card from my mother that lists:

Charles Hedges, will proved 16 Sept 1769. Liber A#1 folio 35 Frederick; Liber 37 folio 339 Land Office, Annapolis. ref: Bell v. 13, page 22. (Another file card says Bell, Carol Willsey, "Ohio Wills and Estates to 1850: an Index", Columbus, Ohio 1981).

Land Records Reported for Joseph Hedges [specific citations missing]: On 23-Mar-1723 Joseph Hedges bought 200 acres in London Grove Township, Chester County, Pennsylvania from Tobias Collet. On 17-aug-1723 he sold his 200 acres near Wilmington and removed from there to Chester County. Later he bought an adjoining 100 acres. He was listed as a taxpayer in New Garden and Loundon Grove Townships in 1722, 1724 and 1726. On 3-Jan-1729 he was granted a warrant for 450 acres in Maryland.

From Joanne Barton:

  • Shepperd Papers, Vol 2 p 77. - Annals of Carnegie Museum; p 51, 53, 56 and 57.
  • Also information I received from Robert F. Rodgers of Washougal WA.

Philadelphia Co PA. Administrations #59 Joseph Hedge C-246 (no will, Inv or Acct) 1732. Wife, Mary. Estate adm. by Elias Naudain, a creditor 10-24-1735. Makes confusion as to identity of Joseph Hedges, whether he is the 1702 Red Clay Joseph, or the Joseph, wife Catharine, of Pr. Geo Co MD. "There were two Josephs who d in 1732." This information reported from Mildred Putman in Salinas CA in the 1960's:

Published Source Not Identified: Hedges descendants believed there was a fortune laying in England waiting for them to demand. The information makes a claim to Sir Charles. The supposed heirs in America hired an attorney to go to England to make the claim. The Hedges Assoc. employed the Hon Henry Clay of Lexington KY to look after the Hedges claim while he was perhaps Minister to England; reportedly, his report was that there was an estate there due the Hedges heirs of the U.S. Information from Mildred Putman in Salinas CA in the 1960's

Published Source Not Identified: This information gives two wives for Joseph: (1) 31 Jan 1708 Mary Fettleplace at Kingwood, Wiltshire England. She died 1712 in Gloucestershire Eng. He married (2) 8 Sept 1714 to Katherine Tingey of London. No mention of Catharine Stalcup.

Reader Larry D. White, Fort Wayne Indiana reports LDS tape 1307857, item 4. Us/Can 929.273 A1, No 3544: According to the "Media Research Bureau" of Washington D.C. .... Joseph Hedges of Salem County, New Jersey married Catherine Stalcop before 1711 (apparently a different Joseph).


  • Anna Van Metre DAR record
  • James M Van Metre DAR record
  • Wood "The Early Hedges" in Berkeley Journal No 3
  • Berkeley Journal No 10
  • Hedge-Hogg land patent
  • … and miscellaneous correspondence

Pennsylvania Archives [any one of many publications could have been intended]

History of Chester Co. Pennsylvania [several publications are available]

History of Gloria Dei Church, Philadelphia [publication expected late in the year 2000]

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