Thomas Longworth of Long Island

Revised January, 2008

The following facts are known about Thomas Longworth of Southold, Long Island:

  • In 1685 his father in law, Capt. John Youngs, gave him 8 acres of land in the town plot of Southold. The deed says that Thomas was a carpenter. John Youngs was an interesting, influential man with a talent for playing off the interests of New Amsterdam, New Haven, Long Island and the Native Americans.
  • In 1686 Thomas Longworth and his brother in law, Christopher Youngs, sold land in Elizabethtown, NJ to Henry Lyon.
  • He granted and witnessed various deeds in Southold between 1697 and 1702.
  • He was a "messenger to the Indians" in 1702, asking them to come to New York for a conference.
  • His wife was Deborah, the daughter of Capt. John Youngs, and he had daughters Deborah and Bethia, and probably a son named Thomas.
  • He died May 1, 1706 in Southold.

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