Ahnentafel Chart of Joyce Gore Locke






Joyce Gore Locke

  1.    Wilma Joyce GORE

      2nd Generation

  2.   Lester Wayne GORE: b 17 Dec 1910 Paradise, Wise Co, TX; m 11 Oct 1933, Vaughn, Benton, AR; d 7 Oct 1986 Farwell, Parmer, TX

  3.   Mazel Avis McGEE: b 12 Jan 1914 Wills Point, Van Zandt, TX; d 14 Jul 1986 Muleshoe, Bailey, TX

      3rd Generation

  4.   William Robert GORE: b 26 Jul 1882, Wise Co, TX; m 2 Jul 1905 Boonesville, Wise, TX; d 1 Feb 1962 Muleshoe, Bailey, TX

  5.   Zeola Lee KIRKPATRICK: b 29 Oct 1883 Paradise, Wise, TX; d 23 Jan 1959 Muleshoe, Bailey, TX

  6.   James Isaac McGEE: b 7 Jul 1880 Crawford Co, AR; m 13 Oct 1911 Benton Co,  AR; d 12 Apr 1932 Bentonville, Benton, AR (Census states his father was born in SC, mother born in TN)

  7.    Marigrette Alifare JOHNSON: b 15 May 1885 TN; d 24 Nov 1965 Muleshoe, Bailey, TX

      4th Generation

  8.    Andrew Jackson GORE: b 14 Feb 1843, TN; m ca 1867; d 1 Dec 1916, Wise Co, TX buried in Gilley Family Cemetery, Wise County, TX

  9.    Iona Jane WRIGHT: b 19 Dec 1845, MO; d 6 Jun 1893, Wise Co, TX, buried with Andy Gore in Gilley Family Cemetery, Wise Co, TX

10.    Thomas KIRKPATRICK: b 16 Mar 1858, MO; m 7 Nov 1878; d 19 Aug 1935 Paris, Lamar, TX, buried in Paris, TX cemetery with second wife, Myrtle Bobo

11.   Mary Elmirum KING: b 19 Jun 1858 TX; d 19 Nov 1914 Austin, Travis, TX, buried in old Paradise, Wise Co, TX cemetery.

12.   James B. McGEE: b ca 1847 TN; m ca 1870 prob AR

13.   Phebe ADAMS: b ca 1845 AR; d 5 Dec 1903 Wills Point, Van Zandt, TX (Believe her parents to be John Q. Adams b. KY and Eliza A. b. AR, found on 1860 census for Izard Co. Ar.)

14.   James Preston JOHNSON: b 17 Nov 1847 Claiborne, TN; m 20 Jun 1868 Claiborne, TN; d 4 Oct 1927 Wills Point, Van Zandt, TX

15.   Marlena Jane GOIN: b 11 Sep 1849 Claiborne, TN; d 22 Nov 1927 Wills Point, Van Zandt, TX

      5th Generation

16.   John GORE: b 27 Jun 1799, TN; m 20 Dec 1838; d ca 1850, Bledsoe Co, TN (prob)

17.   Lydia THOMAS: b 26 Jul 1799, TN; d TX, (prob Wise County)

18.   Robert WRIGHT: b 1818 Hocking Co, OH, lived Parker County, TX mid 1800's, (moved where?)

19.   Mary Magee (McGEE): b 1818 IRELAND

20.   Samuel Henry KIRKPATRICK: b abt 1831, IN (?TN?); m 1 Mar 1855 Daviess Co,  MO; d abt Jul 1870 Savoy, Fannin, TX

21.   Katherine J. SMITH: b abt 1834, TN (dau of James Smith & Susannah of Daviess Co, MO)

22.   Joshua G. KING: b abt 1828 NC; d bef 1900 TX (lived Wise Co, & Tarrant Co, TX)

28.   William (John) JOHNSON: b 1820; m 1 Mar 1842 Goin, Claiborne, TN; d 10 May 1862 Cumberland Ford, KY

29.   Sara Jane FAULKNER: b 1824 Claiborne Co, TN

30.   Pleasant GOIN: b 1808 Claiborne Co, TN; m 1832 Claiborne Co, TN; d aft 1880          Claiborne, TN


There are three volumes of Faulkner information published by Mona Paulas.

'Thomas Goin & Descendents' by Dianne Stark Thurman - 4201 Wildflower Circle - Wichita, KS 67210 please email Dianne direct if you are interested in this publication.

I am searching for printed information or film/fiche on records for Daviess County, Missouri. Have only found one marriage record book published as well as the Speedwell book. Surely there are more? Any help deeply appreciated!


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